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Title: Stories from Spring Valley
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So being away from a useful computer is kinda annoying, but at least it can manage typical writing software. So I've been doing a bunch of writing lately and the first thing that came to mind was Spring Valley since we just finished it.

The bad news is that I can't really recall everything in the game in regards to names and such and I can't boot the game at the moment.
The good news is that being vague is pretty useful when writing since it leaves more to the reader's imagination.

Gonna post some stories every other day or so. Just need to decide if I want to post them as link to a google drive document or to paste everything in here on the forum.

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Notes from the grimoire

I hope I can master the arts written in this volume. The basics of arcane energies are starting to make sense now. But my parents keep pestering me about mathematics and grammar. Why should I put so much effort into normal school subjects when I can learn to bend the world to my will? Not yet though, first I need to find a way to channel the energies without this woozy feeling in my head.

My friends do not understand me, I dabble into these forbidden arts to do something of my life, to learn what people don’t understand. They want to talk about boys and horses - , horses?! Who in their right mind care about horses? I managed to pull a unicorn into this world last week, at least it had a unique feature to talk about…

I tried my hand at using Arcane Missile again, the nosebleed was okay and the trashcan got out okay. I’m starting to think there is a limit to how many invocations your mind can remember. It would explain a lot about my difficulties lately.

I heard a voice today while invoking my spell, thinking back on it I can’t remember the words, just the meaning. Something about an offer of power in exchange for something. It seems my arts are attracting something beyond this world. But what it is, I don’t know. From what I’ve read this is common, there are a few techniques to try to silent those voices.

I finally found someone to guide me on my path. Sure I realize that he is not a master of the arcane arts but a Tibetan monk working as a conserver of knowledge. But sometimes insight and a buttload of scrolls are what you need to help arcane dabbling teenagers with their problems.

My teacher confronted me about my dabbling into the arcane today, she insisted that it will summon the devil or break my mind. But I find this literature course to be far better at that job. Why would I want to read a book from hundreds of years ago that is pure fiction? I’m handling tomes with purpose that are thousands of years old every day! That’s the real literature.

Arcane energies are created by people? It makes sense I suppose seeing how it is absorbed into our bodies and what it can do. But to think that creativity and imagination could lead to arcane energies is still alien to me. I understand the whole belief thing, it corresponds well to the fact that people believed in gods in the past and would go lengths to appease them.

I realized that I’ve been going about this all wrong, thankfully my guide once again helped me back to the right state of mind. Arcane powers needs to be understood just like any science. I’ve been messing around steered by emotions to serve as motivation and thinking practice is enough to become a master. But the mind can only perceive what the mind knows.

The laws of physics applies to this world, by understanding the laws of physics we can understand the world. At least that’s what my mother and teacher are telling me. But that’s a load of bull. Because of the arcane energies, especially in places of powers like the distortion zones the laws and rules of nature don’t apply. There is little to explain why throwing a ball in there does not collide with objects and has it instead passing through everything at a constant speed without slowing down…

My guide showed me how music and dance are said to work as an arcane source. I didn’t tell him since it would freak him out, but he was right. I could feel the energies seeping from every movement and every tone. It wasn’t much though, far from as much as the other things I’ve felt.

Out of my classmates, only six people could tell the difference between my arcane summoned pie and the real pie I baked last night. Out of those six, maybe half got the right answer by a stroke of luck. Still, baking the pie was more irksome than summoning the other one.

I’ve heard about a distortion zone on Summath Island known by the commoners as the Shifting Alley. I have decided on making journeys into distortion zones to excavate and do readings. It’s just weird that nearly all of them are centered around the proximity of Summath Island.

I’ve met with a traveling merchant, although their face probably discourages a lot of people I felt inspired. The merchant did remind me of another group I’ve met in the past, but who am I to judge? He carried tomes and grimoires from other lands, times and worlds. It always surprises me how many of these are written in common English however, but I’m not complaining. I rather learn spells than languages.

I went into a distortion zone again to try my spells, it’s interesting how arcane energies are literally seeping up from the ground beneath your feet. All distortion zones are the remnants of great arcane events of the past. Some people talk about a mage war, but wouldn’t it make more sense if arcane energies were absent rather than in abundance after a war?

