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Title: The Hunter's Run ~ RP
Post by: Weerd Thing on August 07, 2008, 11:27:21 PM
Mirdoran sat, unfazed, listening to the annoying voice that soon lowered itself to a whining buzz inside his own mind. Orders. How he was sick of them. Of men who thought themselves above others, spewing out words that were laced with command, uncaring, unthinking, cold.

Mirdoran: Have you spoken enough, sir? Or are you going to prattle on about meaninglessnesses?

There was a touch of arrogance in his manner. Despite his status as a Hunter, he still exuded that air of command that was a vestige of his time in the army. Clearly, the man giving him the orders did not enjoy that. His expression turned sour and his eyes darkened as he said the following words.

Davis: Yours is not to judge how we do our job, Mirdoran. It's to do yours. Understand?

The Hunter closed his eyes and nodded slowly. No sense in making him any angrier.

Mirdoran: Well, are you going to get to the point, eventually? There's purging to be done, my friend.

Davis: I was getting there.

The associate took a small pause, recollecting his thoughts.

Davis: We've got some fresh meat in today, down in the maze. Nothing too special. Marduk has not sent word of anything of note. Same as usual. This time, it's the Hong-Kong Yakuza who's paying for these, and they're watching too. Show them how an expert does it, eh?

Mirdoran lifted himself up slowly. He was still garbed in his armor, a medieval set of protective metal that seemed far out of place in the complex. Slowly, he lifted the helmet up to his head and slid it down, locking the armor in place. When one looked at him, it seemed his eyes were but black pits, hiding no emotion, or sympathy.

Mirdoran: I'll show them the meaning of 'smite'. Nothing more.

With a rustle of steel, he spun around and exited the office. Once outside, he took a deep breath. He disliked this whole place. It made him feel out of place, out of time, and the smell of secrecy hung in the air. The only redeeming quality of it was the fact that he helped to make the world a better place by eliminating those who would destroy it from within. He headed down the metal stairs to the main lobby, and strode towards an elevator on which a "Authorized Personnel Only" sign was slowly rusting. Summoning the elevator, he stepped inside its clutch and began to descend. Another day at the office, like one would say.
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Title: Re: The Hunter's Run ~ RP
Post by: HobomasterXXX on August 08, 2008, 06:09:29 AM
Trent stood at the elevator doors, awaiting the opening of the doors and his "allies" to arrive. *DING* The doors slid open and Mirdoran stepped out.
Trent: So I'm with you am I?
Mirdoran: Typical. I get stuck with the frail old man.
Trent: Don't count me out yet. I've got much more experience than you friend. Now let's get this over with.
Trent drew his gun from his pants pocket and pointed at the door.
Trent: Any time now.
This is my first real RP, so tell me if im doing anything wrong.
Title: Re: The Hunter's Run ~ RP
Post by: Weerd Thing on August 08, 2008, 05:05:04 PM
Mirdoran: So I suppose that makes you better than I am?

He looked around. The lower floors. They weren't at the Run yet. The smell of metal and... blood... sneaked its way to his nostrils.

Mirdoran: You know what to do. Spread out, and neutralize. Don't expect me to watch your back.

Gruffly, he stepped towards a metal door that was rusting halfway. He had no more time to waste dillydallying, there were heathens to purge! Swinging it wide open, the door creaking like a dying beast, he motioned for Trent to follow him.

Mirdoran: The Yakuza's paying for these this time.
You're doing a good job so far :) The only thing is that you shouldn't try to RP other people's charries for them (although, in a given context, I don't really mind, as long as it fits with his character, and it's short.). Aside from that, it's good.
Title: Re: The Hunter's Run ~ RP
Post by: HobomasterXXX on August 09, 2008, 01:53:40 AM
Trent: I hear sounds down the hall. Someone must be waking. I'll head down and check it out. You wait here. I'll call you if I need you.
Trent cocked his gun and ran down the hall, turned a corner and spotted a bewildered looking man
Man: Wh.. What am I doing here? Who are you?
Trent: Small details that are of no concern. Are you armed?
Man: Uh... no.
Trent: Then you are lucky.
Trent pointed his gun at the wall and fired off three shots
Man: What the hell are you doing?
Trent: Saving your life. Now run. Leave this place.
The man ran off towards the nearest door as fast as he could.
Trent ran off towards Mirdoran
Mirdoran: Doesn't sound like they put up much of a fight.
Trent: The art of surprise is very handy on the battlefield. Lets go this way now.
Title: Re: The Hunter's Run ~ RP
Post by: Weerd Thing on August 09, 2008, 11:56:26 PM
Mirdoran was slightly put off by the speed of Trent's actions. Maybe there was more to the old man than he had first surmised...

Mirdoran: There's more than just one rat to catch... Let's separate, to cover more ground.

As those words left his mouth, his mind told a different story.
He just wanted to be far away from that man. Something seemed a little... off with him.

Mirdoran: Keep going down this hall if you wish. I'll take this path.

He turned a corner and disappeared down the dank hall of the underground sewer.
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Post by: HobomasterXXX on August 10, 2008, 03:06:25 AM
Trent headed down a corridor in the strange white building. He came across a door, and went through it. Sitting in the corner was the man from before.
Trent: I thought i told you to leave this place!
Man: The doors wont open..
Trent: What the hell are you on about? I just came through this door! See?
Trent turned the handle on the door. Nothing happened.
Trent: ****. How am i supposed to get out n...
Before he could finish his sentence, a bullet came flying at Trent from the air vent in the roof and almost hit him
Trent: Ambush!!!
A heavily built man with a pistol in one hand and a shotgun in the other came down from the vent. Trent recognized the man. The man was a Hunter.
Trent: What are you doing?! I'm a hunter too you fool! You're Cyrus, right?
Hunter: Yeah, that's me. Sorry about that.
I'll write up a bio of this guy in the INN. I felt we needed more characters due to the fact that we're the only two here. >_>
Title: Re: The Hunter's Run ~ RP
Post by: Weerd Thing on August 10, 2008, 07:27:45 AM
Mirdoran made his way through the sewers. Of course, the stench of the place did not please him, but one could not choose how a place was like...
He drew his .50 magnum out of a holder in his plate armor and loaded it. He could not risk running out of ammo in a confrontation... should there be any in any case.
Some movement caught his eye, and he turned the gun towards the source. Swiftly, he fired a shot into what he later realized was merely a sewer rat, which exploded in a spectacular (if a little gory) mangled mess.

Mirdoran (thinking) : Damn. That's one bullet gone... I need to be more careful.

Swiftly he continued his solitary path. Heathens were waiting. It was time for judgement.
Saw the bio. Very interesting...

We need some more people in this RP! Maybe a few captives!

A call for the other members.
Title: Subject
Post by: HobomasterXXX on August 10, 2008, 08:44:28 AM
Cyrus: So do I get the honors?
Trent: What the hell are you on about?
Cyrus pointed at the captive
Cyrus: Which of us gets to take him out?
Man: T.. take me out?
Trent: I don't believe in killing unarmed peop.....
Before he could finish the sentence, Cyrus fired his shotgun at the Captive's face, splattering blood and brain all over white white walls
Cyrus: I do.
Trent loathed this man even though they met 2 minutes ago. What kind of beast would kill an unarmed civillian?!
Trent: So how do we get out? You locked the door.
Cyrus pointed his shotgun at the wall and fired twice. The shots blew straight through the wall
Cyrus: This place has flimsly walls.
Cyrus kicked out the remaining parts of the wall and walked through
Trent looked at the Brute of a man. He had his back turned. Trent could easily shoot him and remove this scum from the world. He could avenge the poor civillian who Cyrus killed. Trent raised his gun...
Trent (thinking): NO! I can't do that. It'll destroy my status among the hunters. I just need to play it cool. Given this brute's intelligence, he'll probably get himself killed sooner or later.
Trent reluctantly lowered his gun and started to follow Cyrus
Title: Re: The Hunter's Run ~ RP
Post by: Weerd Thing on August 10, 2008, 04:43:33 PM
A sound crept through the dank halls, and Mirdoran readied his gun. Swiftly, he turned the corner.
There was a ragged man, probably stuck here for days, with wild hair and crazy eyes... armed with a dull knife.

Mirdoran: You better start running, friend. It makes it funner.

With a crazed yelp, the captive threw himself at Mirdoran, swinging the knife at him, striking him multiple times on his armor, not even making a scratch. The Hunter watched, unfazed.

Mirdoran: That's acceptable too.

He pushed the crazy man back forcefully, then took aim at his head and fired a single shot. It missed. He hadn't remembered to account for the enormous kick-back of the weapon.
The captive took his chance to spin 180 degrees and run away.

Mirdoran: So the man has a little sense in him... Well, no use letting him get away, is there?

This time, he took aim one more time, then fired, accounting for the kickback. The bullet landed straight in the back of his neck, and the captive fell, paralyzed, on the brink of death.
So Mirdoran took his time, walking slowly towards the downed man, all the while putting away his gun and drawing his enormous zweihander blade, shining in the dull light of the sewers. When he reached the man, he pushed him over with his foot so that he faced towards the ceiling. The captive was shaking his head, emitting noises of fear and pain, his wound bleeding profusely. The Hunter was surprised that he was still alive.
Oh well. Nothing like a blade to finish the job.

Mirdoran: Do you know why you're here?

He did not expect any answer from the addled man. Mirdoran raised his weapon so that the tip faced downwards, towards the man's chest.

