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Title: Charas Grande Adventure Game: Rebirth of an Age
Post by: Fisherson on September 16, 2014, 04:36:27 PM
Okay after reading this: ( I had a revelation and a pang of nostalgia. This little thing made me realize why my previous attempt to revive Charas RPs didn't suceed: It was too based on inside jokes that weren't easy to access. Now I realize there is only one way to go: We must revive this style of randomness! So I'm about to attempt that.

This game is like the previous so I'll repost Rahl's old rules:
This is kind of like a story telling game, but we try to keep it short and each person tells it from his own perspective. (even when someone is talking to someone else feel free to jump in)

*The story starts out in the Charas Pubb. Where all maner of Charasians had gathered for that wondrous, eye watering past time: Happy hour!...But something was off....*

Razor: *Cleans a mug that is somehow not getting any cleaner.* Sigh...Things sure are quiet. *Fiddles with his beard, literally playing it like a fiddle with his free hand.* I don't trust it.

*Suddenly the door burst open and Dave walks in wearing a trench coat over his blue shirt and black jeans and big purple kicks. His spikey hair sways a little as a breeze gusts in the door*

Dave: *Looks very serious for a moment then opens his mouth to speak...Then smiles and laughs* Ha ha ha! Hey, Razor, how's it hanging??

Razor: *Shrugs* A bit dead around here lately, but eh that's to be expected. What can I get ya?

Dave: Andorian Ale!

Razor: >=/ You know I don't serve that sci-fi fantasy crap! You'll have a Rosewell on the Rocks. *Produces it*

Dave: *Shrugs* I suppose that's alright. *Takes and sits down looking around wondering who all is here.*
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Post by: Moosetroop11 on September 16, 2014, 09:10:51 PM
MT11: *Crashes through the door* EVERYONE GET DOWN! I HAVE AN ACTIVE GRENADE!
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Post by: zuhane on September 17, 2014, 12:22:44 AM
Bend me over and call me Jefferson.
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Post by: Fisherson on September 17, 2014, 12:34:37 AM
Dave: *Turns around in his chair* Correction! *Uses the force to call the grenade to his hand* "I" have an active grenade. ^_^.....OwO Yaaaah! I HAVE FRACKIN' ACTIVE GERNADE! *Runs around the room panicking*

Razor: Sigh. I knew this place would be blown up when I awoke this morning. *Reaches under the counter and gets an ol military hard hat  on and slowly goes down behind the counter*

Rusty: Beeop! Boop! *Instructs everyone not to panic and to get the Grenade from Dave calmly, alas it's all in binary code so it just sounds like somebody fiddling with a radio dial*
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Post by: lonewolf on September 18, 2014, 09:19:31 PM
here is the news in a downtown bar grenades are being used
people are ask to stay at home for their own safety
this is the end of the news stay safe out there
Title: Re: Charas Grande Adventure Game: Rebirth of an Age
Post by: Fisherson on September 19, 2014, 05:33:36 PM
Dave: *See's Lonewolf* Huh? Lonewolf is a reporter? *Thinks on this a moment seemingly ignoring the grenade* How did that happen? I was only gone a couple of months I don't see how logically- *The grenade explodes!!...And Dave is now covered in ice*

Davesicle: (Oh what frozen hell is this?! It must have been a Cryoban Grenade! Wait where'd a moose get a high tech weapon like that? I may have to investigate this!...Oh right I can't move.....Help?) *He reaches out the with the Force beckoning help*

MT11: *Not interested in helping, since he's busy telling the customers who he'll eat them and with what condiments*

Lonewolf: *Is now covering the story of how Dave is frozen in solid ice, too busy to help him escape it through apparently.*

Zuhane: *Is being spanked by Razor*

Razor: *Is beating Zuhane with a giant paddle* Jefferson! Jefferson!!...Ah that's about an hours worth. *Puts away the giant paddle* I dunno why you wanted me to do that, but you're the customer. *Goes back behind the counter* There that'll be 1,000 Gold or 10,000 Gil or but a few Platinum Records.
Title: Re: Charas Grande Adventure Game: Rebirth of an Age
Post by: lonewolf on September 19, 2014, 06:48:09 PM
Lonewolf here is the 7 o'clock new if any one is selling any De Icer Spray can you ring this number
07861234 this is the end of the stay safe out there
Title: Re: Charas Grande Adventure Game: Rebirth of an Age
Post by: Fisherson on September 20, 2014, 04:32:09 AM
Dave: (De-Icing Spray? I need some! Ugh...but I'm frozen solid.)

Rusty: *Comes through the doors, er literally breaking through them.* Beeop worp! (David! I found you! ) Beeo woorp? (David? David?) *Rolls up to the ice sculpture that is David*

Dave:  *Tries to communicate to Rusty using the force...but not much luck there...* (ToT Darnit!! I'm so doomed!)

*Then walks in a more fearsome looking fellow. He's tall, about 7 feet with bright orange hair that's shaggy and disheveled, wearing a heavily worn and torn pitch black kimono that didn't flap in the wind. On his back was a huge black butcher-knife like buster sword wannabe.  His sandaled feet echoed on the wooden floor as he turned his dark eyes on the room. His mouth curved upward in a smile*

Rahl: Hail good people! I have returned to claim my rightful title as your leader!

Dave: (-_-; Oh this will only get worse.)

Rahl: *Walks up to Lonewolf* What ho? A red skin! Hello there my native friend! I can't help but see you're selling some kind of tonic. What perchance might it be? Some herbal remedy?

MT11: *Licks the David-ice sculpture* Mm....Jedi-y. 8D

Dave: (o.o; Rusty! Help!)

Rusty: *Gets bored and goes to flirt with a Love Testing machine* X3 Bwooop~ (Hey baby~)
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Post by: Meiscool on September 21, 2014, 05:13:07 PM
How did the cancer go for the horse with the long face?
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Post by: lonewolf on September 22, 2014, 04:12:47 PM
Lonewolf* white man speak with forked-tongue
herbal remedy is not for all white man only sell to white men that
know's the true way of the land he most hear all thing's around him
this is the way of a warrior
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Post by: Fisherson on September 22, 2014, 07:53:11 PM
Razor: *Looks at Meis* I heard he made it, but they had to amputate his tail. *Turns back to Zuhane* As for you you still owe me money. Pay up or I'll sick Weregnome on ya!

Weregnome: *Is sitting the corner reading a book on world peace while braiding his hair* Hm? You say something boss?

Razor: Okay...I'll sick my other guy on you! Sir Charles "Boxcar" Jones! Big fella, mean as an ape! He makes Weregnome look like a sissy!

Dave: *Still frozen, yep.* (Rahl! Tell him that you journeyed with me and we defeated Dragonium!...Well we meant to but we never got back around to it, we killed his giant pikachu though...Sorta. Yeah anyway just tell him! He'll help me! We're old pals! ...Rahl? Darnit I hate not being able to talk...also I'm cold!  {{@-@}}  *Shivers*  )

Rusty: *Still fooling around with the love tester and NOT saving his captain. Bad robot!* Boooep! *In a Morgan Freeman voice* (Oh you don't know the half of it.)

Rahl: *Crosses his arms* Whoa, hold on there Talks-With-Flapping-Lips. How do I know this is the genuine article? You could be deceiving me for, as the less mannerly people say, kicks. *Looks over at Frozen Dave* Hey...Don't I know that guy?

Dave: (He recognizes me! Ha ha! I'm saaaaved!)

Rahl: ....Nah probably not....*Turns back to Lonewolf*

Dave: *Anger rising....Several tables shake and the patrons would feel as though a microquake shook the bar*

Razor: ...Damn termites.
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Post by: lonewolf on September 22, 2014, 10:40:19 PM
lonewolf , i am going to make a sweat lodge then if any one get's frozen put them in there for a day
then he look's at Weregnome: and give's him the herbal remedy as he like's the way he is braiding his hair also give's him a eagle father to put in his hair
Title: Re: Charas Grande Adventure Game: Rebirth of an Age
Post by: Fisherson on September 23, 2014, 04:42:06 PM
Rahl: A sweat lodge? Run by a red skin? Nay! That is something the nolbe Japanese people I idolize so much would do! I shall build a even bettere sweat lodge then and you and it will feature naked maidens of buxom bust too! *Runs off to do that then comes back and kidnapps Phayre, Sarah C, Midnight and Sai'Kar and puts them in a sack* Well I'll be back in a week! See ya! *Heads for the door*

Wergnome: Aww! Thanks buddy! *Hugs Lonewolf and equips "Eagle Feather"* ^_^ Now I look tough, right boss?

Razor: -_-; Not really. *Sighs and goes back to cleaning a glass that's still somehow accumulating more filth without trying then stops and watches Rahl trying to leave* Hold up! You can't kidnap my barmaid and her friends! I need them to hang out here so it's not such a sausage fest!...Also so there'll be less penises.

Rahl: *Half turns* But I need to make them into Geisha for my illegal and highly sterotypical Bath House/Opium Den. <.< Sorry.

Razor: *Puts the mug down then cracks his neck muscles* Them sound like fightin' words, my friend.

Rahl: *Stops and sighs* Oh what the hell. I felt like mass murdering anyway! Always works up the blood for good warlording later! *Draws his sword* Gestuga....*Black and red energy gathers around it then he swings it upward* Tensho!! *A wave of maisma shoots forward at Razor at high speed*

Razor: *Calmly reaches down and takes off his apron revealing....a pink and white polka dotted towel. He whips this around and bats the energy to the side smashing the Love Tester to pieces*

Rusty: Be-BEEP!? (Ba-BABY?) *Phone tone* (Nooooooooooo!!) *Turns to Razor and Rahl tipping over and his bottom slot opening* BOOP! (DIE!) *A huge cannon ejects from it then fires a blast of photons at Razor*

Razor: Yikes! *Dives out of the way and the blast, yeah you guessed it, hits the ice I'm in*

Dave: I'm free-oh cr-*Incinerated, but at least free of that accursed ice!*(Welp now I'm a ghost....even better...yay....-_-;)
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Post by: lonewolf on September 23, 2014, 09:47:31 PM
lonewolf...looks at Rahl can you not think of any thing but making money all the time
why not open a gambling hall i sell you my one for a good price its out side of lake city
but you most keep all the staff that work's there what do you say to that ?
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Post by: Fisherson on September 24, 2014, 04:29:11 PM
Rahl: Well that does sound reasonable. Alright then! *Sets the Sack of Girls down.* Okay just let me get my wallet. *Rahl reached for his wallet but suddenly was towel slapped from behind!* Ow!! What the hell?

Razor: Back attack, bitch. You haven't finished with me yet! *Winds the towel up* Slap of Doooom! *Strikes*

Rahl: *Is struck* Ooww! Damnit! Fine then I'll just finish you first then I'll buy an Indian Casino! Hiiiiiaaaaaaagh! *He said clashing against Razor with sword on towel...meanwhile not noticing as:*

Grandy: *Walks in, picks everyone's pockets without them noticing* Man why do people have to be so poor these days? Sigh....Makes being a thief a bit redundant. *See's Sack Of Girls* <.< Hmmmm though if I had a harem of women why would I care about money? *Uses Yoink and quetly heads for the door* Heh heh. All to easy.

*Suddenly a ghost of Dave appeared!*

Dave Ghost: Boo sucka! I'm going to block your path and thus still be a hero even in Death liek Devon O'Slyme who- *monologes for a while*

Grandy: ....Seriously? -  -; Be gone ghost boy! *Uses Rise on Dave, who is no Undead and thus is killed by it even though it makes no sense logically*

Dave: Oh noes! Defeaten Grand received 400 EXP

Grandy: Sweet! *Attempts to dash out the door*
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Post by: Zoltar on September 27, 2014, 03:58:18 PM
Zoltar: *Walks in from the storm* Ahh pardon me? My car broke down and I was wondering if anybody could give us a jump? Also some directions to Atlantis?
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Post by: Fisherson on September 29, 2014, 12:31:28 AM
Dave: *Was walked through* > <; (Seriously? Hmpf! I would have given you directions to Atlantis if you hadn't done that.)

Grandy:  *See's Zoltar walk through the door, thus blocking his path* What ho? Get out of my way, innocent bystander! I must be off with these women and make a harem!

Rahl: *Stops fighting Razor a moment* Huh? Hey! He' stealing my idea! *Charges darkness around him* Gestugaaaaaa.....Ten-

Razor: *Taps a hidden lever using the towel like a whip*

Rahl: -What?! Oh noooooooaaaaagggggghhhh! *Thump! He shakes the floorboards at little as he hits the bottom of the bottomless pit Razor installed*

Razor:...I have to remember to shop more from the Owl Merchant and less from Craigslist. *He said facepalming then noticed Grandy trying to make of with all the women* Now to deal with you!

Grandy: *Turns away from Zoltar and Ghost-Dave* Oh really? *He said hefting the sack* You and what army?

Razor: The army small green imps I can summon once per turn! *Assumes Summoning pose* Prepare to die!
CT: {0IIIIIIII}..... *Boop* {00IIIIIII}

Grandy: Well damn. I didn't see that coming! But I am a fan of Final Fantasy Tactics so I'll play along. *Waits*.......*Gets a snack* ...*Waits again*....Hmm....*Steals a few credit cards and watches HBO*....... Okay.... Bye now.*Dashes over to the stairs intending to escape via the window! Oh noes!* Ha ha ha ha! Nobody stops Grandy!
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Post by: Zoltar on September 29, 2014, 03:00:49 PM
Zolty: *Watches the thief trying to exit* Oh boy. I shouldn't get involved...But if I help these people then maybe I can finally get someone to look at my car. *Takes out his gun and puts a round in the thief's leg* Hold up there, you bandit! *Walks up the stairs slowly* Now I want you to set that bag down and then drop any weapons you have on the ground then kiss the floor. I used to work in DC so I can, and will, drop you if you don't cease and desist.
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Post by: Fisherson on September 30, 2014, 04:25:19 AM
Grandy: *Is shot and tetters at the top of the stairs* Ow! M-My leg!...It's got a bullet in it! Augh! *Falls down the stairs with the sack of girls landing on Grandy*

*Critical hit! Grandy was defeaten*

Grandy's Ghost: harem....

*Suddenly the sack of girl's was split open by a slice from a gunblade!

Phayre: *Leaps out of the flaming hole, along with Valiere, Sai'Kar, Mid and Sarah C they all look pissed* Okay who's the moron who was trying to kidnap us in such a cliche and half baked way?!  :yell:

Razor:  :o *Points to Rahl in the pit*

Phayre: *Looks down there* Hey you!  >:(

Rahl: *looks up* Eh?

Pharye: *Casts Firaga Junctioned with Eden*

*Rahl was burnt to a crisp...IE: defeaten

Sai: You go girl!

Val: Yeah! ...Hey I just had great idea! Why don't we conquer Charas ourselves and free all women from oppression in bloody revolution.

Sarah C: That sounds like allot of work.

Mid: True and we did kill one guy anyway. That weird spikey haired one. Let's all got get plastered then-

Phayre: -No! I'm all for Val's Matriarchal Revolution!

Val: Alright then!

Mid: But be realistic. We don't have an army we only have...*Counts*...five of us left that anybody remembers.

Sai: True...But what if we made new women?

Sarah: Huh? You mean...clones?

Dave's Ghost: *Hears the word's 'clones' and shudders* Ohh no not that! Anything but that!

Sai: Well yes that'd be for foot soldiers but I was more thinking like this. *Turns to lone wolf* Gendium Reversarum! *She said hitting Lonewolf with a beam of blue light that turned him into a average looking gal* Ha! See?

Phayre: Amazing! =O

Razor: Gasp! Hey! You can't do that! ...I mean if you have to make him a woman you have to at least give him a bigger bust. *He said crossing his arms.*
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Post by: Zoltar on October 04, 2014, 06:59:16 PM
Zolty: Okaaaaay I think I'm gonna leave now. *Attempts to escape*
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Post by: Fisherson on October 05, 2014, 03:20:42 PM
Phayre: *Turns to Zoltar* Hold up! You can't leave yet. Mid block the door!

Mid: *Appears in the doorway like a ninja sealing it up with magical ninja tape*

Razor: Heeeey! >o< How will my customers get in now?

Ghost Rahl: Basement entrance?

Razor: Oh good ide- Eygaaaaah! A ghost!!

Archem: *Looks up from his "porn-top"* So what of it, ya racist? *Gets bored and goes back to looking not-porn*

Weregnome: Okay we're getting nowhere with this whole homicidal female arc.

Dave's Ghost: Yeah plus three of us are dead now.

Grandy's Ghost: Plus my body has started that count down thing like in FFT

Grandy's Corpse: { 3 }

Rahl: Wait...Techically as a spirit reaper I should still be alive! *Revives himself due to a technicality*

Dave's Ghost: Awww nuts.

Rahl: Now I return to end this foolish debate! *Takes out his huge *** katana* In a duel for honor! What do you say, Phayre?

Phayre: ....Oh you are so going down. *Stalks around Rahl like Leon- Ah Squal did Sora in KH1* Fire!

Rahl: *Dodge rolls to the side* Getsuga...Fake out! *Attacks with several slashes* Hiya! Have at ye, you estro-jerk!

Phayre: *Defends but is hit one along the shoulder causing a splurt of blood to be shed and is pushed closer to the pit fall* > >; Damn! His powers are great...But now thanks to my low HP I can limit break your ***. *Glows and her gunblade is surounded in red and violet pulsing energies*

Rahl: ...Oh ****!

Phayre: Squal of Rage!! *Attacks Rahl savagely*

Rahl: Gyaah! *Is cut to ribbons and left to bleed slowly on the floor*

Sarah C: Dun dun dun da da da dun da d-

Rahl: *Suddenly is surounded by shadows and engulfed*

Sarah C: -da?

* From the shows emerges what looks less like Rahl that some kind of Eldritch Horror*

Eldritch Horror: Bravo! Braaavo! Aha ha ha ha...Charasians are indeed as a powerful as I hoped they'd be.

Lucus: *Breaks in through the window* Holy plot twist Bat Man!

Eldritch Horror: *Hovers there a moment* Bat Man is so gay. Anywho~ I'm here to take over your pitiful flying island and use it for my own evil ambition of dropping things on random pedestrians!! WHAHAHAHAHA!
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Post by: Zoltar on October 05, 2014, 05:49:21 PM
(Wait...can we control other people's characters??  :o)

*Zoltar stands there staring at Mid wondering what she looks like as he doesn't have her character sheet*

Zolty Uh...Miss? Can you stand asside?

Mid: Nein!

Zolty: Okay then taste the wrath of my pistol! *Takes aim* Click!....Wait "click"? *Checks the magazine* Ah...that's right. I need to buy more bullets!

Mid: *Gets out a leather whip* Et es tiem for you to be girly boy nao.

Zolty: Nooo! *Holds up his hands* Where's that sociopathic swordswoman when I need her?!

*Suddenly there was a flash of purple and poof! There was Proud Mary beside Zoltar. She was a six foot eight inches tall with long messy blue-black hair and looked like she had raided Cloud Striffe's closet. On her back was a way more wicked sword that he'd ever use though*

Mary: Zolllllltaaarrrr!! :yell: The hell have you been?? It's been days since you summoned me to your world, you jerk! *Slaps*

Zoltar: Ow.  :'(  Hey! That's not my fault. I'm still getting used to how this all works!  _veryangry_

Mary: Hmpf. Well now that I'm here let's take down this Phant! *Turns to Mid*...hey she's not a spirit! She's flesh and blood.  _sweat_ I don't cut down living people, only Phants. You know the Underworld Accord cleary states a Phant can only fight another Phant! So what the hell am I supposed to do?

Zoltar: ...Um...Well not tell her that so I can bluff her out, thanks.  _sweat_ Why do you have to be so useless??

Mary: Hmpf! Be glad we're in Shaymen lands. I hear outside of them a Phant can take on anyone they please. Living or dead.

Zoltar: ....Outside of Arcana you say?  :happy: Then you'll be happy to know we're not in Arcana anymore! We're in Charas.

Mary: Charas? What is that Idian?

Zoltar:  ::) Just save my life already!

Mary: Oh fine but after this I get to stay out a while and explore.

Zoltar: No way!

Mary: That's my deal. Take it or leave it. :D

Zoltar:  _sweat_ Damn your etcoplasmic booty. Fine!

Mary: Sweet!!  :D *Turns to Mid* Okay honey, let's...*Takes her blade from her back* Rumble!! *Launches at her hovering above the ground and swining the giant scythe-like sword at Mid*

Mid: Nein. *Spins away from the blow and smacks Mary's ****

Mary: Eeee!!  :-[  _veryangry_ The hell did you do that for?!

Mid: Comedeh effect?

Mary: *Glows with dark energies* Then let me show you something....comical. Cosmic....Crosswind!! *Unleashes several blade beams*

Mid: *Steps to the side* I vuld put up vat sheild if I vere vu.