I’m not sure how it works, but arcane powers are different from the powers of the elements. I don’t understand where the elements fit into the world though. I mean, we have the physical world - cats and dogs. Then we have the ethereal world - dragons and werewolves, sometimes they collide but mostly not. But the elements apparently cover both worlds? So while mastering the arcane would make me the master of the ethereal world I would still have to master the elements? Ugh, I guess I’ll have to put some more backbone into those ancient tomes.

I finally visited the Shifting Alley. I did the coin test and was baffled by the results. The typical procedure is to flip the coin until something strange happens. But my first try just kept going without coming down, the second enlarged and slammed down the size of my head and the third one turned into a duck...

I told my guide about what happened today, he looked worried. As I noticed during my earlier practice you can keep up invoking arcane spells by draining your enemies of arcane energies. But today when I did it I could feel something else joining in, it might not be the correct use of terms but there seemed to be a second presence draining parts of the arcane to itself. I’m not sure what caused this, more investigation is needed, although my guide tells me I should stop.

I did some testing on a crystal today, it seems like these type of crystals are able to turn arcane energies into objects. I’m still trying to grasp the core concepts of it but I should be able to apply them. It would make sense that these crystals would’ve been used in the past to channel a throng of religious people's’ faith into something into a physical form. If my hypothesis is correct then this result could be mimicked by any type of conviction and not just religious belief.

My powers of the arcane are getting stronger for each day that passes. All this training and reading has shaped my mind perfectly like a hexagonal. But there is something at the fringes of my mind, something or someone is following my progress. I don’t like this one bit and will try to make my presence less known.
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Nice :)

I take it this is a personal project and you're not interested in anyone else having a go? : P
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My word. Usually I'm the one who creates EU fan fic stuff of our chain games but all of that pales in comparison to this. It also matches the enigmatic vibe the game put out. I wonder are these Blimrif's thoughts or some person before her tinkering with Arcane power barely understanding it and already getting somebody we all know's attention? Or is this a script that was meant for a player not in the party but lingering in your mind? I'm fascinated to see how it all turns out.
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Schweet! I'm not the only one spinning out gnarly fan fiction! Mondo interesting story, prplheim. I can't wait to see if you do more.
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I love it, purple!
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It's several different types of short stories notes, news articles and the like. Tinkering with tone and narrative, not my strongest suit. So far I have like 10 of these, not sure how long the inspiration will last though, but enough for some weeks ahead. 

Can't really forbid anyone else from joining in, but let's just say there is some sort of plan for this.

Investigation: The Job

-”Hal, I got a job for you.” Escaped, no rather boomed out, from the captain’s fleshy lips.
-”Whatcha got boss?” Henry called back without raising his head from the difficult page of crosswords in the paper. In all honesty it wasn’t the difficult page but it was difficult enough for Henry.
-”Stop chewing that pen you dolt; and take the report.” Captain Beiler grunted back and waved it annoyingly before his face.
-”Fine, if it will get you off my back cap'.” Henry said reached out to grab the paper, missing at first but then grabbing it.
-”Just do your job will ya?” The captain said with a sigh as he lumbered back the way he came, berating someone else on the way.
Henry sighed himself and slowly folded the paper and put it on his desk. Moving to Spring Valley to become a police officer had seem like a fine idea at the time. But he was starting to regret it for each day in service.
He spit his pen onto the desk and looked at the paper he received: it was blank, no wait it was upside down. It said “Vampire sighted at impound.”
Henry managed to let out all his frustration with an audible groan heard all the way to the water cooler at the far end of the office, even starting old John.
He hoped it wasn’t an actual vampire again. That would be too much paperwork, but knowing his luck he grabbed both badge and weapon from the drawer.
-”Anyone tagging along for a vampire sighting?” He called as he passed his colleagues’ desks, some looked up, other away.
-”I got your back Hal.” Izzie said as she pulled her coat. Or the name wasn’t exactly Izzie but that’s close enough.
Henry gave her a thankful nod and offered her a cigarette before popping one himself.

-”Are you waiting in the car or coming along?” Izzie called as she crushed the cigarette butt under her boot.
-”Just a sec.” Henry mumbled back and took one last drag before stepping out the driver’s seat.
-”I think we have our suspect up ahead.” Izzie called, hand naturally resting on her holster.
-”Nah Izzie, that’s just Carter.” He said pointing with another cigarette in hand.
-”Yeah ****, you’re right. My bad.” She said embarrassed and loosed her shoulders.
-”Izzie, don’t apologize unless you shoot someone.” He said with a mocking grin while greeting the elderly citizen.
After a typical lengthy and unproductive conversation with the clerk at the impound, the pair was finally pointed in the direction of the alleged vampire sighting. The lack of panic and commotion was a friendly sight but deep down Henry knew this was probably the result of the Shifting Alley spewing more and more strangeness into people’s lives.

