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Title: Looking for ideas.
Post by: Meiscool on April 16, 2012, 03:43:10 AM
So, I am in the process of making my gamezors. Most of the story boarding is done (epic, ****ing epic plot). In order to not constantly revise characters (for plot purposes), I saved designing the character's personalities till after the story was finished. I need help with some ideas for personalities.

How my game characters will level up is centered on a "personality system". As your characters grow through out the game, they will also unlock the ability to grow via leveling up. Think of it as the sphere grid of FF10, and the locked portions are unlocked via character development throughout the plot. This WILL be different than FF13's system, so don't cry.

Each character will have 3 personality trees, and there is where I need people's help. I need personality traits that can "evolve". This isn't a transition from a bad trait to a good trait mind you (example, slob -> messy -> organized -> anal about having clean stuff), this is a transition from a trait that has a broad meaning, and transcends into a more singular meaning with greater feeling placed behind the word.

For example: Foolish -> Dreamer -> Overachiever -> Driven
When you first hear about an individual coming into town wanting to be a hero, the town's folk may consider them a FOOL. Getting to know that person a little better, you might realize that they understand that just simply wanting to be a hero won't make them be a hero, but they still DREAM about it none-the-less. Upon befriending that individual, spending time with them, and realizing that they are not only dreaming of becoming one, but trying to, you might label them as someone with unrealistic expectations or an OVERACHIEVER. Spending enough time with them, there will surely be a point where that person's desire to become a hero will be faced with adversity, and the fact that they keep DRIVING forward shows that, while the ultimate objective of being a hero may not be within reach, they won't be deterred from their dream just because it is beyond them.
And at that point, you realize that what was once thought of as foolish dreams, is a driving force for a person to continue pushing themselves to realize their potential.

These transitions could be taken in multiple ways, but summaries like the above can help explain what the arrows between cannot.

IF anyone has ideas, please throw them out. I have 4 characters that will use this system, so I need 11 more personal transitions. Since character has not been set in stone with a definite personality, you can present almost any idea and, as long as it is thought out and delivered to me clearly, it will most likely be used.

The only thing I ask is that you try to stay away from bad -> good personality changes. I want more of misunderstood -> understood, or undeveloped -> developed if you can understand what I'm trying to say....  :x      Format should be 1 -> 2 -> 3 -> 4 if possible, as I intend for each character to have 4 "grids" to work with per trait.

THANK YOU for reading all of this. I know it is a bit lengthy. If you decide to throw me ideas, thank you again in advance. The faster I know what to do with my characters and the level-up system, the sooner I can release a demo.
Title: Re: Looking for ideas.
Post by: ZeroKirbyX on April 16, 2012, 06:01:38 AM
Severely autistic -> Introverted -> Shy -> Quiet
Title: Re: Looking for ideas.
Post by: Prpl_Mage on April 16, 2012, 07:25:18 AM
Naive -> Helpful -> Caring -> Sympathetic
Some sort of caring person that people take advantage of 'cuz they think s/he is dumb, in reality s/he feels sorry for other people despite the issue.

Aggressive ->Trigger happy -> Reckless -> Energetic
An outgoing person who likes to fight, people think s/he is a maniac for starters who just want to kill stuff but later realizes that there's just so much energy to burn in that impatient body.

Hardy ->Brawny -> Courageous -> Stalwart
A larger, bulkier person. probably seen as the muscle of the group or someone who just battles and lift weights. But the strength is there for a reason.

Uncanny -> efficacious -> powerful -> absolute
Some sort of magic type person or something, people don't feel all that comfortable around her/him to start with but realizes the worth of the person. But the more time they spend - the clearer it gets that this person holds more than the eye first reveals.

Yeah that's all I have. Finding 4 fancy synonyms isn't really my most rated skill.
Title: Re: Looking for ideas.
Post by: Meiscool on April 21, 2012, 08:44:56 PM
Thank you for the ideas.

Def using the shy one, having an antisocial character sounds interesting to make dialog and growth for.

The energetic pathway is also a great idea. Sounds fun to play around with. Will probably change it a little less from fighting and a little more to making hasty decisions.