Zoltar: Eh what do you- Yaaaaaah! *Is sliced up and now in ragged clothes*  :blue-eye: I much...*Faints*

Mary:  :eyes: Eheh heh heh!....Whoops?
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Post by: Fisherson on October 11, 2014, 09:05:10 PM
(XD!!!!! Oh gosh if only I remembered Mid's new RP site! I'd love to show her your "Russian" impression of her. Lmao ...Also THANK YOU! You get how this is supposed to work. Use others characters to tell the story and it moves along more smoothly and makes for some fun.)

Dave's Ghost: I am so glad we're not alive right now, eh Grands? *Looks around* Grandy?

*Grandy is revived by his henchmen*

Grandy: Ha ha ha! Who says crime doens't pay?

Dave's Ghost: -_-; (I should have joined the Sith. They always survive somehow till the sequel.*

Eldritch Creature: RAGH! Listen to me fools! I am the main plot event!

Lucas: They probably won't, ya know. They tend to have the attention span of Team Rocket. Speaking of...*Releases Squirtle* Get 'em Squiritle! Use bite!

Eldritch Creature: Fool your punny Pokaymons are not match for my agless-

Squirtle: Squirt! *Bites and attaches itself to what is basically Eldritch Creature's head*

Eldritch Creature: ...Get it off, get it OFF!! *He says flailing around causing much destruction of the Pubb*

Razor: *Looks at Weregnome* We do have Eldritch Creature Damage insured right?

Weregnome: Uh...I think so?
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Post by: Rahl on October 11, 2014, 09:46:17 PM
From the shadows of a distant past a mist slowly fills the room swirling around all of the Charas in the bar and begins drifting to the area in front of the Eldritch Creature. As mist begins to materialize the long blade of a black katana shines in the dim light... Eyes of yellow flame glower at the creature and in the background a guitar rift begins and you hear ♫ Now you feel like number one Shining bright for everyone Living out your fantasy The brightest star for all to see... ♫

Rahl: You want to take over this island? Right now your only in control of Jack and ****, and jack just left town... Getsuga Tenshou!!!
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Post by: Fisherson on October 11, 2014, 10:42:42 PM
Dave: *Rubs his eyes* (Rahl? Is that you? o.o I mean the REAL you?? TuT) *Goes to hug Rahl but spirit chain keeps him in place* (....o.o; I forgot about that thing.) (Rahl, if you have any Pheonix Downs, Phoenix Plumes, Phoenix Tears or anything that's been brutally harvested from Phoenixes? I could use some!)

Eldritch Creature: *Is hit dislodging Squirtle who has to clamp onto the ceiling fan to avoid being blasted too*  RAAAAAAAaaaggh! *He says crashing into the game room and falling down with a thud that sends on the tables into the air*

Sarah C: Ah! *Runs and catches all the ales and tables re-assembling them in a brief mini game* Yes! *She says bouncing up and down*

Lucas: Squirtle! *Runs upstairs to try and get his precious pokemon back* Don't worry buddy I got ya! Return! *Calls back...the ceiling fan! Squirtle fell* Oh no! Squiirrrrrttttle!

Squirtle: *Falls* Squiirrrrrt! TOT

Eldritch Creature: *Stands up and slowly begins to shrink down to human size clapping it's hands*  WHA HA HA HA! Yes! That's it! Power! Albeit...That power isn't your own. Hehehehehehe! Now you've inspired meeeeee *Grows a Zanpukuto at it's waist and draws it charging at Rahl* Tsuga Tenshou-Kaden! *Suddenly the blade emits a pulse of vibrating spirit energy at Rahl*

Grandy: *Sits down at the bar and drinks somebody else's drink.* Nerds. Eh Pablo?

Pablo: Si'. Nerds. *Drinks some of the pickled pigs feet juice that's been sitting on the bar counter since Razor built the place*
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Post by: Rahl on October 11, 2014, 11:37:01 PM
Rahl throws his blade in front of him to block the blast and is thrown backwards into the wall of the pub. In a blink hes behind a surprised Eldritch creature blade in hand inches from its neck. The creature turns its head at the last minute with a mad smile and bites the katana in place tossing Rahl across the room again with twist of his neck.

Rahl: Damn you creature

Rahl pulls a phoenix appendix from his pocket tossed it at the spirit of Dave. A heavenly light illuminates the pub as he once again takes physical form.

Dave: Thanks Rahl!

But just as Dave floats back down to the floor the creature, with blinding speed, sweeps through the room his blade aloft and Dave's head falls to the floor, his spirit rising again.

Dave: Well son of a-

A clash of blades rang once again as Rahl's steel danced with the creature's own, sparks flying with every swing.

Rahl: This is my last one buddy (tossing his last phoenix appendix), be sure to bring your gun to this knife fight.
Title: !
Post by: Zoltar on October 12, 2014, 12:02:02 AM
Zolty: *Stands up and wobbles and wibbles* I hate much, Mary. Can't you hit one single target?!

Mary: *Tosses her sword at Mid* Yaaaaaa!! Rave Raider!!

Mid: *Leaps above it* Te he he!  :-* Missed~

Zolty: Wait a second that voice...It can't be!

*Mid tyransformed into a white clad red headed gal*

Lizzabeth: Bookaya! He ha he ha he! *She said razzing them as she floated above the ground* Sup, Seamen?

Zolty: SHAY-man. >.< I'm a Shayman not ...that! *He said watching Rahl attack the Eldritch creature then looked back at Lizz* What are you doing here?

Lizz: Well duh isn't it obvious? I'm here to offer Eldritch an alliance with the Specter Nine so we can take over Charas instead of Arcana City!

Mary: ....Oh ****. Wait you created her! Just banish her!

Zolty: Right! *Waves his hands around* Be gone, Lizzabeth!

Lizz: *Is still floating there*  ::) You didn't think it'd be that easy did you? *Turns to Rahl and the Eldritch being* Yo, Elly! Want some help?

Zolty: Oh no you don't! Hex Rotater!! *Tosses his sheild like a discus*

Lizz: Ka-vanish. *Turns incoporeal and let's it pass through her heading for Rahl*

Mary: Like oh noes! *Races after it* I got it, I got it, I go- *tackles Rahl by accident*- ****!!
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As Rahl falls to the ground the Eldritch creature takes advantage of the situation and lunges with his blade narrowly missing Rahl heart sinking the length of the blade through his shoulder instead.

Eldrich Creature: " Jack, ****, and Rahl now..."

As the creature begins twisting the blade tearing at Rahl's flesh a blast from Dave's gun hits the blade shattering it in two.
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Mary: *Gets up and turns to Rahl apologizing* Sorry guy, didn't mean to crash into you. *Brings her sword around and slashes vertically* Rave Rend!!

*The Eldritch creature was sliced open and leaked blue blood*

Eldritch Creature: *Clutches it's chest* Gyah...You little birch. *Opens it's mouth* Nauru No Hoko!! *Breathes a blast of super hot fire magic* (
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(I think you mean Karyu No Hoko. XD But points for using a move from a anime/manga I love.)

*The blast of flames shot at Mary and Rahl suddenly Rusty flew into the flames*

Rusty: Beeeop! (Shield of Flame Blocking!) *Activates his Anti-Flame Shield and deflects the majority of the blast*

Dave: Rusty! You came and finally did something!

Rusty: *Rotates his dome and glares at Dave* Beezzzorp! (Heeey! At least I'm not Jet 2.0 lazying on the ship, not get over here and help me!)

Dave: Oh right. *Ignites his saber* Rahl, Zack-like girl! We need to flank him and hit him from three directions with our most powerful Overdrives in order to deal enough damage to break up his pyshical form. *Holds the saber with both hands sending out pulses of cosmic energy from his feet weirdly enough.*

Rahl: Ah that sounds like a splendid plan, Dave! *Holds out his sword* If I'm going to be at my best...better go ban...KAI! *Darkness surges and gathers around Rahl in swirling eddies and suddenly his katana becomes slightly thicker and gets a wicked crossgard as the runes from the Sword of Truth appear and run up the blade glowing a white gold his robe changes to armor plating that's black as nightshade and has simular runic markings his samurai pants become a ripped mass of tattered fabric. Finally he holds his hand up to his face* Now to get my "game face on" heh heh. *Golden darkness surges to it and hardens into a red and black marked Hollow mask. Now when Rahl speaks he sounds far more bad *** than before and makes Eldritch's scarry voice sound little and frightened by comparison. His golden eyes open burning with malice and lets out a inhuman roar which sends out a shock wave putting out all the flames in the area*

Mary: Th-the hell is that?!

Dave: That is Lord Rahl and his Zanpukuto: Nisshoku no omo: Lord of the Eclipse.

Mary: ....Neat. *She said gripping her sword with both hands* I'd shift to a cooler form too ya know, but I don't want to show you guys up.

Dave: *Laughs* Don't worry I don't have any alternate form either. *Smiles* But I can bring the thunder. *Force dashes to the left of Eldritch Creature and then stops hovering in the air* Here's so heavy metal thunder for you! *Green bolts curl around his hand* Lost Force Power:...Emerald Lightning!! *Fires a blast of justice based force lighting from his hand that strikes Eldritch in the back*

Eldritch: AUUUUUUGH!! *He screams as the stream hits every nerve in his body at once*

Mary: Uh how am I going to attack without getting electrocuted. Ah I got an idea. *Holds her sword high and gathers energy to it* Rave Reaver!! *Swings it sending a huge blade beam at Eldritch joining the energy of Dave's attack*

Dave: Nice! Rahl! *In Low Voice* Finish him!

Zoltar: *Watches the spectacle* Man I wish I had more than my crappy cracked shield. Hmm I could always shoot Eldritch and- Hey where'd Lizzabeth get off to? <_< >_>
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Zoltar: *Looks around* Now where DID Liz get off to?

Lizzabeth: *Appears in front of Rahl(* Time to chop down a pesky weed rowrrrrrrrrr!! *She says heating her axe and swinging at Lord Rahl*

Rahl: Feh! You are no match for me! Hefts his sword above his head and blue and black dark energies gather to it's fine edge. Then he swings it and the screen blacks over for a moment...When it fades back to normal again Eldritch and Lizzabeth are no more* Mugestu can eat it's heart out. Hahaha!
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A voice carries in the air...

Eldritch: "You may have killed me... But a power beyond your tiny comprehension comes to devour you all, I was merely the messenger... The harvenger comes and not you or even all of charas can deny his will... Hahaha... Like YOU could ever have killed... HIM... ehhhh..."

Rahl: "Him..."
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Dave: Him? *Goes back no non-pyshco mode* What do you mean him?

Eldritch: *Dissolves and fades into darkness* You will see...soon...Aha ha ha.. soon mortals...*Vanish*

Zoltar: *Looks around* Is it all over?

Mary: *Sheathes her blade* Yeah looks like it. For now. *Turns to Rahl*...Cool mask...or is that your face?

Rahl: *Opens his mouth to speak and Mask follows hims movements, though they couldn't be seen from their side* A little of both. *Changes back to his usual black robed self and looks at Dave* So shall we go back to the pubb and-

*Suddenly a wicked light blinds the party*

Dave: @-@ Oww! What the heck??

Zoltar: Glasses make this allot more painful! ToT

Mary: *Closes her eyes* Hiss! Stupid light.

Rahl: Is it a flash bang? A Kido spell? Perhaps simply just Black Magic?

*When they party looked the Charas Pubb was gone!*

Dave: N-No! Razor! Weregnome! Phayre....T-T Man I was hopping to ask for a date while Daniel wasn't present.

Mog: *The no arms kind from Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles* Ku-po! Greetings heroes! I bring tidings from Lord Raffles.

Dave: Raffles?!

Rahl: Tidings?!

Mog: *Drops a letter in Rahl's hand and hovers there as everyone gathers around to read it*

Rahl: "Dear Wanker herowannabes, I Raffles of the Troll Kingdom have stolen your beloved pubb. If you want it back? Then bring me The Map To Tedtopia from Dragonium's castle in three weeks or I will BANISH it to the depths of Hades. Ha ha ha ha. Ha...hahahaha.
~ Signed Raffles the Most Evil Troll That Ever Wuz.

Mary: What's a Raffles?

Zoltar: A troll obviously. Well that won't be too hard to defeat. They aren't all that bright.

Dave: *Turns to Zoltar* Ah yeah you just got her. Trolls aren't always large, fat and stupid here. They are another sentient race who have long wanted to see Charas crash and burn. Raffles is their leader and high King of all Trollkind. A devious opponet. Jet and I once fought him for control of the universe.

Rahl: Wha?! And you didn't invite me??

Dave: I wanted to but I was turned into girl version of myself and was busy hitting on a male version of Valiere.

Zoltar: ...Whut...?

Dave: Say! I'll be Lord Raffles is HIM! If we use my ship we can fly to Dragonium's Castle in just under an day without much trouble.

Rusty: Beeop bop. Puworp. (Till we crash. And die.)

Dave: To the Fishmobile!- Ah wait. That was Megatron in disguise...also we killed him. Hmmm.. Well then to the Loyal Dewback!

*As they raced over to the Loyal Dewback suddenly they stopped. Where it had sat there was only a small sign with a chibi version of Grandy's face on it and the words "I.O.U One Star Ship...Not I stole it. Haza! Grandy rocks."

Rusty: Beep! (Yay! We may actually get through this adventure without crashing and burning to death!)

Zoltar: Looks like that green haired thief stole your ship.

Dave: *Resists the urge to do a Khan-like impersonation with Grandy's name instead* Fack! Now how will we get there??
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Rahl: I know of only one man that can help us now. A mage of great power and purpleness who can send us close to the troll king. Though the path to his lair is riddled with terrible danger. We must away into the Purple Mire.

Rahl and his companions now stare upon the bog before them, its depths a dark violet, its trees a wicked and twisted spance of tortured souls never to be released from this dark place. They walk single file through the mist finding what little solid and dry ground there was as the stalked deeper into the deepening darkness. From the corner of his eye Dave sees something churn under the surface of the mud surrounding them.

Dave: I really don't know about this Rahl.

Rahl: Neither do I, but it can't helped.

Dave: Cant he just live in a nice suburb like everyone else?

Rahl: Ask him when you see him...

Again the murky surface was broken but just as fast it was gone... And then... Silence.

Rahl: Move!
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Solitary: Run from wha- *Suddenly a tentacle wrapped around his face* Aaaaaah get it off!!

Mary: Hold still! *grips her blade* I got this...

Zoltar: No way! I'd  rather take my chances with Mr Slimey here. *He said struggling to free himself* I'll be free in just a second. *Is slowly being dragged further and further toward the water* Yep. I'll be free's in just a second.

Mary: If I didn't need you to survive in this world I'd just let him gnaw on your head. *She said slicing the tentacle neatly* There see? Not a hair damaged on your precious, girly lockes. Now let's get back to finding this mage.

*There's a loud growl then suddenly several tentacles erupt from the swampy water around them*
Zoltar: *Turns to Mary* You were saying?  :dry:
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Dave: Ho ho! Water monsters are our speciality, eh Rusty?

Rusty: Beep. (Let's get 'em.)

Dave: *Sends a blast of green lightning at the monster* Leave us be,  monster!

*The blast hit's the monster and it delight! It would appear this backwards creature asorbs electricity despite clearly being a water element!*

Rusty: Boop! (Uh oh!)

Rahl: Bah I have this. *Puts on his mask* Zan-Get-Su-Tuken! *The screen blacks out and Rahl Shupo-slashes at all the tentacles*

Monster: Screeeee! *It says waving it's stumps around and slowly sinking into the murky violet waters leaving them bloody*

Dave: Good show!

Rahl: Thank you. ^ ^ Now let us continue our journey.

Zoltar: *Looks at Mary with his new tentacle hat* Think this will increase my Def score?

Mary: Yeah but it'll cost your Charisma points. -  -;

Zoltar: Eh I got plenty of those anyway.

*As the party left the monster to lick it's wounds they soon encountered a rather odd scene. A large white cat chasing a small white mouse!*

Kiteh: >83 I have you now! *Pounces*

Mouse: Aaah wait a second! *Rolls out of the way and launches a feeble attack that seems to do no damage* ...Man why can't I shoot Expelliramus bolts like I did in the Chain Game??

Kiteh: I dunno, but either way, you're lunch! *Casts Aero on Mouse*

Mouse: Aaaah! @-@ *Falls on his back* So this is how my adventure ends? As cat food? T-T *Looks over in despair then see's the heroes* By the Golden Wheels of Cheesy Puns! I'm saved! Heroes, oh please won't you help me?? This feline doth intend to dine on my behine!

Mary: Ugh...rhymes. Don't worry I'll kill that mouse. *Draws her sword and stalks over to him*

Mouse: ouo; Whut??

Zoltar: Hey wait! That mouse is kinda cute. We should save him from the evil cat!

Mouse: Yes do that!

Dave: Hmm...I dunno. This is just nature running it's course. The mouse was born to fill the food slot of the cat's diet. In essence it's his destiny to be kitty chow.

Mouse: Heeey! >.< Don't I get an opinion in this "destiny" buisiness?

Rusty: Beeop bop. (That's cold and logical. Thus I totally agree with it.)

Mouse: The machines will turn on humanity! Trust not the cold metalic one!

Rahl: Hmm I dunno. Hollows do eat each other all the time, and beisdes we're on a mission to save the pubb. We can't stop for every helpless creature who-

Mouse:- Save your pubb? Then you need to see Marduk! I know secret path that can get you there in one go, no need to fight any monsters or anything!

Mary: Aw that sounds boring, but faster. *Looks at the others* But we'd have to fight a kitty cat.

Kiteh: *Twitch*  Kitty-cat? You do know I'm a god in cat form right? I could totally stomp you into liter box...litter. *Smirks and stands upright* So bring it on, Neanderthals! I'll send you back to the stone ages! Aha ha ha!

Mary: >8D I wonder how kitty cat tastes with ketchup? *She says unsheathing her blade*
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Cat: How dare you! Do you know who I am, I am Felix god of felines! You defy me? You who are but vermin in my path! You inferior two legged foul smelling creatures. You- what... what are you...

Rahl reaches into his pocket and slowly draws out laser pointer and flashes it on the ground around Felix the creature clawing at it.

Rahl: Hurry go get the mouse so we can get out of this damn place.

Zoltar runs over and picks up the mouse placing it into his pocket.

Zoltar: Got it.

Mouse: Thank you, though I am not an "it". My name is Clare.

Zoltar: Aww the cute little mouse has a name.

Clare rolls her eyes and says: "We must hurry the flashy red light will not hold his attention for long."

Rahl sticks the laser pointer firm between a forked branch and urges the party on. Felix now getting frustrated with the now unmoving ungraspable light.
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(XD That was just brilliant Rahl!)

Dave: *Looks at Clare* Heh I know a very large gal who has a name just like yours. *Smiles widely* Almost a case of irony in nature.

Clare: Really? What's she like?

Rahl: Talk later. Show path now.

Zoltar: He's reverted to cave man form! =O

Mary: More like he's trying to make the the mouse-

Clare: Clare. *She clarified.*

Mary: Fixing to be Mouse Gumbo if you don't show us that secret way in.

Clare: Oh fine. *She said from Zoltar's pocket pointing with a little paw* Follow that dwindling path with all the warning signs on it*

Rusty: Beep? (Isn't that a bad idea?)

Zoltar: *Shrugs* I turst her. She's too cute to be evil! ^-^

Mary: -  -; Why of all the Shamen do I have to get stuck with this one?

*Soon, after traversing many dangerous signs and scary looking trees, the party came to the tower! It was huge impressive and mostly made of purple bricks. It towered above them impressively. At the base of the tower was a large friendly well made door that was currently open with a large welcome mat on the floor that was written in some ancient runes, or it might have been swedish made to look like ancient runes. Either way it all seemed quite friendly and inviting. The adventurers didn't like it...well most of them didn't.

Zoltar: Wow! It's like if Ikea made towers! So big and freindly!

Clare: Yeah....friendly...o.o; *Looks up at the huge tower compared to her* How will we find the mage in that?

Dave: Relax. The tower's just a normal building. I mean it was once seized by a rival Marduk's named Arghamel who used magic to change the internal structure to resemble some kind of weird platformer thing...Or so I heard from a monster hunter once. Either way I say we enter.

*So the party entered and as they did they beheld an large circular room filled with loads of Ikea furniture and some tapestries of various famous mages including a nude of Lulu from FF10.)

Zoltar: *"Admiring" the Lulu tapestry* X3 Te he he! I like this mage's taste.

Rahl: Hmm strange. I don't remember hearing of the Purple Mage having any fetishes or sexual interests. I thought when they even mastrabated it caused a drain in MP.

Mary: Ugh. Men. *She said rolling her eyes*

Dave: Hey look there's the door. *Walks toward it and suddenly it erupts open and Marduk appears*

Marduk: Hm? I don't remember expecting guests...Or wait are you door-to-door salesmen? Ugh. I hate solicitors . *He said leaning on his cane and inspecting them.* Wait you don't have any ties, not even bow ties! You must be a motley band of heroes who needs help, yes? Sigh...Alright fine. What is it I can do for you, hmm? Bear to mind: I'm all out of magical crystals, demons slaying weapons and I couldn't tell you how to find the lost City of anything as I'm always losing something around here and having to ask my apprentice Violet to go find it. Just the other day I misplaced the Ultimate Spork...Hope nobody got their hands on that. Heh heh. Makes Flameberge and Excalibur look like tooth picks.
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Zoltar: 'Ultimate Spork"? Huh?