Mirdoran: It's because you deserve to die.

One swift, merciful motion. The blade went through his body as if it were paper-maché, piercing his sternum and heart with ease. The man jerked, once, in unimaginable pain, then flopped to the ground once more, dead.
Mirdoran withdrew his sword and wiped the blade clean, then put it away in it scabbard.

Mirdoran: There's no place for your kind in humanity.

At once, he put his hand to his ear, initializing the earpiece equipped there and sending a message to Trent. He had never used the earpiece before, he had always gone solo in his missions.

Mirdoran: Prey has fallen. There are still more. How many did you bag?
Title: Re: The Hunter's Run ~ RP
Post by: Dominicy on August 10, 2008, 04:49:55 PM
((Going with a first person style, that alright with you guys?))

Where the hell am I...?

Damnit!!... my head.

I run my fingers along an almost crater-like scar, feeling caked blood cling to the length of my hair.  A choking reflex overtakes me as I take in a slow, deep breath through my nose, a single smell of the stagnant water within these walls nearly enough to put me back to sleep.  I remember nothing, except a shrill, almost robotic scream, and finding myself in here... I slowly work together the courage, opening my mouth to speak to an unseen, imaginary opponent somewhere in the shadows of the corridor I stand in.

"Where the hell am I?" I ask any one willing to listen, before finally taking to my feet, my path lit only by the gentle flicker of a thousand species of insectoid, and the few and far lanterns that hang over head on the molded roof.  I had but one priority now, and perhaps understood even less than that; Whoever put me into this near literal hell-hole would pay...

Eagerly, I trace the features of my gun, before hesitantly donning it in both hands."I'll make him pay..." I assure myself and whatever being, mortal or immortal, should care enough to follow me.  Looking to the skyless roof of this completely foreign place, I gave a small, determined smirk, sure that no matter the means, that the man responsible would be dead before I even dreamt of leaving.

Keeping both hands over the grip of my pistol, I swung my arms to one side defensively before shaking my head free of all distractions, taking but the one path that I could - forward.

((Reading through some of the old messages, I gotta say, something about Trent I just find incredibly awesome XD))
Title: Re: The Hunter's Run ~ RP
Post by: Weerd Thing on August 10, 2008, 08:49:00 PM
((I'm perfectly fine with a first-person view ;) Trent is a good character, although, for my tastes, a little too 'sav-the-civilians' XD)

In the sewers, the humming of blackflies and water echoed through the stony halls. It seemed like a labyrinth. The twisting halls and cobblestones never ended... never let up.
Oddly, something else began to mix in with the natural noise... a whispering, a fleeting noise that mingled with the rush of water and the buzzing of insects, a sound that seemed to become, very slowly, louder...
The shadows were like drapes, cloaking all corners and inking out parts of reality, or so it seemed. It even seemed that one shadow began to move, slowly, away from the wall, and as the whispering reached its apex, it took form, and a word could be made out.

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Post by: HobomasterXXX on August 11, 2008, 06:27:04 AM
Trent heard Mirdoran's voice coming through the earpiece. He raised his hand to his ear to reply
Trent: Well, my friend here made quite the display with his shotgun and a some fool's head. Once we've cleared this building of scum we'll come down to your level.
Trent hated putting on such a cruel persona, but it helped him relate to Mirdoran. If the two got on good terms with each other, Trent could figure out if Mirdoran was one of the people who don't deserve to have a place on this world. The ones that would eventually bring this world spiraling down into a hell on earth.
Title: Re: The Hunter's Run ~ RP
Post by: Dominicy on August 11, 2008, 06:43:00 AM
I could feel it, my hands tremble on the barrel of my gun at the mention of my name.  Something was down here, something was after me, this was no mistake..."Who are you?" I called back, trying to reinforce my voice under a thick blanket of arrogant, perhaps even blind confidence.  I knew there was no way my feeble voice could ever intimidate the voice of the what seemed like omnipotent being, watching me from all directions."I'll kill you if you come near me." I barked, whirling around the sharp turn of a corridor, faced with a tall, metallic figure.

I grit my teeth, tearing my gun forward, firing what felt like as many as a thousand times, time itself becoming a blind illusion as I fired rapidly into the metal target before finally diving in, knife armed, plunging the blade deep into the thick metallic skin of my opponent, tracing the details of the metallic exo-skeleton.  I reeled back, staring forward in an undefinable mix between relief and shock, realizing my target was simply a dormant, rusted sewer pipe.  In my blind rage, I had wasted at least an entire clip of bullets, emptied with no avail into the feeble metal of a simple pipe.

I swore at myself under my breath, clenching my teeth together angrily, before lifting my head to the make-believe sky, shouting at the unseen footsteps near by."Who the hell are you!?" I demanded in a stubborn voice, sliding my knife back in place in my pocket before reloading my gun with my newly free hand.
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Post by: HobomasterXXX on August 11, 2008, 06:52:42 AM
Trent could hear voices coming through his communicator. Mirdoran must have forgot to turn his off. The voices were clearly not Mirdoran's.
Trent (On communicator): You alright Mirdoran? Theres strange sounds coming through from your earpiece.
Mirdoran(On communicator): I've got company.
Trent: Cyrus, you keep sweeping this building. I've got some buisness in the sewers.
Cyrus: Ok then.
Trent ran down the nearby staircase and headed for the sewers
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Post by: Dominicy on August 11, 2008, 07:00:53 AM
A thousand different passages, not one that I could focus on for long enough to comprehend.  From all directions faint whispers, footsteps seemed to eminate. "Damnit!" I barked to myself in a hushed, hurried tone.  I ducked my head, thinking a moment, craning my neck to face the passage I had come from, a dead end, looking down each of the three other options with a frown.  I had no choice, it was find a path or die.  I threw myself left foot forward, sprinting in an unknown direction.

I kept in my hurried, panicked run, one plan and one plan alone, to get the hell away from whoever was coming for me.  Satisfied - for the time being - with the progress I had made, I ducked my head down, tumbling behind yet another of the wide, high dormant pipes, the putrid smell of stagnant water eminating from the slowly dripping puddle at my side. 'Damnit...' I locked my teeth together, each fighting for supremacy as I used both hands to carefully massage my injured foot. "I was moving too fast..." I assured myself in a low mumble, shutting my eyes as I slowly rubbed away the pain in my robotic, circular motion. "I'm being careless..."
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Post by: HobomasterXXX on August 11, 2008, 07:17:41 AM
The putrid smell of the sewers seeped into Trent's nostrils. And as he turned the corner, he noticed the almost perfect white walls shift straight into cold hard stone. He had found one of the sewer entrances. Hopefully it was near Mirdoran or his assailant.
As Trent descended the stairs, he could hear heavy breathing. He gripped his gun tightly and attempted to walk as silently as possible. He snuck up to the source of the heavy breathing and spotted its head. Trent was behind it. It was crouched over/ He pressed his gun's barrel against the back of it's head. It raised it's hands. Trent could tell it was human. It was not Mirdoran.
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Post by: Dominicy on August 11, 2008, 07:29:33 AM
Something was pressed against the back of my head... I didn't like the feeling."Think about pulling the trigger.  I beg of you." I pushed myself to my feet, keeping one arm crossed over the other, my pistol held tightly in my right hand, pointed straight for my assailant's stomach."Sure, I'll die, I'll die real fast, but what about you?  You'll bleed to death over the course of a few hours." turned my head, staring at him out of the corner of my eye, unable to hold back a wide, perhaps what could be called 'cruel' grin.

"Sound good to you?" I slowly, fearlessly turned my head, running both hands over the grip of my pistol, keeping it locked on his stomach, eyes locked on his aged features."Hm.  Perhaps you wouldn't even survive a few hours.  I might just not feel quite to so bad in that case..." I flashed a slow smirk, which quickly faded back into an almost neutral frown.  Almost.
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Post by: HobomasterXXX on August 11, 2008, 07:40:56 AM
Trent thought about the situation. There was no point shooting. He couldn't die yet. That would screw up everything.
Trent: When you put it that way....
Trent swung the ancient rusted blade in his hand around and hit his assailant in the temple with it. Given the bluntness of the blade, no blood was drawn, but a heavy blow was still dealt. The man fell, giving Trent enough time to disappear into the darkness.
Trent(thinking): Damn it! I shouldn't have been so careless. I could have damaged the blade. And if that happened, I would not be here right now.
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Post by: Weerd Thing on August 11, 2008, 03:51:08 PM
Something was watching the altercation between the two... It did not please it to not see blood spilled. However, the captive was still alive. That was good. Whatever this thing was slipped into the shadows and disappeared from the scene.
Mirdoran was still at the ready. Somehow, shadows were coming from everywhere, crawling on the floors, taking shape and form into something hideous.

Mirdoran (on the communicator): Trent, get your lily-livered behind over here. Something's going on.

As the amorphous blackness coalesced into shape, a voice was heard...

Shadow: Hello there, my pet. How doesss it feel-

Not wasting time, Mirdoran shot a single shot into it, to no avail. It simply dispersed, scattering into nothingness. One bullet wasted on imaginings.

Shadow: -to become the hunted?

Something descended from the ceiling, and hung right beside Mirdoran's own head. He dared not look.

Shadow: What a bloodsssport this isss... Your handsss mussst be irrevocably ssstained by now...

Without thinking, the man lashed out at nothing, in furious anger. It was as if the shape was never there.