-”That’s a vampire” Izzie said and quickly armed herself, eyes locked at the lanky figure strolling between the cars. Besides the pointy ears and the fangs it could’ve been any old man from the neighbourhood.
-”Shoot on sight or try to talk it down?” Henry asked bored and flicked his cigarette to the ground.
-”Let’s give diplomacy a go.” She said, although not showing any sign of lowering her gun an inch. Henry grunted in approvement and strode up to the car blocking his passage.
-”I’m Inspector Lambright, you are trespassing on human territory. Would you kindly remove your presence from the area?” It wasn’t his best act of friendliness but it was good enough for a vampire. Or was it?
-”They must all die!” The vampire hissed, turning his emotionless rubbery face towards Lambright who moved his free hand to the holster while holding the cigarette in the other hand.
-”Don’t do nothing stupid now you hear?” He urged the creature, but it made no pass at him, just kept looking around the cars.
Izzie moved around the other side to flank the vampire, her gun raised, the very figure of caution.
-”So why are you here? If I may ask?” Henry continued but had to walk to keep up with the vampire who was clearly preoccupied with something else.
-”I’m killing those nasty felines.” The vampire said, his face still nothing but hollow eyes and no expression. In fact it was strange that he managed to mouth words at all.
-”Um, any particular reason for that?” He asked, getting the feeling that this was not so much a threat to the people of Spring Valley. Maybe their cats sure, but they could do with some fewer poop machines around.
-”The cats conspired against my father and killed my brother and framed me for it.” The vampire continued, showing a very slight smile as his eyes locked onto a tail in a barrel ahead.
Before Henry had the chance to interfere the vampire launched himself at the creature and stabbed it with a stake. Izzie aimed her gun but Henry get her a sign to stand down.
-”Are you done now?” Henry asked indifferent as the vampire buried the body in trash.
-”I believe that was her.” The vampire said and shrugged. “I’m Bert Reginald III Rapscallion by the way my good man.”
-”How did you even get into town?” Izzie asked as she approached.
-”Well, there were some younglings who asked me to follow.” He stopped and pondered for a moment, or at least that’s how Henry perceived it since the face showing nothing.
-”However, they wanted me to kill someone for them…” He finished and shrugged, at least one gesture the officers could understand.
-”Do you remember what they looked like?” Henry asked, grabbing a notepad to scribble down useful words and doodle.
The vampire shook his head. “No, they both wore hoodies, covered their faces well.”
-”Do you remember who they wanted you to kill?” Henry continued, doodling a terrier in a hoodie.
-”Afraid not, I must’ve lost focus when I spotted the vermin and followed it here.” The vampire replied with what could be interpreted as an apologetic tone.
-”I guess the case is not completely closed then?” Izzie asked her superior who sighed.
-”It is for today. Join us in our car and we’ll get you back to where you came from.” Henry told the vampire as he put the disappointed notepad back in his pocket.
-”Much appreciated.” The vampire replied and fell in line.
Unfortunately the car had been towed which meant yet another long tedious conversation with the clerk of the impound before they went on their way. They dropped him off and watched him enter that unstable street before suddenly vanishing from view.

-”A job well done.” Henry said and shrugged.
-”Man that place is weird, we should probably seal it up or something.” Izzie said.
-”Yeah, unfortunately the new mayor has the police putting together safety protocol for Goblim attacks.” Henry said and lit yet another cigarette, and not his last for the day.
-”Goblim attacks? But they live peacefully in the forest, what could possibly make them attack us?” She said bewildered while accepting her second for today.
-”Hell if I know, but that lady fits right in this place.” He replied while getting back in the car,
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Dude now I kinda wish we could retro in these two instead of the bland cop NPCs we had. The cat killing vampire too. You did excellent in narration! Novel-esque ttechniques.

  possibly make them attack us?” She said bewildered while accepting her second for today.
-”Hell if I know, but that lady fits right in this place.” He replied while getting back in the car,   
And points for the Naomi ref. Lol

Oh and I will legit cut anyone who interrupts Mardok from continuing the story. :3
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This is mondo funny to read for some reason. Like cops met the twilight zone!  ;D This is what the sequel should be about!
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Oh man, the cop stories are so great!
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Summath Island Press