Marduk: Oh my yes. More powerful than even The Spitoon of Doom.

Mary: You people are a little weird ya know?  _sweat_

Rahl: We get that allot actually. Ahem. O great purple mage we come to ask for a speedy way to get to the Troll Kingdom and take backeth our lovely pubb. Will you aid us in this noble quest?

Marduk: Hmm... There does exist a way. A Waygate in fact I happen to know the location of.

Dave: Waygate? How does that work?

Clare: I don't care! Mister Mage, I also need your help as an evil witch turned me into a mouse and I was almost eaten by a cat, a toad and even some sort of eagle on my way to see you.

Marduk: Sorry. There's only one safe way to change you back, young mouse girl. The witch would need to remove the spell herself.

Clare: T.T Nooo! I don't even know where she is now! I'll be a mouse forever.

Marduk: However their is a more dangerous method of using a dark magic similar to the spell: Raffles Right Sock. There is no Fowler magic in all of Charas.

Clare: So... I still need to follow these guys? Sigh. Greaaaat.

Rusty: Zeep... (I know your pain well, my friend.)

Zoltar: Okay then I guess we need to get to that Waygate.

Marduk: Not so fast!! You didn't hear my price. One of you must agree to marry my lonely, cross eyed cousin Lylac. Poor thing is desperate for a husband since her last one...myteriously disappeared after he tried to leave her.
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Rahl: I- um, well- I- am already married...

Dave: Oh really... and whats her name by chance???

Mary: Yeeeaaahhh?

Rahl: She has many names but you may call her Justice!! Freedom!! Liberty!! and I am ever faithful...

Said he as a dark mist began to shroud his form backing away from the company.

Marduk: Ahhh now that 's a nice trick soul reaper, I happen to have a tick of my own.

A rather large purple boot formed behind him just as Rahl started to dissipate, pulling back and solidly planting in his rear end sending him in a cartwheel head over onto the floor.

Marduk: And what do you think of that one eh? I learned it from a beautiful sorceress half my age and twice as merciless as myself, it was only a small pinch and her pretty little behind didn't look any worse for the wear afterwards. Ahh yes that one was a real....

Mary: Ahem

Marduk: Ah yes back to the matter at hand, the marriage... Yes Sir I believe you shall do very nicely. The mask is a bit to much of course, but her former husband was much worse I'm afraid. Terrible case of leprosy that one, looked as if he were one of my less scrupulous experiments that I keep in the basement. But I'm sure that is the reason he settled for my poor Lylac, most would say he traded up but I never understood why. She is a very- healthy sized... young lady. Well with the accident and all- Anyway you will be perfect for her.

Rahl: I say we beat the damn answer out of the old fool.

Dave: He is a great and powerful mage. Might be a bit too much for us.

Rahl: This is worth the risk, I'll never mar- I mean... We have to save Charas from the evil that comes.

Dave: (holds back laghter) Hes willing to help us, I think we should help him.

Rahl: Wha- We don't have time for a wedding, he have to leave now!

Marduk: No worries now, no worries. Luckily for you Lylak has been staying with me the last few weeks. Darling come meet your new husband!

Rahl: Now see hea-

Rahl stops mid sentence as the most beautiful creature he had ever seen walked around the corner. Her hair flowed like spun gold, her eyes like open skies, her skin smooth and silken as warm milk, her breas- Well she was perfect and he would not have been surprised had she drifted into the room on cloud born upon a sparkling ray of sun.

Lylac: Hello... Rahl.

Rahl: I do

Lylac: Wha-

Rahl grabs Marduk, and pulls him in close.

Rahl: Priest- get- go now!

Marduk: I just so happed to be ordained my boy!
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Rahl: Well then marry us, old fool!

Lylac: Indeed! Do so uncle. I am eager to be a proper lady again and experience the pleasures it can bring. Te he!

Clare: But I thought we didn't have time to-

Dave: I love weddings! As long as they aren't shot gun or blaster weddings where I'm involved that is.  Aheh heh.

Rusty: Boop. Zoop beedle zoop beep. (You still need a ring, gown and your families to get propperly hitched, ya know.)

Rahl: Ring you say? Hmm...*Searches his pockets and pulls out a pair of decoder rings!* Ha! Easy.

Zoltar: What about the dress?

Rahl: Patosh! *Takes out a suit case and tosses out several Bleach Cosplay gears till he finds the one he was looking for* Aha! *Holds up a white spirit reapers robe that looks designed for women*

Mary: Why do you-

Rahl:- Same reason you have on Cloud's baggy pants and leather belts? *Shrugs and hands it to Lylac*

Lylac: *Equips* Sweet! Now can we be wed and make love under the moon light?

Zoltar: What about the family thing Rusty mentioned earlier?

Rahl: *Growls and is about to slash at Rusty when Lylac holds up a delicate hand*

Lylac: I only have my uncle. My mother and father were slayn by a roving Darknight and his dragon gal pal. My uncle is all I have left...*Looks at Rahl* Till you came along.

Rahl: *Smiles widely and sheathes the blade* Aww...Well my family are alive but...complicated. My father was a spirit reaper, but he was eaten by hungry hungry hollows and left my mother to raise me all by herself, but being a Quincy she was very disappointed in my choice to be a Shinigami. *He said looking down* We aren't exactly close. Oh then there's my brother who's all jelous I have this power so he's pretty much always tried to be mom's favorite, but she never acknowledges him. *Shrugs* Sides Dave and the other Charasians are more my family than anyone I know.

Marduk: Aww how sweet. Now then. *Casts Haste 2* ...I now pronounce you man and wife. You may kiss the bride.

*Rahl and Lylac kiss...and kiss...and kiss some more....then are in danger of running out of breath when Rusty tweedles loudly:*

Rusty: Tweetle. (Hey we need to get back to saving the world. You two can make babies later.)

Dave: Aha ha ha! ^^; Forgive him. He wasn't programed with much sensitivity. But he does have a point.

Lylac: What about the honeymoon?

Maduk: That's why they made Cottages and Tents dearie! *Waves his arms and suddenly the Waygate, all vine covered and dusty white marble and arch-like.* There it is. Now I've activated it already and it's 100% real. Which means the same dangers apply as they would in WOT.

Zoltar: WOT? Huh?

Clare: The Wheel of Time. They are a series of Tolkien-like books. Pretty awesome fantasy novels. Not such a fun ending though, but the guy did die and have to leave it to his wife and apprentice to finish the last ones.

Dave: They should totally make a live action series based on those.

Marduk: Indeed they should, but likely they'll make a crappy Eragon-like movie instead. *Shudders* I'll make a note to Hadoken them later. Also I need to mention Lylac is well versed in how to travel the Waygate safely.

Lylac: Yep! Since my uncle's into magic and stuff I trained to learn how to use magic and am a expert on various types.

Dave: Really? What kind of mage are you?

Lylac: I'm a Summoner! Though when I summon something-

Marduk: Fly you fools! *Pushes them all through the Waygate*
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Rahl: blood and bloody ashes, what have I gotten myself into this time

Lylac: If only I were Moiraine Damodred I would know what to do...

Rahl: I'm glad your not, that would make you an Aes Sedai and they cannot be trusted, I trust you with my life my beautiful wife. Now lets get out of here before we come across those damned darkspawn that also walk the ways.

Dave: I agree, most likely Machin Shin will be lurking around every corner as well.

Rahl: Damn you Shai'tan!

Zoltar: The wheel weaves as the wheel wills of course.

Lylac: Lets get going.

And they pushed forward deeper into the dark ways listening for the black wind...
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Dave: Yes well it would be bloody nice to see the bloody path. *Ignites his saber and sheds a little light on the path* Ah there we go!

Rusty: *Suddenly pops out fog lights and swivels around* Beeeeop! Beep bop beep beep bop. (Biiig.... Like the size of butt David likes.)

Dave: <///< Rusty! This is why I don't have a Facebook page.

Zoltar: But you do have a page right? Ha ha ha-

Mary: *Sighs and smacks Zoltar on the head with her sword* Real women have figures! Get over it.

Zoltar:- Oww! Will you quit that?! XO

Mary: So what is this Machin Shin?

Dave: Bad news. Like a encounterable monster with infinite HP whom you have to keep running away from cause it'll just respawn where you're at and attack you all over again.

Rahl: Indeed, but fear not! I have my trusty Zanpukuto. *He said holding up his slightly oversized sealed state Zanpukuto.*

Zoltar: Yeah well it doesn't do this I'd bet! *Calls his energy sheild which provides more light than Dave's blade and little less than Rusty's lamps* Ha! How do you like that?

Rahl: ....*Repeats what Mary did to Zolty only he does it twice*

Zoltar: Owww.... *He said rubbing his head*

Rahl: He can't but I can. *Calls a light Kido spell to his hand and uses it like a lantern* Okay everyone. This way! Be sure and avoid those crumbling tiles. If you fall...well you may never stop.

Lylac: Oh goodie! Inverted physics are a wonderful magic.

*With that the party set off little realizing somebody was watching in the Troll Kingdom*

-- The Troll Kingdom --

*Raffles sat in his throne of bones much like the King of Huecomundo (the first one). He was was covered in shadow while two smaller trolls massaged his feet*

Raffles: Blarg...That pesky mage helped them. Hmpf! Fag! I shall not be so easily defeated by these...heroes. *He spat the last word down at the two young trolls, one male, one female*

Mironic: Um but Lord Raffles sir-*She tittered*

Trymaker: *Slaps Mir* Don't question the King, foolish slatern!

Mir: Yeah and about that...Why am I chick? I mean I love the fur bustier, but couldn't I be a-

Try: No! We are as Lord Raffles wishes us to be!

Mir: *Mutters* Ofcourse you'd say that cause you have a d-

Raffles: ENOUGH bickering! *He bellows* Bah I've had it with these heroes! I just wanted a simple scroll and they decide to defy me and sneak in and STEAL back their PUBB?! Oooh! *Waves his massive hammer* Lord Pop!!

*Suddenly there's a loud POP sound and a Orko-like figure appears, except his eyes are hidden and his robe is dakr blue and red*

Pop: Yo Raffy! Wha'chu need?

Raffles: Go to the Waygate and take five fists of Troll Warriors. Destroy the heroes David, Rahl, Zoltar and um that robot and their meddling womenfolk. Do this and you will be well rewarded, Lord Pop.

Pop: *Laughs* How much smack we talkin' Lord R.?

Raffles: *Rolls his eyes* How much you want?

Pop: Hmmm....*Puts his finger up to his mouth* Over nine thousand Quatloos!

Raffles: ....Feh. Fine just go! And don't return till they're dead!

Pop: With pleasure my master! Aha ha ha ha! *Dissapears with a loud POP sound*

Raffles: Mm that should fix them.

Mir: What about me?

Try: *Honks Mir's boob* You look alright to me. Ha ha ha-

Mir: >8(  *Points a laser dot at Try* Fifi, sick!

Try: Ow my eyes. Fifi? What's a-*Is attacked by a big fluffy kitten* AAAAAAUGH! Save me Lord Raffles!!

Raffles: *Gets a bag of popped corn and watches the shrunken pubb in a dome* Don't count on your pals getting through this one alive, tiny Charasians. MWA HA HA HA HA HA! *Turns back to the screen while Trymaker wails on*
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Zoltar: *Walks along watching the path noting this path looks healthier than the one that appeared in WoT The Great Hunt. Not much pochmarking or disintigration of the white tiles. Zoltar suddenly realized the events in WOT didn't happen to this Waygate. He paused and thought about it for a moment then said aloud:* If this Waygate was never touched by The Shadow then why is it so dark in here?

Mary: ...Huh. Didn't think about that. Machin Shin?

Dave: I don't suppose it should exist in our world...Which means this darkness is either being artificially generated...or we've traveled back in time. To when the Waygate was still standing.

Rahl: Which also means we're in their universe before the events in the books? O.o Interesting.

Lylac: Time and space are irreverent in a place like this.

Clare: Maybe to you guys but I'd like to make it out of this place before I'm a little grey mouse.

*As they marched on they soon came to an island and there they found a table played out with sandwiches and lemonade.*

Mary: The frack?
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_____: Well hello fiends- I mean friends... or was it fiends... I honestly can't really be so sure, such a coincidence really. Fiend- Friend, words that are almost the same in spell, worlds apart in meaning, but... Never so far apart in all reality they coincide more often than not. But who cares I'll eat you both, oh come now, come now sit I'm not that hungry right now so it happens I will just have spoon out your entrails another time. So inconvenient that, the spooning of entrails and all they're so long takes an absolute age, truly it does.

Rahl: Who the hell are you?

_____: Who in hell am I? Well now there's a question. Silly question really, we're not really in hell at the moment... though I suppose that is all a matter of perspective. So I suppose seeing as I'm in your hell I am who I am, though for me hell is not here. Quite the conundrum you see, but here you have some cheese. Cheese for everyone! Actually scratch that, no cheese, forget the cheese. Though my little mice I do have some rat poison would you care for some?

Dave: I've never seen someone ramble so much, lets get ou-

_____: Oh but you mustn't leave yet, the party has not begun! I sent out those damn invitation months ago. Where could everyone be? I could have sworn some had already arrived.

The old man starts checking his pockets, "I know they are here somewhere. Like loosing your cheese- I mean keys... or WAS it cheese." Continues fumbling around in his pockets.

Something wet drips down onto Zoltars head.

Zoltar: "What the he-" as he looked up seeing cropses hanging from the darkness above.

_____: Oh, good show, there they are. Oh, my looks like they had a bit too much cheese afraid they passed on the rat poison.

Rahl: Lets get out of here, run!

They all ran past the old man leaving the table and its contents behind. As they did so, they came face to face with the same island again.

_____: Well hello fiends- I mean friends... or was it fiends... I honestly can't re-

Rahl: Whats going on around here?

Dave: Its the same crazy bastard.

_____: Ah well, would you expect the god of madness to be sane really. A bit out of the title isn't it?

Rahl: The god of... madness?

_____: Sheogorath is the name and toes are my game. Do any of you happen to enjoy your toes? I do, especially the little ones nasty little things to tear off, but a more tender bit of meat you'll never meet!

Rahl: Let us go or I'll feed your your own.

Sheogorath: What a charming idea!

He reached down and started pulling his shoes off fingering his little toe and taking a nibble.

Sheogorath: You know its actually is quite good, a bit tart, but tender non-the-less. Care for some?

Mary: Just let us out of here you old freak.

Sheogorath: Go, but the party is here? (he said as he spat out a bit of fingernail) Oh no no no, it would be impolite for your not to join the other in their merrymaking. Be there in a minute! Oh these people are insatiable, but a host must do as he must for his guests.

Dave: We have a very important mission to save Charas.

Sheogorath: Chara hmm, sounds very delectable. Oh very well then, you may save your Charas but only under one condition...

Rahl: Being..?

Sheogorath: Why a riddle, oh how I do enjoy riddles. Its fun to play riddles with people while spooning their entrails. Always screaming "STOP" "Why?" and "Please", why do people always think those are the answers to my riddles, yes a curiosity at best! But alas answer me this: A Bosmer, was slain. The Altmer claims the Dunmer is guilty. The Dunmer says the Khajiit did it. The Orc swears he didn't kill the Bosmer. The Khajiit says the Dunmer is lying. If only one of these speaks the truth, who killed the Bosmer?
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David: Sheogorath! I met you once while playing as a hot young blonde Imperial theif. Man I love Olbivion. Like GTA only with bows and swords.

Mary: Huh?

Zoltar: I can answer this! It was in fact-

Mary: *Covers Zoltar's mouth* Don't even think about it!

Dave: Actually I believe I know the answer. The answer is the Orc.

Lylac: Wait do we only get one anwser per person?

Rusty: Bop boop. (I'd say that's a likely assumption.)

Clare: But if we guess wrong one of our party is reduced to zero HP? IE: Killed. Brutally. Before our very eyes?

Rusty: Bop. (Yep.)

Dave: So am I right?
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(Um are we waiting for Rahl or can I puppet Shereogoroth?)
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Sheogorath: Wrong! Wrong! Wrong!

Begins drawing out his spoon walking to Rahl...

Rahl: What are you talking about? It could only possibly be Orc!

Sheogorath: That so? What tom-cheesery is this? Orcs are such sweet souls... though not so tasty, not even the little toes! Nasty Orcses we hates them, we HATES them! Don't we precious? Yes precious, yes... Nasty little orcses. (Looks at Dave) Are you sure you don't want to stay for the party? (and Zoltar) We've only just become such friends! (and Mary) You'll be the life of the party! Seeing as your the only ones left with that unfortunate attribute... No no no This will not do at all!

Sheogorath pulls out his Wabbajack and strikes it on the chair in front of them.

Sheogorath: Oh preeeeciiioouse! Come play with our party guests!

The chair starts transforming into an enormous disfigured rat with bent, limbs a curved spine, bloodshot eyes, and a head that constantly twitched from side to side.

Rahl: You said you would let us go if we got the riddle right!

Sheogorath: I'm the god of madness not the god of I give a $#!^. Do mind the cheese, he truly hates cheese I so enjoy feeding it to him though!

And Sheogorath was gone, the same was, rather unfortunately, untrue for... precious...
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David: Typical! Leaving his over sized, brutally strong minion to finish us off instead of doing it himself.

Zoltar: Considering he was a deity and immune to mortal weapons? I'm actually kinda glad.

Rahl: Bah I've faced larger rodents.

Dave: Yeah but last time we were eaten by the larger rodent too. ^^;

Rahl: *Draws his Zanpukuto* I was a younger, more foolish warrior we have a summoner!

Lylac: Eheh heh heh...Yeah but I can only summon one summon and she's not overly useful. ^^;;

Zoltar: I know the feeling.

Mary: I'd clobber you, but I may need that shield of yours in a second. *Draws her blade and advances* Okay "precious", hit me with your best shot!

Precious: *Opens it's mouth and unleashes...WHITE LIGHTNING!

Mary: Gyah! I wasn't being literal! *Leaps out of the way but leaps into the darkness by mistake* ...Oh fuuuuuuuu-*screaming sound*

Zoltar: Mary! Nooo! *He wails watching the spot where she fell off before turning to precious with hate in his eyes* Okay you stinkin' rat! Take this!! *Charges at Precious*

Precious: *Used After image. Zoltar attacked the after image! No damage.*

Zoltar: Huh?? *Is standing close to the edge of the island* Waah!

Precious: *Attempts to use Tail Whip and knock Zoltar off the edge but suddenly Clare leaps out of his pocket and breathes  a gout of fire setting precious' tail on fire*

Precious: *Roars in pain and leaps back hissing*

Rusty: Beep? Boop? (The mouse...can breathe fire?? Also why am I not shooting stuff? Mini gun!) *His central panel opens revealing a small vulcan-laser* Boooo-beep! *Fires* (Eat laser bolts, fur face!)

Precious: *Is hit but doesn't even flinch*

Rusty: ...boop. (Oh *****)

Dave: *Ignites his saber* Rahl you need to dawn your mask, but don't use any explosive techniques on Precious. We don't want to weaken the island and fall like Mary did!

Rahl: Hmm don't blow up the island? Well it's totally out of character...But what the hell? Let's rumble! *Calls his mask to his face and...wait it's changed at little* Hm...? Feels...heavier. Ah well probably nothing. *Goes bankai* Let's rock! *Leaps at Precious* Get ready for some awesome sword play! Hiy....aaaaaah! *Slices at Precious in hyper speed*

Precious: *is sliced to ribbons* Scree! Screeeeee!! *It calls out*

Rahl: Ha! Not so tough now are-

Precious: *Sweeps it's legs up at Rahl sending him into the air*

Rahl: Aah! *Course corrects and stares down* How can you even- Oh no!

Precious: *Suddenly grows two more heads and then all three of them charge energy beams in their mouths that temporarily light up the area one points up at Rahl and uses WHITE LIGHTNING which streaks at him*

Rahl: Nice try! *Blocks, but has to add force as the sheer light magic is over whelming his dark defenses* >-<;; Grrr...! This thing is more clever that I- Wait what are the other two doing?

Precious Head 2: *Points to the side at an angle then fires Bio Breath in arc at Rahl's exposed side*

Rahl: Oh f-

Zoltar; Cover!! *Leaps up and blocks the blow with shield* X( Not going to do that again!

Precious Head 3: *Mouth glows blue white and lights up the whole area using Giga Flare which is shot straight at Zoltar and Rahl*|

Rahl: Ha! I can always shunpo- *Attempt to but Precious' tail now holds his feet*- Oh come on!!

*The flare shoots in arching curve and Dave leaps into the way using a force blast to try and direct the angle away from the three air borne heroes*

Dave: Not on my watch! Hyynnnyah! *Sends it away crashing into the old entry way which explodes with blue white energy and is vaporized* Okay now I can-*Suddenly Precious stops white lightning and then swings Rahl around smacking both Dave and Zoltar out of the air!* Owww! *Is knocked to the ground crashing into the table. Extra damage!* UUhmmng....@-@ That's one clever boss.

