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Title: Litis Regius (INN)
Post by: Angel Walter on August 10, 2008, 04:16:04 PM
 It is a bright day as the vibrant blue-white sun brings into view crippled buildings and decapitated statues... As you pull yourself up from the floor, you wonder how you got here, and who the other people are around you...

 "Welcome, to the planet Pulvis!" A voice echoes around you. You turn to face the speaker. He (if it is a he) is standing at a podium a few metres away, so you can make out some defining features: He appears to be wearing some form of suit although it is hard to tell because of the multitude of limbs protruding from his body. It's a beautiful day for it folks as we have our first sun for twelve weeks so without further ado, I'll explain the rules: 1. A select number of you will be given BLOODSTONES which will lead them to a save haven until the next round but you better be quick because, as well as that it drains your lifeforce and alerts players without bloodstone to your position until you reach your destination! 2.All players without bloodstones have to kill someone with a bloodstone and reach the safe spot because, if the contest goes on too long all players not safe will be killed! 3. THERE ARE NO OTHER RULES! Now it's time to FIGHT!"

 Now the intro's over I'll make my character as an example:
Name: Mike
Nickname/Title: The Rain Alchemist
Gender: Male
Age: 14
Appearance: He wears a worn black leather jacket with a white shirt underneath and basic black jeans. The top two buttons of the shirt are undone, showing a strange necklace bearing a wolf around his neck. His hair is the same as my avatars. His eyes are of the darkest blue and seem to ripple when you look at them.
About: Born on "an" Earth, Mike soon dreamed of being a state alchemist but was turned down on account of his age. As such, he is determined to do something to prove his worth. He is surprisingly confident and passionate which often shocks people as outwardly he looks quite unnaturally calm. He is a skilled alchemist and can make practically anything with the right ingredients and the proper transmutation circle.
Weapon(s): Great swords, falchions and staffs/spears.
Skill(s): Alchemy and parkour (It's a long story).
Your character could be based on an anime, game, movie or it could be completely original! Just post them! Here's a blank sheet! Take it! CREATE!

Title: Re: Litis Regius (INN)
Post by: Fisherson on August 11, 2008, 03:09:56 AM
Name: Galan

Nickname/Title: Sun Slayer

Gender: Male

Age: 28

Appearance: A large reptilian creture with dark green scales, stands upright,and has thick black hair teid back in thick braids.

About: Born on a planet called Balzar. A humid jungle world in the Balzar system.
He is a hunter by nature and enjoys hunting hummans. he was a bounty hunter and soldier on his homeworld.

Weapon(s): His claws,fangs and tail, plus the Zeon 9NR8 blaster at his side.

Skill(s): He is much stronger than any human.He can track prey for miles, and he learns quikly.