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Title: Lost and Found DX Edition
Post by: Fisherson on April 17, 2015, 06:10:01 PM
Prepare yourselves, my friends! For I, the great and highly talented, possibly a little crazy, Fisherson have done something that suprpasses even my previous amazing things, excluding facing Dragonium in Parcheesi and rocking his socks, and what is that you ask?!  I HAVE EDITED THE FIRST CHAIN GAME Before your old guys go flippin' your wigs and voting to freeze me in Charasbonite let me say this first: I didn't change anything really. Added some story here through interacting with objects, gave Le'carvat a house and added some redundant charasets that Zoltar showed me BUT! I didn't touch the story really. MOstly what's been fixed:

[list of Improvements]
Updated Graphics that MATCH!
Added some events of minor importance
Failed to add bonus quests but eh pretty good as is anyway.
Extra weapons


If you don't know the story of the first Chain Game? It's pretty self explanatory:
Devon O'Slyme is your hero and he spends the majority of his time wondering around and getting lost in the woods
and he does this one day and happens upon more than sasquatches and woodland critters....a big sinister looking building labeled Fiend Inc. A factory that makes fiends? Naturally curious he ventures in and discovers a horrible plot that will eventually lead to his saving or destroying two worlds. Play now and learn why this game is referenced AT LEAST ONCE every Chain Game.[/list]

Credits got to the original people who made their ten chapters. Especially those no longer with us like CoasterCrazy. -_-
Title: Re: Lost and Found DX Edition
Post by: Zoltar on April 30, 2015, 07:36:12 AM
So this is the first Chain Game!  What a rush!!  Random,  but so many fun mini games and plot twists. My favorite part was either the water dungeon or riding a furry dragon and shooting stuff!  8) I salute the people who made this and you,  Fishman,  for bringing it back. Can we had the second too? Also will somebody sticky this??  It's historic and cool add-oh oh! Can we make a thread with all the Chain Games on it,  even the new one when it's done? :o