Zoltar: *Is smashed into a colum of stone. Crunch!* Aaaah.....*Slides down whti his glasses broken and his form a bit twisted from all the broken bones* Ugh...Proud Mary....I....failed...*Faints*

Precious: *Lets go of Rahl and sends him spinning*

Rahl: Shunpo! *Flash-steps to David* By all the Admins it's more powerful than that giant Pikachu AND that limey british man. How can we hope to fight such a thing?

Dave: With a plan I think...This is no push over. *Stares grimly as the hulking monster advances each head watching them with it's beady purple eyes as it stalks closer to them it's whip-like tail twitching* What I wouldn't give for a giant neko right about now.
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(Ouch. Kill off my only two characters, will you?)

*Zoltar's auto-rerise activates*

Zoltar: Oww...My body....It hurts...*Gets up creaking and groaning* That HURT! Okay I know I'm the new guy but even I know when a boss whoops you that bad? It's time to coordinate. *Looks at Rahl* You slice those huge pillars with Gestuga Tensho-*looks at David* You uses the Force to toss them at that giant rat and I, Clare and Lylac will provide cover? Got it?

Dave: Yes sir, Mister Zoltar Sir!

Rahl: Okay newbie, we'll give your plan a shot...But I hope it works otherwise I'll have to Vasto Lorde Rahl and risk blasting this island.

Zoltar: ...Right. Okay let's go!! Rahl, attack!

Rahl: *Shunpo's to Precious and attacks with many sword strikes*

Precious: Hisss! *Charges White Lightning and aims at Rahl then fires*

Zoltar: Cover! *Blocks the blast*

Precious Head 2: *Charges Bad Breath*

Lylac: *Green fire orbs run around her head then suddenly she vanishes and summons carbuncle*

Carbunckle: Buncle! Car! *It's forehead gem gathers light*

[ Ruby light ]

*Red energy shields envelop the party*

Precious Head 2: *Fires bad breath and it is reflected back at itself* Screee! *Is petrified, poisoned, blinded, silenced and beserked*

Zoltar: Not so tough now, are ya??

Precious Head 3: *Charges Giga Flare* RoooooaaaaaRRR!!!

Dave: Look out!!

Clare: I got this! Gigaflare huh? How abotu No-Charge Gigaflare! *Fires instantly after a cool charge up scene which streaks at the Gigaflare matching it and cancelling it out*

Precious: Hissssss!! *Says two of it's head*

Zoltar: Now, Rahl! Fire Gestsuga Tensho at the colums!!

Rahl -  -; What am I? A Pokemon? Seesh. *Charges Getsuga Tensho realy big like Ichigo did to Grimjoww in their first fight*!! *Uleashes a wide blast at Precious, which it uses after image to dodge. Then the columns start to fall being sliced neatly in two*

Dave: Hmm seems I'm up? I was told to move some columns right? No prob! Force Whirlwind!!!

*The columns of huge pitted white stone swirl around precious smashing into it several times causing it to gush blood*

Zoltar: Ha ha! Now everyone attack the ground near precious! Sheild...Beam!! *Fires a small beam of light at the ground cracking it a little*

Rahl: *Getsu-ga-ten-sHOOO! *Slices at the ground near Precious which cracks allot*

Dave: *Puts his hand behind his back and charges the force* Force Cannon!! *The ground cracks all the way and starts to tumble! The creature falls screaming into the abyss.*

Precious: Raaaaaaaaaaaaooooooorrrrrr- *Silence*

Zoltar: Ha ha ha! We did it!! *Hugs Rusty*

Rusty: Beeop bop boop bop! (Get off me, white boy before I put a cap in you're-)

*Suddenly the air is disturbed by a sound. A sound of climbing*

Rahl: Oh no!

Dave: Surely it's defeaten! We used like 999 MP all together.

Clare: *Charges a flame blast* Ssssh- *Stops* Mary!

*Yes Proud Mary is still alive! She's seen climbing over the edge of the spot where Precious fell*

Mary: Darn over sized rat. I'm going to kill- *Looks around* Huh?? Where'd the boss go?

Rusty: Beeoop. (It was defeaten.) *Dissarms his various weapons in disappointment*

Mary: What?

Rahl: Yeah we sorta attacked it in unison with a brillaint plan from Zoltar.

Mary: ...No seriously what really happened?

Zoltar:  _sweat_ Anyway we should get moving before-

*There's a rumble in the floor. Then suddenly a dreaded sound: Flap, flap, flap, flapy, flap, flap. And suddenly Precious comes flying up from the darkness staring down the party*

Dave: Oh come onnn! We won! No fair!

Zoltar: Bu-but! My brillaint plan.  :'(

Precious: *Grins* Impressssssive! Most impresssive.

Lylac: It spoke!

Precious: Indeed, good lady. I can sssssssspeak. I can also usually deal with my master's enemies without thissss much trouble.

Dave: Yeah we're heroes. Me and Rahl are in fact veterans of a war and a quest or two before this.

Precious: Neverthelesssss you will be desssstroyed. *Uses the Skill Demonic Laugh*

*The party lost reflect*

Lylac: Shoot! I was proud of that.

Precious: Now witnessss my ultimate ability!! *Draws a magic circle in the air* Chaos Destroy-

*Suddenly a figure blacker than than area around them and dwarfing them by several hundred feet appears. It has two red eyes and one huuuuuge mouth which it uses to chomp down on Precious*

Rahl: What?! That's not the black wind!

Munchin Shin: Boy hush up now, 'fore I squish you like a BUG! HA HA HA HA! I'm better than tha tool Machin. Maaaan he wishes he had my skillz, ya dig?

Dave: Okaaay. So you're a giant shadowy sterotype...How's that dangerous to us?

Munchin Shin: Ah, home dawg? You just see the part where I ATE THE BOSS? You think you're lame *** powers gonna even tickle me? Hell no! Besides I can do this!

[ Area Munch! ]

*Suddenly he bites off a huge chunk of the island*

Zoltar: ....AAAAAAAAH!  :o

Munchin Shin: Mmmn! Nom om nom. *Burps* Ha ha ha! Now are you convinced?

Mary: I'm usually down for a fight of any level, but this time I say we follow the time honred advise of the Doctor: RUN!!

*The party flee's or attempts to anyway with Munchin Shin nomming at the path behind them*

Munchin Shin: Run all you like! You'll never escape me, beotches!!
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(XD Munchin' Shin. Oh I love that!)

Dave: Ah crud! We're going to get get eaten halfway through the adventure again?? Come on! *Looks back at Munchin' Shin eating the path behind them like Packman*

Munchin Shin: Waka, waka, baby! *Chomps down near Rahl* Nom!! Aww man! Almost had some sushi.

Rahl: >-<+ I'm not Japanese, I'm a Japanonphile! There's a difference!! *Shunpo's ahead a bit then turns around* Okay you want a snack? Have some blue plate special Getsuga Tenshousandsho!! *Fires* Haaa!!

*The black and red energy streams at Munchin Shin*

Munchin Shin: *Used devour and swallows it whole* Yummmy!!

Rahl: Damnit! Doesn't anything affect him?!

Lylac: I'd offer to use some summon magic, but I used allot to summon Carbuncle.

Zoltar: I thought you said you were a magic expert?

Lylac: I am! In theory...I've never been able to summon anything that powerful before. My uncle made it rather unnecessary.

Dave: I can see why. *A loud crunch is heard behind them*

Munchin Shin: Eha ha ha ha ha! *Sinks down into the darkness*

Mary: Where's he-

*Suddenly the path ahead exploded where Munchin Shin took a huge bite of it* Booga, booga, booga!

Dave: Egad! He can move through this stuff like a huge wale! How will we ever escape??

Clare: I'd breathe fire, but he'd just eat it.

Mary: How do you do that anyway?

Clare: I used to be a Shinro.

Zoltar: A what?

Dave: T-T Didn't anybody play Wrath of Gaia? A dragon humanoid! They are awesome. Zesher is one, Ie Dragonblaze?

Rahl: Huh! I didn't know that, but enough random facts! I say we stuff this monster with as many special attacks as we can at once!

Zoltar: Ummm that won't work. He's huge, we wasted a tone of MP on Precious and oh yeah he's got a million freaking hit points! What we need is a miracle...*He looked skyward...and a small, gentlemanly voice said:*

????: 'Miracles'? I'm no miracle worker, but I have on ocassion, in certain company, been told I'm quite a good shot.

Munchin' Shin: Eh? Where'd that come from? And who the **** are you??

*Suddenly a blue pegasus appeared! On it's back was a small man wearing leather armor that was of quite good cut and design. His face was hard to see but light poured from his mount's body like it was a made of moon beams. Suddenly they began to descend as they got nearer and nearer the party could make out that the small man was holding a rather over sized flintlock in his right hand. It said "Wonderbuss" on the side in stenciled letters*

Fruckert: Not "****", my good man, "Fruck" as in Sir Fruckert Slayer of things much, much larger than himself. I do apologize of this but....COMIC CANNON! *Fires a small cannon ball that causes him and his steed to be flung back suddenly*

Munchin Shin: Hmpf! Hardly a meal. *Opens his mouth and as he chomps down and swallows looking pleased suddenly he raises an eyebrow* Wait...I don't feel right...Suddenly much more....heavy....Ugh! *His stomach starts tuck inwards* N-No! What was in that cannon ball?!

Frucket: *Puts on his professor glasses* To be exact in my attempt to make you understand would require that you have some knowledge of Dwarven Astro-Magic. In layman's terms? A quantum singularity with a near identical atomic weight to your own mass, sir. *Waves slowly as he flies to the path landing* Good day to you sir.

Munchin Shin: NOOOOOO-*Is sucked into himself* You've not heard the last of meeeeeeee- *Pop*

Dave: Huh?? Fruck? How the...? Who the...?

Fruck: *Dismounts as the others come running up to him and turns on his little light on his helment* Hello gentleman, sorry I'm late to the quest but I was detained by goblins who seemed to be under a strange impression that all dwarves taste well with tomato paste. Suffered a rather nasty couple of blows from my finest pickaxe they did. *His mount laughed*

Moonbeam: That that did, boss! *said his, upon observation, pony-sized mount. Who was only a little taller than Fruck's dwarven height, light blue, with a longe white mane and covered in armored plating.*

Lylac: *.* She's pretty.

Moonbeam: < <; I'm a dude? Hellooo? Isn't that obvious?  *flutters his wings*

Lylac: *Still in trance*

Rahl: By hades! I can't believe it's really you, Fruck! Where have you been? Also why haven't you exploded yet?

Fruck: I am on a tonic of my own devising to prevent random spontaneous combustion. It's rather inconvenient when you're flying twenty one thousand leagues in the air upon pony back wouldn't you agree?

Dave: Pony? Flying ponies?

Fruck: Why not? You fly in that strange contraption you call a "star vessel" and it doesn't even have a proper aerodynamic shape.

Zoltar: Oh snap!

Mary: Ha ha. He's funny for a gnome.

Fruck: Gnome? Do I appear to be statuary to you, young woman?

Dave: Ingore her and tell us where you've been? After the failed raid at Dragonium's castle we didn't see hide nor hair of you!

Fruck: Perhaps after I lead your party with haste to the exit of this dreadful and dreary monster pit. Fair?

Rahl: Sounds fair to me!

Fruck: Indeed. Then come, Moonbeam, let us make haste. *Remounts his pony and trots ahead lighting the way around the huge jag left in the path by Munchin' Shin.*

*Behind them unseen to the gackling party of travelers. Lord Pop watched from the shadows, his mencacing one eye following their movement from beneath the brim of his wizzard hat*

Pop: He he he! Well you have survived those challenges, but it was to be expected. I hope you won't fair this well when you find my surprise at the exit! Aha ha ha ha! *Fades into shadow*
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The Hero continue the ways, until they reach the end where the Waygate stood. Fruck moves to the gate and slides the leaf in place that locks the exit. And as the real world once again began to materialize a long hooked chain shoots through wrapping it around Dave dragging him with great force through the gate.

Rahl: Dave!

And Rahl rushed through after to be greeted by the site of orcs and their crude but sharp weapons. They were surrounded, there had to be well over a hundred and in front stood the biggest or any of them had ever seen, and sitting atop his head was stunted orc in a purple cloak bearing a ridged staff, his eyes hidden from view but for a faint green glow.

Pop: Well well now friends. It seems the shining hope of Charas is not so great. It seems your mp bars have seen better days! Though I thought the old dolt Sheogorath would have left you something a bit meaner to play with, he must have liked you. Well I assure you this is as far as you go. I would like to introduce you to my friend here, his name is Worm. Hes not very talkative but hes very good at what he does. And these are my other friends-

He gestures to the surrounding woods, orcish archers in the trees and troll grunts on the ground eyeing the group and licking their weapons teeth filed to points. Dave was struggling, hanging from a nearby tree chain wrapped tightly around his neck.

Rahl: You'd best let my friend go *mask materializing around his face.

Pop: Why dont we just let him go boys!

Laughing burst out  as the chain was hauled even farther up the tree.

Pop turns to the group and sreams "tonight we eat manflesh!" and bloodcurdling roar soars into the air as the beasts charged.
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Mary: Aww give me a break! *Hefts her scythe-like blade and charges* I ain't gonna lose to a bunch of lame eleven rejects! Rave....Cyclone!! *Dives into the air and does a spin slash through the central most orcs continuing on her way towards Pop* Or a Black Waltz!

Pop: *Smiles in the shadows of his cloak* Pig. *He said extending hand and as he did Mary suddenly was surrounded in yellow smoke obscuring her form. When it cleared a dark blue skinned anthropology pig stood in her place*

Mary: Awwww duck! I have multiple racks and my arse is plump. >.<; But I still have my sword! Have at you!! *She said leaping at Pop*

Pop: Dual Cast part II: Stop!

*Mary froze in place with her sword raised high*

Mary: Dammit! *The orcs take her and tie her to a spit over a large fire pit*

Pop: Correction. We shall feast on man and pig flesh tonight!! Ma ha ha ha!! Who's next?

Zoltar: Proud Mary!! Why you stupid oversized Heartless wannabe... I'll END you! *Call his flickering shield to life and dives at the orcs* I'm comming, Mary, just hang on and try not get give off any delicious aromas!

Mary: *Rolls her eyes* I'll do my best.*She says sarcastically*
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Rahl flash steps to the tree where Dave is being choked by the chain jumping between it and the nearest tree to reach him and a hail of arrows greeted him, one lodged into his shoulder and the rest flew past. The pain of the barbed tip shot through his entire body as he clung to a branch nearby. Again he pushed off and slashed the chain grabbing a gasping dave by the arm before he fell to the ground.

Dave: T-Thanks *coughhackcough* I-

Another volley of orcish arrows flew through the air and Rahl dropped Dave letting him fall near another branch on down the tree. Arrows the would have struck vital organs being deflected at the last moment by the edge of his katana. Dave fell from branch to branch until hit hit the ground below Rahl just behind.

Rahl: Carriage of Thunder. Bridge of a spinning wheel. With light, divide this into six! Kido 61 Rikujokoro!

Beams of light shoot from the skies slamming slamming into a number of the archers above throwing them screaming to the ground below.

Pop: Thundaga!

A bolt of lightning soars through the air striking Rahl in the side sending him spinning through the air burning his right side as steady booming started coming closer.

Worm: Wooooorrrrmmmm crush!

Rahl was sprawled on the ground having trouble to getting up as the giant troll raised his treetrunk of a club into the air ready to crush his skull.
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Dave: *Saw that a troll was about to crush Rahl and closed his eyes sinking deep into a state of calm.* Eye of the Storm....*He simultaneously calls both shot and saber to his hands then calmly steps to where the tree is about it hit Rahl slashes, once, twice and thrice the pieces of tree tree comming away in layers till only the troll's hands are left which, with a simple pitvot and slish-slash of the energy swords, go to join the remnants of the tree trunk he then opens his eyes and delivers a kick to the troll's stomach sending him to fall on top of some of his fellows* Wow. Been a while since I was able to manage a technique like that! Heh heh. *Turns to Rahl* So you've started working on your Kido Spells like I suggested last time?

Rahl: Well I realized that using Getsuga all the time drains me and often is predictable no mater how much I change it up. *Smirks* Nobody expects me to call pillars of light or fire balls to lay them down low, eh?

Dave: Heh heh. Now let's go-

Pop: Wide Cast: Pig!! *Points at Rahl and David* *Yellow smoke flows in his direction!* WA HA HA HA HA!!

Lylac: Oh no you don't! *Green flames suround her head* Carbuncle!!

*Suddenly the small green critter appears on Rahl's head and with a red flash that sends Dave's eyes a spinning they are shielded in red light which bounces the spell back at Pop*

Pop: HA HA HA- HA? Haaaaaaaaagh! *Grabs one of his larger trolls who takes the spell becoming a large green pig* _< Not cool man! Wait I thought you were all out of MP??

Lylac: *Smirks* I spent some extra JP from these battles learning "Walk MP Up!" I just had my hour's run and gained back all my MP. Now...*Cracks her kuckles* It's time to try one of the big guys out...*Points to the sky* Avail us, oh lord of the sky come forth Valefor!!

*She sky opens and out of it comes a shinier newer version of the unappreciated starting wind summon from FF10! He's got armor, a new hair cut and looks ticked that he's not one of the most popular summons of all time*

[Gale Breath]

*Suddenly a wind storm erupts from his mouth shooting at Pop*

Pop: Damn! Shell!! *Is protected by a magic barrier as the wind crashes into him like screaming drill bit from Hades and drives him back. and the party and trolls alike have to take cover as swords, arrows and even Rusty are all tossed about for a good long minute. When it clears there's only a hole left where Pop was*

Lylac: Yes! Good work Valefor-

*Suddenly Pop's tattered red and black gloved hand grips the edge and slowly the very disheveled, but otherwise mostly unharmed, black mage slowly crawls from the hole his one eye blazing a errie green*

Pop: Summons? You attack me with summons...? Hmpf. *Stands up and dusts himself off his hat leaning crookedly on his head and part of it torn off and hanging like a monster with it's mouth open* Have you never heard of me? I am Lord Popernilicus Gradstuffhasen, the one and only Omni Mage! All magics of worth are mine to command...Including Summons. Feel-my-power!! *Gestures and a ring of green flames suround his head* Come forth mighty shaker of the earth and unleash your fury! Titan!!

*Suddenly a huge towering fifty foot tall half naked swartznaegian fellow appears behind Pop and then drives his hand down into the earth sending a pillar of earth high into the air hitting Valefor knocking him from the sky.*

Valefor: Screeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeik! *Crashes into the ground fading*

Lylac: Vaelfor...*Glares at Pop* How could you?!

Pop: Easily. Like crushing an ant. Speaking of...*Draws a sword from nowhere made of spectral light* Sword Magic: Shock!! The more damage I took...

*Lylac is surrounded by painfully bolts of magic which attack her relentlessly*

Lylac: AAAAAAUGH!! *She says falling to her hands and knee's*

Pop: ...the more is inflicted on you as revenge. *Smiles* Ha ha ha! See? An Omni Mage like me can even use spells available to posers like Mage Blades and Sword Saints! Oh and since I dual cast...Foxbir-

Rahl: Not today! *Shunpo's to Pop and slashes vertically* Yaaagh! Back away from my wife!!

Pop: *Is sent backward with a rent in his chest* Ugh! Curaga! *Is healed instantly, but his clothes remain tattered*  Damn you're sword! Fine you want to live by the sword?? Then die by it!! 13 Blades! *Thirteen swords appear around pop and as he rushes at Rahl they spin*

Rahl: Ah hell! *Fends them off as best he can but it getting cut up*

Dave: Rahl! Knight Speed! *Zips over and helps Rahl fend them back but they are still only three against thirteen*

Pop: HA HA HA HA HA HA! Shred them to- *It tapped on the shoulder*-Eh? What is it?

Fruck: *Is sitting atop Moonbeam looking quite smug* You can use all magics eh? What about equinine energy based attacks?

Pop: ....wha?

Moonbeam: Cutie Stamp! *Raises up and 'stamps' Pop's head over and over*

Pop: Ow ow ow ow ow! Heeeey! That's not the way it's supposed to work!! *He said opening his mouth wide and Shouting at Fruck and Moonbeam in the ancient language of the Dragons sending out a shock wave.* RUGHTL GIDLFH HAAGL! *They were knocked out of the air*

Fruck:*Gets up from his dazed mount and shakes himself off* Ah no need for that sort of language, laddy. *He says dusting himself off and hefting his biggest Demonite Pickaxe as Rahl and Dave close in* Even if you are out numbered and about to triple attacked. *He said a smirk splitting his long thick red-brown mustaches*

Pop: Grrrr...Why won't you all just stay down??

Dave: We're heroes! *Extends a hand crackling with lightning*

Rahl: We don't know any better. *He says charging Getsuga*

Fruck: *Dwarven Runes glow on his pick axe* Damn straight.

Pop: Hmpf! If you think me some weak black mage with no muscle...Bersek Olde Shcool! *A green beam of energy hits him doubling his body mass till he's as buff as Yammy* You're outa luck, zeroes!  *Takes his staff* Full-Tilt!! *Spins around at high speed smashing it into all three with his huge Dragon Bone staff and sending them flying back*

Dave: AUGH!!

