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Title: Radiant Core (rpg2k3)
Post by: NinjaManZ on August 01, 2012, 04:53:58 PM
Hey there. I'm NinjaManZ. I'm a bit new to the forums, but i decided since i'm making a game i might as well post it here.
I'm going to post a small FAQ about my game, A few screenshots of the maps(and one of a battle) and a link to a teaser trailer done by giaks(someone who's helping me with the game.

Trailer: Radiant Core Trailer (

What is Radiant Core about?
You are 12 year old Kate Dering,a famous Adventurer who has heard rumors of people Disappearing in a cave.When Kate arrives at the entrance to the cave she hears a moan,and when she goes down the stairs, she finds dead bodies all over the first floor of the cave. When she tries to find an exit, she finds out she's trapped in the floor, due to boulders covering the stairs to the next floor. Kate then hears another moan, and one of the dead bodies gets up, and starts to chase her. She decides to fight it due to being trapped; after the battle, her arm starts to bleed due to fighting a zombie for the first time,she then thinks she is done for.

Then a mysterious man(14 year old) jumps over the boulders and shoots the zombie in the head, killing it and saving Kate from her death. After that the man explains how he heard that a school girl with strange hidden powers was trapped in the cave, and how there are more people getting infected by zombies so he asks Kate to help him. This is the story of Kate's Quest to save the people from Zombies, and to figure out who had done all of this in order to stop it from spreading outside of the cave.

The land of Radiance?
"The land of Radiance was once a peaceful place. In each continent there was a castle with a king that "ruled" and there was also many towns and caves. Each continent was connected with a bridge. The names of each Continent are: Zeda, Valucia, Hydron and Corus. Each continent lived in peace with no wars or things of the such; but one day a group of people visited from an underwater city named Levi, which was just discovered. That group of people went to the Corus Continent and killed the king of that continent and every one in it and then claimed it as their Continent which is why it is now called the Forbidden Continent. At this time they are working on a Plan that could be the end of the land of Radiance for ever.."

Why is the Game called Radiant Core?
"The land of Radiance" is the reason for naming it Radiant and Core is because there are lots of dungeons and caves which is why it's called Radiant Core.

What program are you using to make it?
I use RPG Maker 2003 for all of my projects.

Character Switcher system? does that mean there will be more than 4 characters in the full game?
Yes but there are only 4 main characters, an optional character not seen in the demo and a DLC character

60 Quests?! Don't you think that's a bit too much?
60 is a bit too much but 15 of them are Story Quests. So basically there are 45 Quests. 15 Optional Dungeon quests, 15 Item fetching quests, 10 Escorting quests and 5 Monster Slaying quests.

How many people are helping you make this game?
Only 3 people.

DLC? Are you being Serious?
Yes i am. The DLC is something ill make at least a week after it's release.Minor spoiler for the DLC: The Arena and and Optional boss in Levi.

Will there be a Demo?
Only one, but yes there will be one.

If your question wasn't answered post below or PM me.

Also visit my website i made for this game:

Pictures will be coming soon.
Title: Re: Radiant Core (rpg2k3)
Post by: ellie-is on August 01, 2012, 05:26:33 PM
Hold on, before I say anything else, do you REALLY have a 12 year old "famous adventurer" and a 14 year old "mysterious man"? Not a typo or anything?
That's a bit too Saint Seiya for me.
Title: Re: Radiant Core (rpg2k3)
Post by: NinjaManZ on August 01, 2012, 05:41:57 PM
Well.. Yeah. It's not  a typo.. And i've never seen Saint Seiya before. Although you could say Mysterious Person instead of man.
Title: Re: Radiant Core (rpg2k3)
Post by: ellie-is on August 01, 2012, 06:01:12 PM
It's one of them crappy animes that everyone loved twenty years ago.
They had these warriors with magical armors that saved the world and fought among themselves, with enormous flashy displays of power, and they looked and behaved like adults, but their age range was 12-14.
Title: Re: Radiant Core (rpg2k3)
Post by: NinjaManZ on August 01, 2012, 06:08:36 PM
Ah. I get it now. but there are 2 characters older than that.

Edit: That Mysterious man/person/kid or whatever you want to call it is supposed to be me. (yes i'm 14 years old and came up with all of that. but i act like i'm older.)
Title: Re: Radiant Core (rpg2k3)
Post by: Meiscool on August 01, 2012, 10:04:26 PM
Well, plot seems basic enough, though very, ummm... what is the right word... I dunno, like it is combining a ton of bad cliches. 12 year old adventurer: typical light hearted rpg cliche. Wait, zombies? With a light hearted cliche???

The trailer doesn't show much, but it is a teaser. Nothing impressive graphically, but not ugly or unsightly.

More info is vital. What kind of battle system? Character bios? Etc?

I applaud the effort that has gone into advertizing the game (multiple forums, website, trailer, etc), but you really need to provide more info if you're going to get people interested.
Title: Re: Radiant Core (rpg2k3)
Post by: Prpl_Mage on August 01, 2012, 10:47:04 PM
Cool. Neat to see a person making a trailer for a game.
But as Jesus here said. It doesn't show much of the actual game. People want gameplay-  Those kind of footage always catch people's attention. So keep it up!
Title: Re: Radiant Core (rpg2k3)
Post by: NinjaManZ on August 02, 2012, 02:10:43 AM
Allright. I guess could give a bit more info since i can't record gameplay because it lags too much.

Battle system is the same side-view battle system as always.

Levi: A underwater city in the very center of the Radiance region which was discovered soon after an organization codenamed XF which conquered one of the four regions by killing the king. There is no known way to enter the city since there is no entrance.

I'll edit this post once i have a few things on about the characters or extra info.

Also, i don't quite understand "typical light hearted rpg cliche. "

Title: Re: Radiant Core (rpg2k3)
Post by: Prpl_Mage on August 02, 2012, 07:22:11 AM
Also, i don't quite understand "typical light hearted rpg cliche. "

Well, your world is a happy place where 12 year olds can do whatever they want. And succeed. It's not some dark and grim world where 12 year olds starve and have to work on the street to survive.
Young heroes are pretty common in fantasy so no worry, it's just that compared to our kids that are twelve these are usually some sort of prodigies.
Title: Re: Radiant Core (rpg2k3)
Post by: zuhane on August 03, 2012, 12:04:32 PM
Pretty much what the above posters have said. It's a nice trailer and stuff, but none of us have a clue about your game, so it's very hard to build up any kind of
hype based on some pretty fields and panoramas.