Shadow: Crusssader of ssstrength... you will sssoon join the prey in the Run... of thisss I am sure.

The presence then vanished, as if it were never there.
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Post by: HobomasterXXX on August 12, 2008, 10:05:01 AM
Trent heard a message through the communicator. Mirdoran needed him. If only Trent knew where the hell he was.
Trent: Fuck, where the hell am I?
The shadows seemed to shift in reaction to Trent's words.
???: I can help with that....
Trent: Show yourself!
Again the shadows shifted. What the hell was happening?!
???: Merely close your eyes and I shall guide you.
Trent: You wish! I'm not even blinking!
???: Very well. If you will not go willingly....
The shadows began to move towards Trent, and suddenly his eyelids closed. When he opened them, he was standing next to Mirdoran.
Trent: Don't ask me how, but I'm here.
Cyrus wandered the white halls. He found it very boring. Every once in a while he'd run into some captives, but the battles were fast and easy. As he was walking the halls, he noticed something very odd. A door that was painted jet black.
Cyrus: What's 'dis then? Can't say I've seen this before. May as well check it out.
Cyrus pushed the door open and walked through. The room he arrived in was painted the same shade of dark black with no lights. Cyrus fumbled around and stumbled in to a tied up, blindfolded captive on the ground. A fluorescent light suddenly flickered on. It was not very bright, but it was enough to cast ominous shadows across the room. The shadows seemed to form strange shapes and then return to nothingness. Cyrus was very confused. One of the shadows in front of him formed the shape of a slightly humanoid creature, but it was too black to see any features.
Shadow: Hello Cyrus. I've been waiting for you.
In an almost instinctive response, Cyrus emptied a 2 shotgun shells and a whole clip of pistol bullets into the shadow. It did not even waver.
Shadow: Ah, such aggression. What did I ever do to deserve that? I just wish to talk.
Cyrus: Then talk!
Shadow: Very well. I wish to test your abilities. You see our friend here? The tied up one? I want you to end his pitiful life.
Without even speaking, Cyrus lifted the man up by the collar and ripped off his blindfold.
Cyrus: Good night.
Cyrus headbutted the man into the wall and picked up his shotgun. He pressed it up against the mans heart and fired. A large gaping hole was made in the man's chest. Blood spattered across the wall.
Cyrus: That was fun.
Shadow: Perfect....
Suddenly the lights went out, and the shadows became invisible.
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Post by: Weerd Thing on August 12, 2008, 03:51:24 PM
Mirdoran was still wildly shaking his head, before he had taken notice of Trent.

Mirdoran: There's something else here. Something evil.

Almost in response, the shadows shimmered slightly, then began to coalesce into one form.

Shadow: Evil? Why... I have only the bessst interesssts of the Huntersss in mind...

Mirdoran eyed the shape warily. It looked humanoid, yet it was easily taller. Something about its head, hands and feet put him off... and then there was the tail...

Mirdoran: Speak! Who do you serve? Only Hunters have authorized access to these zones.

The shadow moved slightly, and a rasping sound could be heard from it. Laughter. So inhuman...

Shadow: Lossst one, I cannot tell you who I am, or who I ssserve... yet. Be it known to you, however, that I am alwaysss here...

It turned its featureless head to 'look' at Trent.

Shadow: And here we have Trent, our creme-de-la-creme, the bessst of the bessst...

The voice was condescendent, almost as if it spoke to please a child.
Suddenly its tone soured and its words stung like a plague.

Shadow: But he isss NOT!

As it uttered those words, the blackness on its form parted to reveal something monstrous, albeit for a split second.
Its face was like a demon's, sharp, cruel, evil.
Its head was like a reptile's, long, scaly, animal-esque.
It had a crown of long bone spines where hair would be.
And in the center of its face... a single, malevolent eye.
The shadows crept again over these features, masking them completely, as if they weren't there.

Shadow: Hold, friendsss.... we are misssing a guessst... It'sss like the old sssaying: two'sss company...

It raised its 'hand' into the air, then Cyrus appeared out of nowhere, just as Trent had previously. He was obviously shaken.

Shadow: ...but three'sss a crowd.

It then made a few motions across the floor. Mirdoran tried to get up, and then move, to get away from this thing... but grasping hands kept him immobile, clutches of pure shadow that made escape impossible. When he looked at the others.... the same was happening to them.
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Post by: HobomasterXXX on August 13, 2008, 06:33:59 AM
The shadow creature's face was fixated on Trent's sword. Trent tightened his grip on it.
Shadow: Ssssuch a unique weapon you hold. It looks as if it is not of thiss world.
Trent: What concern is it of yours?
Shadow: I love such eccentric itemssss. They interessssst me.
The shadows again shifted, and lifted the sword straight from Trent's hand, and guided it towards the demon.
Trent's expression went from being very neutral to pure hatred
Shadow: Such hatred... sssuch anger. I only wish to examine this blade of yours.
Cyrus and Mirdoran noticed a bright purple light glowing in Trent's pocket.
Shadow: Calm yourself old one. I will give thisss sssword back in due time.
The light in Trent's pocket got more intense. Trent started to struggle against the grip of the shadow..... And broke free. As he broke free, the beast returned to it's true grotesque form.
Shadow: STOP!!!
Trent began to run circles around the beast. He raised his gun and fired off a whole clip at the creature's head. Most rounds bounced off the demon's skin, but 2 shots got the beast in it's eye. It's head reared back and it let out a blood curdling scream. The shadows released their grip on Mirdoran and Cyrus. Trent grabbed his sword and began to run.
Trent: Run! To the upper levels!
Before Trent even finished his sentence, the 3 ran towards the stairs and escaped into the light... for now.
Cyrus: What the **** was that retarded thing? Let's go back and fight it. My shotgun will carve it a new ass hole!
Trent: That's not really a good idea. If we fight that thing down there, it'll just manipulate the shadows and snare us again.
Cyrus: Oh yeah. Maybe we should get it up here.
Trent: I have a feeling it won't come into the light any time soon. We may as well just try and avoid it. The less shadows and darkness there is, the less it has to use against us.
Mirdoran: How do you know so much about this thing?
Trent: I've dealt with similar things before.
Cyrus: What if the lights go out up here?
Trent: ....I didn't consider that.
Suddenly the light all began to go out, leaving just one very dim light, just enough to cast shadows.
Cyrus: Uh.. this is bad isn't it?
Cyrus felt a cold finger poking on his shoulder.
Shadow: You don't know the least of it.
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Post by: Weerd Thing on August 13, 2008, 04:34:05 PM
Demonic laughter followed them wherever they went, for there was no place in the Run that was out of its reach.

Shadow: It seems you do not realize what I am capable of... And I merely wanted to talk.

A deathchill that seemed tangible dripped from the words.

Shadow: The blade holds much...

Again, shadows snatched away Trent's sword and pulled them towards the demon. Again, the glowing light in Trent's pocket grew fiercer.


Suddenly, pure blackness enveloped that zone, like a blanket of ink, essentially covering the light.
Trent was furious. In a bid to reclaim what was his, he lunged at the shadow, preparing to strike. However, as he connected, it dispersed into nothingness, before reappearing on the ceiling, clutching the blade still.

Shadow: Your anger feeds me, old one... so long as you anger when I hold this item, I will not relinquish it.

It turned its 'face' towards Mirdoran.

Shadow: And you, my lone crusader... you must have a suitable offering for me...

Mirdoran (raising his own blade): Stay back, demon. Unless you don't like your left arm.

The creature looked him over. Such a fine servant should he need one... yet he could not serve until he had proven his worth.

Shadow: In due time, unfortunately.

It turned its head once more, this time towards Cyrus... and was met with a shotgun blast to the face. For a few seconds, its entire head was missing. Then, slowly, but surely, it began to reconstruct, using the omnipresent shadows to carve itself a new form.

Shadow: Tsk tsk tsk... that's no way to treat a guest, my friend. Would you enjoy it if I did that?

There was no movement from it, but what seemed like a powerful force slammed right into Cyrus, shoving him backwards onto the floor.

Shadow: You offer violence... and nothing else. I pity you. I could make you... so much more...

It turned its gaze towards the whole group.

Shadow: There's one captive left. One. Whosoever fulfills his duty, by slaying this captive, will earn my favor. The rest... well, nothing will happen to them. Are we clear?

Without waiting for an answer, the shadow vanished, taking away the darkness. The lights went back on... but Trent's sword was still in its clutches.
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Trent didn't want to give this beast what it wanted, but he had no choice. It had the sword. Trent needed the sword.
Cyrus: Why's that sword so important? It's just a rusty old chunk of metal.
Trent: I really don't think your small mind could really handle it.
Cyrus: Fuck you man! Fuck you.
Mirdoran: Why so damn hostile Trent?
Trent: All my fucking work up to this point in my life goes down the goddamn drain if I don't get that sword back.
Trent thought if there was a way to take out this beast.... He highly doubted it. Last time he fought something like this one of his comrades lost their lives.
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I could feel something.  The sweet kiss of consciousness, was it?  I could barely tell, all I knew is that I had something throbbing in the back of my head, what I prayed to whatever being may be looking down on me was my brain."Damnit..." He mumbled out to myself, lifting to my feet before wiping free I had hoped was some form of alcohol or vomit... No such luck... What had happened, what felt like a dozen hours ago, was no drunken dream-sleep.

