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Title: Battle Against FlygonBreloom (fourth version)
Post by: Alba Garcia Clerigues on April 26, 2012, 08:55:12 AM

Download this game with installer (!823&parid=E64896D4A94E867C!494) or without installer (!824&parid=E64896D4A94E867C!494). (The new SkyDrive version is hard to handle for me, I prefer the old version)
It is necessary to have the RTP 2000 installed to work this videogame.

Battle Against FlygonBreloom is a videogame of RPG genre, I have created it with the RPG Maker 2000 program, so it works with the RTP.
The languages of this videogame are Spanish and my bad English.

The controls of this game
Use the arrows to move the cursor or FlygonBreloom.
The action keys are enter and the space bar.
The F4 key serves to play with window or with full screen.

Changes about the fourth version of this game.
The title screen has got a new and original image. The previous versions had got a image of the RTP in the title screen.
Shanks and Raie characters are a bit stronger than before.
A red Yoshi appears by first time on the map, it has got options to change the FlygonBreloom's face and the change appears in the escape menu.
Ayers Rock appears by first time on the map of this version.
A new map is accessible through Ayers Rock.
A final boss appears by fist time in this version.
You can handle FlygonBreloom in the battle by first time. It was impossible in the previous version, except through the data base of the game.
More skills available in the battle.
More variety of music.
More sound effects.

There are bugs in this game, but I do not know how to fix them.
The poisoned status does not damage its victim when it has one health point left and it can not defeat it.
The accented letters does not work, I tried to fix them with a patch, but this bug still persist.
In the battles, the two languages appear mixed.