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Title: Untitled Project... Let's call it Homecoming
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Homecoming is an open-ended/open-world fantasy RPG. There is lots to do, factions to join, and two large kingdoms to explore.

--- Character Creation ---

This section should really be called "Character Choosing" since the only customization is name and gender. There are eight characters to pick from, each from a different nation in the game's overall setting. Each character has its own traits, strengths and weaknesses, and skill set.

The Warrior – A citizen of Ultima, the warrior is a powerful fighter and a master of all weapons. Warriors have the lowest magic among all the characters.

The Mage - Hailing from Aurora, the Mage is able to master any one of the many known mystic arts. These include both offensive and defensive spells.

The Monk - From the country of Muscataq, the Monk's best weapon is his fist. They are strong in spirit and able to equip bows and staves.

The Engineer - From the Republic of Bengalla, this Engineer is a master of technologies unknown to the rest of the world.

The Pirate - The Pirate is a master of the Empirean Sea. They are quick on their feet and with a blade in their hand.

The Elf - The Elf is a mysterious being from deep within the newly discovered Albizwood. Its skills are rooted in nature and the spirits.

The Ninja
The Ninja is an assassin from the island of Oshima. Stalking from the shadows, they are able to kill with a single blow.

The Sorcerer
In Jungo, the Sorcerer is a spirit medium who has practiced divination, prayer, sacrifice, rainmaking, and healing.

--- The World ---

Homecoming (or whatever name I go with) is the main setting of the game. It is an umbrella term that refers to the two united kingdoms of Ulitma and Aurora. A smaller country sits on the coast of Ultima, but is home to barbarians without order.

Ulitma is a kingdom heavily based on military, breeding the finest soldiers in the world and settling for no less than perfect warriors. Prostitution is legal in sanctioned environments and slavery is deeply rooted in their culture. They are responsible for bringing the Elves to Homecoming.

Aurora is a center for the arts, education and magic. It's people dream of only the finest things in life. While the men of Ultima would rather fight for what is right, those of Aurora settle for less bloodshed. However, that does not mean they forgo justice altogether, and and are just as ruthless with their words as Ulitma is with their blades.

Between the two kingdoms there are about a dozen large cities and about half as many smaller villages. The barbarian nation only has a few.

The game world will be arranged similar to that of the Pokemon games, where "routes" sit between settlements and are riddled with dangerous wilds and unexplored dungeons.

--- Quests and Factions ---

*The Main Quest* - The player awakens in Homecoming Castle, the ruling seat of both Ultima and Aurora. Whether a stranger to the land or a native of its two kingdoms, you thrust into a wicked conspiracy and an ancient cult. I'll admit that other aspects of the game have been given more attention than this. It will be your typical quest to save the world, defeat a great evil, and probably collect elemental crystals. That's always fun.

*Major Factions* - While the world is coming to an end, there are many important guilds you can join throughout your journeys. These will help you, depending on your chosen character, and give you benefits such as better weapons, spells, and party members.

The Champions -  A group proclaiming themselves to be the best warriors in not just Ultima, but the entire world. They offer the best training    and work as a mercenary, bounty hunters, and security. Recommended for Warriors.

The Circle of Magic – A brotherhood in Aurora dedicated to education and practice of all magical arts. Recommended for Mages and Sorcerers.

The Holies Guild – A group destined to vanquish the world of the dark powers. Operating with the church, they hunt demons, vampires, and    dark mages. Recommended for anyone wishing to end evil's grasp on the world.

The Shadow Society – A secret coven of assassins and mages who practice the dark arts in secret. They don't care who the target is, as long as their not seen and get paid, all is well. Recommended for anyone sick of following the Kingdoms' laws.

*Minor Factions* - These only slightly fewer benefits than the Major Factions. The only big difference is while the Shadow Society or Holies Guild will have a dozen quests for you to take part in, Minor Factions are less story based and are more about collecting and receiving rare items and rewards.

Bengal Embassy – Representatives from the Republic of Bengalla, their mission is to acquire knowledge from every corner of the world, while    simultaneously sharing their own advanced technologies. Recommended for Engineers.

Fortune Hunters – An organization established by and for treasure hunters. They are a group of explorers in search of the unknown and    mysterious. Recommended for Pirates and Engineers.

Elven Asylum – A refugee organization set up by the church to rescue Elves that have been brought to Homecoming against their will. Recommended for Elves.

Martial Arts Academy – A small dojo set up to spread the teachings of unarmed combat and the powers of the ancients. Recommended for Monks.

*The Triad* - Three seemingly unrelated individuals who will offer you pretty basic fetch quests or dungeon clearing missions. The rewards they offer are, however, far from basic, and when all three quest lines are completed they will come together for one big quest.

The Archeologist – As new ruins and lost civilizations are being discovered every day, the Archeologist will enlist you to explore these dangerous dungeons and clear out anything dangerous that might get in the way of academia.
The Alchemist – Bikman, better known in Homecoming as The Alchemist, will enlist you to search for rare ingredients, and in return will create only the finest of potions for you.
The Librarian – Old and brittle, the Librarian is a retired adventurer who will enlist you to complete his life’s work and search for ancient relics.

--- Screenshots ---

Coming soon!
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Sounds like it'll take a lot of work :p

Looks like good fun though.