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Title: RPG Maker stuff on Steam at 70-80% off - no idea how long
Post by: Kilyle on November 08, 2017, 04:04:37 AM
Yet again, a very nice sale in case you don't yet have the engine you want.

I'm pleased with the way that RPG Maker games are getting onto Steam.  The guys who made To the Moon now have another game out (something about a bird, and apparently wordless?), and there's a wider selection of content than I would've expected.

One thing that turns me off, and I'm not really sure if it should, is when the game clearly uses the basic RTP pack.  Like, I saw that familiar elf and went "Oh."  Like it's disappointing that a game that costs money, even a little bit of money, would use the basic set of graphics.  But I'm not really sure if that's a reasonable reaction or not; you buy the resources to be able to use them, right?  And it's not like a given game couldn't deeply subvert the expected graphics somehow.

Anyway... sale!

Oh, and by the by, we (my nephews and niece and I) just raised over $70 for Seattle Children's Hospital via the Extra Life ( charity fundraiser, and I'm still hoping for more donations this week.  One of my fellow authors from Archive of Our Own has even pledged to match donations (up to a total of $50) on anything new that I raise since she made the offer (so she's already going to match at least $12.51), which is pretty cool of her!  I don't know if we'll get close to last year's total ($127.78), but it's great to be able to use my YouTube channel ( for something charitable this early.