Unappreciated change in NCH

Around 5 PM yesterday several witnesses reported seeing a Gryphe of the Hippogryph family soaring through Neon City Hub. Although not a rare sight in Greyspire or Spring Valley both which are close to the distortion zone known as the Shifting Alley the creature made its debut  in the metropolis yesterday. Although the police quickly restored order in the city and evacuated the people in the hazard zone:  the citizens were clearly shaken by the event. Summath Island Press interviewed one of the witnesses:
-”I heard a sharp cry and then saw this huge monster coming right for my Jerry, I was so scared! Those wings were flapping and the smell! It smelled like a wet dog! I’ve never seen anything as disgusting as that abomination in my life.”

The situation was handled after the creature roosted on top of one of the many MDUs in the city. Private Security Corps CEO commented on the event with the following words:
-”After being contacted by the police we deployed our drones and mechanized security to deal with the perp. As a result we managed to avoid human casualties completely. We appreciate the trust given to us by the city and hope to expand our security detail in the future.”

Other concerned voices have been raised as a response to yesterday’s incident such as the running mayor.
-”It’s clear that this is a problem that affects all of Summath Island, we have been blessed enough to be spared from this before but now is the time to join together, all of our citiscapes to make a budget for how to deal with this problem before it gets out of hand. I know that’s what I will do at least.”

Worries have also been raised about if it was a good idea to link the sewerage system together between Spring Valley and Neon City Hub. Although no one suspects the Gryphe to have appeared from the sewers one can only hope that nothing else emerges from that cesspool.

Summath Island Press
C. Bremer

Spring Valley Summer Camp Closed Indefinitely

The Board of Health and Recreation recently had a hearing about the incident last June when a group of kids and their summer camp leaders woke up surrounded by Goblims in the Spring Valley National Park. At the meeting was also the Board of Education and Child Services.
The meeting concluded quite soon after discussions about how the problem could be solved and newly appointed mayor Naomi Reegan was rumoured to be very upset about the entire business. Almost on a personal level.

The decision of the board was to cancel the coming year’s summer camp until the town of Spring Valley can guarantee the safety of the participating kids and leaders. The incident last June didn’t end in casualties even if some kids had been tied to a wooden post before a bonfire. It is safe to assume that if anyone had been seriously hurt the repercussions would have been otherwise.

But where will the kids of Spring Valley go during this summer? Shouldn’t the town ensure that there are recreational activities for everyone to enjoy? Right now there are reports of groups of teenagers disobeying the safety checks to enter the Shifting Alley. And surely that distorted area holds more hazards than any forest of Goblims could.

Let’s hope the new Mayor takes action soon to solve this problem for the future of our children and all the campers.

Summath Island Press
T.S. Cortega

Arkhum Asylum Personnel Overworked

The staff at Arkhum Asylum located in Greyspire City are on their knees with the ever increasing number of people needing psychiatric help. This years increase in people deemed to be criminally insane has skyrocketed in all of Summath Island.  Minister of health,  Dave Hart, recently made an appearance to address the issue. We later sought Mr.Hart for an interview.

What is the main problem right now?
-”I believe that the biggest issue right now is how the staff at the asylum have terrible working hours and the coffee isn’t good enough. For the doctors and nurses to be happy we need to fulfill the needs they address.”

What would be the root of this problem?

-”The latest statistics have shown that a lot of crime has been caused by people suffering from immediate psychological stress. These patients aren’t easy to handle and requires skilled personnel who can give them what they need. Our health system wasn’t ready for this steep increase of patients to be honest. That’s why I hope the politicians will ensure that there is room for a larger budget in the future.”

What are the consequences of this issue?
-”The staff are mostly affected by these working conditions, with more dangerous people entering the institution it’s harder to guarantee the staff’s safety. That in turn makes it harder to reach out to all the patients that needs our help.

How can we solve the problem?
-”With the funds we can ensure that every doctor and nurse feel safe and at home at their working place, having access to top of the line coffee and an inner garden. We have also presented a budget to increase the funds to our research department that is trying new and creative ways to treat patients. However, I believe that if we can meet the demands of our staff then we can ensure that the patients are cured of their insane ways and can rejoin society.”

