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Title: Sera's Arival
Post by: Sera Avira on July 28, 2005, 10:58:11 PM
" a figure appears out of, the dust. He carry's a revolver.  You think smart. you pop a cig  and go up to welcome him.
"greetin stranger, were you com from?" He simply waves his finger and picks up his gun " smokings bad for you" HE fires  :guns: Right through your skull His name is... Sera Avira"   [SHADOW]Hey, i'm here and i've got me a revolver so don't make me mad, or i'll go hulk on your butt[/SHADOW]  Hi, i'm sera i'm very artistic, i like rpg maker, no matter what system, gotta problem with me?  [SHADOW]Say it[/SHADOW]  I like ninja's, and someday want to be a mythatolagist " proves/disproves myths"
Post by: blackskullwarlock on July 28, 2005, 11:00:22 PM
Welcome newbie-with-a-gun-and-attitude.