Rahl: GYAH!!


Titan Pop: *In a deep voice* HA HA HA HA....Now do you see? Even the fools at Square Enix can't stop me from reaching across time and gaining the most powerful of forbiden magics!! With this power I will rule this world and many more! The name "Mage" will no longer be a joke! It will be a war cry that rends the air and sends fear into every man woman and child who dares to oppress us!! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! *he says staring down at them with a insane look on his face*
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Rahl: Dave take the others and back away, I didn't want to have to do this but hes left me no other choice.

Dave: But-

Rahl: Go!

Dave motions to the others and they fade back into the forest.

Pop: How very noble of you, to stay and die while the others-

Rahl: Ban-kai

Waves of energy filled the air around Rahl, the shear force of it bringing the berserked giant to a single knee with his hand to the ground.

Pop: Not possib-

In an instant Rahl vanished and reappeared behind the giant his sword already at the end of its deadly arc, blood spraying into the air. Again and again each time from a different direction the blade swung a swath of blood and flesh trailing in his wake. A blood curdling roar shook the ground as the monster bellowed in pain.

Pop: Haste!

He flashed red and swatted from side to side trying to catch Rahl and stop the blows but still he was not fast enough.

Pop: Slow!

But the spell missed and hit a tree making the leaves that had once been alive with movement from the heated fight slow to a snails pace. Cut after cut the blood now poured from his open wounds and he was starting to slow down his swings growing wilder and less coordinated.

Pop: Cura-curaga!

Many of his wounds sealed shut as if they had never been but still too many were open and it did little to help him. And then it stopped. The blows stopped and all was silent.

Pop: You give up you coward?! Out of juice alre-

And there was Rahl face to face with the giant.

Rahl: I just wanted to give me friends enough time to get away from the blast.

Pop: What blas-

Rahl: Getsuga Tenshou!

A massive blast of burning black and red spirit energy ripped at the very farbic of the world around it exploded outward enveloping pop as Rahl landed once more on the ground. Slowly the dust began to settle and Pop lie there on the ground his normal size panting frantically blood flowing freely all around him.

Pop: Heh- *hack hack* hehe, you- you little- *hack* how dare- *hack* @#&# you all! METEO!!

And with that the skies and the heavens themselves began to fall around them both...

Dave and the other glance around the aftermath that had once been the forest now crater in the earth a mile wide where the two great forces had come to a climax. Pops body lie still on the ground, atleast, what was left of him.

Lylac: Rahl!

He lay still on the ground his breath shallow, and unresponsive.

Dave: He isn't dead but he is as close as they come, that meteo did 9998 damage it seems.

Fruck: This close to death he will need help that none of us can provide.

They place his limp body atop moonbeam and continue on.
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Zoltar: *Is about to untie marry from the spit when suddenly as Pop's soul departs his body the magic reverses itself*

Mary: *Bursts out of the ropes and materializes her sword to her hand* Heeeey orcs...*She says with a particuly chilling grin* So you want to eat me eh? Well eat this!

[Rave Ripper]

*Much nasty crunching and grinding sounds are heard*

Mary: *Sorting out loot obtained from the trolls and orcs, her long blade dripping black blood. The few who got away are left running for the hills at high speed* And stay gone! Hmpf. Turn me into pig will he? Ooh just wait till I get my hands on him!

Zoltar: Kinda hard. That spikey haired Ichigo guy Rahl? Sorta went Bankai Baby and smashed him up till he died.

Mary: What?! Aww man...

Dave: *is helping Rahl to walk while his mask crumbles reaveling his faintly smiling, sweat covered, daze face.*

Rahl: Ha! That'll show 'em...

Lylac: Talk less. Regenerate HP more.

Mary: The hell happened to this place?

Dave: *Grits his teeth* Tellah's curse. METEO. Horrible spell to use even on a wicked enemy. *Looks ahead* Plus it leveled the land. I can't make out any of the land marks we're supposed to be looking for.

Rusty: Boop! *He says from a tree* (There's a town not that far away from hear according to my sensors.)

Dave: Good job, Rusty! *uses the Force to levitate him out of the tree then the party sets off down the one path that wasn't damaged. They walk off as the sun slowly follows them and soon it becomes night and Zoltar calls a halt, the party ignores him and then Mary suggest they make camp and, ofcourse, the listen to the female version of Zack. Never the less they all pitched tents and set up their camp.*

Zoltar: Somebody needs to go get some wood.

Mary: Cool! I'll chop down a few tree's. X3

Zoltar: > >Mary...Tree's have feeling too ya know.

Mary: Hippie. *Raz's him*

Zoltar: So only take the Dead Wood.

Mary: Oh fine. *Stomps off to find some*

Zoltar: *Gets up and inspects the camp stopping by the make shift hospital tent where Rahl is resting* How's he doing, Lylac?

Lylac: He's a little better. I don't know any summons to cure him but I did find some wild herbs growing and using my Alchemy skill was able to make a very weak potion to heal him a little. But he'll need at least a full day's rest before we set out.

Zoltar: But we need to save the Pubb! We can't afford to- *Suddenly Dave lays a hand on Zoltar's shoulder*

Dave: Hey. Easy on them. We don't know where we're going anymore anyway we can rest till at least mid morning. Trust me I've done allot of these things before. You want to save your energy up just in case you get jumped again.

Zoltar: But we still have the Dwarf, his Pony and your Robot.

Rusty: for much longer. Need power....)

Dave: Ah! Sorry buddy I forgot about that. Deploy your solar panel and get some moon light. That should help.

Rusty: Be-beep-bop. (Okay. Goodnight David.)

Zoltar: Um who's going to keep watch now?

Fruck: No need to worry, laddy. Me and Moonbeam will keep watch. We Dwarves need less daylight hours than humans. It comes from minning all the time, ya know.

Zoltar: Huh. *Shrugs* Alright then....I guess I'll catch some Z's too. Yawwn...Night guys. *Walks over to his bunk and lays down soon drifting off.*

- In the Forest -

Mary: Man gathering fallen wood is just stupid. Perfectly good tree's around and I could use something to chop right about now...

Rip: Funny I was just thinking the same thing.

Mary: Oh ****! I know that voice! *Spins around* Rip Edgeworth.

*Rip was ...well basically he looked a heck of allot somebody trying to rip off Grimjoww from Bleach. <.< Though can Rahl honestly say anything? Yeah as I was saying. He has spiky blue hair, dark eyes and wears allot of white stuff. Now what wasn't like Grimjoww was the fact this guy was full dressed in white business suit with fur lining the neck and cuffs and fingerless gloves. Another key difefference was the fact he had no markings under his eyes or a bone mask.*

Rip: In the flesh- Er ectoplasm. Heh heh. S'up? Been a while since you and Zoltar were around for sparing sessions.

Mary: We're out to save the world, Jack, so beat it!

Rip: Oh no need to worry, poppet! Ah don't intend to beat you at all. Slice and dice? Perhaps. Then again I could jus leave you guys here to suffer the Curse of Morphiah. *Smiles insanely*

Mary: What are you talking about your weirdo brit?!

Rip: Beat me and I'll tell ya! Ripping Wind! *Sends a wind gust at at Mary who blocks it*

(Oh guys? Don't control those two and change from this scene for a bit, okay? I got something I want to play with! X3)
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(Hmm it goes against the rules but okay just for a few posts, but wrap it up, Zoltar. Half the fun is getting to pilot other's characters. XD)

Dave: *Is relaxing in meditative pose* Been while since I actually slept under the stars.

Fruck: Don't you always sleep beneath the stars since you do travel by star ship?

Dave: Yeah but it's not the same. I don't always leave my view port open and even when I do sometimes they all sort of blur together.

Rusty: Beeop. (Especially at warp speeds) *Electronically warbles and chuckles a bit before Clare emerges from Zoltar's pocket*

Clare: Gah! Air! Oh blessed sweet O2X! I miss you so. *She scurries near the fire and takes up a spot starting to groom herself*

Dave: Hey Clare! Been a while! We thought you might have been lost forever in Zoltar's pocket. Heh heh.

Clare: I very well would have been if not for a melted candy bar and some lint...- -;

Dave: O_O; Sounds harsh.

Clare: So where's Johnny Cash?

Dave: Eh?

Clare: The guy in black.

Dave: Oh Rahl? Lylac is treating his injuries. He pushed himself a bit too far.

Clare: Will he be okay? *She asked worriedly*

Dave: I...Don't know. Spirit Reapers walk a very treacherous path and Rahl isn't just any Spirit Reaper. *Watches Rahl breathing shallowly* But I have faith he'll pull through. I've been fighting alongside him for a very long while. *He said smiling* Besides I'm sure Lylac knows what she's doing.

- Rahl's Construct -

*Rahl stood in the middle of a huge throne room. The whole area was made of cold grey stone and what little color was displayed in violent tapestries ont he walls and Hallow mask's hung up like trophies. Suddenly he heard somebody appear behind him using Sonido and drew his sword to block their blade...but it never came and Rahl gasped suddenly at what he saw.*

Rahl: Damnit! I should have known I wasn't finished with you....You pasty devil. *He said to his duplicate whom was dressed in white kimono whith a black version of the Sword of Truth on his belt. He also differed from Rahl due to his hair being longer and white blonde. Though Rahl noticed his doupleganger had lost his white skin tone and blackened "whites" of his eyes. He still had a Hollow's feral yellow eyes though and his teeth were sharper than Rahl's. But other than that they could have passed for twins.*

Hahl: *Walks towards Rahl with his hands up* How we, Lord Rahl?

Rahl: Huh? Who are you?

Hahl: Ha ha ha! Don't play with me. You know who I am.

Rahl: Hmm if I'm still copying Ichigo you're my Zanpukuto Spirit pretending to be my Hollow side, right?

Hahl: No! *Smiles wide and toothy* The opposite! I'm your Hollow side come to wake you up, Lord Rahl.

Rahl: Well that would be welcome since this dream is-

Hahl: IT'S NOT A DREAM MORON HELOO~ It's your soul construct!

Rahl: What? This place was a bunch of Sky scrappers before why has it changed??

Hahl: Because you changed. You abandoned just being an "Inchigo wannabe" and started to awaken your darker powers. *Laughs* Like when you wasted Eldritch! Remember that? Oh man the look on his face!! Priceless.

Rahl: I did rather enjoy sending him to Hades but how do you know about tha- Ah...You're tryring to imply you did that?

Hahl: Well I "nudged" your darker powers to the surface. Your the one who actually summoned it. Previously you weren't ready to become who you must be...

Rahl: *Feels a shudder go through him* And just who is that, spirit?

Hahl: *Grins widely* Lord Rahl ofcourse! A Warrior King who will unite the land in way Dragonium and that poser Alex never could! Under te banner of-

Rahl: *Shakes his head* No. I tried that once with Dragonium's castle. I heard his throne of power could give me even more power and I foolishly used Dave, Fruck and Ed to try and unlock it...I nearly lost myself to...It.

Hahl: Is it so bad? Being a Hollow? I mean you are above Vasto Lordes if you'd just unleash that power you could put it to good use!

Rahl: *Frowns* Again I will not become It again. *Points his Katana at Hahl* Leave this place, specter! Trouble me no more.

Hahl: ...But if I do...It will take control. I'm the only thing holding it back, ya know. Not to mention if you don't grow those magic abilities...well let's just say the next couple of guys aren't as much of pushovers as Pop.

Rahl: Be that as it may I will not give in to my ambitions. I am ...unworthy to be king of this or any other land! Now leave me!

Hahl: Okay I'll leave. *Turns to go then turns back with Gin Ichimaru eyes and points behind Rahl* But what about him?

*Rahl hears a snarling behind him and turns to see his Beastial Hollow self standing behind him dwarfing him*

Beasty: *Extends a hand and malevolent energy gathers with a whoosh lighting up the whole throne room*

Rahl: Oh shi- *Calls his mask just as the blast hits pushing him through the wall then exploding with violent force that doesn't seem to affect Hahl*

Hahl: *Sits down and watches the smoke clear where Rahl is in yet another throne room but on the ceiling of this one* that hurt?

Rahl: *Wearing half his mask* Yeah...You did this didn't you?

Hahl: Nope! He's just your Ambition comming to the devour you.

Rahl: Super... *Repairs his mask and holds his blade with both hands* I suppose it couldn't be avoided. *Smiles beneath the mask and his eyes turn red8 'Ello, Beasty. *Leaps at Beasty*
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*As Rahl battled his own demons Mary was still fighting Rip!*

Mary: What do you mean "Morphiah's Curse"? Tell me! Rave Beamer! *Sends a fast moving arc of sharp energy at Rip who blocks it with a small butcher's knife*

Rip: Seriously, love, you expect me to just tell ya? Ha ha ha ha! Sad. *Makes several gestures* You have to earrrrrn it! *He said striking at her face which she fended off easy enough then zipped at him slicing vertically. Rip then deflected her blade into the tree then tossed the knife in the air and put his fingers into a "X"symbol grinning madly*

Mary: *Tugs at the blade and it doesn't quite give* What now? Going to Naruto me to death?

Rip: Nah I was thinking more like Fairy Tail. Emera Baram!! *He says firing a razor sharp blast of air at Mary*

Mary: Ah heck! *leaps back and hand springs up to a branch narrowly avoiding being killed* >O< What the hell is your problem, Rip?!

Rip: *Laughs insanely* Uh? I need a reason to kill you and Zoltar? You two are my enemies. You oppose everything Specter 9 stands for.

Mary: What do you really stand for? *She said drawing her first back and watching Rip intently*

Rip: Freedom from Shamen who use us like POKEMON! Surely you can see how wrong that is!

Mary: Yeah I can. -_- But Zoltar doesn't make me feel like some monster trapped in a ball! We're one. Like a married couple! ...Only without ya know...

Rip: *Glares at her* You want live like a slave?? Fine! Then...*Makes several Kata's* Die like one! Lightning Blade!! *Hunches over his hand gathering energy to it*

Mary: Crap!  :o (Okay I can't let him use that on me or I'm finished! I need to take him out with one powerful combo...but my sword is stuck in a damn tree...) *She said looking at it then suddenly a  black-light bulb went off over her smiling face* Okay it'll be tough but I think I can manage that many cheap-o-anime moves in one shot. *She made some Kata's herself* Kage Bushin No Justu! *Poof! The area was filled with blue smoke and suddenly the whole branch was covered in clones of Proud Mary*

Rip: *Narrows his eyes* What are you up t-

Mary 1: *Makes several Katas* Blaze...*Takes a breath* Of Glory! *Blasts a stream of fire at Rip*

Rip: *!* Oh ****! *He said ducking to the side*  _veryangry_ What's the big idea-

Mary 2: Lion Barrage! *She said delivering a kick to his chin while Mary three struck him from a different angle then Mary one struck him from another with all three surrounding him*

Rip: Augh! Okay forget lighting blade you guys are getting my full wrath! *Takes his knife* Butcher of Baker's Street! *The blade suddenly becomes a huge two handed sword* Buz Saw Soree! *He said spinning around and slashing every clone at once* HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!

Mary 1: Eeek! *Poofs!*

Mary 2: Grrr you bastard!! *Poofs*

Mary 3: Uggggh! It hurts! *She said flying back*

Rip: *Stops looking up at the last one he hasn't cut yet* Now for you...*Leaps into the air* Baker Street Style Braver!! *He said about to leap in the air when suddenly there was a chunk-slash-glush sound and blood sprayed from hsi back* W-wha...Augggh! *He said dropping his sword into the ground and holding onto it to prompt himself up before turning around and seeing Mary with a slash along her chest, blood dripping slowly from the wound but standing there with her scythe-like sword in both hands she then swings and positions it so Rip's head is caught by the blade and even the single jerk will remove it.*

Mary: Heh heh. You fell for a pretty basic trick. I mean I'm not even that big a fan of pre-shipuden Sukura!

Rip: Bollocks.

Mary: Now tell me about this curse! *Glares at Rip*

Rip: *Looks at her defiantly at first then smiles slowly and sociopathicaly.* Oh very well, love! I'll tell you that this valley is in fact cursed. Well the locals think so, poor blighters. They don't realize this place is the home of a particular type of monster called a Dream Devorer. These little flying pests crawl into your nose when you sleep and attach themselves to your brain inducing horrible never ending nightmares ...that are so real if you die in them you can die here!! *He said with a snarl* So you best hurry off and tell Zoltar, eh love?

Mary: Y-You dispicable!! *Boots Rip in the face sending him flying and sheathes her sword dashing back through the forest* Guys! You have to listen to me- *Suddenly a trap door opens and Mary falls down it* Aaaagggh! *Crash*

Rip: *Gets up slowly taking off his heavy white coat till he's just in his shirt vest and dusts himself off walking towards the hole* Ha! Serves you right. *He said picking up his knife and putting it away* Almost wish I could stick around and let you hear the horrors of your buddies buuut you did wound me. Damnit. That'll probably leave a scar you know. You couldn't have done it on my chest eh? Like Grimjoww? Ah well. *Throws his coat over his shoulder and waves so long as he turns away* See you in the funny papers, poppet! AHA HA HA HA HA!

Mary: *Laying  on her face* I'll murder him when I get out of this hole. *Gets up and looks upward at how far she fell* I'm lucky my construct is made of tough Spira otherwise I'd have shattered! Fifty feet? Ugh...better start climbing. *She takes out her sword and starts her long journey upwards* Just hope Rahl, Dave and Zoltar don't fall asleep before I get out of this.
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(Good writing, Zolty! =D I liked that little scene with Rip and Mary! Dude seems kinda interesting and it was neat how he told her what she wanted to know and kept her from warning the team. XD )

*As Mary was attempting to get out of the pit soon Clare began nod off and Dave smiled*

Dave: Heh heh. She reminds me of Miname.

Lylac: Who?

Dave: He used to be called Missing Name since he was a lab mouse and never had a name only a number. *Frowns* Poor thing. So I gave him a name "Miname"

Lylac: It's pretty. What is it? Elvish? Dragon?

Dave: Nah just a fusion of "Mi-ssing" and "Nam-ay" as in a stretched out version of name.

Lylac: Well that's rather clever!

Rahl: *Sweats and fidgets* Umn...

Dave: Hm? Seems his dreams aren't going so smoothly as Clare's.

*Little did Dave know that Clare's dream wasn't going so smooth either...*

- Kharn the City of the Bronze Towers -

*Clare was now a Shinro, a anthro dragon decked out in dark blue armor and with light powder blue scales. Her weapon was chain scythe which she held as she looked around with her fierce dark blue eyes* Wh-where am I?? Wait..I know this place. Kharn. My hatmate and I grew up her. Khroom...I wonder what became of him? *She went to the window then stepped back* Yaaah! Since when are the towers so tall?? We must be twenty thousand feet in the air!

*Suddenly a voice cackled with laughter.*

Clare: *Turns around* Who's there?

????: Like you don't know!

Clare: N-No! It can't be!

*From the shadows stepped a figure garbed in black but save for one feature. A silver cat eared mask covered her face while her long dark blue hair spilled down his back*

Bastille: Te he he! Hello Clare! Nyah!

Clare: You are that evil witch who cursed me! ...But wait...I don't remember you wearing so much black then.

Bastille: Murr you wouldn't having such a tiny mouse brain, huh my sweet?

Clare: *Smirks* But I have my Shinro body back now and it's payback time, bitch! *Tosses the scythe at Bastille*

Bastille: *Smiles and deflects it with ease*

Clare: Grrr! Try this one for size! *Draws in air* Shock Popper! *Sends blast of concentrated air at Bastille*

Bastille: *Walks forward and leap frogs over the blast* Te he he he!! That it?

Clare: *Growls and flaps her wings* Die monster!! *Leaps at Bastille with her claws slicing at her*

Bastille: *Is slashed, cut and sliced but doesn't bleed and slowly straightens out*

Clare: H-How is that possible?!

Bastille: Because dear sweet, Clare...You were always a mouse. You always will be...*raised her hands and Cero energy extends along them forming claws like one of Grimjow's attacks only these were pink* No mater what form! *She says slashing down8

Clare: Fire Sheild!! *Bursts into flames and the attack collides with the flames sending her back and crashing into the wall causing it to crack and fall away* Eeek!

Bastille: *Slowly walking towards Clare with her fore finger extended* Don't you see? It is always the cat's place to show the mouse where she belongs...Now squeek and die! Cero Oscuras!! *Fires a black Cero at Clare*

Clare: *As it comes for her* You forgot one thing! Mice can't fly!! *Leaps up and flies away from the blast then stops when she's far enough up and does a double take. One of the Bronze Towers of Kharn was here but it was far away from the city! It was in fact a turret on a very odd grey castle that seemed to stretch out forver with various pieces all mashed up liek a jigsaw puzzle* W-wha?

Bastille's voice: Oh mousie~ Te he he! You too have not taken something into account, no?

Clare: Huh?? *Looks down and see's Bastille standing on the air* T-that's impossible!!

