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Title: Newsiscool: July
Post by: Meiscool on July 17, 2012, 10:06:40 PM
For those that are not aware, we've had some events here at the forum that could make a bigger splash.

First, I would like people to direct their attention to this link:
By clicking there, you will be directed to a topic about a game being made by Moosetroop11. The game is in its very early stages, but has not received very much attention. Moosetroop11 is a very dear and longtime member of the forum, as well as the winner of several story/text-based contests held here at charas. His game (if and when completed) will be sure to have plenty of laughs with original and excellent dialog.

Speaking of contests that Moosetroop11 has won, the MIContest 2: Part 1 ended a few weeks ago with Moosetroop11 being crowned the winner by judges Archem2 and myself. MIContest 2: Part 2 is now open with no entries as of yet, and will be open for as long as necessary. If you are interested in seeing what the hubbub is about, here is the link to the contest page:
A few people have already stated that they are working on their entry, so hopefully the turnout of contestants will be higher than the 5 people that entered Part 1.

Speaking of MIContests, I would like to state here that I am cancelling MIContest 3 as of the moment. My work schedule has changed, making hobbies like game making a little less available. Sorry to Prpl and Lucas, who bother entered a character and seemed excited about the idea. I will be posting another MIContest 3 shortly; one that doesn't involve making an entire game myself ^_^

Speaking of... well, nothing. Anyways, do you like Minecraft? If so, try Felix-0's texture pack at this here:
Felix-0 has been laboring hard to bring the RPGM 2000-2003 RTP to life in block form. His texture edits range from the environment to GUI to character designs to armor and monsters. Give it a try if Minecraft is your sort of thing.

Anything you would like mentioned in this update? Let me know and I'll see about editing it in or making a new post.
Title: Re: Newsiscool: July
Post by: Moosetroop11 on July 18, 2012, 01:24:58 AM
I do declare! This news post is almost me - themed!

Yeah, I do like the news posts.  And I am going to enter the music section of the contest... I swear.