"Where the hell are you!?" I barked into the depths of the darkness, reaching down blindly to tear my gun from the floor, aiming it into the infinite darkness.  Taking several steps forward, I shifted my eyes from one end of the blackness to the other. "Where is this place..." I moaned in a low voice, grabbing my head in pain as the sudden impact of what felt like a thousand beats of a hammer and a thousand years of emotional torture hit me.  I was alone, and whether I admitted it or not, I didn't like it...
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Trent: Well, I don't see any alternative, so I'm gonna go look for that captive.
Trent walked away from the group and proceeded down into the sewers. He stopped and put his hand in his pocket, pulling out a dull purple gem.
Trent: Why has it been activating recently? It doesn't even have a damn power source.
Trent heard rustling in the shadows. Could it be the captive? Trent turned around to face it and let off 2 deagle rounds at it. It was a simple sewer rat.
Trent: Damnit. Gotta stop being so careless.
Trent continued to traverse the vast sewers. Eventually he spotted a glint of red and ran towards it. It was blood. Fresh blood. The captive was near.
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Bastard... He managed to draw blood... Who-ever 'he' was...

I halted in my tracks, taking note of the distant sound of footsteps.  A pang of fear, paranoia rang true in my chest, made only more evident by the sudden tension I could feel in my beating heart.

Do I run or hide?

I asked myself a thousand times, coming no closer to an answer from the invisible aid at my side, perhaps more visible than I'd like to think...  I took a close look throughout the wide halls, parenthetically marked by two running sewer lines flanking either side of the path.  There was no where to hide, running it was.  I took to my feet, running as quickly as what I'd like to humor as my tall, muscular build would carry me.

I kept my gun cautiously locked in hand, the choice suddenly seeming like the only thing left to do as I realized that I had reached a dead end, the end of my almost tragic attempt at escape only punctuated by the painful sight of a wall, mocking me from all sides, sickeningly laughing at my imminent encounter.  There was nothing left to do, I turned, extended both my arms, and faced my incoming attacker.
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Trent could hear the man's footsteps, and the sound of the splashing water in the distance. He was running scared. And now he was cornered. Trent continued walking along the passage until the man could be seen from a distance. Trent continued until they were mere meters away from each other.
Trent: Someone wants you dead. And that someone has something of mine.
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I could feel my lip tremble, I liked the feeling, in some sickening, perhaps masochistic way.

Anticipation?  Fear?  I can't tell...

I fired several bullets at the imminent threat that still dared to approach me."Back off." I ordered. "That's none of my business." I barked in a low tone, dropping into a low, defensive stance.  Firing several more bullets, I loosened myself, ready to dodge, ready to retaliate, ready to die...
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Trent began to run around the room, trying to keep moving as much as possible.
Trent: I should tell you.....
Trent dodged a barrage of fire from the man and fired of 3 of his own bullets.
Trent:..that I do not wish death upon you...
Trent launched himself into the air to dodge some more gunfire and loaded another clip into his deagle
Trent:...but it is a necessary sacrifice for the world to live on.
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A necessary sacrifice?  Who does man take me for?  Who does this man take himself for?

I armed my gun, sidestepping and rolling underneath each of the bullets fired by the strange, elderly man that he perhaps vaguely recognized.  It was sheer dumb luck that I had even dodged the bullets, my clumsy legs only carrying me so well after I had been knocked out cold not long ago. "Hah.  A necessary sacrifice?  Killing a nobody from a tiny town in northern Europe, saving the world?  I find that a bit hard to believe..." I called out with a manic laugh, extending the barrel of my gun for the man's head.

"Die..." I hissed out before letting several balls of hot lead spray from my gun with a satisfying blast, one simple goal in mind: destroy the living gunfire that so foolishly challenged me.
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Trent was slowly but surely beginning to tire. His old body couldn't take as much as it once could. The strange Scandinavian man would eventually outlast him. Unless he somehow ended it before that ultimatum. Then he thought... the gem. It got him through many a battle years ago... maybe now it could....
Trent emptied the half full cartridge from his pistol, and did not load another one. He could see his opponent was bewildered. Trent then shoved his hand into his pocket and withdrew the gem. It began to shine intensely. He then shoved it into the empty space where a cartridge would go in his deagle. He had no idea what would happen, but he believed it would be enough.
Bright light erupted from the gun and flooded the room. When it cleared, Trent's Deagle was gone, and an all the more sophisticated weapon remained. Trent's weapon from his own time. The Bullpup Lightcaster Heavy Pistol. A dull purple gun the size of a SOCOM, with a small dial on the side with several settings.
Trent: Meet your worst nightmare bastard!!!
Trent fired off 3 rounds. This gun did not fire bullets, but heavily intense light that burned into metal and flesh alike. It singed the man's clothing when it skimmed past him.
Please note that this is not some uberpowerful ultra killing weapon, it is just a decent chunk more powerful than your standard pistol. And yes, Trent is from the future. Explains a lot, eh?
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"Cute.  Your toy light gun's going to run out of batteries though, I still have plenty of bullets left..." I reminded him, gently cocking back my gun, listening to the satisfying ring of three spare bullets, each in their individual cartridge.  The question was left, what the hell was that thing?  I didn't care, I could figure that out from his dead body, any sooner, I didn't want to know...

One... two... three... I counted each bullet as they were fired from the hot barrel of my gun, the tiny killing machines I had fired for the elderly man's wrinkled forehead thirsty for blood, and lots of it. "You don't know what nightmares are." I howled out in an almost hollow threat.  Why had I even said that when I know, he knows that I had nothing to back myself up with.  Perhaps the same reason you'd try to fool a bear into believing they were no match for you.  This was different... I was ready to die, ready to kill to defend myself.

Hah... dying to defend myself, how ironic...
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The heated battle continued, and in the two's concentration, they did not notice the shadow demon descend from the roof.
It raised a hand, and the two were snared in vines of shadow and darkness. Some invisible force knocked their weapons out of their hands and out of reach. The strange beast began to clap.
Shadow: Bravo! Bravo!
Trent: What in the hell are you doing here?
Shadow: I am merely observing. And testing my new power that all this aggression has given me. The power to possess weak minds.
Cyrus emerged from the shadows with his head bowed. As the two men spotted him, he raised his head. Looking into his eyes was like looking into a pool of black ink. His shadow looked like some foul demon from the underworld. This was not Cyrus anymore. It was something else....
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I didn't hesitate for even a moment.  As far as I was concerned, all three of these men, 'men', were my enemy, all three had to accept the same fate at the end of my gun, where-ever it had fallen. "What the hell are you?" I managed to struggle out between gritted teeth, feeling the tendrils of the very incarnant of darkness itelf coil around my legs.  I was immobolized, hopeless.

I could feel it, I was losing my grip on what was real, what was not.  My eyes widened voluntarily as I struggled either of my wrists free of the iron-clad blackness licking at my feet.  I began to panic, my chest erratically heaved, my head throbbing, my legs struggling to move, if only to tell me that I still had even had them. "What are you...?" I managed to redundantly spit out, teeth still clamped against one another in a tight bond.
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A sinister grin appeared on the creature's face.
Shadow: Now for some fun.
Suddenly the shadows moved like water and formed a dark barrier, making the dead end into a small room. Cyrus, Trent and that man were alone together. They could see the shadow on the other side.
Shadow: Here's the plan; Trent and Ulrike, you will try and take out my new puppet. He's a tenacious one though, so watch out. And don't bother squabbling amongst each other, it will just give Cyrus an opening.
The shadow flowed through the air into Cyrus's eyes. Cyrus began to move.
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"Done and done..." I gave a sinister, guiltless scowl at the orders, letting the empty case of my gun fall to the amorphic, liquid shadow at my feet, sliding a fresh clip into the slot, taking close aim at the man dubbed 'Cyrus''s head, firing a single bullet, watching absorb into his head, the flesh seeming to engulf the bullet, the man staring at me with a sickening, empty grin.  This wasn't a human any more, this was something else.  Something more...  He lurched toward me, a heavy looking shot-gun borne in one hand, a pistol borne in the other. "Use that thing of yours!" I barked to my sudden comrade in an unforgiving tone, carelessly, clumsily dodging out of the way of the blast of the shot gun.
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Trent picked up his gun and turned the small dial in the side. He fired off a shot at Cyrus's arm, which caused it to spasm and release his pistol. Trent ran up and claimed it for his own, wielding it in his off-hand.
Shadow(speaking through Cyrus): Impressssive. But isss it enough?
Cyrus fired of two bursts from his shotgun. One of the pellets hit Trent's leg, burrowing deep into his flesh. Trent was knocked down, and the Shadow's hulking puppet was approaching to finish the job, when Ulrike snuck up behind Cyrus and slit his throat. Black liquid spilled out, and the thing that was once known as Cyrus let out a roar of pain. It fell to the floor and twitched around uncontrollably. Trent approached it.
Trent: I never liked you much anyway.
Trent pointed his two guns at the hulking man's head and fired both. The body stopped twitching.
Trent: This battle is won.
Suddenly, black liquid spilled out of the corpse's eyes like water, flowing to one point and forming the shadow creature. The body regained it's more humanlike features, and it's shadow returned to normal
Shadow: You have done well.
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Mirdoran: Not well enough, I'm afraid.

A metallic hand grasped Ulrike by the neck and held him high.

Mirdoran: Neither of you knows what a nightmare truly is.

He threw the captive away like a ragdoll.

