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Title: The Hunter's Run ~ INN
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You wake up with the cold, damp air greeting your face, and your head is sore and heavy. You don't see anything... are your eyes open? As you struggle to see, you realize that your eyes are not failing you: pure darkness surrounds you like a choking blanket of ink. You scrabble on the wet, stony floor, pushing your upper body up, then move your legs underneath yourself to have them make you stand. Your cranium is still throbbing and spinning. Your eyes adjust to the darkness... and a glint of light catches your eyes. Curious, you crouch down to investigate... You cannot see well yet. You feel your way around the items, letting your fingers and hands form pictures in your mind... You come across a particularly round object, with a strange feel on the front side... You bring it closer to your face.

It's a skull. A human skull.

Welcome to the Hunter's Run.

The Hunters. Just the mention of the name brings a pang of fear even in a hardened soldier's heart. A worldwide assassination organization, hired to kill the powerful and the dangerous, the righteous and the noble, the twisted and insane. Some convince themselves they are merely legend. Wiser souls are uncertain. Yet for all the rumors floating around this mysterious organization, very little is known about them; it has been adept at covering its tracks, keeping one step ahead the innovations of science and technology to cloak and utterly wipe itself almost completely from the annals of history. However, it is not only the important or the powerful that are dragged away: common folk, captured as live prey, are dragged along with them, to serve as entertainment for rich lords who bet for thousands on a devilish game of kill-or-be-killed. And none in the outside world are even aware of the existence of such a depraved activity, a testament to the efficiency of the operatives serving the Hunters.
In modern times, less and less of the organization's activities are dedicated to their assassination work, and more and more towards the Hunter's Run. What goes on inside the complex in the middle of the Sahara desert is a chilling, mysterious contrast to the glaring sun and rasping sand of the desert. However, none can be sure of what happens within... some say that a darker agenda has been laid out for the Hunters than money.


This should be interesting, eh?

The story goes on in modern times, although you may see some slightly sci-fi elements to this story.

There are two places where a character can start, and two factions to align oneself with:

As a captive of the Run, you can start below the complex, in toxic, labyrinthine sewers, or inside the complex, where the sterile-white walls and floor oddly contrast with the frightening aura of the place.
As a Hunter or associate (one who would have either invested in or bet on the Run), the same two apply. When introducing your character, as usual, give us a reason why he or she would be there.
Take note however: a Captive cannot know how he or she arrived at the Run, for obvious reasons. Of course, explaining what happened right before being snatched away is a good place to start writing.

A captive's objective is to escape, no matter the cost; a Hunter wishes to make the kill and earn their keep. For all characters, however, personal agendas are allowed, and even encouraged!

Since I will be manipulating the story, I will pop some walk-ons (like bit players in a movie) and a few interesting pro- and antagonists on you guys.
However I will also be playing a character.

The template is as such:

Name: Any name goes, from simple to exotic, from medieval to sci-fi. Make it sound the part though: no Asians with Indian names, or similar things.
Alias: This can be anything from a middle name to a false name to a moniker coined earlier in life.
Age: Be reasonable, as usual.
Gender: You know what this is.
Race: Can be anything from American to a different species.
Status: Either Captive, Hunter or Associate.
Personality: A description of your character's psychological, emotional and social traits.
Appearance: What your character looks like; non-humans are acceptable, but try and make something we can interact with, not some mindless beast.
Abilities: Any particular traits your character has, from the mundane (martial prowess) to the supernatural (manipulates fire). Take care when choosing abilities, and no overpowerage please.
Weaknesses: Any particular traits that would put your character at a disadvantage, or something that could be used against him or her, from the mundane (afraid of spiders) to the supernatural (silver weaponry). Don't hobble down your character to a cripple either, unless it's your character's point.
Equipment and weaponry: What your character usually wears and uses as a weapon. Usually, your equipment stays with you when you are abducted. Firearms are acceptable, provided it isn't some sort of portable missile launcher or a death ray (a taser could be good, however).
Background: A little about the character's life before this event, and even the hours before the capture or assignment.

Here is the character I will be using for most of the RP.