Summath Island Press
B. Anderson

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Looove the cop one. And the latest one sets up a lot of different areas : )

And sure you can forbid people from participating! : p If you're building up to something cool then the floor is yours!
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Well, hold off for now then, got some more lined up, some sort of ending to it planned. After that, we'll see. But we'll see if I pull through. I have a tendency to leave things and move on after a while.


They all said I was insane, but I am not insane. I am a unicorn, magnificent and graceful. I am the beauty in this dull place and the force of purity and justice that everyone can rely on. Sure, the people outside may rely on the Tiger, the yellow vigilante prowling the streets. But in here people have to rely on me, the pink watcher, the best unicorn of all.

I’m waiting for my turn at the piano, I’ve listened to the same chorus of the same song for 10 minutes now and getting slightly annoyed. The nurses brought me meds today as well, I pretended to take them and hid them in my horn, they wouldn’t dare touch my horn. Only those pure of heart can touch it. Although I was surprised that Bert managed to touch it earlier, he seems to be quite the opposite. I can see him now humping a plant in the corner.

My friends are all here, some speak less than others but they all accept me as the unicorn I am. The doctor told me I am a human, but he is clearly wrong, he is trying to assimilate me and my friends to this dull and grey society where everyone believes they are human. I remember my friend Shannon, she always used to stroke me and call me a good doggie. She would always tell her stories, of a person she once knew and of the flames. The flames spoke to her and if I weren’t a unicorn I would probably have tried to master the flames as she did. I wonder where she is now? She did what many of us dreamed of: getting out of this prison.

I look at the clock, it’s almost time for dinner, will I get the chance to play my song before that? Or do I have to wait? I know the chef sometimes uses the piano while we all eat. It’s a shame that he’s such a terrible cook though, surely he must know how to make food for beautiful unicorns like me?
I hope no one is reading my thoughts, because I know a secret about this place. But most of all I know that there is something out there outside these walls. I’ve sensed it, I’ve dreamt it and seen the pain and the horror, the limbs on the couch, the blood red sun in the sky sucked into a vortex of darkness. I saw the death of my dear mother, my brother and everyone in here - No! I can’t think of that! There is no darkness! There is no evil! I am not a weak human! I am a unicorn! I am brave and pure! That has nothing to do with me! Life is beautiful! Bounce along!
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Oh sweet, the unicorn one is great.

I'm also posting the stories on the page and thought some art to go along could be nice. So started mapping scenes from the stories in rpg maker. So far I've only done it for the police story.


Keep it up, prpl. I love reading these.
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Aw sweet, fan art for my fanfic.
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Hmm, not sure it would classify as fan-fiction since you're one of the developers
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Hmm, not sure it would classify as fan-fiction since you're one of the developers

True, but it gets kinda messy since it's a chaingame I guess?
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I love that Unicorn Cosplayer was so well loved. As I was replaying I just wished I had made them in more colors. But now I wonder if his desires to escape might not have manifested in omni presence and he was able to escape without leaving his cell.
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The Diner

-”Enjoy your meal.” The middle aged waitress said as she came over to the table with the ordered breakfast.
Inspector Henry Lambright pulled his tray closer and gazed at the contents of his plate. Eggs and bacon, even some sausages and beans. The worst kind of breakfast really, but the best for a hard working man like him. Or well, some days at least. It made sense that his captain had let himself go a bit since leaving the field.
-”Are you sure you don’t want something?” Henry asked his colleague Izzie. He couldn’t quite remember her surname, for some reason it never stuck.
-”I’m super fine thanks.” Izzie started and leaned back with her coffee in both hands. “But go ahead and eat.”
Henry didn’t need to be told twice and dug in and savoring the greasy taste. Izzie was still young, she would appreciate a real breakfast more after some more years on the force.
-”Turn that up will ya?” One of the customers called from a different table, barely worth calling a commotion in a diner like this.
The waitress stretched to reach the radio behind the counter, a little too much to some guests’ amusement. But the volume of the radio quickly increased and if anyone snickered it was drowned by the newscast.
-”...vigilante interfered with the mugging before the victim was harmed and left the perpetrators tied up to a lamppost. This is not the first time listeners contact the studio about this maniac with a golden heart so let’s be glad she’s on our side and not the gangs.”