Bastille: No dear. *Tosses off her black robes revealing a set of bone white sexier ones and a short tanto katana* I am an Arrancar. I died you see...My sister Fara killed me in order to gain my dark powers of transformation so she could turn herself and others into what she pleased. *Takes her hand and grips her mask pulling it away leaving only the bones above the cheeks like wiskers and the car ears* Now I am free thanks to the power of the Morphiah Bugs! Aha ha ha ha! Once I kill you I'll eat your soul and become even more powerful then I can finally take on Fara in the after life and reclaim my powers of transformation!! *Draws the blade and leaps at Clare* Yaaaaaaaaah!

Clare: Aaaaaaah! Flame Sheild! *Sets herself on fire again*

Bastille: Hisss! *Sonido's to Clare's right crouching on the sky* >=3 That stupid little trick! Well it hurts you too so you'll be weakened if you keep using it. HA HA HA HA! *She said laughing mainaclly* And soon you'll exhaust your MP and not be able to strike ba-

Clare: *Flies at Bastile* Comet Impact!

Bastille: Aaaah! *Blocks with her Zanpukuto* >-<;; Damn you learn fast!! If I had my powers you'd still be a mouse...

Clare: *Her fires go out* Uh oh! Flaaame

Bastille: Not this time! Cero!! *Uses her free hand swipe at Clare sending a bladed claw-like Cero at her at close range*

Clare: Aaaaaaahg! *She says falling back and downward*  Augh my wing!! *She said looking at her torn wing*

Bastille: I'd be more worried about the bottomless clouds, dear! Heh! Let me help you ascend a bit... *Sonido's under Clare and delivers a nasty kick to her back*

Clare: ARRGGGH!! *She says spinning upward*

Bastille: *Sonido's again and bicyle kicks Clare, then Sonido's and does it again sending her at the grey stones of the castle!!*

Clare: Oh fu-

*CRASH!! She flies through it and lands in the middle of some huge pretyt badly thrashed throne room as she looks up she see's Rahl locked sword to unleashed sword with a huge monster that looks a little like a big white muscular version of himself standing beside it is another version of Rahl, only pointer and dressed more regally in white sitting in the throne laughing*

Hahl: Mwa ha ha ha ha! Come on Rahl! Give in to your dark powers! It'll let you escape and you can kill Raffles and take his place!

Rahl: Never- Clare?! What are you-*Suddenly is knee'd in the gut by Beasty*-Aaaaaugh! *Send flying into a collection of swords. Ouch!*

Beasty: Raaaaaargh! *Is roars him triumphantly*

Clare: And I thought I had it bad!

Bastille: *Appears in the hole* Yoo hoo~

Clare: O_O ****! *Runs over to Rahl* Hey, Lord Rahl, your highness? You need to get up or we're going to be sandwhiched between two...whatever they are!
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Rahls head swam as he fought for consciousness everything around him dark what little light was blurred in his vision. Then there was movement in the corner of the small room and a noise, a terrible gut wrenching crunching and gnawing. The room smelled of blood and bile, the air hot and rancid. Rahl could just make out a figure crouching over another shapeless form lying on the ground. The figure on the ground slowly reached out to him trembling and calling his name.

Rahl: Lylac.. Lylac!

He wanted to reach out to her but he couldn't. There was something in his hands cords of wet slippery rope between his fingers. He looked down and his hands were covered in blood and under him she lay looking up at him as he chewed on her innards, his head spun as he saw it but he couldn't stop even as she reached out to him begging him.

Lylac: Yes... *she said weakly* yes my love feed... devour us all, become strong my love.

-The waking world-

Dave: I don't like the looks of this...

Rahls skin was growing pale, his eyes darker, and a small but growing hole was forming in his chest.

Dave: That can't be good, his weakened form is allowing the hollow to take over his human half.

Lylac: I don't know what to do! Wake up! Wake up damnit!

She shook him vigorously but it did nothing. His skin was almost snow white now, his veins black as death. Protrusions something like horns we beginning to rise from his skull.

Dave: I think this might have to be one battle he has to win on his own...

-Rahl's Construct-

Clare watched as the beast dug his claws into Rahl's stomach, Rahl retching up blood in droves, his entire being seeming to draw from the monster pulling him inward transforming him into something altogether different... Something that not even her darkest nightmare could bring to bare...
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Mary: *Finally gets out of the hole.* Freedom!! Now to get to the others....and fast. *Spin dashes as fast as she can towards the camp* Guuuuuuuuuys!! *Crashes into Moonbeam* Hah stupid horse! *Gets up and walks dazedly towards Dave and Lylac* Hey dudes? There's some freaky bugs in their ears! They cause ultra real, scary nightmares!! You need to remove the bugs.

Zoltar: Mnng...Mary keep it down will you? Some of us are sleeping.

Dave:  Hold up, Zolty. Sooo there's a bug in Rahl's ear causing this? *Looks down Rahl's ear* Ah! She's right I see the little fiend. *Uses the Force to pry it off* Got Ya!

-- Rahl's Construct --

*As Rahl's was just barely holding on about to be absorbed suddenly he felt a surge of energy and knew in his mind and heart that none of this was real.*

Rahl: This is a dream.Nothing is real! Getsuga Tenshoooooo!! *He said firing it from his hands within the creature making it explode from within.

Haul Noooooooo! I almost had you dam you Rahl! *He said using Sonido and leaving*

Rahl's: *Whipes some fried hollow off himself and turns to.Bastille smiling* Next?
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Dave: Okay I checked Zoltar and Fruck. Neither have any bugs in their ears we should be okay now.

Mary: How do you know?? Maybe they're in your ears! Heck maybe this is all my nightmare.

Lylac: Unlikely cause the title card still says "Morphiah Forest".

Fourth Wall: *Cracks a little*

David: You guys hear something?

Lylac: Ahh sorry. ^^; I forgot how delicate that thing was.

Dave: Not that.

Fruck: *Eating crackers* Hmm? Sorry!

Dave: No not that. That "buzzing sound".

Moonbeam: What buzzing-

*Suddenly the air itself seemed to vibrate as it was swarmed but thousands of Morphiah Beetles.*

Dave: Oh dren.

- Rahl's construct -

Rahl: *Faces down Bastille* What kind of a Hollow calls herself Bastille anyway?

Bastille: *Smiles wider* It was my name in life why not in death? *Draws her blade and holds it up with both hands* Not that it matters as you won't have one in a moment...Aqua Rasgar!

*She began to glow then there was a implosion of Spirit Energy then she was standing before Rahl garbed in a ton of bone white armor. her body had gotten taller and more muscular a dher bust size was now at a G-cup while her face mask was only a little different. Mostly it resembled a forehead guard. It should be noted her hands were armored in thick cestuses and so her hand feet*

Bastille R: *Grins* Now let's see how powerful you are spirit reaper! *Raises her hands and smashes them into*

Rahl: Heh you think hitting the ground will-*Suddenly the ground under Rahl let up and Whoosh! A energy blast threw him into the air*

Bastile R: *Sonido's up to him and unleashes a close range Cero* Cero Osculas! *The world goes black as Rahl is blasted from the air and driven back into tthe ground*

Clare: Raaaahl!!

Crator: *Sizzles a moment before Rahl leaps out and dons his mask roaring in distorted voice* Gestsuga-ten-sho! *Uleashes a wave of dark at Bastille*

Bastille: I was hopping you'd do that!! *Leaps forward and slashes with one claw which splits Getsuga in half then unleashes another which streaks at Rahl!!....But then suddenly he wakes up!*

- Morphiah Forest -

Rahl Half Holllowfied: Aaah!....*Changes back slowly* W-what? *Looks down at the hole that's slowly shrinking* What happened?

Dave: Rahl you're allive! Thank goodness! *Using his E. Lighting to zap bugs that get too close* Ah say buddy? You got a Kido spell for pesky insects that lure  you into the dream realm and then kill you?

Rahl: *Gets up and looks around* Hmm I know something that might do the trick. *Points to the sky* Thunder Wheel Kido 69!!

*The sky lights up with electricity and soon the smell of fried insects*

Fruck: Pretty fire works. Think that was all of them?

Zoltar: Yawwwn. Yep I'd say so. *He says getting up and walking sleepishly over to the food pack and taking out a sandwhich* We should get more supplies at the next town you know?

Mary: ...-.-; Oblivious as always....

Rahl: Wait...Clare! Oh no I left her int he dream realm with that Arrancar!

Dave: What?! Well then we need to remove her bug quickly! *Runs over to Clare then stops and looks up at Rahl* Ummm Rahl are you sure you saw Clare in your dream world?

Rahl: Pretty sure why?

Dave: ...Because she has no bug.
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Mary: Wait then why isn't she waking up?

Dave: Hmm likely it has something to do with a personal battle of her own heart.

Zoltar: Well then should we try to talk to her in hopes she'll understand us and use our encouragement to fight back against the dream?

Fruck: Couldn't hurt could it?

Moonbeam: Freindship and love shall prevail!

Rusty: Boooop. (Aw shut it, gluepie.)

- Clare's Construct -

Clare: want to surrender?

Bastille R: Why? I'm winning! *Aims a Cero Osculas at Clare and fires*

Clare: Yeaaaaaaaah I was afraid of that. *Sucks in air* Dragon Burst!! *Cancels out the Cero with a blast of blue white fire* Heh not so tough n- *Thoom!!! A cero is blasted at Clare from above as the explosion engulfs her* Aggh!!

Bastille R: *Smiles widely* Nyaahahahahaha!! Now what was it you were saying? *She said gripping Clare by the throat*

Clare: Hnnnnng *Struggles trying to free herself*

Bastille: Ha Ha Ha! That's what I thought. *Levels a Vero at Clare's head* Any last requests?

Clare: *Then she hears the voices of her freinds encouraging her and feels a sudden surge of power and her heart glows and releases a blast of pure light* Yeah actually GO BACK TO HADES! *Suddenly Oathkeeper appears in her hands which she uses to strike Bastille's Hollow Hole.

Bastille: N-nooooooooooogghhhhhhhhhhhh!! *Explodes in white flash which eventually resolves into the camp with all her friends around her*

Rahl's: Nicely done 'ol girl!

Dave: The Force is strong with you.

Moonbeam: Freindship is magic! And magic triumphs over all!

Rusty: Warble, gloop been bop. (Yeah, Yeah.)

Zoltar: You da mouse!

Mary: That was so ducking cool!

*Several hours later the sun came up and the gang got back on the road towards what they hoped was Raffles Castle, but without a map the group couldn't make hide nor hare of the countryside.*

Clare: So where are we now?

Dave: I don't know. We need a map.

Rahl: Doesn't Rusty have a radar?

Rusty:  Zorp zap pop beep beep.(Threw it out to make room for more weapons.)

Fruck: I'd track but honestly we dwarves are better at navigating underground rather than on top of it. If only we had a map.

Zoltar: Why don't we stop at that quaint looking village up ahead?
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Rahl: ... so much for a village.

Dave: Looks more like a circle of run down shacks to me.

They rounded the corner and small girl screamed dropping a pile of wood she was hold on the ground, running for one of the smaller hovels and slamming shut the door. Some more women peer out from doors and around corners holding frying pans and woodcutting axes, other cowered in corners holding screaming babies and small children. There was a loud BOOM as the door of the largest hovel slammed open. A man with graying short crapped hair and deep scars on his face and muscles like tree strunks stepped out.

??: And who the hell be you lot?

Rahl: I am Rahl, this is Lylac, Dave, Rusty, Zoltar, Marry, Fruckart, and Moonbeam. Were have been through alot recently and we're looking for somewhere to hold up for the night and possibly a map.

??: Oh well are you now? And I suppose you be wanting to stay here are you? Maybe have your way with some of my fine wives, eh?

Rahl: It's nothing like that, I'm already married and I can assure you the others have no such intentions.

??: Don't think I can't see you looking.

He half closes his eyes suspiciously and slaps the nearest girl, no older than 16 on the behind.

??: Well, you can call me Craster! And these beauty's are me wives and me daughters, some are a bit o' both. So I'm doubl'y protective see. I don't have any maps  but you can stay the night here if you want but lay finger or even an eye on me beauty's and you'll find a gap in your throat from ear to ear. Though you will be sleeping with in the barn tonight.

One of the younger children started crying even louder at that.

Craster: Damn you woman keep that child quiet.

The woman swept by grabbing up the child and running into another hovel.

Craster: Show our guests to their lovely quarters for the evenin'. Be so kind as to feed them some of that wonderful stew I'm so found of as well.

Another older woman stepped up fear and tears in her eyes, and lead them away to an open faced, long, and battered building.

Woman: You can sleep... here. I'll be back with your- stew.

Rahl: Thank you.

But the words fell on def ears as she walked away. He sniffles following her in the distance.

Dave: Its a good thing we found some... uhu... shelter. The snow is really starting to come down outside.

Zoltar: Yeah... but I don't know about this guy. Kinda shady with the daughter wives and all-

She had returned with bowls of steaming stew and unceremoniously dropped them on the ground spilling most but not all of the contents. And as fast as she had appeared she was gone. And they started eating. The broth was passable for dirty water and the meat was of unknown origin, but the more they ate the more enjoyable it became. The small fire they had made lit the room and figures danced among the flames their eyes closing as they drifted ever further into slumber.

Rahl looked around but there was nothing but darkness, every inch of his being was freezing as the snow fell carpeting his body and what other shapeless white lumps lye around him. His head was dizzy and any coherent though came with only the greatest effort. Every inch of his body felt so heavy, impossibly heavy as if he was chained to the ground but he felt no chains.

Things began to clear in his mind somewhat and he could make out the drifting flakes falling in the air by the moonlight, the trees around him, and then... movement in the dark. Shining specks of blue coming closer, behind them as it come closer revealed skin as white as the snow falling around them, and a sword glowing of pure crystal clutched in its hands...
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(Ugh sorry, dudes!  :'( I've been absent lately but I'm going to post Tomorrow if able! If not, Fishman can take my turn.)
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(Where are all da RP'rs at yo?)
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(Huh weird. I thought Fish would get to this before I did.  Oh well let's just keep going till he gets back.)

Rahl: *Struggles and staggers* M-....Mon....

Dave: What is it Rahl- *Stops feels a little woozy* Ugh...Huh? I feel...weird.

Rusty: Beeop! (Dave I sense somebody approaching!) *Turns his dome to the intruders* Boop! (T-They're snow elves!)

Whitey: That's quite right, little machine! Aha ha ha!

Zoltar: Snow Elves? Like from Skyrim?

Mary: I wouldn't put it past this weird land. Also why aren't you staggering?

Zoltar: < < Why aren't you?

Mary: My body is made of ectoplasm. It's just a construct. Can't get sick like you can.

Zoltar: Oh well in that case. *Does a really bad ham acting job of swooning then falls over8 Ah...the swirling colors of shady green bearded elves!

Fruckert: Hmpf. Elves...I detest them as it's a traditional dwarved sterotype and a long standing tradition.

Whitey: Well we ain't got no problem with you! Eh, Frost?

Frost: Heh nope. *He says looking like Snow from FF13 but with long white hair*

Dave: Wh-what do you want....

Shiva: Heh! You'll find that out after we abduct you.

Lylac: Not a chance! *Green flames suround her head* Ifreet!

*Suddenly Ifrit appears in a blast of flames roaring and generaly being all impressive.*

Whitey: H-How did she do that? Snow! You said our human slaves would drug the stew, damnit!

Snow: Oh sure blame me. < < As if I control the humans. Probably only used a mild amount of the Chloroform we gave them.

Shiva: Damn humans and trolls. Can't trust either!

Lylac: Actually I've spent years drinking small amounts of several poisons and toxins.

Snow: O_O Why the hell would anyone do that?

Whitey: Inconceivable! She's seen Princess Bride and figured out how to beat the bad status "Poison" Oh ho ho! Very clever.

Snow: What about the dwarf?

Fruckert: Dwarves have excellent resistance to most poisons anyway. ^-^ We rock, elves suck.

Shiva: *Cracks her knuckles* Oh is that a fact, beardo? *She asks coldly* Been a while since I was in a propper brawl.

Lylac: Don't even think about it! Elves may be good at magic, but Ifrit is the ultimate Fire Type! Go, Ifrit! Use

Shiva: Ice Make: Hammer! *Suddenly leaps into the air and smashes Ifrit through the side of the barn with an over sized hammer made of ice!*

Ifrit: HP {0/50,000} *It was super effective!*

Lylac: W-what kind of magic is that?

Snow: You need to watch more anime. *Slams the floor* Transmutation: Spikey Doom!

*Suddenly Spikes of earth shoot up at Lylac: *Twists to the side at the last second tearing her white dress* Augh what are you-

Whitey: *Slices her arm lightly* So sorry about this....

Lylac: Wh-what's....*Falls over seeming to be in a death-like state*

Shiva: Aww man! I wanted to use more magic on her.

Fruckert: Hmm I think I'm beign ignored, droid. I rather find that....*Pulls down sniper goggles* Anoying. Don't you, Rusty?

Rusty: Boop. (Yep.) *Suddenly opens a huge chest compartment to reveal a laser mini gun* Bop boop beeowrp! (Mini Gun primed, power!) *Shoots*

Frucket: Wonderbuss!! *Takes out that huge blunderbuss and fires a canon ball at the three elves*

Shiva: Hmpf! You think that'll stop me?! Ice Make: Rhino!!

*Suddenly a huge Rhino made of ice appears and blocks all the shots*

Rusty: Boop! (Ice! My lasers can't melt that!) *Intesfies his fire power*

Rhino: *Is slowly melting*

Snow: *Suddenly appears behind Rusty and  Frucket*  Tranmute: Prison! *Puts a hand on Rusty and then bends his form aroudn Fruck so that Rusty is now a cargo container with a thick door*

Fruck: Well fruck me...That was damn impressive....for an elf.

Whitey: Ugh! You weren't supposed to do that, Snow! Now we got two less sacrifices for the Big Man.

Shiva: Bah we still got two powerful souls. A Jedi Knight and a Shinigami! The Big Guy will feast well this night!

Mary: Um...I'm still here in case anybody wants to know. *Hefting her sword and smiling psychotically*

Whitey: Oh come on. < <; You know what I've had it with this. Snow! Deal with her while we take the others to The Frozen Castle. You know the one.

Snow: *Smirks* Right. I'll deal with her. *Assumes a fighting stance*

Mary: Hmpf. *Swings her sword around in a crazy arc* If you think I'm letting them escape, you're so wrong! *Slices doward*

Snow: *Brings up his arm and blocks it effortlessly with metalic sound*

Mary: Huh?? The hell did you-

Snow: *Picks up a handful of flakes* Transmute: Ice Needles!! *Pellets Mary with them*

Mary: Augh! Rave Ripple! *Sends out a pulse destroying them before they can reach her* >-<; Damn you guys are almost as good as my nemesis: Rip. Heh he's- Hey what they?

*Suddenly the group disapears into thin air with blinding flash*
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(Snow Elves!! ...I like Night elves better. XD)

*As Dave and the others disappeared Proud Mary found herself facing down the metal armed Snow Elf unoriginaly named Snow.*

Mary: You guys kidnapped my friends!

Snow: Yep.

Mary: For nefarious purposes?

Snow: That'd be right.

Mary: And you won't tell me till I beat you right?

Snow: You're very smart...So why aren't you running! *Transmutes a scythe into a sword and attacks*

Mary: *Easily blocks it* Ha! That-

Snow: *Swings with his auto mail arm* Iron Fist!!

Mary: *Is smashed in the face and sent flying through the wall* Ugh!! *She says planting her sword in the ground*

Snow: *Transmutes the snow into a surge of water* Tidal Blast!!

Mary: Oh heck no- *Is splashed*

Snow: *Rushes up* Freeze~ *Goes to transmute the water aroudn mary when suddenly he pauses his hand halfway there. His dark eyes shift over and see a rod like object pressed to his head. The owner of said rod-like object also had white hair, but it was short and spiky. His eyes were yellow and almost like that of a eagle but paler. His eyes were half lidded and and he wore a bored look on his mug. His clothes consisted of a winter special ops jacket, in black camo, thick grey trousers and big boots in black that matched his gloves.*

Jethro Harper: It's not nice to hit women. *He said still pointing the weapon at Snow*

Snow: A lightsaber? Don't think we're unfamilar with tech! Our master has taught us the ways of-

Jet: *Points the weapon at Snow's ear then presses a button and with splatter of silver blood and flash of red a streaking, charged slug shreds it into tatters.


Jet: Force Lance. Not a saber. *He said still pointing to the fallen elf* It's not that high tech, just something I picked up while I was on Megamartopia looking for a new weapon to replace my beloved Sig Saurer which that anoying woman who's trying to kill Dave sliced up to the point I couldn't even sell it for scrap. *Looks at Mary* You okay?

Mary: 8O That thing is soooo cool!

Snow: *Gets up* I'll transmute you're face! Give me that stupid thing- *Reaches for Jet*

Jet: *Tosses the Force Lance to Snow* Well since you asked so nicely.

*When the Lance touches Snow's hand suddenly it sends an electric current through his arm*

Snow: AUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGH! OoO It burns!!! *Can't let go*

Jet: Yeah. See it has isometic controls. In other words if somebody I don't want take it? Not only will it not fire it'll electrocute and usually stun whoever picks it up without my authorization.