Name: Hercule Mirdoran (born Heraclès, goes by his last name)
Alias: None.
Age: Around 35 years.
Gender: Male
Race: Egyptian
Status: Hunter
Personality: He's not necessarily evil... but he's getting there. He has a habit of being very arrogant, is prone to not showing mercy, is businesslike when conversing with allies, and treats his work like business as well. He believes in the value of strength, not just physical, but emotional and psychological as well. He's a greedy bastard as well: nothing would please him more than earning more money than could be possible. He doesn't hesitate to sacrifice others on the altar of his success either. He has a strict code of morals, however, and he dislikes endangering innocent people.
Appearance: He's got slightly darker skin than an American, like an Egyptian would, but short yellow hair that stands out in the masses. His irises are green, and he has the face of one who would be expected as a soldier. He has a very muscular build, yet he has a smaller physique. He is, however, very sturdy, with broad shoulders and an abundance of muscle.
Abilities: He is skilled with a zweihander blade and a handgun. His hand-to-hand technique is a brute-force overpower to crush the enemy. Also has an amazing sense of balance.
Weaknesses: He's a little slower than most people, and focusses more on brute force than deadly precision. He has a weakness for money, and pride can blur his judgement.
Equipment and weaponry: He wears a suit of armor, like a medieval knight, thick iron sheets that are gold-plated with a steel trim. His helm resembles the "Nightmare Helm: Agony" from SoulCalibur 4. He likes the feel of power it gives him. He wears a bulletproof vest underneath, practical clothing that doesn't get in the way. His weapons of choice are an enormous zweihander blade, the Razorsaw, and a .50 magnum with laser sights.
Background: Mirdoran was once a general in the army: however he deserted when his unit went, under HQ orders, to butcher an Afghanistan town where there lived mostly women and children. Appalled by the callous, insensitive bloodshed, he decided to take up work as a mercenary, where he would best others, showing them "true strength". Eventually, in his homeland of Egypt, he was picked up by some shady characters who offered him a chance to put his obvious prowess to good use. To this day he serves, believing to be wiping the weak lambs of corruption, not imagining that he may be the very thing he sought to destroy.

Have fun!
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Post by: HobomasterXXX on August 07, 2008, 06:42:50 AM
Name: Trent Sampson
Alias: None
Age: 60
Gender: Male
Race: American
Status: Hunter
Personality: Trent tends to be very reclusive, and not very talkative. When angered however, he gets extremely violent. This doesn't tend to be a problem however, because he tends to keep his cool. He seems to have had a very difficult past, but he tells no one of it.
Appearance: Trent has a grey beard, and short grey hair. He always wears his tophat, no one has ever seen him without it. He has no visible scars.
Abilities: He is very skilled with a pistol, and knows all the weak points on a man.
Weakness: His tendency to not wear any armor is a major problem.
Equipment and weaponry: He wears his tophat, along with a pair of baggy jeans and a white singlet. He carries a Mark XIX Desert Eagle with .44 magnum bullets and a 6 inch barrel. He has modified it to use a silencer when necessary. He also carries a bizarrely designed sword that seems futuristic in design. It is very rusted and something seems to be missing from it. He never uses it in combat. Along with that he carries a strange dull purple gem.
Background: Little is known about his past, some of his fellow hunters believe the sword and the gem he carries are hints to his past. It is known however, that he was in a government task force at some point in his younger years, but no records have been found. He joined the Hunters for unknown reasons, and he heavily deplores the Hunter's Run deathsport. He does not believe in killing innocent. He is very respected among his peers, and is one of the most skilled and experienced Hunters. Some find it hard to believe that at his age he can still fight, but he has never lost a fight in his years as a Hunter. He has joined this run for his own reasons. He believes an old friend may have been captured.

Start me where you wish, but i prefer the building.
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Your choice, my friend ;)

Interesting charrie...
Better put up the antagonist as well, might make it easier.