Mirdoran: My nightmare... is knowing that this power is within my reach, at last...

He slowly stepped towards the shadow creature.

Mirdoran: ...and two buffoons are in my way to take it.

Shadow: Crusssader, you have returned. But not in time. You misssed a good show...

It descended from the ceiling to approach the armored man.

Shadow: Your willingnesss to ssserve, however, isss notable.

Those words were spoken almost as if he had expected him to make that decision.

Shadow: We're going to have sssome more fun... with you...

Slowly, but surely, the demon slipped into Mirdoran, melding with his form, until it was out of view.
When Mirdoran turned around, a definite change was noticed.
His metallic armor had bound with his flesh, making it as malleable as the skin, but as durable as the chitinous exoskeleton of a human-sized insect. When he spoke, the helmeted head produced a mouth for it to speak with.

Mirdoran: Now this... this is TRUE strength! True power, at last...
Shadow: Hold your own against my new puppet, and perhaps I shall grant you a favor...

When he withdrew his sword, it seemed different... alien. Then it became clear. The enormous zweihander and Trent's blade had merged together into one weapon. The demon had planned well...

Mirdoran: Have at you, heathens!

With a speed that seemed impossible for such a large man, he leaped towards the pair, intending bloodshed. He swung his blade horizontally, to strike the two, with nothing but cold murder in his once-human eyes.
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Ray woke up and saw a man lying unconscious next to him, struggling to breath. There was an open wound on his head. He looked around and saw five other people packed into what appeared to be the back of a truck, covered by a window-less camper. One of the men was shrieking in a foreign language, pounding on the wall that separated the camper and the cabin. The temperature in the Sahara outside was pushing 45'C (113'F), and the temperature inside was even hotter, but Ray was still shivering. Ray groaned in pain as the truck hit a speed bump. Speed bump!? Where are the hell are we?


"Requesting permission to unload, over," the radio crackled.

"New shipment today?" the responder asked nonchalantly.

"Yeah, and some of the scum are getting pretty restless," the driver of the truck replied, a banging sound in the background.

"Clearance granted. Proceed to loading dock 3."


   The people in the truck started clamoring when they realized the truck was stopping. Ray glanced over at the man who had been struggling to breathe. His breathing had calmed. The doors of the truck slammed shut, and the crew opened the tailgate. They were shouting, but he couldn't understand them. They had guns, and were pointing to a door behind the truck.
   One of the captives got out of the truck and started running, and was instantly shot in the back. Ray cringed, and the captives were silent. The workers pointed to the door again, and people started getting out and walking to the door.

   Whatever you do, don't get killed.

   Ray went and stood against the wall next to the door with the others, watched by one of the guards. The other two had pulled the unconscious man out of the truck and threw him off to the side of the truck, laughing. They pushed him down into a grungy, wet, hole, presumably into some sort of drainage pipe, and he went tumbling down. One of the captives roared and charged the two guards. His fate was the same as the last.
   Ray was fighting back tears as he was led into the building by the guards. They were in an empty white room with two doors. The guards said something then walked out, grinning as they talked to each other. There were two doors in the room, one led back outside, though it was locked by by the guards. Nobody dared touch the other for several minutes. One of the captives muttered a swear in a foreign language and opened the door. He looked around, and walked out. Another followed soon after. Ray huddled in the corner near the door and, despite being terrified, fell asleep. When he woke up he saw the other captive in the room asleep. He went and shook him awake.

   In English, Ray said, "Wake up p-please, I'm scared."

   The man leaned up. "What's your name, son?"

   "R.. Ray Autery," he said, startled by the question.

   "Okay Ray, I'm John. Let's get out of here."

   They walked out of the room, and glanced both ways. On the left was a short distance to a turn, and the right went on for a long ways, with multiple doors on each side of the hall.

   John turned to the right and started walking. They walked down the hallway for quite a ways, checking the doors, and Ray couldn't help but notice John was limping badly. Behind each of the doors there were either more hallways, leading in all directions, or empty white rooms. Ray opened one of the doors and saw a dead man in the corner. John was about to ask if there was anything behind the door when he smelled the decomposing flesh, and kept walking.

   "Gesù Cristo," Ray heard John mutter. They were nearing the end of the hallway, when they heard somebody running towards them. John was frozen in place as Ray scampered behind one of the doors. Ray heard John talking to someone in the hall, and he looked around. Another dead man was in the room. Ray closed his eyes tightly and looked away, but eventually looked back at the man. He looked like he was in a lot of pain when he died. He had been strangled with metal wire, and the coil was left by the body.

   Suddenly Ray felt calmer than he had ever felt in his life. "Taaake ittt...." A quiet voice said. Ray grabbed the coil, and the calmness went away when he heard three shots ring out in the hallway.

   "We have to go. Now." John said as he burst into the room.

   They took off running down the hallway. What was that? He glanced down at the metal coil in his hand. And why the hell did i grab this? After they had been running for a while, they came to a room with an open door. They looked inside and saw a man hunched over a dead body. 

   John put his finger on his lips in a gesture to be silent, and they glanced in the room. He turned to Ray and whispered, "he was on the truck with us." John stuck his head in the room and said "We mean you no harm. What is your name?"

   The man jumped, spun around, and pointed a pistol at John. After he saw John's face, he lowered the gun.

   "Call me Theo."

   "Where the hell did you get that gun, Theo?" John asked.

   "Found it next to this guy. There's only one bullet left, but there's no blood in here anywhere. Just this black ****." He stuck his finger on the ground in a pool of black ooze. "Smells horrible." He tasted it. "Tastes horrible too. What are we waiting for? Let's get out of here."

   They took off jogging down the hall. Suddenly Ray felt a chill run through his body. He glanced over at the other two captives to see if they felt it too. John looked incredibly weary, but not scared or cold. "D...did you feel that?" Ray asked.

   "Feel what?" John asked.

   "I felt it." said Theo, flatly. "I felt it earlier, too. When i first walked in the room with that dead guy."

   That feeling... it felt... weird. I'm scared...
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Trent dived out of the way of the massive blade. He could see Ulrike do the same. This would be a difficult battle. Trent looked for a gap to aim into. There were none.
Mirdoran: This power.....
Mirdoran swung his sword at Trent madly. Trent jumped away from each strike, still searching for a weak point. From a distance, Trent could hear footsteps. More captives?
Then Trent realized. When Mirdoran spoke, a mouth opened on his helmet. Trent had found his weakpoint. Now to coax him into opening his mouth.
Trent: You're nothing more than demon scum now Mirdoran!
The massive swordsman opened his mouth to reply, but instead got searing hot light straight down his throat. Mirdoran's whole body shook, and his hands released the massive demon blade. Trent ran up and claimed the sword for himself.
Trent(thinking): Now how do i get my sword out of this thing?
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The three captives were sprinting through the hallway, gasping for air. They went into a door and rested for a few moments. John sat in the corner, rubbing his knee. Ray sprawled out on the floor, gasping for air, and Theo bent over, hands on thighs.

   "I don't think I can keep going, guys. My leg hurts too much," said John between breaths.

   "We'll have a look around. You stay put, okay?" Theo reassured.

   As Ray got up to follow Theo, he turned to John and said, "be c-careful John." They walked out the door and down the hallway. They were checking doors as they went, but none seemed to stand out.

   Suddenly they heard a pistol shot. Theo took off running towards the room John was in. Ray stood motionless. The darkness was back.

   "Lisssten uppp.... Bring the man into thisss room...."

   "Come on, kid!" Theo cried. A shotgun blast rang out.

   "It's too late for him." Ray said with a surprising calmness.

   "We have to help him!" Theo pleaded.

   Ray gestured to a door as he said, "no, we need to hide."

   Two more shotgun blasts.


   'Who is this kid?' Theo wondered.

   As they entered the room, Theo knew something was up. His teeth were chattering, and his breath was steaming. He looked around the room, and saw a black, ink-like substance coating the walls.

   "It's that black stuff! We need to get out of h..."

   Suddenly Ray lunged for Theo's waist, grabbing the gun and taking several steps back, with the gun pointed at him.

   Theo was shocked.

   "What the... what the hell are you doing kid?"

   "Turn around. Put your hands behind your back."

   Ray grabbed the metal coil from his pocket and started wrapping it around Theo's wrists. He pulled out his pocket knife and was trying to flip it open. Theo sensed Ray's hesitance and spun around, hitting him in the side of the head, knocking him out. By now the entire room was covered with the black tar.

   As Theo bound Ray's hands and feet, he said, "I don't know what you were thinking, kid."
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Mirdoran: Filthy creature! Thought you could take advantage of this, did you?

With a swift uppercut, he smashed his fist into Trent's jaw, sending him sprawling backwards and catching his blade on the backswing. The creature inspected it for damage. Nothing. Good stuff... it helps in a murder when the weapon is sharp.

Mirdoran: Ironic, isn't it? The very blade you hold so dear... about to rip you into detached pieces! I find it funny.

He heard a noise, hands and feet scrabbling on cold concrete. When he looked there, he saw Ulrike, crawling desperately, trying to get up and escape.

Mirdoran: You're weak. A burden on humanity. It's why you're here.

He took swift strides towards the downed man, grabbing him by the neck and raising him in the air, stretching his arm outwards to prevent any cheap strikes. Almost artistically, he swung the sword around before holding it parallel to his arm, tip pointed at Ulrike.

Mirdoran: Now do you understand?
A voice rung out all around Theo and Ray. They weren't alone anymore.