Snow: *Faints face first*

Mary: Soooo cool! *o* Who are you?

Jet: Weapons Officer Jethro Harper of the Loyal Dewback crew. You can call me Jet. *He said retrieving his weapon then returning it to his side and turning to Mary* Now tell me what happened here so I can figure out how I'm going to have to rescue Dave. *He said looking slightly annoyed.*
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Meanwhile Rahl and Dave were bound in floating shells of ice conscious but not able to move an inch.

Whitey: Ah the gates of Icehold, a thousand feet tall impenetrable to any mortal weapon.

Shiva: Even gives me the chills... You better say the words, I tend to... forget them.

Whitey: Klaatu barada nikto

And from what had appeared to be a seamless wall a crack began to spread and the maw of a giant cave like entrance. They made their way inside the walls of solid unmelting ice lit by the fires of torches. As they passed through several hundred feet of wall they came to the exit behind which lay an enormous sprawling kingdom, its buildings seemingly carved from massive icy stalagmites, spiraling towers rising beautiful and deadly into the sky. The on in the center dwarf all the others around it, reaching into the clouds above; an overlord of ice and obviously the seat of power for the forsaken kingdom.

Rahl: *whisper* Dave, can you move.

Dave: No I've been trying but I might as well be Han Solo post Cloud City at this point.

Rahl: I can't either.

Whitey: Shut your faces or all I will give you will be breathing holes and you'll be lucky to have them.

In silence they ascended the central structure stairs seeming to go on for centuries.

Whitey: Lucky prisoners, can't you make me float like that too? I hate these damn stai-

Shiva: Enough, quit your whining or I will toss you back down them.

Whitey: Fine I-

They crested the last staircase in to the vast hall before them. An enormous fire pit in the center that seemed it would need to be fed entire houses many times a day to be kept alive.

Shiva: Keep your mouth shut from here out or we'll both regret it.

The passed into the hall hung with elaborate red and blue tapestries and banners. And at the back of the hall sitting upon a throne several hundred feet tall was the largest man Rahl had ever seen. A giant so immense that he seemed to fill the hall his skin cold hard blue, his features angular, beard falling from his regal face as massive cords of snow. His eye though were alive with light, like sapphires alive with fire able to look deep into your soul.

Shiva: Great god king Ullr, we bring you homage that you might ever bring winter to this wretched and unworthy world.

Ullr: Yooouu have done goooood. III sense muuuch poweeer in those yooouu bring to mee.

His voice boomed with power and carried as though a wind through a giant cave.

Shiva: Thank you god king Ullr.

The shells of ice rose into the air and landed as is pebbles in his hands. His eyes burning with the fire of untold centuries baring down upon them as the weight of mountains.

Ullr: Yoouur pooweer is great foor suuch small thingss.

Rahl: What are you...

Ullr: HHAAAA HAAA HAAA HAAAAAAAA Yooouu would thiink too compreehend meeee!?!? II am a god kiiingg. Laaast and greatttest of my brothers, whoom I through down. For a thooousand years aand a thooousand more we battled shaaking the earth in our waaake. Whaat am III? Whoo am III? II am hee who brings iiice and darkness to the wooorld, I am Ullr briiinger of the frooozen hell and god kiiing.

Dave: I think we might be in trouble this time...
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(Since Rahl didn't say where Zoltar is I'll just improvise.)

*Meanwhile somewhere inside the scary castle place....*

Zoltar: Oooh...My head....

Lylac: ***.

Zoltar: Eh? *Sits up and looks around the large featureless room they happen to be in* Weird, but strangely not the worst place I've woken up in.

Lylac: Zoltar? *She asks fumbling around* I-I can't see you.

Zoltar: That's cause there's no light. Here let me...Spirit Sheild!! *His hexigonal sheild flares to life but smaller and weaker looking that it was* Ah that's better. *Looks around and see's the room isn't featureless. It's made of ice!!* Huh? We're inside a giant ice cube? How'd that happen? *Goes to get up and realizes he can't as ice chains are shacked to his legs* Ah yes....*Shivers* Brr!! How'd they do that?

Lylac: Magic. This whole place has a after aura of strong magic.

Fruck: Aye, after magic.

Zoltar: Dawrf! You're still alive! Wait where's your mount?

Moonbeam: I'm still here!  :D

Zoltar: Great! Then smash the ice and free us!

Moonbeam:  _sweat_ What do you think I've been trying to do? This ice is like iron.

Lylac: It's Ice Maker Magic combined with Elvish. It's nearly impervious to any damage. What's worse is I can't summon big creatures in this little bitty space. Especially without knowing where the space is.

Fruck: Oh aye. We could be stuck on a perilous perch, prefated to plunge into a pyre!

Zoltar: @-@ Too many P's. Okay so let's take stock a moment. We can't escape from the inside, via Spirit Energy, Summoning or...wait what do you do, Fruck?

Fruck: My current skills are Yodel Level 9, Craft and Smith Level 9, Speak Random Dwarvish Level 4, Train Mount Level 3 and I have about a 80% proficiency with Pikaxes.

Zoltar: Smithing....Maybe we can use that!

Lylac: How?

Zoltar: Well Fruck can smith us something like a shaped charge or something.

Lylac: Using what?

Zoltar:  Turn out your pockets and let's see what we have.

*Everyone emptied their pockets...even the pony.*

Fruck: Hmm I may be able to make something out of this. *Takes Zoltar's driver's liscense and combines it with Lylac's tampons, then adds it to Moonbeam's Star Core.* Behold! The ultimate weapon! *Holds up a badly painted, crappy looking key blade*

Zoltar: .....T_T We're doomed!
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(XD Bwhahaha! A crappy looking Keyblade. Oh man. That's what you guys get for trying to "Minecraft" your way out of the situation.)

- Back with Dave and the other sacrifices -

Ullr: WHA HA HA HA HA HA! Iaaaaammmm uncompreeeehnedable!

Dave: Um sorry to say this, but no you're not.

Ullr: *One of his huge eyes cracks open and focuses on Dave, the great blue-green glacier looking like a vast tundra reflecting Dave's confident face* Whaaaat? You daaaaaree challennnnnnge Ullrrrrrr?

Dave: Well no, just pointing some logic. See you're a giant monster that represents Eternal Winter, yes?

Ullr: Yesss?

Dave: Well by revealing this information you're allowing us to categorize you, ergo understanding you.

Ullr: Grrrrr!! You try my patience, hummmmmaaa-

Dave: I'm not human. *He said standing up* I'm a near human.

Ullr: HA HA HA HA! Nearrrr? How neeeaaaar?

Dave: Not very. *He said dramatically then suddenly struck the the sphere*........OWW! Fraaack! I think I broke my fist!! XO

Rahl: -  -; Great job, Dave.

Dave: Well at least I'm trying! Can't you even bring out some Fullbring powers?

Rahl: Fullbring? ....Hmm oh yeah Ichigo had those didn't he? Sadly I stopped emulating him except for using Zangestu. Besides I can't feel my connection to sword right now.

Ullr: ThAAaaaaaaaaaaat's becaaaaaaauuuuuuse he's here. *Said Ullr gesturing to Whitey who held up the blade*

Rahl: Uh "he's" a she. I changes allot about my biography. See I was going through this identit crisi-

Ullr: SILENENNNNNNEEEEENCE!! Your peeettttttttty liiiiiives concern me not! *He snapped* All I care about issssss yourrrr POWAH! *He said opening his mouth wide then suddenly chi from Dave, greenish blue, and black and red from Rahl become a miniture twister sucking upward into the monster's mouth*


Rahl: FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU-*Falls foward as iut stops* Aaah....ah.....Wh-what the hell was that?

Dave: Felt like a Chi Siphon....Ugh...Owww...haven't been through one of a lonnng.....lonnng time....*Falls facefoward into the sphere's beveled front* Ugggh...Wh-what did you do that for?

Ullr: Ahhh Poooooowaaah. With the powwwwwaah of a Jedi Exil and Spirit Reaper....I shalll beeeeee unnnnsttoooopppaaable. At looooonnnggg last I shall deeeefeeeeeat my nemeeeeeessssssisssss......

Dave: And who would

Ullr: Santa Claus.

Rave: Don't screw with me you over sized- *Suddenly the siphon is turned back on* AUUUUUUUUUUWAAAAAAAAGGGGH!!!

Ullr: I wouldn't dream of it. My mating habit are not only imcopatible with your kind, but they would kill you.

Dave: *Eyes glazed over* Ahhh....You're....speech....improved....why....?

Ullr: Because the power from a Jedi and a Spirit Reaper is revitalizing me! Soon I shall begin the Rite of the Winter Solstice and then...Hell willl freeze over! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!

Rahl: How fuckin....great....So why haven't you just ate us and got it over with already?

Ullr: Becasue I wish to suck all the delicious chi from your bodies then I will gnash my teeth on your, thin, crispy corpses. MMmmm....Corpses....

Dave: O-over my dead bod- Ahhhh never mind?

Ullr:....*Siphons more chi from the two heroes and the screaming begins anew*

-- Meanwhile with Jet and Mary --

*We see the inside of what looks like a cushy loungue of some kind. With jazz music being played and a basket of chocolates beign on the large white marble table. Jet is fiddling with the now-coffee machined Rusty's cord*

Mary: Uh where are we?

Jet: *Hooking Rusty up to an AC adapter* Hold on...Just gotta-*Click*- Okay there we go. You okay now, Rust bucket?

Rusty: Beeop boop...( Yep. Thanks...I thought I was scrap.)

Jet: You and me both. *Walks over to the marbled table and sits down taking of his jacket* Okay so here's the deal. Dave likes to travel via that old YT 2400 Milenium Falcon reject. Me? I prefer Hover Cargo.

Mary: Hover what? Is this a space ship?

Jet: Nooo. It can't even sail the seas, only cross small shallows. But it makes a great hanger for all kinds of things. Here let me show you:  *Holds up a picture* (

Mary:..... It's a giant metal snail?

Jet: Exacta! Isn't it awesome? ^_^

Mary: ...That's one word for it. Um but how does this help us?

Jet: Because we're going to raid an enemy city right?

Mary: Well yeah.

Jet: This Hover Cargo is designed as a mobile base. Used to hold giant robotic animals, known as Zoids. Now it holds something much more potent as well.... *He said walking to the railing*

Mary: Hey how'd that railing suddenly get- Whooaaaa.....*She says speechlessly* Is that a-?

Jet: Yup.

Mary: But why do you need something THAT BIG. I mean it takes up most of your cargo bay!

Jet: *Nods* Because...Where Dave's at there's also something...big. Something big, ugly and that hates Christmas. *Eyes narrow* I can't allow it to live.

Mary: Uh...Okay so how far are we to the place where this big, mean Santa Claus hating monster lives?

Jet: Oh we arrived an hour ago. I was just getting us some coffee. It's going to be cold so you'd better drink up. *Hands Mary a coffee made by Rusty then drinks his*

Mary: >-<; Are you always this mysterious?

Jet: *Sips* Nah, mostly when I'm showing off. *He said flashing a smile* Okay! *Presses a button on the far wall* Yo, Boomer! We're here. Full stop, ready all weapons and prep our rides.

Mary: Rides?

Jet: *Turns around and smirks* Have you ever ridden an eagle? >=J

Mary: owo (If I ever make it back Zoltar I swear I'll be nicer to him! He's way less insane than this weirdo!)

- Back with the guys -

*Suddenly Mr Mountain stopped siphoning their chi*

Ullr: Hmmm I sense something....Something metalic. *Looks at Whitey about to say something when suddenly he takes several lazer blasts pelt him int he face* Raaaaaggh!!

Whitey: *Dodges a chunk of snow* M-master??

Ullr: Grrrr! *Rises up with Dave and Rahl still hovering near his face* ...The hell is that thing??

Dave; *Looks over to see what it is... and does a double take and smiles deliriously* He-hey Or have....I

Rah: *Stands up with some effort and looks out on the snow covered feild and doesn't see anything out of the ordinary. Wintery wastes, sparse tree's, a yetti walking her saber toothed tiger and ...a giant metal snail?* Huh? What in the name of the Soul King is that awful looking thing? *He said panting and trying to focus on it. It appeared to be a ugly metal snail that was shooting lasers at the huge mountain monster Ullr ...and also opening up it's shell and unleashing a full squadron of...metal eagles?!*

*The squadron sailed onward in a perfect delt formation with Jet at it's head and Mary taking charge of the second wing*

Jet: Now this **** is on! Whaaaaa hoooooo!!

Mary: Um...yeah you could say that. (Oh man! I'm going to die! Help! O_O; I don't know how to fly a giant metal bird!)

Ullr: Hmpf! Polllltrry....I detest it! *He said grinning with teeth like miniture hills* Let's see how much of your power I have asorbed shall we? Ice....BEEEEEEEEAM! *Fires a blast of pure icy energy*

Jet: Nunh nuna na na! Nunh nuna na na- na? Yaaarg! Break formation! Break formation! *he says as the huge glowing orb of doom approaches*

(BTW! If you never saw a Buster Eagle's awesome, but impractical design? This what they look like: (
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(Since Rahl hasn't responded I'm just gonna take a crack at this.)

*The Buster Eagle squadron attempted to break formation, but most of them were taken out by the sheer force of the ice beam and fell crashing and exploding*

Jet: *Manages to dodge it* You okay, Mary?

Mary: Y-yeah. Damn what was that thing??

Jet: A big boss that's going to take allot to defeat. *Punches some buttons on his console* Hmmm...Looks like we each have about two wings apiece. I was hopping we'd have more...Welp looks like we're doing this Star Wars style then.

Mary: What the heck does that mean? *looks worried*

Jet: Means we're flying down his throat and blasting him from the inside. *He said grinning and punching a button on his console* Jet to HG 1, Jet to HG 1. Come in HG one. Over.

Boomer from the Hover Cargo: You okay, Jet??

Jet: Mostly. Got ice beamed. It was a super effective. Over.

Boomer:   _sweat_ Stop saying "over". We're not a military you know.

Jet: Right. Okay so we lost more than half our Squadron. We're going to attempt a "Death Star Trench Run" and get the Siron Weapon in place.

Boomer: Alright what do you need from me?

Jet: *Grins* Covering Fire.

Boomer: Roger! Deck Command accepted. Preparing Phaser Banks....Charging....

Mary: What's the "Siron Weapon", Jet?

Jet: Just...something capable of destroying huge monsters.

Mary: Alright then. So you going to fly it down his throat?

Jet: Nope. You are. Your eagle is the one with the payload.

Mary: .....WHAT?!

-- Meanwhile in the Ice Cube Prison --

Zoltar: *Playing a Game Boy Color with a flash light* ...I need a DS.

Fruck: Aye that you do lad. *Stops and listens* Do my dwarf ears deceive me? No it is!

*Loud screeeeeeee-CRASH!! A Buster Eagle fell on the Ice Cube and smashed it open*

Zoltar: Freedom!

Snow Elf Gaurd 1: Hey you can't escape! Stop th- *The Buster Eagle's cannon falls over and crushes him*

Zoltar: *Catches his sword* ....Cool free loot! *Loots the body and puts on some heavier armor and passes the bow to Lylac* Here you go and some silver arrows.

Moonbeam: *Trots out* Yay! I'm not stuck in the ice anymore!  Now it's Stampin' time!! :frag: *Runs off with Fruckert on his back swining a Elvish Mace*

Fruck: Ha ha ha ha! Dwarven poweerrrrr!! *Swings and smashes with glee*

Zoltar: *Points his balde at where Dave and Rahl are suspended in mid air* Don't worry fellows, we're coming for you!...As soon as we figure out how to get up there.  :-\

Lylac: Husband! *Makes a gesture* Valefor! *Suddenly Valefor appears and she gets on him zooming at them taking aim with her bow and shooting the sphere containing Rahl* Yaah!
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Jet: Ok so heres the plan. I'll lay down some fire and direct his attacks making him stand up from his throne. you advance from a lower more indirect root. Once you are in range of big and nasty over there fly under that things toga and directly upward. It will be narrow and dangerous from there but you have to move up that narrowing trench. Your only going to have one shot but there is a narrow ventilation shaft in a great chasm near the top, you have to deliver the payload directly into it. An inch to either side and it will not do enough damage to the... delicate inner working of the bastard.

Mary: You mean you want me to shoot this missle up that things ***?

Jet: Your not going to have much time to get out of there so do it fast and get the hell out of there.

Mary: You want me to shoot... this missle up that things-

Jet: Good luck pilot! *and with a salute he flies off creating the distraction

---- Meanwhile

Rahl and Dave fell from the sphere crashing down to the ground. Lylac managed to catch Rahl but David rearend fell to the ground with a loud thwack.

Dave: Heyyy-

*A noise came from the radio on his belt*

Jet: Dave come in the is Jet do you copy, come in this is Jet

Dave: Jet!?! is that you, of course its you, only you would drive around that damed ugly looking snail

Jet: Yeah its good to see you too, look you guys have to get out of there. Mary is about to make this guy rethink his sexuality and you guys have to get out of there

Rahl: What!?

Jet: Just get out there its going to get real nasty real quick.

Mary: Jet you really want me to shoot this missile up that thin-

Jet: Just leave it to us guys, Jet out!

Rahl: Sounds like we need to get out of here

A whoosh ing sound came from overhead as a drop ship landed near there Rusty mounted on top.

Rusty: Beeep Bop Boop!

Dave: Right on lets ditch this bitc...

*thwang thwang thwang*

Arrows were flying from the air bouncing off of the shell of the ship as more white shinned trolls poured into the halls and a hail of arrows shot out at the group. Zoltar's sword spun in the air warding off the arrows that would have hit them.

Rahl: Just go!

They rushed into the ship and began gaining altitude heading for the snail ship. More clangs sounded as they flew.

Dave: Arrows... psh... really?

A split second later an arrow shot into one of the turbines catching the blades and setting it aflame.

Fruck: Really... just couldn't wait until we were out of range to say something witty?

As they spun out of control but still in the general direction of the snail.

----- Meanwhile

Ullr: Raaaaawwwwwwrrr. Enough of this!

A beam of ice shot out of his hand as he stood up throwing all of his power into it. Clipping of the engines in back as Jet dodged the brunt of the blast.

Jet: Now Mary, do it now!

Mary: If I make it through this I'm to put on of these missiles up your *** too JET!

The bird swept under the toga sparks flying from the landing gear she barely passed between the thick fabric and the floor. She swept the stick back as fast and as hard as she could only narrowly avoiding the cloth in back as well as she began shooting upwards each massive pillar to her sides growing hairier and narrower as she flew. As she narrowed her target she pulled down her targeting visor but then closed her eyes and shoved it away.

Jet: What are you doing? Don't close your eyes! Are you using the force or something?!?!

Mary: No if you were looking at what I'm looking at you would close your eyes too!!

Jet: You have to open them! You have to hit that mark!

Mary: But its so...

Jet: Spare me the details fire!

And with that the missile was away and all she could do was 180 and shoot back out of there a scream of pain to tear apart the heavens sounding in her wake...
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*As Ullr exploded into rocky fragments that rained down on the city Dave and the others ran from the falling debris*

Dave: Gyaah! *Grabs his intercom* Jet!! What the heck did you put in that bomb?!

Jet: Isn't obvious? Siron is what spelled backwards?

Dave: N-O-R-I-....Noris?! Wait you put Chuck Noris in a bomb and shot him up the anus of a giant mountain monster?!

Jet: Do I look crazy? Wait. Don't answer that. >.> Look I just took some of Noris' beard fibers and combined them with Neutron Star Cores and well...It worked! Aha ha ha ha! All too easy. Speaking of...I hope Mary made it out of the blast.

Mary: Aaaaaaaaaah! *She says her buster eagle streaking past Jet and crash landing int he snow smoking*

Jet: ....Hey I was just talking about you! *He says cheerfully*

Mary: *Opens the cockpit and falls down to the snow* Ugh....I'll....kill you for this....Jet....@-@

Jet: Hey! Look on the bright side, babe! We defeated Ullr and upset the political balance of this entire nation!

Dave: Actually that is a good thing. These Snow Elves were so vile they likely were allies of Raffles! No doubt he's watching all of this right now....

--- On a hilltop far away ----

Green Haired Knight: So...These are the fools who challenge Lord Raffles? ...Impressive.

One eyed ninja: Yes. They defeated Ullr and laid ruin to his kingdom, that is impressive Lord Kairou. (Kye-Roww)

Kairou: *Smirks his hair flowing int he wind kept out of his eyes by a black head band* Yes. It'd be a shame to rob them of it...Eh Clare?

Clare: *In Shinro form wearing a black crown and matching armor* Yes, Lord Kairou.

Manny AKA "Charaman": You've been useful as a tool, Clare, gathering data on them. *Holds up trading cards with our heroes stats on the paper they are printed on* Now we can crush them.

Kairou: Correction. Wahba will crush them. *Grins* Crush them in their giant metal snail like a beer can! Whahahaha...But not yet. *Turns to face empty air* Lord Raffles wishes them to have...a proper burial.

Manny: Ahh...The Ravine of Ruin?