-”That chick is making it seem like we’re not doing our jobs.” Izzie complained as she listened to the chitchat from some of the other customers.
Henry really couldn’t care less, he knew about the so-called vigilante who went by the name The Dragon, which made him remember something.
-”Do you know what they called her before they came up with ‘The Dragon’?” He swallowed hard before continuing, seeing Izzie’s disgusted face as he spoke with food in his mouth.
-”They called her Loong Fu, convinced that she was Asian or something - and that she used some self-taught karate to beat up the thugs. Wasn’t until later when she was shot and started carrying herself that people went with the new one.”
-”Still, having a vigilante carrying a gun to enforce some sort of personal justice is crazy right?” Izzie said while casually grabbing one of his sausages to go with the bread she nicked earlier.
-”Well, less paperwork for us really.” He glared at her. Every damn time, they would go grab a bite but she would insist she was good and then steal his food like a damn vulture. “Besides, that is hardly crazy in this little town.” Henry finished and continued to devour his paid meal.
-”Still, maybe we should investigate who she is, bring her in or something?” Izzie continued, oblivious to the pain and suffering she caused her colleague.
-”Or maybe not.” He said and pointed out the window where a man was fastening flyers to the posts on the street. “Is that the same kid as before or do we have another one at our hands?”
Izzie got up and peered through the store window and then came back shaking her head.
-”Sorry Hal, that’s a new one.” She said upset.
-”Damn, that makes this eleven or something right?” He suddenly felt a bit queasy and pushed his plate away. “Where the hell are all those kids going? Serial killer or something?”
-”I don’t know, but it’s our job to find out.” Izzie said, prodding his plate for more food.
-”I just wish we could rule out the impossible to find the improbable truth.” Henry said and sighed, scratching the back of his head, he really wanted a smoke right now.
-”But that’s just not happening in Spring Valley.”
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Notes from the Grimoire II

I told my parents expecting them to try to talk me out of my lifelong goal. Instead the fools disregarded my concern as hormonal paranoia. When I started this I just wanted them to be cool with it… I don’t know any longer.

I tried to get more information out of the traveling merchant, about what kind of world he came from. I might be a terrible person for assuming that someone with the head of a bird isn’t from my plane: But really, what do I care at this point? My effort was fruitless however, the merchant is a merchant and the information I seek is far more valuable than any tome. I need to find something I can trade with him.

School is coming to an end, after this I can finally live as I please. No more going to class to watch apes trying to learn basic facts about the world seen as absolute values. Schools are so outdated! We already know that most of these things are relative and not absolute, and the distortion zones only proves that further! What sort of world do we live in when school is a conservative institution? I bet it’s because our former minister of education was a member of the Veiled Cross.

As I entered the Shifting Alley today I noticed a pack of Goblims gathered in a formation. It seems they treat that place as some sort of sacred grounds. I don’t really get it but I heard the words “Zardon” chanted over and over. It’s weird to see Goblims clad in robes and manipulating the arcane like myself, but why did they come here?

My guide is still trying to talk me down from pursuing this issue further. I appreciate his concern but his increasing pleading of me to slow down and find enlightenment through tranquility is starting to bug me. I asked him if the great scientists from the past just leaned back and let revelations come to them. He smiled and said yes, such a jerk…

Yet another paradox happened today. While using my powers in the Shifting Alley a portal opened and pulled in something from a different world. It was a small monster of no note but realizing the danger it posed I smashed it into billions of pieces with an arcane shock. Is it me fumbling my spells? Or is it that something else using me as a conduit for its own powers?

We had final exams at the school today, one of my classmates asked me if I could use my powers to steal the key to the test. I could, I really could, little effort involved. However, I can’t use my powers that irresponsibly. If I make a connection here then a new distortion zone can manifest here as well. I didn’t say that however, I just told him that he wouldn’t need it if he had studied like he should.

Last night was a full moon, note to self. Avoid arcane unstable areas during full moons. I had a run in with some sort of sorcerer. Now, I’m a mage myself at this point, but the way it used the arcane. It was… Inspiring. I don’t quite get where that level of control comes from, I still have much to learn. I must learn.

My guide has a hypothesis. I disagree with it but I can’t be certain. According to this hypothesis, the reason for the increased weird happening is me. That’s what he’s been hiding from me all this time, he blames me for all the creatures, the meatball hailstorm, my missing peers and the instability of the energies. I hope he’s wrong.

Who the hell invented fish taco?! Sure I’m not from around here but don’t go giving me a stupid fish taco! Sometimes I just hate mankind! But then I remember that there must be more like me out there. People better than the average man looking for the answers to the big questions.

