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Title: Uggy Barfoo
Post by: Enduo_Ril on August 19, 2012, 08:19:37 PM
If you've seen some of my old stuff in the complete resources section, you might notice that I occasionally mentioned working on a game called "Uggy Barfoo."  Well, I was working on that, but I just never got around to posting demos, screenshots, or anything like that... and now it's pretty much an abandoned project, and I haven't touched it in years (last time I worked on the game was back in 2005.)

However, I actually did get a pretty big chunk of it done, and up until now I've never actually uploaded a demo anywhere so that people could actually play the thing.  I figure since I got so much of it done I should at least do that, even if it'll never get finished (remade, maybe... but Uggy Barfoo as it exists today will never be finished.)

Astronauts visit the moon... and instead of just a barren gray rock, they find old ruins and a strange box.  After finding that he's unable to open the box, a particularly unintelligent member of the team punches it... causing the crystal on the top of it to break and an ancient evil to be unleashed: Ma-Du Nebozu, the Lord of Moronism...

Following this event, several people from throughout the United States discover "Orbs" which contain the spirits and power of the ancient Hudawuda warriors, who were responsible for sealing away Nebozu on the moon many years ago with the aid of the bunny-spirit J'daahi Bunprego.  Using these Orbs, they are able to take on the form and powers of various warriors, such as the Wizard, Gunner, Summoner, Foodfighter, and Ninja.  Can they stop Nebozu and the forces of stupidity from ruling the world?


Main Characters:

Here's a few screenshots (which are, somewhat disproportionately, from only the earliest and latest parts of the game... mainly because I don't have any mid-game save files sitting around. XD)


Click here to download Uggy Barfoo. ( (Requires RPG Maker 2003 RTP files, but as long as you have that everything should work fine.)