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Title: The Wasteland RP (INN)
Post by: ZeroKirbyX on August 06, 2008, 08:39:30 PM
2064; the wasteland is en empty place. 20 years ago it was lush and moist, trees growing across the terrain, wildlife abundant in it's branches and foilage. Through the combined efforts of man and man's technology, the environmental green movement rolled into a snowball of life. 2012 was said to have been the point at which a momentous societal change was to occur, the end of the Mayan calendar and the beginning of a new revolution. Whether due to prophetic imagining on the behalf of the ancients or the expectant subconscious of the people at large, 2012 was indeed marked as the beginning of a second age of modern man. Dubbed as the Reconstruction by ecological activists, high taxes and levies were weighed against most of the large corporations of the world.

2016; a new organization, globally founded and labeled as the ERA, an acronym for Environmental Reconstruction Agency, is placed in charge of all efforts and laws for the movement. By 2021, all fossil fuels and "dirty" energy have been removed from regular use. The technology of the world has had to be thrown down and rebuilt. Use of battery operated devices, whether on rechargeable lithium ion or disposable dry cells, was strictly prohibited and use could result in fines upwards of 1000 credits, the established international digital currency. Diesel and gasoline burning cars are subsidized by the respective governments, some getting more money than others, though not nearly enough for what was taken.

2028; using highly developed soil additives and techniques, plant life is reestablished where once it has been on the brink of destruction. Deserts were cultivated with new life, dunes were covered in thick, rich vines and leaves. The balance among organisms was even retooled, ecosystems were rebuilt and repaired, harmony was remade. Where cudzoo had destroyed all neighboring plant life in America's southeast, native evergreens had regained a foothold. In the Philippines and China where the introduced fire ant had become a deadly invasive species, they had all but been removed completely. Many endangered species were brought back from the brink of extinction in a miraculously short time. The hole in the layer of atmosphere known as ozone which enveloped the Earth was becoming increasingly smaller.

2034; the world has breathed a new breath of life. International cooperation is a pivotal component of the Reconstruction, and still each country was still an independent nation, it's government situated within itself. Many were growing increasingly disenchanted with the state of their power, ever diminishing due to the over-arching reach of the ERA. As tensions boiled, so too did their eagerness to reclaim that which they believed to be theirs. Many of the totalitarian nations of the 20th century had improved, their unstable and unbalanced former leaders long since deceased, while some simply gained duplicates, new replacements with the same mindset as their predecessors. Many began to argue against the ERA, anti-ERA terrorists becoming common place in many of these countries. The larger nations of the world grow ever more uncomfortable with the disenchantment among smaller, more antagonistic nations. Global concern over the possible future use of bio-organic dirty bombs leads to international fear, parallel to the Red Scare so prominent during the Cold War. Those believed to be related to any type of anti-ERA or anti-Reconstruction organization are persectued by their peers, and in many smaller countries often maimed and killed. The spread of the panic is simply amazing when contrasted with the short amount of time over which it evolved.

March 18th, 2043; members of an unknown North Korean anti-ERA organization detonate 3 dirty bombs within 3 ERA headquarters in Britain, Hong Kong and Japan. The combined governments of Britain, Japan, China, Russia and the United States demand the names and turnover of the bombers. North Korea refuses, and is threatened with bombing by a politically unstable Russia. Bombings continue inside of the United States and Russia. Millions are killed as results of direct infection, millions more as a result of contamination.

April 9th, 2043; old ICBMs carrying dirty payloads are launched by the newly established government in Ukraine. Targets include major cities in Canada, the United States, Russia, and Great Britain. Jumping the gun, Russia quickly retaliates by attacking Ukraine and North Korea due to suspected involvement. Missiles volley back and forth between many of the nations. As per the ERA agreements, all missiles were converted over to non-nuclear payloads. It is never dubbed as a war, only an exchange of missiles by the worlds powers. Major cities are decimated by missiles carrying biological agents. New York, London, Hong Kong, Rome, Los Angeles, Toronto, St. Petersburg, and Moscow are just among the cities that are destroyed. Nearly two weeks after the first of the missiles are launched, the war is over. Everything that was worked for in the last two decades is destroyed. The death toll numbers in the billions. Nearly 10 billion people lived on the planet Earth, now reduced to a mere handful of millions. Many of the major cities and regions remain uninhabitable, the effects of the bombs poisoning the soil and air. Many of the survivors die anyways as they unknowingly wander too far into the dirty zones. The world is no better than dead.

