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Title: Need Help With RMXP Battlers
Post by: Street_Samurai on July 24, 2010, 08:21:23 PM
Hello, my problem today is that I wanted to use Shining Force Cattle Images as Battle Charsets,
But the images are WAY too big to be added into the Battle Charset template, even if I shrink the image using
Stretch/Skew, it distorts the pixels and looks like a big ball of ew...

Anyway, so I was thinking instead, I would use RMXP and add the Shining Force Sprites in as the character
Battlers, same positioning, same coloring, just ONE thing, I wanted them to move.

Has anyone ever played Arcana for SNES? It has a similar Battle Style, where your warriors(Or Mages) Are displayed
in battle Via a detailed portrait of them stancing in place, When you attack an enemy, a little sword streak would rush
across the enemies body, he would suffer damage, but your Portrait, though still in place, would motion and attack
to symbolize him(Or her) Attacking the enemy.

I'd like to do something similar with mine, I want the same RMXP Dragon Warrior layout, the four boxes across the lower screen, displaying character portraits in stilled battle stances (Though I want subtle movements enables, like bobbing in place, or a cape waving in the air), but I would also like to enable those Portraits attacking in place when I select an enemy, throw their hand or staff into the air or something when I cast a spell...

I know this is possible, but can anyone help me? I've searched myself for ways to learn to do it my own, but it involves scripting, and nobody would teach me because I'm a Noob