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Title: The Era of Perfection (Alpha 1.0)
Post by: Shadow_754 on July 27, 2013, 04:17:17 AM
First of all, I want to thank you for taking the time to view this topic. This is my first RPG, so any and all feedback is highly valued.


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The Era of Perfection takes place on a typically peaceful realm, consisting of 6 main Country’s; Holfhaven, Kargeth, Tyria, Serrigoth, Faultur, Glacia

Kargeth symbolizes tranquility, and has never seen too much trouble in its lazy atmosphere.

Holfhaven is a small country based entirely around government.

Tyria is rugged, with dence forests, steep clifts, and baren deserts.

Faultur was once prosperous and ritch, but has since fallen to a beren and poor hobble.

Serrigoth has insisted to cut itself off from other civilization for generations, so little is known about it.

Due to the events that have landed the world into its present state, Glacia became frigid and primarily inhospitable. 


Hundreds of years ago, the world was prosperous, thriving in the age of technology. That is, until a great downfall brought down all of human civilization, and wiping out most of the human species. Now after hundreds of years of repair, technology is a thing of the past, a spectical known by few, but in its place came the era of magic, where it was not questioned when flame came from nothing, but merely accepted.

For as long as anyone can remember, the six countries have been at harmony. Not so much as a skirmish has ever been reported between countries. Without warning, unidentified troops ambushed and ravaged tactical bases in both Tyria and Faultur. The two countries knew that the solders where far too primitive to have been from Holfhaven, that Kargeth was far to laid-back to declare war, and that Serrigoth had no desire to take part in such public matters, leaving only each other to blame. After ages of peace, war broke out.

You start the story off on a small island named Ridge Island off the coast of Kargeth. Being so close to Kargeth, you haven’t seen any effects of war on you tiny island. You start as a young mage in training Merric, who had passed out as the result of a failed attempt at a spell. Apon awakening, you find that your "mishap" has near leveled the mayor's house. After being kicked out, you head out to find your childhood friend, Maria. After meeting up with her, a

You awaken a few hours later, dazed, but certain that what had happened was not merely a dream. You promptly decide that you must set out to save your childhood friend, no matter the risk.



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Character Bio's


At a young age, his father put a spell on him, so he would not have to remember his dark past. Merric has spent the entirety of his recalled life on Ridge Island off the coast of Kargeth. Since youth, Merric has been inspired by the epics' told of the great archsages' of yesterday, and so he began training in the magical arts at a young age. He is currently a mage in training, specializing in destruction spells. He can be kind and understanding, but also bold and strong-willed.


Childhood friend of Merric. She is also training in the magical arts. One day, she is kidnapped by an unknown man, which is why Merric set's off on his quest in the first place.


Maria came from a fortunate and wealthy family, and was raised in a town named Hosbrew Town near the southern coast of Kargeth, but she moved to Ridge Island to learn in the magical arts. She is tutored alongside Merric, making them good friends. She practices healing magic, but she is also gifted in transformation magic, although she is completely unable to control it. Usually shy, she doesn't say much at first, but grows more confident over time. She looks up to Merric like a big brother, but she has also developed a slight crush on him, despite him being completely oblivious to it.


A master in the killing arts, True was born and raised in the country Serrigoth. After many years of poor living conditions, True and her older brother decided to escape to Kargeth, but along their voyage, her older brother was killed by Tyrria solders. Feeling pity for Merric, and also anger for Tyrria, she decides to team up with Merric in order to save Alyssa.
(I have many more characters to add when I get their bio's planned out)


-An enticing storyline that both capture the essence of seriousness and humor
-Classical RPG with various new mechanics to keep things fresh
   -Some of said features include Alchemy, Cooking, Crafting, Enchanting, among various others
-Many in-game references to other games. How many can you find?
-This is to imply and build on the fact that many different video games took place on the same planet.
-Many hidden side quests.
   -Many of these quests offer highly valuable items and knowledge as rewards.
   -An iconic quest throughout the game is to find 100 of a particular object.
-Challenging but not absurd gameplay.
-Language kept PG for our younger players.
-Characters rich with backstory
-A building system that allows you to build up various structures for various rewards and perks.
-A pet system (In progress)


I am currently looking for some people to do a let’s play of the game so far (And hopefully future updates). This will not only get the game more well known, but also give me valuable Intel for how to continue making the game. If you are able to do so for me, I offer the fallowing in return:
-Your username in the credits of the game, as well as advertisement of your lets play on the official “The Era of Perfection” website.
-A NPC in-game appearance of yourself!
-For this one, you can either send me some info (Name, Sprite, Face sprite, ext.) of the character you want seen in the game (cannot be a character from an existing franchise (Nintendo, Marvel, and ext. They could be from your own game, through!). Otherwise, I’ll make a character for you!
-Of course, you could choose not to have a character appear in-game if you so wanted to.

Known Bugs:
-The intro cut scene can get humorously buggy and mixed-up if you click too fast. This is easily avoided by not rapid-clicking through the scene, and has no negative side-effects either way.
Title: Re: The Era of Perfection (Alpha 1.0)
Post by: Moosetroop11 on July 27, 2013, 01:58:03 PM
Looks fine for a first RPG. My advice is to make the length of it realistic and try to get it finished rather than worrying about sites and publicity though. I don't think any game made with your low level of experience at mapping etc will make it into the big time.

Have fun making it is the important thing. Pet system sounds cool!
Title: Re: The Era of Perfection (Alpha 1.0)
Post by: Shadow_754 on July 27, 2013, 03:29:06 PM
Thank you for the advice, and I see what you mean. I understand that this is only my first game (And an Alpha release, at that), so I am not expecting to become some hot-shot just for stepping into the RPG making game. My main reason for wanting to spread the word of my game so early is so I can learn what I need to change, fix, what works and is liked, and what is not. My main reason for looking for someone to do a let's play is because if I learned one thing from having some of my friends play through the game, it's that someone could list all the faults of the game, but it wouldn't be the same as watching these very faults in effect. Although realistically, I'll probably have to step up my game before before I get someone willing to do that, but one can dream.

Also, I'm glad you like the pet idea. It is currently a work in progress, but my plans for it are that although it will be a completely optional feature, it will be one that can potentially benefit the player via rewards and side quests.