2064; the world is a wasteland. In a worse state than before the Reconstruction, forests and animals surely exist in areas unreached by the barrage of the last decade, though they are few and far between. In the clean areas, small camps and towns have begun to be rebuilt. Some of the clean cities have been reclaimed by the animals, some by man. Gas masks are required for long journeys into unknown areas, unfortunately as are guns and other weaponry. Roving bands occupy much of the wasteland, killing and raping those unfortunate enough to tread into their perceived territory. Wanderers are many, men and women violently fighting their way to a new home. While some have come to terms with the future, others vigilantly search for Edens, remaining regions of forest and life, looking for their new tomorrow. Gasoline is now considered to be the most valuable substance known on the new Earth. Due to the many governments of the world offering payment for vehicles during the Reconstruction, vehicles powered by the combustion engine are not rare, but not abundant. Without the modern technology of the time, hydrogen and electric cars are useless piles of plastics, metals and polymers.


Ravenne, a small town based on the former border between Arizona and New Mexico of the former United States. With a population of just over 500, it sits on the former Interstate Highway 40, making it a frequent stop for wanders and travelers. A fortified town, the townsfolk are ever vigilant to make sure that no bandits decide to come near. Formed around an old gas station, the town holds the only "modern" structures that can be seen within hundreds of miles. Careful of their reserve of gasoline and diesel, no one has used it for fear of future necessity. None of the citizens have ever tried to search for Eden, due to their policy of those who leave are not allowed in for fear of contamination or madness. This is the story of the few who decided to trade it all and search for Eden.


Character Base
Name: Its apocalyptic, so strange names are alright, just try and stick to names that seem realistic
Age: Remember that if they're under 21, they were born after the missile exchange
Profession: You can be a wanderer, or anything that may work in the town.
Abilities: Physical talents, no mutations or anything. It isn't Fallout
Primary weapon: Guns are fine, but remember that bullets are hard to find. Ravenne is a recently built town, not a former city so there are no excess supplies.
Secondary weapon:


Alright, here's the first RP. I probably won't be participating in this, but I'll check it and approve the characters and such. If there's any confusion just ask me, and I'll help. Because Gem already has one, this will serve as the two rps for now, beginner and advanced. If you desire, you can also contact Dragonium as he's agreed to help.
Title: Re: The Wasteland RP (INN)
Post by: lonewolf on August 06, 2008, 09:45:05 PM
rasta a conseration volunteer from the Global Trees Campaign
we save old trees like oak from geting cut down we like to save what tree's we can
we work a long side GTC Global Trees Campaign we all get email's from them
to lets us all know where any trees are geting cut
down so we can save them if you need to know more on coservation
we here to help you on how to save the world from dying
what you have to do is save the trees and help around the town finding volunteer's to help
you save the wood's you live in and go to the dumps to find and reusing junk from the dumb sites
to make it more green you get to be tree hippy go to find junk from dumb sites
we find useful things to make your green home's for the conservation hippy's tree hugger's
we save some of the junk to make money
yes i am a tree loving hippy in real live lol
so i like to be some one thats save's the trees in this game we work as a team to find any one killing trees
we live in the trees to stop any one cuing them down we do any think to keep the trees
we look for berrys and food around the woods that you can eat
if any one like's helping me out on the story line need some that we have a laptop and a vegetable & fruit farmer
as money runing out as keep going in to town to see if we have a emails for GTC Global Trees Campaign

Character tree live's like a old hippy in a way
Name: rasta
Age: 19
Personality:easy going free to do what he likes in life
Description:dreadlocks tribal tattoos muscles 6 foot vegetarian
Family:killed by a JCB Digger in a campaign
Profession: conseration worker
Abilities: can climb any tree and can do kick boxing
Primary rope around legs and arm's
Secondary weapon: knife
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Post by: Fisherson on August 07, 2008, 05:32:15 PM
Name:Davis Dent
Personality:Geeky,talks alot about sci-fi,Even comparing normal life to
Description:An american male with medium length shagy dark brown hair.He wears
Denium jacket thats heavly pacthed up and worn out looking,worn over
a old T-shirt depicting a Starship of some kind.Denium jeans with a leather tool belt and
leather gun belt hanging on his hip.On his feet,Simple but functional boots.
Often wears a salvaged gas mask when going out side to Scavange parts.
Family:A brother named:Vick who is a fromer police officer,who now
spends his time helping Davis' mother and helping around the town.
Al Dent is Davis' uncle and tought Davis how fix cars and other automotives.
Sara Dent is Davis' mom,she lives in the city,and works as a cook in
in the shelter for orphans and sells Davis' Scrap metal and other junk he finds in the Wastes.
She owns a repair shop that Davids' Best freind,Jane Tomas helps him manage.
Profession:Mechanic and Scavanger.
Abilities:Metal working,cooking and vehicle repair.
Primary weapon:A spear made from junk that Davis Scavanged.
Secondary weapon:Hand Gun
Misc:Davis owns an old Truck that his familly used to get to the town.
And which he uses to haul back what he finds in the wastes.

