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Title: God Eater
Post by: Prpl_Mage on February 14, 2018, 04:08:15 PM
So I bought God Eater 2 for the ps4 some time back, before the whole chain game and recently started playing it. It came with a port of God Eater Burst, which is basically the psp game but cooler.

Anyone else played these? I tried to look for some advice on weapons and such but there are just soooooooooo many people saying things about the game since its release some 10+ years back and no real structured guides on it.
I'm trying to figure out some things about stats and what weapons to go with. I'm using the aptly called "long blade" weapon class which sacrifices air dash for more power and some exhaust function. Are the slower weapons worth the additional damage?

Also have some questions about bullet customization, most videos I can find are done in the Japanese version so the text isn't really readable for me.

And of course, have anyone played the second game? I figured I should probably finish the first one just out of principle.

And lastly, this is kinda my substitute for Monster Hunter World, which looks great. But I prefer to have someone to play with and my buddies are all busy atm so I'm holding it off for now. Did anyone here get Monster Hunter World?