Name: Marduk Blackscar (born Mikail Dämmerung)
Alias: None; once used Falcon
Age: 24
Race: German
Status: Associate, leader of the Sahara complex and commander of the Hunters there.
Personality: He doesn't care whether the lion or the lamb gets slaughtered, as long as the profits keep coming. He's cold and calculating, preferring to outwit enemies, extremely confident and morally uncompromising. A patient man, he knows how to finish a conversation in disadvantage without losing face.
Appearance: Imagine Roy Mustang from FMA. Now imagine him with a long scar on the left side of his face (his left) and a single streak of white hair on the right side. He's not particularly sturdily built, and is quite short, but don't let that fool you.
Abilities: He's a careful planner who analyzes details with remarkable imagination and assessment, and can quickly analyze weaknesses in fighting styles, machines, or even people, using those against them to make them serve him. He also has an EMP outward blast that can nullify technology and disable motor function in organics for a few moments.
Weaknesses: Being more of a tactician, his fighting skills are at best hobbled, and his EMP blast cannot be used repeadetly in the span of seconds, lest it destroy his body. A 'cooldown' of approximately fifteen minutes is necessary.
Equipment and weaponry: He wears no headgear, but is clothed in an Associate's garb, which is a black shirt and jeans with a dark red leather coat, emblazoned with badges that communicate his high standing.
Background: Marduk was once an operative of the branch of the FBI known as the World Security Taskforce, or WST, a politically neutral organization that safeguards the worlds from threats both physical and supernatural. He quit after a good career, muttering something about 'bloodier pastures' to be grazed. After a long while of dropping under the radar, he has resurfaced as the leading associate of all the Hunters. There he has made it his goal to spread confusion and fear among the masses with the Run. However, some say that a darker shadow has fallen over him...
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Name: Cyrus Johnson
Alias: Some call him "Caveman" because of his strength and somewhat low intelligence.
Age: 32
Race: African American
Status: Hunter
Personality: A very loud and angry person, he tries to make friends, but friendships don't go very well if you shoot someone's face off if they beat you in an argument.
Appearance: Very dark skinned, with the build of an Olympic Weightlifter. He has long black dreadlocked hair.
Abilities: Extremely strong, his strength is his greatest asset.
Weaknesses: Cyrus is hardly the brightest bulb in the box, and he tends to rush into things without thinking. Also, he tends to get angered VERY easily.
Equipment: Cyrus wears a Kevlar Vest under a black leather jacket. He has long black cargo pants. In battle, Cyrus wields a Glock 23 pistol in one hand, and a small Sawn Off Shotgun in the other.
Background: Cyrus joined the army at a young age, but was discharged for his aggressive ways. When the Hunters were searching for new members, they found him in the military records and offered him the chance to let out his aggressive ways on the scum of the world.
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Name: Ulrike Sigurd (All – rick Sig – gurd)
Alias: None
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Race: Scandinavian (country not specified)
Status: Captive
Personality: Ulrike is a peaceful, manipulative man, hiding a demented man-beast.  Ulrike is slow to anger, quick to agitate.  Almost always wears a smug look.  Ulrike is the kind of man who would stab his best friend in the back to save himself, and probably has.
Abilities: Ulrike is skilled in the use of both fire arms and several small and mid-size bladed weapons.
Weaknesses: While Ulrike rarely feels in danger, even under the worst circumstances, Ulrike is weighed down by a crippling fear of dying.
Equipment and weaponry: Ulrike’s attire seems unremarkable, possibly because it IS unremarkable.  He is visibly dressed for cold weather, a thick, close fitting, black sweater runs the length of either of his hands, the collar tucked just below his chin.  Over either of his hands are thick, fur lined gloves, reaching as far as his mid-wrist, concealed within his sweater.  The length of his legs are hidden securely within loose, white pants, fastened by a gold buckled belt.  Either of his feet are protected in thick boots of a fabric not unlike his gloves.  Either of his boots reach several inches above the ankle, overlapping his pants.  Concealed in one pocket of the pants, a nondescript, black pistol, in the other, a long, silvery colored, slender bladed dagger, both of which he claims are for protection.
Background: Ulrike’s past is one barely different from any other.  He grew up in a small town in an unknown country, barely more than a thousand people with him.  However, growing up in such a harsh, frozen environment, Ulrike learned to adapt to discomfort, and even pain, and has left him a remorseless killer, if only in self-defense.
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I love how nagging lots on msn makes people do things. >_>
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Hehe... I guess it works :P

Nice charrie by the way, Dominicy!
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Eh.  I figured I needed a character who fit in with all this talk about judging heathens XD  The fact that for all you know he can go viking on all your asses is a nice bonus, though ;D
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Name: Ray Autery

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Race: Polish

Status: Captive

Personality: Ray is, by nature, a timid boy. He is always trying to be open-minded, and looking for guidance everywhere. He is fiercely loyal, and very trustworthy. In social situations, he stays near the edge of the group, and makes very tight friendships with a select few. In general, he is aloof to those he doesn't know well.

Appearance: Fair skin, dark, short hair, and deep brown eyes that emanate curiosity. Approximately 6'1", he is tall although quite lean. He is rarely seen in anything other than blue jeans and a T-shirt, usually with a small or abstract logo.

Abilities: He is very resourceful and inventive, with a particular predisposition for the sciences. He sees opportunity everywhere, though he is not always brave enough to seize it. He speaks Polish flawlessly, English quite well, and broken Swedish.