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Post by: A Forgotten Legend on August 08, 2008, 02:03:40 AM
Name: Daniel Cross
Age: 17 (Born 2047)
Personality: Quiet/Shy
Description: Average height, about 5 1/2 feet tall, tanned skin, and light brown hair.  He has blue almost almond shaped eyes.
Family: Father, Guy, is a writer for the newspaper in the area.  His mother, Laura, works at a local store.  He has a younger brother named Ian that is 13, and a little sister named Meganne that just turned four.
Profession: He works in a store with his mother that sells miscellaneous items.
Abilities: Agile, and flexible, he is also a fast runner.  He is a terrible aim, though.
Primary weapon: A small pocket knife he got for his birthday last year.

My first rp. *bites lip* I hope I don't screw up...
Title: Re: The Wasteland RP (INN)
Post by: ZeroKirbyX on August 08, 2008, 10:49:39 PM
You're all in, I put Fish in charge of starting. I'll still check in on y'all to see how its going and help out.
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Post by: lonewolf on August 08, 2008, 11:08:43 PM
cool so all we need now is Davis Dent help go get more of the story made
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Post by: Fisherson on August 08, 2008, 11:19:12 PM
You're all in, I put Fish in charge of starting. I'll still check in on y'all to see how its going and help out.

Thank you,Zeek.I will do my best to help this story. Please excause my spelling please
ZKX has been helping me with my grammar. Thanks by the way.
Okay here it goes.

Rasta pulls up in a Volkswagon van and gets out.He stands on a street side corner
named Remebrence RD named for the pepole who died in the blast.
Davis' mom,Sarah,comes out off the shop catting with a tall and coppery haired young
woman."Can we help you,stranger?"
(Lonewolf post the next part)
Title: Re: The Wasteland RP (INN)
Post by: lonewolf on August 08, 2008, 11:44:38 PM
men look at that Volkswagon van i all ways loved to get my hand on one
god they goes my laptop not more emails from GTC
what this van for sell it looks like this one men it is
yo bro are you selling you van
i got some thing's in the back of my jeep
may be we can trade
what do you say to that ?
Title: Re: The Wasteland RP (INN)
Post by: Fisherson on August 09, 2008, 12:09:26 AM
Davis:"Deepends on what you got I'm looking for a book
called Star Saga:Dark Fleet and any other Sci-fi  novels you might have.I also
need a Raido attena,as my freind can fix up my truck to transmit back home when i'm
out on the Dry Seas(I'll post a map of the area soon)."
Title: Re: The Wasteland RP (INN)
Post by: ZeroKirbyX on August 09, 2008, 12:09:42 AM
Fish, you need to start a new thread to RP in haha.
Title: Re: The Wasteland RP (INN)
Post by: Fisherson on August 09, 2008, 12:43:08 AM
Whoops,sorry! I'm used to doing this over the phone with a friend.
Okay i'll go make a new thread.
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Post by: Red Fox on August 10, 2008, 12:30:22 PM
****, I missed this. Is it to late to join?
Title: Re: The Wasteland RP (INN)
Post by: Red Fox on August 10, 2008, 07:11:03 PM
Okey, I'm in. Also awesome story ZKX, I love postapocalyptic stuff.
Name: Rint Knight
Age: 32
Personality: Brave and cheerful. Usually acts before he thinks.
Description: Is about 6 feet tall. Got short platinum blond hair and green eyes. Wears some old dirty camouflage pants and a white padded vest with a red t-shirt underneath. Got a tattoo of a black plain arrow pointing upwards on the upper right arm.
Family: His mother Clara Knight died of a disease when Rint was nine. His Father Jack Knight was also a hunter and taught Rint his trade. Jack died of a heart attack three years ago at the age of 67.
Profession: Hunter. Hunts animals outside the city and sell their fur and meat.
Abilities: Rint is fast and a good tracker but lacks strength.
Primary weapon: Bow
Secondary weapon: Hunting Knife ( this kind.  (
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Post by: Darrellito on August 18, 2008, 06:08:09 AM