Shadow: He wasssn't. I WASSS.

A great big glob of the black substance began to descend from the ceiling, and as moments passed it took on shape and form until it looked like a black shadow of a man was standing up on the ceiling, upside down.

Shadow: Weak sssoul. Your flesssh will remain yoursss. I have no ussse for an aluminium man...

With those words he addressed the fallen Ray. However, when it turned its 'gaze' towards Theo, a different tone was taken...

Shadow: You, on the other hand... you may prove to be entertaining.

It motioned with its 'hand', and black hands sprung from the tar puddle that had formed beneath their feet, immobiizing them.

Shadow: The handsss of the dead will make sssure you'll not be essscaping yet. I ssstill have ussse for you. Asss for your friend...

Another gesture, and something was produced from the back wall... A compartment that held the body of John, motionless, dead.

Shadow: Thisss isss what happensss to the weak lambsss... they get SSSLAUGHTERED. But that doesss not mean they have run out of their usssefulnesss...
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Trent pulled himself up from the ground. He could see Mirdoran holding Ulrike at swordpoint. Now was Trent's chance. He ran up to Cyrus's corpse and grabbed Cyrus's sawn off shot gun, holstering his own weapon. This shot needed to count. Trent slowly crept up on the giant, making as little noise as possible. He reached the beast and saw a slight opening in the armor at the back of the neck. He pointed the shotgun at it and fired. Black liquid sprayed all over Trent, staining his white singlet. Mirdoran lurched back, dropping his sword and holding the back of his neck. Ulrike hit the ground with a thud. Trent yet again grabbed the sword, and with it, cut off the beast's hands.
Trent: I don't think you'll be needing this anymore.
Trent threw the sword away, drawing his pistol again.
BTW Weerd, I don't intend the hand removal to be permenant, i mean for them to be regenerated by the shadow or something. I wouldn't do something so horrible to you... yet.
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   "! DON'T TOUCH HIM!" Theo swung into the mass of darkness, striking nothing. He pulled the gun out of Ray's hand and made for the door.

   "Where do you ssssupose you're going?"

   Theo ignored the shadow and tried the handle. Locked! His hand was covered in black goo, and the putrid scent was invading his nostrils.

   "Sssssnared, like a ssssewer rat in a trap!" The shadow hissed.

   Theo punched the door with all his might, but it didn't give. The sound woke Ray, whose hands and feet were not completely bound, Theo having been interrupted.

   "Your sssoul is MINE!"

   The goo on his hand was spreading over his entire body, freezing his hand and arm, and up through his chest.

   "Errrrrrghh!!" Theo roared.

   "Sssso feisssty! Hah hah! I like it!" The shadow cackled.

   Theo was pulled through the ceiling by the shadow, and the gun clattered to the floor. The shadowed figure was gone, but the ooze was still there.

   Ray looked around. John was dead next to him face down, missing a large portion of his head.

   "Ssssee your fat friend? Tie him up."

   "W-w-what!? Are you ins-sane?"

   Then he thought, 'Am I the one that's insane??'

   The black ooze started rising from the floor in front of him, and Ray shrieked.

   "I...I'm doing it." Ray said, quivering. He grabbed the metal wire and stared at John, blinking back tears.

   "Do it!"

   Ray wasn't even hiding it anymore, he was crying as he bound John's hands together. After he tied it off he crawled through the sludge to John's feet. While he was binding John's feet, he noticed there was a large bulge in the back pocket of John's slacks.

   After he finished, the shadow said, "Good... now leave, thisss is not the place for you.."

   Ray grimaced and reached into John's back pocket and bolted for the door. Tried the knob.. it opened! He glanced at what he had in his hand; cigarettes and a lighter.    Great, cigarettes. Just what i need right now.


   The shadow enveloped John's corpse. "Now the real work can begin." John's head was 'repaired', making him an unrecognizable, disgusting, though functional meat bag.

   Outside, a huge man walked up to the door.

   "What's 'dis then? Can't say I've seen this before. May as well check it out."

   The door opened, and Cyrus walked in.


   Ray came to a rusty iron door and heaved it open. He heard a shotgun blast from behind him.   What is it this time?

   The sound of running water entered the hallway when the door was open. He stepped inside and nearly choked on the smell. For several hours, Ray wandered around in the sewers, until he found a place to rest. He tried to stay awake, but eventually nodded off.
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Trent pulled Ulrike up and handed him Cyrus's shotgun.
Trent: We'll need all the firepower we can get.
Trent could see Mirdoran was still in pain. He was letting out horrible sounds, like screams from hell. The Shadow was feeling the same pain. But Trent could also see new hands growing on the ends of his arms. They did not have much time. Trent began to run and motioned for Ulrike to follow. Ulrike did so. They sprinted down the passage, Trent grabbing the massive sword off the ground as they passed it. They continued running until they could no longer run. Then they walked until they could no longer walk. Then they stopped. Separating them an Mirdoran was over  a mile of passages. They were safe... for now.
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Mirdoran: Stupid beasts! You only delay the inevitable!

His hands, cut off by the blade that was once his and Trent's, grew back, but they were different. Long fingered, tipped with razor-sharp claws, huge...
The wound on the back of his neck had also healed, remarkably... but in its place had formed a monstrous eyeball.

Mirdoran: Wh... what is this?

Shadow: My blesssing... of immortality... in the end, you will ssserve, as have countlesss othersss! But your friendsss have essscaped...

Mirdoran stood, not on his own.

Shadow: 'Tisss time, puppet.

With those words, Mirdoran's essence began to coalesce into shadow and dispersed itself, answering an unheard call, his body following a path unknown to others.
Theo was inside the Shadow... a place immeasureable by human standards, where the winds blew sour air and the ground rasped one's feet with black sand, where the sky was constantly dark, only brightening to a shade of purple when lightning struck.

Shadow: Welcome... Theo... to my sssanctuary.

A man, in his late fifties, dressed in a sharp suit, with wild grey hair and an unkempt beard, stepped towards Theo, emotionless. He had a monocle on his left eye and a scar on the right side of his face.

Shadow: This is Hell or Heaven, the realm of Shadows or the Promised Land... Oh, no, I'm just messing with you.

This version of the shadow had no hiss... probably to avoid attracting attention to itself.

Shadow: This is the place where souls are tested to see if they are fit to roam the dungeons once more. And you, my friend, are very special...

The man motioned to himself.

Urich: You may refer to me as Garion. Urich Garion.

With a wide sweep, he showed Theo the apocalyptic landscape.

Urich: But how will you get out of here, I wonder?

Garion laughed.

Urich: Wander the landscape until you find something... then attempt to figure a way out.

A moment passed, then the winds began to blow away the man's very substance, like dust in the wind.

Urich: Fail in this task and I shall consume you.
Cyrus walked up to the corpse in the wall.

Cyrus: Didn't I kill this guy before?

Suddenly, as Cyrus was inspecting him, John (or what used to be John) took a shallow, rattled breath, and opened his eyes. Cyrus backed up quickly, aiming the shotgun at him.

Cyrus: I'll put another hole in that head of yours.

He took the shot, and his shoulder was obliterated, effectively dismembering his left arm. John paused for a moment, then clutched clumsily at the fallen appendage, before letting the black tendrils that made up his body now reattach it stronger than iron. Again, it shambled towards its intended.

Cyrus: Why won't you go join Satan in hell?!

He fired once more, this time nailing him square in the chest, blowing away the fragile skin and flesh and exposing the bones. But the blackness reconstituted the gaping hole and once more, it lurched towards Cyrus.

Shadow: Relax, my brutish friend... it will all be over soon.

Cyrus: What the hell?

Those were the only words he uttered before feeling jaws snapping shut on his jugular. As he pierced the man's skin, John began to disintegrate, the blackness pouring inside the big man until John was a gaggle of skin, bones and organs on the floor. The man who was once Cyrus' eyes became black as pitch.

Shadow: Now, I think you have some friends to entertain...

Without warning, the void consumed Cyrus, and he was gone.

To dudewheresmymount: I completely understand ;) I wouldn't let him die that easily...

To Rayonius: You can't escape the Challenge of Souls... hehehe. :P

To both: Cyrus is already dead; this is only to show how he became his puppet in the first place ;)
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   Theo dropped to his knees and bellowed, "Who are you! What do you want from me!?"

   Nothing. Theo got back up and started walking. A huge bolt of lightning pierced the sky, and Theo thought he saw a faint outline on the horizon. He started running towards the outline, and as he drew near, he began to realize it was some sort of building. He was very near now to the building, and he could see that it was a tiny shack, worn and falling apart. He approached the doorway, and was reaching for the handle, when the sand gave way beneath him.


   In the sewers, Ray was just beginning to awake. He stretched as he opened his eyes and looked around. Ray got up and began to slosh through the sewer.

   Ugh, my shoes are soaked.

   He heard running coming from one end of the sewer. He ducked inside a drainage pipe and waited for them to pass. The footsteps grew louder and louder as Ray debated what to do.

   Maybe they don't want to hurt me. I need to say something.

   Yeah right, they'll kill me on the spot.

   He slid to the ground, silently weeping as Trent and Ulrike ran by, oblivious to his presence.

   What now? My only chance for help is gone.

   Ray thought a moment, and decided that the best thing to do is follow them, as he got up and ran as quietly as he could after them.