Weaknesses: Cowardly, to put it mildly. When he builds up enough courage to do something he is afraid to, he usually does it inefficiently because of the stress he is undergoing.

Equipment and weaponry: He used to fence with his friends using broomsticks, but would often get in trouble for hurting someone because he would start swinging the stick instead of using the standard fencing procedures. Contents of pockets:  key chain with two keys on it (home and P.O. box), pocket knife, Wallet which contains: 15.74 Euros, school I.D. card, Metro pass.

Background: He grew up on the outskirts of Warsaw with his mother (his parents were divorced). He tended to stay at home rather than play with other children, and thus he spent much of his childhood obese. As he reached adolescence, he grew at an astounding rate, and left the weight behind. He has since started gaining weight back at a very slow pace. A few short days ago, when he got off the metro from his school in downtown Warsaw, Ray was walking home. His route involved walking between two run down apartment buildings from pre-WWII. He saw a man in rags hunched behind a dumpster in the alley, and eyed him warily. He saw the man's vacant eyes, and continued walking. The man straightened up, and Ray felt fear for the first time that day. He turned around, only to see another man coming from behind him. He raised his fists as he whipped around to face the man behind the dumpster, but something hit his head, and he fell, passed out.
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Name: Jonathon Eaves

Alias: John

Age: 45

Gender: Male

Race: Italian

Status: Captive

Personality: John is not particularly interesting in conversation. He likes to watch football (soccer) and drink beer. He has a good heart but is often limited by his physique.

Appearance: Quite obese, with thin black hair and olive skin. He is often short of breath, usually when he gets excited. He is very stout, at a mere 5'8.

Abilities: John speaks Italian and English. He also plays drums well.

Weaknesses: His weight, and weak cardiovascular strength.

Equipment and weaponry: Slacks and a sleeveless white T-shirt are the clothes of choice for John. He always keeps a lighter and a pack of cigarettes in his back pocket.

Background: John spends every FIFA tournament at home from his job as a used car salesman, because he knows nobody else will show up. He was leaving the corner store with a 6 pack of beer when he was abducted by two men in a black van.
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Name: Theodore Woods

Alias: Theo

Age: 56

Gender: Male

Race: British

Status: Captive

Personality: Theo is keener than a double edged blade. He knows people. He is stout-hearted and brave, but not reckless. He is highly cautious of strangers, though fiercely protective of friends.

Appearance: Theo is losing some of his light brown hair off the top of his head, leaving it wispy and flowing. He has a bushy mustache, neatly trimmed on the edges. He is approximately 5'11".

Abilities: He received hand combat training in his 20s, in a style unknown to most people. Though old, he is in peak physical condition.
Weaknesses: Theo has never fired a gun in his life.

Equipment and weaponry: Theo wears khaki pants and light colored button down short-sleeve shirts. He prefers to fight with his fist, though he can use most melee weapons effectively.

Background: Theo is suffering from progressive Alzheimer's disease, and remembers little about his past. He knows he is married with children, but he does not recall how many children or what they looked like. He does remember his government training, and being assigned to many missions with an older partner. He was captured while getting out of his car in his driveway in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


Sorry for the triple post, but i didnt know if you wanted all three in one reply or what.
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Ahh, some more captives to mix it up: I'm sure we'll hava an entertaining time with these :P
Welcome to the Run, my friend.
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As an aside, I won't be back on until Thursday, just so you know.
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Making another character, cause i have more fun with two.
Name: Samuel Johnson
Alias: Calls himself the Demon Destroyer.... It never caught on
Age: 30
Gender: Male
Race: White man from England
Status: Captive
Personality: Samuel is not what you would call perfectly sane. He has dedicated his life to slaying Demons and other fictional creatures (of course he believes they exist). He is a happy person who won't let anyone sway his views.
Appearance: He is a slightly chubby man with short brown hair.
Abilities: He is very skilled with Katars (see bottom of post for what a katar is).
Weaknesses: Not too physically strong, and not a very fast runner.
Equipment and weaponry: He carries 2 very sharp katars, one for each hand. He wears a dark blue hoodie with the hood down and black pants. He also has what he calls a "Satan Sensor" which is his "demon finder". It doesn't really do much.
Background: Samuel had a very normal upbringing in London, and lived a wholesome life. But after a dare to spend the night in a "Haunted House" he swears he met a demon and has dedicated his life to slaying it and its kind.
^A katar^
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Lol, this is going to fit in PERFECTLY. He'll be very happy at the end, I assure you ;)