Kairou: Yes. It's the shortest path to the Troll Kingdom.  There we will set up Wahba. *Turns* For now we will follow them in stealth. *Gestures and Klingon Bird of Prey appears and he, Manny and Clare board it then it recloaks and they ascend to the sky establish a high geo synchronous orbit keeping Dave and the Hover Cargo on their radar*

-- On the Hover Cargo --

Dave: *Watches the few surviving Buster Eagles land while a tow cable brings in the ones who only half made it back.* Got them all, Jet?

Jet: A-yep. *Makes a motion* Boomer, close the bay doors will you and let's get the heck-

*Ting! Twang! Clang!*

Rusty: Beeop boop! *He says with his rada dish up* (I detect several life signs outside, all of them Snow Elves with spears and bows trying to find a way in)

Jet: What-!? Awwh crap! I just had this thing painted.

Rahl: Worse than that, they may find a way in and murder us while we're all cleary exhausted.

Zoltar: *Covered in elf blood* I'm...huff....puff....not.....*Falls on his face* Tired....

Mary: *Brandishes her sword* I coudl go scrap 'em off. Be a good workout before I kill your freind, Dave.

Dave: No we need to avoid more violence. I say we out run them. Can this Metal Slug do that?

Jet: Heh! Ofcourse it can!  *Presses an intercom* Boomer, full steam ahead! To the Ravine of Ruin. *looks at the others* We'll scrape 'em off the sides AND out run the crowd. Heh! ^_^ Now who's up for RPG maker games and hot coco?

Dave: I dunno what ones you got?

Jet: Wrath of Gaia, Begining of the End and Misadventures-

Dave: Huh?? How'd you get a copy of that? It's not even finished!

Jet: Vortex Manipulator.

Rahl: What's that?

Dave: *Snorts* Primitive time travel device from the DW universe.

Jet: *Shrugs* So you in or out?

Dave: *Shrugs* I may as well see what I did five years from now. *He says laughing*

*With that our heroes played video games and drank coco....little realizing there was a danger within*

--- In the top most section ---

*A ventillation duct is kicked in and a bloodier and slightly more shabby looking Shiva and Whitey land in the auxilary control room*

Shiva: back...Hidding in that ventalation shaft hurts more than in the movies.

Whitey: Yes. *Looks out a window at his ruined land ...and smiles a mad smile* But don't worry! Our pain and suffering will soon pale in comparisson to theirs! Ehe he he he!

Shiva: Huh? I thought you hated Ullr.

Whitey: I did, but I wanted to be the ONE WHO KILLED HIM! XO Then his power would be transfered to me! Not that....Bird piloting woman. Come! Let us find her and begin my ascension to godhood.

Shiva: Sigh...Whatever. *Follows Whitey as they wonder the Hover Cargo looking for Mary*
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Gonna reply later! Looking for Fairy Tail RPs on some sites and that is a huge post, Fishman. ^^;
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(Okay couldn't fine one Fairy Tail Group I liked. )

- On the Hover Cargo -

Zoltar: *Listens to the pings and clangs* So...Let me et this straight. They're tyring to kill us and we're in here playing video games?

Mary: Not me. I'm busy killing Jet. *She said while she punches him at hyper speed while he's tied up liek punching bag*

Jet: Ow ow ow! Not my fault! I was trying to save my best friend and the spirit reaper and dwarf too! Heck eve the pony!

Moonbeam: Aww! You're so nice. *Licks Jet*

Jet: Aaaugh!  :yell: Don't ever freakin' do that again! Boomer help!

Dave: Does anyone else think it's weird we've never seen this "Boomer" person but he keeps talking to her via intercom?

Jet: She's shy? ^^;

Fruck: What is she deformed or something?

Jet: ...Something...

Lylac: On the subject of questions does anyone else wonder where Clare went?

Mary: I do! *She says jacking Jet's jaw then pounding his face some more* She seems to have disapeared without a trace!

Rahl: I wouldn't worry. I can sense her Spirit Pressure far, far away from us. Maybe she just decided to run cause we're all nuts?

Dave: Maybe. *Playing future version of his game* What the...? Why is Zoltar suddenly a Guest in my game?  _sweat_

Zoltar: Apparently in the future you add me as a playable character!  ;)

Dave: ...Nice try. You don't even make that good a fighter with a silly shield as a weapon and I already have a guy who uses guns.

Jet: Me! *Is punched in the chest again* Oof!

Mary: Say Zoltar what happened to the game about us?

Zoltar: Huh? Oh yeah I keep meaning to get back to it, Mary, I'm just...not sure if I should make game. Maybe it should be a web comic.

Dave: Huh? You draw web comics?

Zoltar: No, no! Like 8Bit Theater! A Sprite comic. *He says as his eyes light up* I mean I have the sprites and I'm not really into making RPG maker games except for fun anyway.

Dave: Not a bad idea!

Zoltar: Probably do that when we get back. In fact I'll open with-

*Suddenly the TV was frozen*

Dave: My game!!  :'(

Shiva: Sorry~ But we just had to bust in on you guys!

Whitey: Ha ha ah! *Slashes the air with his ice sword* Now we shall get revenge for Ullr!

Mary: Oh great. What do you two want?

Shiva: Well he wants revenge for Ullr. I just want to take you vechile and use it to escape this crazy place.

Whitey: What!? Shiva how could you?? Ullr was our...big...mountainy thing! He protected us!

Shiva: ...He ate half our people for a snack...Seriously you and I were probably next. Anyway just turn over the keys to this giant metal slug and I'll be off to Hyrule to stalk him.

Dave: *Gets up and ignites his saber* You ruined my game fromt eh future! Before I could figure out how it ends! Yaaaaargh!

Shiva: ...Really? Sigh....Ice Make: Yetti!

Yetti: Rowr! *Steps on Dave*

Dave: *Slices up the Yetti* I'm sick of all this mother f***ing magic on this mother f***ing Hover Cargo!

Boomer's Voice: Jet, we're approaching a steep gorge that the map has labeld "Obviously a Trap Gorge".

Whitey: I shall taste you blood Dave- Wait...What? Did she say "Obviously a Trap Gorge"? *Goes paler than usual* You musn't enter there!

Dave: Oh nice try trying to act crazy and all, but we're not falling for it, right guys?

Rah: Yeah! *Puts on his mask and draws his sword*

Shiva: ...Actually I'd listen to him if I were you. That Gorge contains a horrible monster. One who eats anything that comes near it.

Zoltar: Yeah right! We're supposed to believe the hot elven girl huh? Just cause you're hot...and ....damn I wish I had boobs that big. *Summons his shield* I mean! I wish I was grouping boobs that big! *He said nervously*

Whitey: B-but! I'm not beign a villain! Look I throw down my sword and-

Rahl: GESTUGA TENSHO!! *Blasts off Whitey's right arm, ear and leg*

Whitey: MY EAR!! *Faints* My precious....ear....

Jet: Ewww! Elf blood on my floor! Somebody mop it up quick before it stains the cold metalic plating!

Lylac: Waaaait! Listen.

Mary: What are you, Navi?

Lylac: *Points* Hear that?

Fruck: What?

Zoltar: ....Silence....

Moonbeam: The elves....they've left us!  :o Spooky~

Mary: Um maybe we should

*Suddenly warning Klaxons rang out all over the ship*

Boomer's Voice: Brace for impact!

*Suddenly the Hover Cargo's drive pod was blasted from orbit exploding in fire and making it grind to a stop in the middle of a fearsome looking gorge*


Kairou: Ha ha ha ha! Like shooting Amphibians in a barrel.

Manny: Hey! I like frogs. They make decent summons.

Kairou: What ever. Now for the next phase. We must awaken Wahba. Load his poke ball into the torpedo tube.

Manny: ...I'm not a slave make the lesser trolls do it.

Kairou: Make Lester do it? Okay! Lester!!

Lester: *Was standing nearby* Yes, your lordship?

Kairou: Load the giant pokeball containing Wahba!

Lester: Oh is that really a good idea?

Kairou: ...*Grips his sword tightly* Yes-it-is. Now do it. Or I will kill you....Quickly.

Lester: Yes, milord. *He says grumbling loading a over sized Pokeball into the torpedo tube* Wahba loaded and ready, sir!

Manny: *Goes to the weapon's station* Torpedoes ready, Kairou.

Kairou: *With a mad look in his eyes* Goodbye, Charasians! FUWHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA! *Presses the button* HA HA HA HA HA!

*Boom! The torpedo with the large steel banded Pokeball streaks down at the Hover Cargo at near light speed. Which means by the time you read this? It's been there for ever and ever. Don't you feel slow now?   :happy:
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lonewolf back from a live in london working as a pole dancer manager
lonewolf and ten new girlfriends open up club selling lap dances
and cheap beer so selling Buck Mark Rifles, Firearms, running moonshine
food and any thing she can get her hands on
all the girl's are deadly killers when you get to now any of the girls you can hear them talking of murder's two or more girl, in two or more separate events over a period of time, for primarily psychological reasons. killed man no one know's why
the love to kill may be it's in there blood

DAVE walk's in to the club what have we hear one of the girl walk's up to Dave are  you looking for a good time lover boy
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(XD Lonewolf you can post anything but couldn't you at least be a LITTLE plot revelent? Just a tiny bit?)

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Dave: Ah...Jet? Why is there a Strip Club on board this Hover Cargo?

Jet: I have bigger budget that Doctor Toros? >.>

Dave: Yeah but you don't like women. You like guns, robots and ...psycho girls.

Jet: Well yeah, but it came with the Hover Cargo. I planned to make some money using it as a Brothel but I found out I needed license and I figured that was too much work so I ate a twinkie and modified your game so I was the main hero. *Smirks* And you were the side kick.

Dave: Gasp! Jet! Neither of us is the Sidekick. Both of us are the hero of the Dentverse.

Jet: Then why isn't it called "The DentandHarperverse?

Dave: Cause that's too much of a mouthful. > >

Shiva: ....*Looks at Whitey* Ummm should we attack them?

Whitey: *Banadaged up and his one remaining arm and leg cuffed to the couch* Heck no! We need to get away from these Pyschos!

Rahl: What did you call me? >8D

Whitey: O_O;; Nothing! *Rubs where his ear was* Oww...You just wait! Something terrible will happen to you guys for this!

Lylac: Why?

Whitey: It's called Karmen! She's a universal force who lives to punish people who do bad things!

Shiva: *Facepalm* -  -; That's Karma you moron.

Dave: Besides it's more complicated that that-

*CLANG!! Suddenly the Hover Cargo comes to a complete stop*

Zoltar: *Is sent tumbling* My ice cream!! 8O *The cone of his ice cream flies away so he makes a bowl from his shield and catches it* Yes!

Mary: What the heck happened?

Jet: *Escapes his bonds easily and walks over to an intercom* Good question. *Click* Hey boomer what's going on?

Boomer's Voice: Uh...You guys need to get up here and see this.

Dave: Where's "up here"?

Jet: Boomer-talk for the Command Deck. Come on! *Races up the stairs*

*Everyone else followed Jet to the command deck where they saw the back of a chair and feminine hand gesturing to the screen*

Boomer's Voice: Look! Somebody launched a giant pokeball at us!

Dave: What?! It couldn't be Daniel, we're not feuding over Phayre at the moment, and well that Brazilian kid and Pleasent haven't been around for ages- Wait...It bears a mark I recognize! That's the insignia of the Troll Kingdom!!

Jet: That vagina-y-looking spiky symbol? I thought that was Organization 13's.

Dave: No it's a spiked dick. Mind you both seem like they'd be uncomfortable. o.o;;

Fruck: So what do you think is in there?

Dave: How should I know? Pokemon is like seveteen generations long now and i haven't played since Fire Red! ^^; Whatever it is it must be-

*Suddenly the ball opens and light pours out and reveals a massive form....a huge towering fifty foot tall...Genesis Rhaspodos?!

Genesis: *Is reading Loveless* Oh am I on? Alright then! *Dramitic zoom in* Hi there! I'm Genesis, from Final Fantasy Crisis Core, and I'm here in place of Wahba the terrible who sends it's apologies as it's currently staying at a Poke cneter in Hoenn. ^o^ So it asked me to sub as this leg's "mid boss"! Isn't that awesome?! =D

Dave: BOooo! Go away you Sephiroth copy cat! XO Beat it!

Jet: You and your "rapier" are insult to pyshics! Then again so's everyone in that game just about.

Genesis: >=( Hmpf! I'll have you know Sephiroth copy cated ME! I was the one who's idea it was to blow up the Life Stream and-

Jet: *Looks at Boomer's chair* Fire at will.

Boomer: Thought his name was Genesis? Weird name btw. *Presses buttons* Phaser cannons...go!

Genesis: *Continues dronning on* And further more my sword is at least not a obvious attempt to over compen-


*Smoke filled the air where Genesis had stood*

Jet: Ha! Take that you hack- Aw son of a ***!!

*Suddenly dramatic music played and Genesis was revealed to be standing there with his wing wrapped around his body protecting himself*

Genesis: *Genesis theme playing* >8) So you want to blow me up while I'm defending myself huh?? Well you know what! That's fine! I'll just kill you with my ultimate move! *Hand on sword looking menacing...then he sheathes his blade and cracks up the poetry book* Quote Loveless in Vogon!! >8D MWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Dave: By the force..! We'll all be killed!!

Genesis: *Opens his mouth and begins to recite loveless in Vogonesse* 

Urfh farg grezzelop sheem fa.
Forum plaz panorrr test glorp-

*The sound caused everyone's brain to freeze in pain! It was horrible and excuciating and in another word? Super effective!!*
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Post by: Zoltar on January 29, 2015, 05:21:26 AM
(Oooh I have to kill Genesis? But I like him! Hmm must be some solution here. <.<)

*As Zoltar's mind was rent by the horrible poetry he screamed in pain and horror and then suddenly his world dissolved everything around him began to fade to black. He was not standing on a giant potato*

Zoltar: ....Okay this is weird. *Suddenly there was a flash and a shadowy guy was standing on another potato in the vast spiraling distance around them* Huh? Who are you?

Cloaked Figure: *Raises it's hand* Shaman Zoltar the Liberator. You must....reach inside.

Zoltar: ...Oh so you're trying to encourage me to level up and evolve? Ha. Sorry but in Pokemon terms I'm a stage one.

Cloaked: Yes but even past stage ones are now able to evolve. Look at simple Tangela.

Zoltar: No thanks reminds me too much of spagetti-

Cloaked Figure: FOCUS! EVOLVE! You must....prepare. Terrible things will befall the world if you do not allow yourself to become more powerful.

Zoltar: But power corupts! Look at Rahl. His power swallows a little bit of him each time he uses it and Dave? He's holding back his rage and anger while charging into battle selflessly.  :o I ...I'm nobody! I'm a guy who's car broke down and ended up finding out he's a Physic or something.

Mary: *Appears beside him* You have me, Zolty. *She said putting her hand on his shoulder*

Zoltar: Mary! Bu-But I still don't know who you are.

Mary: You spirit guide and champion. Pretty much you're battle partner and as your battle partner I'm telling you...I need you to step up man! Come on! Grow a pair of balls already!

Zoltar: Alright, alright! Man...I'm going to regret this I know. *Settles into a medative state* Ohmmmm......Oh spirit powers of....shaman stuff....come and unlock my limit break? *Waits for something to happen*....Well? .... :-\ Darn I knew- *Suddenly is surrounded in Mauve Energy* Ahhh!  :o Whoooooa! The power....The ultimate....POWER!!  >:D

*In the real world suddenly Zoltar shakes his head ten stares at Genesis*

Zoltar: Heh. Sound waves? Oh plz. I can do this in my sleep first thing we have to do is-

*Then without warning a kid on a bike runs over Zoltar*

Trainer Guy: Oh wow! A wild pokemon I've never seen before! Go, Whismur! *He said throwing a ball and releasing a Whismur*

Whismur: *Sound Barrier stops the noise*

Genesis: Blah blah- Huh??? Hey!  >:( I was sending you into a brain death! Hmpf! Now I have to draw my sword and-

Trainer Guy: *Points dramatically* Whismur use Vogon Poetry!

Whismur: *Began to use Vogon poetry at Genesis*

Genesis: N-NooooooooO!!! @-@ *HP goes down to yellow. It wa super effective* Ugh....*Genesis flinched*

Trainer Guy: Alright then! *Tosses a Bishi Ball and Gensis is sucked inside* Now to see if I got him....*Watches the ball roll around and around and shudder then grow still* Yes! *He says leaping into mid air* I caught Genesis! *Reads his Pokedex*

Zoltar:  :'( M-my moment. Gone.

Mary: I know. *She says patting his shoulder*

Guy: *Turns to the crew of the Hover Cargo* I'm defiently not in Kanto anymore. *Calls Whismur back* Latter weird people! *He said biking the heck out to Gary's theme*

Dave: @-@ Did we all take some acid?

Jet: *Kicks some away from the camera* Nope. >.> So back on the road?

*And so our heroes set off back on the path they were following getting ever closer to the dreaded Troll Kingdom. What dangers and mysteries awaited them in the Wastelands of Trhola? Tune in next time to find out!*
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Post by: Fisherson on February 24, 2015, 12:18:15 AM
(Noooo! You killed the....Argh....I wanted that fight to be more strung out XD Oh well. It was a humorous end for Genesis.)

*As the Hover Cargo rumbled on suddenly and without any ran out of gass*

- In the Throla Wastelands -

Jet: *Looks at his huge, and unmoving vehicle* Piece of junk!! *Kicks it* Ow! Damnit!

Dave: - -; Terrefic. Your stupid metal slug had to die in the middle of the wastelands didn't it?

Trainer Guy: *Zips on by on his motor cycle* Whee!! ^o^ Come on Genesis! Time to take on the Charasmon League.

Zoltar: ....Gee that guy is annoying. X(

Mary: What about the Buster Eagles?

Jet: Well most of them were destroyed except for yours and mine and I think they're being stolen.

Rahl: Stolen by who?

Dave: The elves!!

Shiva: *Flies away in Mary's bust eagle* Ha ha ha ha! Suck it, humans!

Whitey: T-T My ear....*He whines taking off with Jet's buster eagle*

Jet: ...Ah heck and I don't even have any twinkies. This sucks!

Boomer's Voice: *From the intercom* Don't worry, boss, I called tripple A!

Zoltar: We're saved!!

Boomer's Voice: They say they'll be here in...sixty eight weeks.

Zoltar: .....ToT We're doooomed!! DOOOOMED! DOO- *Is smacked by Mary's sword* Oww! Hey!

Mary: You were being hysterical. Get a grip! You're a Shaman.

Zoltar: Hmpf. > > Fine, miss Spirit Swords Woman Gaurdian...Thingy, what do we do?

Mary: Very simple. *She said sheathing her blade* We walk.

Dave: Well it's not hot at least. Coming, Jet?

Jet: ....Sigh...Why not? Can't be any worse than our last misadventure.

Vulture: *Perched on a tree branch watching them* Caw! (Dinner! =D)

*Cue desert montage scene with Jet using his Plasma Lance as a walking stick and Zoltar his shield as a umbrella. Dave is trying to use the force to keep the sun off himself....but he doesn't have enough Force points*
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Post by: Fisherson on March 27, 2015, 07:52:29 PM
( (

A little update and tribute I did to show how much I love this game. ^_^ Oh and speaking of updates this game is closed till Rahl catches up. It's only fair.
Title: Re: Charas Grande Adventure Game: Rebirth of an Age
Post by: Zoltar on March 28, 2015, 06:28:59 AM
 :D This is by far the coolest thing somebody has done for me! Really, really tubular, Fishman! You even did the Umbrella Sheild. Now that must be a thing in my game lol.
Title: Re: Charas Grande Adventure Game: Rebirth of an Age
Post by: Fisherson on March 29, 2015, 01:42:36 AM
:D This is by far the coolest thing somebody has done for me! Really, really tubular, Fishman! You even did the Umbrella Sheild. Now that must be a thing in my game lol.

XD Thanks, Zolty! I worked hard on it but I realize now I missed Lylac! XD Oh well I was bound to miss one person.  Awwh thanks for the offer to tribute a technique to something I helped engineer! ^-^ Look forward to trying out in your game. But you're not bummed out that I shut down the game till Rahl catches up?
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Post by: Zoltar on June 28, 2015, 07:38:06 AM
Okay that's it. Fish? It's been months and months! Rahl is  obviously not comming back. Can't we just continue the RP ourselves?
Title: Re: Charas Grande Adventure Game: Rebirth of an Age
Post by: Zoltar on August 29, 2015, 07:09:15 PM
Fishman,  Rail isn't comming back. Can we just either continue without him or do a new one?  I have GOT to see if the heroes beat raffles and save the pubb!
Title: Re: Charas Grande Adventure Game: Rebirth of an Age
Post by: Fisherson on August 30, 2015, 04:52:14 AM
Fishman,  Rail isn't comming back. Can we just either continue without him or do a new one?  I have GOT to see if the heroes beat raffles and save the pubb!

Hmmm as much as I'd like to finish this one I'm not sure it'd be fair to him. I suppose we can ask? He may understand that we can't wait forever but just going ahead without asking him? Feels mean. =( So I'll ask.