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Title: Simple Guidelines for New Topics
Post by: drenrin2120 on March 07, 2011, 04:40:04 AM
First off, be aware this board is only for posting new topics about a game you are working on. It can be anything from a work in progress to a finished product. Either way, there are some simple rules you could take into consideration that'll greatly help with the popularity of your game's thread.

Topics made specifically for advertising a new game (Meaning no lengthy playable demo is out yet or near being finished) should, but are not required to, have the following:
- A short summary describing the game (genre, platformer, special features, setting, maybe some character bios)
- Screenshots of in-game content (Fan Art, Title Screens, Game Over Screens, Menu Screens)
- Use the EDIT function for minor updates.

By following these rules, it greatly increases your chances of having a successful game topic that people will enjoy posting in. Enjoy the Games Forum.

Additional Tips from Prpl_Mage:
To the new members reading this and getting all scared!

If you get confused why noone is downloading your game or doesn't reply kindly. What is mentioned in this thread might be the answer.

Members on the internet is basicly too lazy to bother clicking a link to your webpage where you got your game.
Doing that is more or less just advertisement, you don't even bother telling us what it is.

Actually explaining what the game is about is a perfect way to get attention and get members interested. You might have a great game, but a bad description greatly reduces your chances to get possitive replies.

Screenshots show us how skilled you are with mapmaking and graphic handling. Some people want to play good-looking games, showing a screenshot will make them know what to expect.

Character descriptions show the members how well you've planned the game as well as your imagination and creativity. This is another good thing to do so that people can quickly see if they can expect a serious, quick, lazy or beginner- kind of game.

Writing a explaination about the overall plot is good as well, this is another good way to catch people's interest. Don't get all upset if someone says the story is cliché, it's very common. Especially when it is a question about a kidnapped princess, elemental temples and a nation starting a war for no apparent reason.
The overall explaination will show members what to expect of the game story-wise. Don't spoil your grand plot though.

If you get negative replies. Take them to heart and use the critism to make the game better, we are not trying to be mean(although some members got it easier to appear that way than others).
Suggestions is what we should give you; but all members really doesn't have that gift to be educational, so some members may say it better than others.