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The black sand poured into an underground cavity, carrying Theo along with it. As the dust settled and Theo got up, spitting sand out of his mouth, he examined his surroundings. It was nothing remarkable: a small limestone cavern with a few shallow, glowing pools... except for a small structure near the back of the cave. Walking closer to it, Theo came to see that it was a small bowl filled with swirling, red and black water, on a stone dais. On the dais was a small metal plate. Inscribed on it were these words:

Those who look into the mirrored surface will see their true selves staring back.

Curious, Theo leaned over to take a look.
The pain was almost unimaginable. The countless wisps, combining into his form, caused him so much agony... but it needed to be done. For how would he exist once more as he was if he was dispersed? With a shallow gasp, the form of Mirdoran reassembled itself inside... a very dark room. Looking around, he could see nothing except... a small, burning light.

??: Be granted true sight, my puppet.

With those incongruous words, Mirdoran's vision suddenly became fifty times more acute. The effect was such that he could perfectly see what was once hidden by the darkness around him. And when he looked to where the small light was once, he was greeted with a sight unlike any other.

??: Are you surprised? Did you think my afterlings... entertaining?

There was an aura about it that seemed exquisite... a veil of pure madness, power, and evil, that could corrupt the noblest of souls in its presence. It whispered in his mind of who this being was... and what it wanted from him.
Mirdoran was awed, speechless... and utterly loyal. For this being, the one who had become one with his mind, he could fight. For this being, he could serve. For this being, he could die.

Mirdoran: I live only to smite the weak and corrupt in your name.

With those words he knelt down, crossing his right arm across his chest as a salute of honor.

??: And you will, servant. Together, we will wipe the world clean of the weak and reshape it as is necessary. To that end... rise.

Mirdoran did as he was told.

??: Unto you I grant a portion of my own power. A blessing for you, and a malediction for any who stand against you. Let the embrace of Rage take you... Let the electricity of true power overtake you... Let your birthight be reclaimed at long last.

Once more, he felt the surge of power inside him, as it had been when the Shadow had bonded with him. But this was vast, endless, and primal. This was true power, at long last... True strength!

??: For too long your species has repressed their true nature... When the chains of control escape you and anger offers its wings to bring you to your true heights... accept them, and my power is yours for the taking.

Mirdoran: As you say, so it shall be.

With an unspoken command ringing in his ears, Mirdoran swirled around and began his trek to start the hunt anew.
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   Theo saw vague shapes forming in the turbid water. He saw a familiar, feminine face.

   That face.. I know it! It's.. It's..

   The face gradually disappeared as the water began spinning more rapidly. Ray appeared, running through the sewer.

   "What do these people have to do with me?" Theo demanded.

   No response.

   'How do I get out of here?' he wondered. 'God I'm thirsty.'

   He turned away from the bowl and looked at one of the glowing pools. He knelt down to drink some of the water. As he cupped his hands and dipped them in the water, a voice said, "I wouldn't do that if I were you." Theo spun around and came face to face with Urich once again. "The water is poisonous."

   "What do you care if i die?" Theo retorted.

   "Oh, believe me, I don't. It sure would be a pity, though. The boy needs you, you know."

   "What? What did you do with Ray!?"

   "It's not me you need to worry about. It's him," Urich said, pointing back to the bowl of water.

   Theo eyed Urich warily and turned to the pool, looking inside. A behemoth of metal and flesh was clanking through a dark hallway.

   "What IS that thing!?"

   "That, my friend, is your worst nightmare."
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Trent: It'll probably catch up soon. We need to leave this place.
Ulrike did not reply. He simply stared into the darkness.
Trent: What's wrong?
Ulrike pointed into the darkness. Some form of twisted golem of flesh and metal was approaching. Very fast.
Trent: Ah.
Trent looked into his hand which held the massive blade. A strange liquid was dripping off it. After a few seconds Trent's original blade was gone. And the liquid began to flow into the creature's hands, forming a sword that looked like it was spawned from hell itself.
Trent: Run.
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Mirdoran: Death... death!

Its voice was like the churning of demons and machines, the inhuman growls mixing with the robotic noises to create something truly monstrous.
Something was wrong though. The blade was only halfway through its transformation. It seemed... stuck in between phases. Then he understood. He stopped to inspect the weapon.

Mirdoran: Useless weapon. Take it back, if you really desire it.

With one swift motion, he reached into the hell-spawned sword he carried and extricated from its essence Trent's blade, undamaged. Grabbing it by the hilt, he threw it at Trent and Ulrike horizontally, intending to sweep their heads from their bodies. He did not care about that though. He brandished his original blade, which in turn began to completely take form. The edge was ridged with monstrous claws, sometimes even sharp-tipped fingers, and the flat of the blade looked more like flesh than metal. Sharp-toothed mouths and cruel, demonic eyes were spawned from it, decorations that hinted at the nature of the weapon. The hilt itself was more like a gigantic spike, enough to kill a man with one well-placed stab.

Though the blade was intended for two hands, the behemoth once known as Mirdoran had no trouble with single-handedly brandishing it. He pointed the malevolent weapon at the pair, who had dodged the previous assault from him.

Mirdoran: Sinners and heathens... both of you. Today, you shall taste the edge of retribution. Prepare yourselves.

Without warning, the behemoth began to charge like a mad bull, its footsteps clanking and churning horridly.
With an agility that seemed impossible for such a large creature, he leaped into the air and as he fell, began to take a vertical swing. He would cleave them in half.
Urich: You need to get out of here, Theo. But how? Let me give you a hint...

As the man spread his arms, he began to meld into the shadows again.

Urich: They say death is like a gateway to the other side. I'm sure you could take the opposite transit...

In a matter of moments, he was gone.

Urich: Are you willing to throw away your own humanity to escape from this nightmare? I know a few who have.
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   Theo stared into the emptiness that was Urich.

   "No. Forever I will cling to that which makes me mortal, which makes me human."

   He turned around and began pacing in the cavern, when he saw a small exit near where he had landed. He crawled through the hole and was faced with another, larger cavern.

   Whatever awaits me, I will not be weak. I must persevere.


   Ray had lost sight of the two men, but still heard their splashing feet echoing through the sewers. He stopped running and leaned against the wall, sliding down to the floor. He reached in his pocket and pulled out the cigarettes. Not thinking, he popped one in his mouth and pulled out the lighter. After several unsuccessful attempts, the lighter struck, and he lit the cigarette. After one inhalation, he burst into a coughing fit.

   "Ugh, what do people see in this?"

   He threw the cigarette into the trickling water. Suddenly a hellish voice boomed in the distant sewers.

   "Death... death!"

   He got up and began running, when he heard a clanging coming towards him. A sword was skimming the floor of the sewer, and finally came to a halt several feet behind him. In an act of instinct, Ray went back and grabbed the sword before running again.
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Laughter followed Theo as he made his way through the caverns. Urich's voice plagued him, even though he was nowhere to be seen.

Urich: This world doesn't play by the same rules that your world does, Theo.

The man popped out of the shadows, walking on the ceiling as though it were the floor.

Urich: I have more pressing things to take care of on your side, however. For that I must bid you adieu. Don't make too much of a mess while I'm gone...

With that, Urich took out a small pocketknife, and placed it on his own throat. Slowly, he began to cut open the flesh of his neck, and as the black liquid spilled out, he laughed. His tar-like blood spread over his entire body before swallowing him up and dispersing into nothingness.

This time, Theo was truly alone.

As an aside, I won't be back on until Thursday. Just thought I'd let you guys know.
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Samuel wandered through the halls of the sewer, walking at a leisurely pace.
Sam: Wow! The SS (Satan Sensor) is detecting a massive paranormal disturbance near here!
Samuel drew his katars from their sheathes. He could hear loud gunshots in the distance. He began to jog towards the sounds.
Sam: This demon is going down!
He continued along the passages until he spotted a giant half flesh half metal behemoth
Mirdoran turned around and Samuel ran towards him. The beast chuckled and raised it's hand. Samuel was thrown back 10 metres.
Sam: Your fowl demon magicks will not defeat me beast!
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   Theo looked around the cavern. More shallow pools of the glowing, toxic water. Near one of the pools there was a great many rocks, as if part of the cavern had collapsed. He rummaged through the lot, and finally found a sharp one.

   If I do this right, I'll do the same thing Urich did. I'll be able to leave this place.

   He placed the rock to his throat. Suddenly Theo realized what he was doing. He dropped the rock to the ground, and backed away from the pile of rocks.

   No. That devil and I are nothing alike. He has given up his mortality, his life. He bleeds the color of his heart. I will endure these trials. He said that death is the gateway to the other side. I am on the other side, and the only way out is... life!

   As he thought these last few words. the cavern around him disintegrated into black sand and came falling around him. Because of the dust thrown in the air, Theo burst into a coughing fit. When it was clear enough to see and breath again, he saw the shed.

   "You are finally ready, Theo. You understand the first lesson of this world. The intended nature of humans. Perseverance." Urich said.


   Ray was panting, barely able to carry the heavy sword he held in his hands.

   Gotta keep running... gotta get away...

   Too... tired...

   Ray slumped to the floor of the sewer and began to weep.

   Why am I so weak? Why am I so scared?

   Clothes dripping wet, Ray rubbed his arms and legs.

   It's so cold... was hot just a minute ago, what... oh, no.

