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Title: Newsiscool: Beginning of August
Post by: Meiscool on August 05, 2012, 11:12:01 PM
Not much new this month from last, other than the massive change in the forum's look.
Bugs are being worked on (presumably).

Thus far since my last news update, there have been a few community activities. First one that I want to note is my own release of a VERY SMALL demo of the game I am trying to find time to screw around with. The link:;topicseen#new (;topicseen#new)

The game tries to push rm 2003 to its limits using complex mathematics (cosinus, modulus, whatevas) and picture based movement. Give it a lookie.

Still worth a mention, moosetroop11 has released an updated version of his own game. ( is da link. Very few comments on it so far (and I equally share that sin with the majority of people on here) so let's sjpw him some love huh?

As for MIContest 2, it has been a month practically and no entries, so I'm going to cancel it unless someone objects otherwise. I've tried kicking it many times, and disappointingly not much life is in it.

Got anything you want added on here? Let me know! BTW my bday is in 4 days :D