Acting on the hypothesis of my guide I’m taking a trip to a different distortion zone, this one in the forest close to the Glimmering Cave. I believe my guide’s mentoring is wrong however. My own hypothesis is that the wizard who died in the Shifting Alley all those years ago remains as a sliver of the evil he was. That must be what’s causing this, the resonance of a powerful user of the arcane.
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Lovin' it. Particularly the fish taco entry hahaha
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Our cops return and give us a funny little insight into what a super hero must endure in Spring Valley before she establishes her name lol

"My teacher is a sadist teaching backwards stuff because he must be a member of the Order of The Veiled Cross" Made me laugh.  I am now convinced the protagonist in Notes on The Grimoire is not Blimrif. They seem as arrogant and self confident but they are traveling in circles that make me think OC or something. Then again we don't meet Blim unless we do all the bonus stuff and she was technically the last character  in our party so there is alot she could have done before meeting Joel, but I'm banking on it not being her.
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This one is pretty long.

Exhibition Killer

-”You’re late to the party.” Said the officer kneeling over the corpse of a young woman.
Inspector Lambright knew who it was. Not the victim: the officer of course.
-”Good to see you back in action Flynnt.” Henry said, crushing his cigarette in the ashtray on a nearby table.
-”Do you really mean that or are you being dick again Hal?” Flynnt asked as he turned towards him, the man towered Henry without even trying. Henry gave a friendly smile regardless, he doubted even Flynnt would do anything that stupid.
-”Truest honest, really. I can’t even imagine what that freak accident was like. Turned into a pig or what was it?” Henry said and flipped his notepad out as Flynnt’s face showed clear frustration at him even knowing that much.
-”Keep it down you dolt, it’s not something the entire district need to know about, capiche?” Although his face was hard there was something vulnerable about the way he said it, even big men had to keep up appearances.
-”Don’t worry about me saying a thing. You’re a braver man than me Flynnt,” Henry began and attempted to pat his shoulder but thought better of it. “I never would’ve chased a thug into the Shifting Alley, I stay away as much as possible really.”
Flynnt seemed satisfied with that and motioned to the body.
-”Janitor found the body two hours back, called us and we secured the crime scene. Jane Doe, around thirty, not an employee here. The quick evaluation says punction marks.” Flynnt preached as Henry was occupied doing his thing, looking at objects, noticing details, scribbling down questions. The important stuff.
He kneeled down at one of the display cases, clearly broken by the shards of glass scattered across the floor of the museum.
-”Do we know who she is?” Henry asked as he got back to his feet.
-”I just told you…” Flynnt replied, creasing his brow.
-”I believe you, but recap it for me please.” Henry said, waving his arm to disarm the situation, it didn’t work but Flynnt was a square and obeyed.
-”Jane Doe, thirty something. Not an employee here.” He said once more making sure Henry was paying attention this time.
-”Well damn, then this will probably take a while. Could you fax me the photos later?” Henry said and pointed at the crime scene photographer, some new guy he hadn’t seen around before.
-”Of course, are you leaving?” Flynnt asked, looking surprised that the inspector’s stay didn’t last longer, this was a murder investigation after all.
-”Yeah, I’ll let the desk rats do their thing first. Wouldn’t want to go out there chasing the wrong lead in vain. I’ll keep in touch.”

-”Hal, get your damn fax already!” Captain Beiler howled from the break room as the beeping of the fax machine had been going on for a good three minutes.
-”I’m on my goddamn way!” Henry called back, sitting with his legs on the desk and cleaning his gun. He wasn’t really on his way but he didn’t get what everyone was so stressed out about all the time. This was Spring Valley, the moment you felt like you had a case under control something weird would happen and you had to start over.
-”Hal!” Izzie called from a desk nearby and threatened him with the baseball stored on her desk next to her nametag.
Henry sighed, putting down the pieces gently while getting to his feet and making his way over to the fax machine. There were a lot of papers in the machine, the weight had reached its limit, therefore the beeping. Fax machines were stupid after all, Henry wished someone would invent something better, and soon. All this walking was tiresome.
-”Oh my god!” He exclaimed as he looked closer at the papers.
-”What’s wrong?” Izzie asked curiously, but not enough to move her *** from her desk.
-”These pictures are terrible, look at this Izzie! Did we even pay the guy?” He replied, waving the faxed photos in her direction, she didn’t have the slightest chance to see of course but the gesture was a statement more than anything else.
-”Could you get Flynnt on the line for me?” He continued as he flipped through the pages.
-”Are you only going to complain about the pictures?” Izzie asked sarcastically, of course lost on the distracted inspector.
-”No, it’s about the case, could use someone to come along with me for this.” Henry said and went back to his desk with the papers. Izzie shook her head but grabbed the phone from the desk and gave the call.