   "That'ssss right, my child..."
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Trent dived out of the way of the giant blade, and fired his gun, which was set on the highest setting at Mirdoran. It merely stunned the giant, but bought him time for things of more importance...
Trent looked around for his sword. It was no where to be seen. He knew where it was last however. He began to run in that direction. However, after runnign for a few seconds, he was
stopped by a chubby man with two bladed fist weapons of some kind

Sam: Stop! Let me scan you for traces of demon first.
Trent could hear Mirdoran approaching slowly. Trent attempted to go around this odd man. The man moved to stop him.
Sam: Just wait a secon.....
Mirdoran was getting closer now. Trent punched the man in the face, knocking him down.
Trent: No.
Trent ran off, and Mirdoran drew his attention to Sam.
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Mirdoran: What in hell's blazes is this pitiful thing?

He grabbed the chubby man by the leg and heaved him like he was a rag doll, upside down. He inspected him closely. Nothing too bad here.

Mirdoran: Or should I say 'was'?

With a swift motion that seemed too easy for such a giant, he chucked the chubby thing into the air and placed his sword underneath him, intending that the impact from the man's fall rend him in two. He was surprised though when he saw that the man had flown much higher than he had intended. His prodigious strength was still something to get used to, he sighed.
Urich: Tenacious... I like you, Theo. You've shown a willpower that would greatly benefit both of us, when the time is right...

A cold wind blew open the door to the shed, almost ripping it off in fact.

Urich: Enter, my friend. Shelter from the elements... but not from yourself.

An invisible force pushed Theo towards the gaping threshold like a dust bunny in a strong wind.
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Trent continued to run along the tunnels in an attempt to find his sword. After a while, he spotted something in the water a few meters away. He ran up to it. It was human, kneeling over catching its breath. It was holding the sword. Trent pressed his gun up against the back of its head.
Trent: You have something of mine i believe.
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   The shadow whispered, "Now isss the time, my child..."

   Ray stood up, shaking. Trent took a step back from Ray. Slowly, Ray turned around to face Trent. Trent's eyes widened as he looked at this young captive. His irises were solid black. In one swift motion, Ray swung the sword around to Trent's neck, stopping half an inch away from his jugular.

   "What are you doing!? Finish him!" the shadow demanded.

   No! You have no control over me!

   "Agh, I have no time for thisssss! I have more important thingsss to attend to..."

   The sword clattered to the ground as Ray raised his hands. Trent was still in shock. Ray's eyes were changing back to a normal color; brown. Trent's gun was still raised.

   "Who.. who are you, kid?"

   "R- r- r-ray," he stammered, shivering.

   "Ray, how did you end up here?"

   "I don't know... where are we?"

   "What, you don't know what this is?"

   Ray shook his head.

   "Start running kid, we got a lot to talk about."


   Theo stepped inside the shed, which was pitch black. The smell was very strange, sort of an odd, musty scent. When the lightning outside flashed he could see he was in some kind of workshop. There were shelves all around, lined with tools. In the middle of the room was a wooden table, covered with sawdust.

   "Home sweet home," Theo said with a grimace.

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The spoiler tag is to hide content that might either offend or disgust the general populace. It is a little heavy, but it drives the point home.

Abstain yourself from uncovering what the tag hides if you dislike content that suggests extreme violence and gore.
The shadows crept on the walls, but kept silent and to their place as they watched Trent and Ray converse after the failed attempt to execute the former. The Ray character had put a chink in his plans... but he was a weak soul. No use to him, or to the human herds. This place had been the graveyard of far stronger people than he. Silently, with a ghostly movement of sorts, the shades crept out of the darkness unseen and slithered to the deep abyss of the Run, to rejoin their substance.
Urich: Please, make yourself comfortable.

The wooden door slammed behind him, and as Theo tried to force it open, he found he could not. He was stuck here, whether he liked it or not.

Urich: Pull up a chair, rest those weary legs and feet...

Without warning, something slammed into Theo from behind, forcing him to sit. A chair had been pushed underneath him, and it rotated on itself so as to face the area where the wooden table was.

Urich: You have seen much during your life, Theodore Woods... I can bet you I have seen more.

Slowly, small wisps of light faded into visibility and illuminated the dark room. The contents of it were now visible, but dim.

Urich: You have also forgotten many things, I see. Care to take a refresher course?

Theo was put off by his seemingly accurate statements. One had to remember that this realm was probably Urich's home...

Urich: Sit back, relax... and enjoy the view.

Without prior warning, the small wisps, whitish in color, turned to a crimson shade, radiating fear and shadow, vibrating as if they were gripped by madness. And as their foul red light illuminated the room, the empty scenery took on new life.
[spoiler]Rusted tools, blades and drills soaked with blood.
Rows of labelled jars containing grotesque collections of organic material, animal and human.
Chains hanging from the ceiling, slaughterhouse hooks attached, with parts of corpses impaled on them like some sick butcher's display.
Sawdust on the floor, soaking up the crimson fluid.
And on the table, a corpse. The body of his wife, opened up, a disgusting parody of a surgeon's operating table.[/spoiler]
It was madness, pure unadulterated madness.

Urich: I assure you, you do not want to know what you did with your son...

Those words stung him like a searing plague.

Urich: That's right... This is YOUR handiwork, Theo! Why did you think they took you away? Why do you think you ended up here? Why did you think your past is lost to you?! THIS. IS. WHY.

Even now, amidst the whole carnage before him, gruesome monsters slinked up from the corners and crawled the floors, seemingly feeding of the pure madness, anger and fear radiating from the place, looking at Theo with bulbous faces, misshaped, salivating mouths and tiny, beady eyes. It was impossible to imagine... yet, as the seconds flew by, it seemed more and more that the words were truth.
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As Trent and Ray ran along the corridors, the shadow demon formed in front of them and held up its hand. A force like a strong wind stopped them from running. Trent thought this was unusual, normally it would ensnare them or something to that effect.
Shadow: Well look who it isssss.
Something was unusual about the creature. It's voice was less intimidating. The shadows that surrounded it were not as thick
Trent: You don't seem to be yourself today. Are you feeling ill?
Shadow: Sssshut up!!!
It raised it's hand, as if to use its powers to hurt Trent. Nothing happened.
Shadow: What?!
Trent: It seems you've poured a bit too much of yourself into that brutish Mirdoran.
Trent raised his gun and fired it at the shadow. The bolt of light hit the beast in the chest and it collapsed to the ground.
Trent: I'll be seeing you.
Trent and Ray ran off into the enveloping darkness of the vast corridors
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Slowly, the shadow creature was assimilated into the countless other shades that populated the darkness of the Run.

Further along, a foul odor assailed the nostrils of Trent and Ray.

??: Did you think your victory so easily won, humans?

That voice came out of seemingly nowhere. It was much different than the shadow creatures' way of speech. Much darker, much more evil, and much more primeval.

??: Did you think your escape, so easily achieved?

This was something else. It seemed different, yet akin to the shadow demons.

??: The expendable have perished. The shadows no longer have any use. They shall be sustainment for my ends.

Slowly, the forms of countless shadow beasts were revealed, squirming, squealing, like wretched, glistening swarms of rats. They began to wither away, until the darkness seemed not as threatening anymore and was no longer host to any creatures.

??: This game is far from over.

There was a slight rumbling, rhythmical, like some titanic creature was about to burst through the walls at any moment...
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The bricks on the wall began to shake, dust fell from the roof, and all the rats scattered. Trent readied his gun. Suddenly, bricks went flying from the wall, knocking out Ray and Trent.  As Trent's vision was fading he spied a massive mouth with long, slender, sharp teeth covered in blood.
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Pathetic humans. Merely a blow, and they fall. It saddens me slightly to see the most adaptable of all creatures so... flimsy. It does not matter. The cogs begin to turn. In the end, death will be the only escape.

The metallic footsteps of my wretched servitor, Mirdoran, echoed beside me as it stood at my level, gazing upon the two humans.

Mirdoran: What would you have me do?

He was completely bound to my will. A puppet, too drunk on power to care about anything else. An expendable item, to be discarded when I wished. He probably longed for death.

??: Drag them away. Lock them in the deepest prisons of the Run. Separated. We will have our fun.

The ironclad human lifted its cursed weapon, inspecting its edge.

Mirdoran: The other one was too weak for my tastes. He carried a strange device... and blades for hands. He is gone now, cleaved in two.

So the quirky personage was indeed of no threat. More lambs to the slaughter, like I say often. Urich, on the other hand... duplicitous slave. He shall burn...

At my silent command my servant gathered the humans and made off for the deep abyss. It would not be long. Soon the Hunter's Run would gain new prey to feast upon.
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Trent awoke in what looked like an old castle dungeon. The place reeked of death and decay. He was locked in a cell alone. He looked around. Herou could see his gun and his sword lying on the ground in a corner of the cell. He picked them up and walked over to the door. It swung open before Trent could open it. As Trent left the cell, he could see a dirty television screen on the wall. It flickered on. The screen was split and each side had feed from a different security camera. One showed a cell with Ray in it, still asleep. The other showed Sigurd in a different cell, sitting on the stained bed attached to the wall.
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??: Are you enjoying the view?

The voice came from everywhere at once.

??: They will be released too, in a few minutes... can you save them both? I don't think so...

There was what sounded like cavernous laughter, before the unseen voice continued.

??: This is not the Hunter's Run for nothing, my friend. I do hope you don't get to witness why I'm saying that, when it happens... unless it happens to you.

??: Prove me wrong, Trent. Let's see if you can entertain us.