Name: Ezekiel Black. Also goes by Zek.
Personality:He communicates with people and isn't cold with anyone, but he does have a loner attitude. Not against working with a team though.
Description: About 6'1", Shoulder length brown-blond straight hair, held back by a American flag bandanna rolled up against his forehead. He wears a long worn out black leather Hells Angels biker jacket. Underneath he wears various sweat stained t-shirts. He wears loosely fitting (not baggy) handmedown jeans. They look more brown then blue with the wear and use over the past years. He wears leather steel toed shoes, due to working with scrap materials. 
Family: Zek lives alone now, but he just recently ventured off on his own. Before he lived alone, he lived with his mother and younger brother. They were both killed in a raid on a small encampment a few miles away from Ravenne. He lives in a small hitch trailer home 1 mile outside of Ravenne.
Profession: Zek salvages metal from outlying areas.
Abilities: Since working with heavy metals and such, Zek has a fairly large built body.
Primary weapon:Zek's primary weapon is a bow and arrows. The bow was made from some oak furniture he salvaged from his mother. The arrows are made from molded scrap iron and other metals.
Secondary weapon: A 3' cleaver, the handle made of shredded leather rapped around a pole shaped end.

Backstory: After the bombing, Zek's mother traveled from one settlement to the next, trying to find something to hope for. Two years before the bombing, Zek's mother met his father, a scientist with the ERA. After about a three years, Zek's father was killed by the townsfolk of the Vermillion after he couldn't come up with a suitable solution to the bombs effects fast enough. But by then, Zek's mother was with child. After barely escaping Vermillion, Zek's mother snuck away to an encampment 10 miles away from Ravenne called Forrestburg. 6 months later, Zek was born. Not much happened in Zek's life until age 10, when Zek's mother tryed to find love again and fell in love with Zek's half-brother's father, Arthur Moor. Arthur was the father that Zek never had. About 8 years after Zek's brother was born, Arthur left with a few other of the Forrestburg villagers in search of scrap piles and food supplies. 2 months after Arthur left, a group of renagade desert bikers attacked Forrestburg. After being forced to watch his mother raped and his brother shot, Zek struck out in an angry rage, killing the two bikers that kept him at bay. After being set loose, Zek killed the men raping his mother and they both tryed to run. Their escape was cut short, after a few of the bikers opened fire. Zek escaped with a few bullet graizes, but after about an hour of walking, Zek looked down to see that his mother had taken a bullet to the forehead. Zek buried his mother and headed west, away from the burning light of his former home. After about a days walk, Zek made it to Ravenne for the first time. After stopping by a bar for a glass of water, Zek reencountered his step-father, Arthur. He told Arthur what happened, and they began gathering people to try and save the townsfolk of Forrestburg and if nothing else, salvage the ruins. With a group of 20 men, they stormed what little men were left in the biker gang. Zek went back to his mother's house and salvaged the furniture into a weapon, hoping that will always remind him of what he lost and what he couldn't protect. After that, he and Arthur returned to Ravenne hoping to make better lives. Arthur left again with another caravan with hopes of finding an eden big enough to share with everyone.

I can't really think of how to enter him into the story, so if you guys can, work me into the story so it doesn't screw anything up.
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Post by: Fisherson on August 18, 2008, 11:33:30 PM
I LOVE your back story. You atcualy almost made me cry. Poor Zek. I'll find a way to fit you into the story.
I'll PM you and we'll start a brainstorming sesion. Great work.

NOTICE: I'm going to work on Davis and Rasta's story right now and work with Lucky some more.
Also Daniel Cross will be controlled by me until AFL wants to get back itno the game.
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Post by: Red Fox on September 12, 2008, 08:09:08 AM
Fish dude Karr isn't at the gate anymore:

Quote from: Red Fox
Tim was gazing out over the wasteland. Not much could be seen, the sun had left the sky and only darkness and the stars remained. "I wounder what happend to him." Tim turned to the voice. It belonged to Blitz, a short man with long brown hair and ice blue eyes. The man he was referring to was Karr, he was suppose to stand guard at the gate but they had taken over for him after they found him. He had been standing there staring out over the waste, slowly swaying back and forth. They had tried to talk to him but he hadn't listen just mumbled something about having to wait and something else about a treaded vehicle. When they tried to move him he had started to kick and scream out loud in the end they had to use tranquilizers to put him down and drag his *** over to Dr. Bennet.

Title: Re: The Wasteland RP (INN)
Post by: Fisherson on September 15, 2008, 03:56:10 AM
Okay, Red i'll post the reravized version in a couple of days.