-”You better have a good reason for this.” Flynnt said cynically to Henry as the two men were crammed into a tight stinky alley.
Henry sighed at his colleague’s disbelief and tried to show him his notepad but failed, he had a smoke in his hand and didn’t want to let it go just yet. As he realized he would have to use words it seemed like too much of a hassle and decided to skip that.
-”Hal?” Flynnt asked again, getting annoyed by the silent treatment.
-”Just trust me, okay?”
-”Not really in the mood for that.”
-”Then just be a man about it.”
-”How is this banter any better than just telling me?”
-”You’ll know soon enough.”
True to his words, the suspected assailant appeared around the corner, no wait that was just a cat. Some more minutes passed but then their target showed up.
A robed figure came walking down the streets and opened the back door to the museum right before their eyes. He turned around to make sure the coast was clear before entering and then went out of sight.
-”That’s our cue.” Henry said and dislodged from the alley to follow with Flynnt in tow.
-”Let’s call for backup.” Flynnt stated bluntly
-”We parked a block away Flynnt, We’re missing our shot here man.” Henry earned himself a glare but didn’t really care, they had to move: Even Flynnt realized that. They looked around cautiously before entering the back door.

It was after closing hours so there were no one inside, well except for the robed person. They had given them a head start and was now tracking whoever it was.
-”Something up ahead.” Flynnt whispered as they rounded the corner of one of the hallways leading to an exhibition. The comment itself was completely pointless though since the entire exhibition hall was glaring a mean red from symbols engraved in the center of the room.
Henry held his tongue though, because he realized what this was and felt that was more appropriate to address.
-”It’s a goddamn necromancer!” Henry exclaimed, under his breath, but with serious indignation.
-”How can you tell?” Flynnt whispered sheepishly, earning him quite the look from the inspector. All the while the chanting of the suspect continued and the red symbols started appearing across one of the fossils in the room.
-”Look at his fingers, or I don’t know, look at that huge animal skeleton he’s trying to bring back to life!” Henry replied with frustration as he tried to make up a plan in his head.
-”Oh, right.” Flynnt answered and made sure the safety of his gun was off. “Want me to take the shot?”
-”No, it won’t work. Gotta catch him by surprise and from behind I think.” Henry answered and pulled his own gun.
-”You think?”
-”Well it’s either necromancers or warlocks, can’t really keep those separate Flynnt.”
-”Seriously? It’s not exactly small potatoes at the moment Hal.”
-”Who cares? Shooting the other one in the back of the head will do the job as well, just stay with me and we’ll end this.
-”We’re not arresting him?”
-”No!” Henry looked to the sky to save him from this man. “It’s a necromancer, not a misunderstood housewife” Let’s go.

The two officers hugged the wall and split up, one to take position behind the suspect and the other to set a distraction. Bt they were running out of time, the red light was spreading through the bones of the skeleton one by one to the sound of the robed figure.
Henry was hiding behind a display case as he gave Flynnt the signal. At the sight of that signal Flynnt aimed and turned on one of the spotlight right at the face of the necromancer. What they didn’t count on was that the light would be blinding to everyone in the dark room, but Henry scrambled to his feet, raised his gun with both hands right behind the robed figure and pulled the trigger.
The entire museum went quiet, actually it didn’t get more quiet but the only thing that came from Henry’s gun was a clicking sound. The gun had jammed.
-”For the love of-” Henry started as he checked his weapon and remembered that goddamn fax machine. The distraction had made a mess of the assembly of the gun somehow. Now he stood right next to a dangerous magician who could make him act as a coffee table for the rest of his existence.
Luckily Flynnt was at the ready and unleashed a salvo from his working gun at the necromancer. Most of the six bullets hit the figure with a wheezing sound, puncturing the robe with ease. But as Henry had mentioned before, that was not enough to end a necromancer. But it had been enough to spook him and send him running at which the symbols sparked one by one.
Henry tried to chase the necromancer and grabbed onto something on the robe, but a bony tusk stopped him in his tracks. The front of a skeletal mammoth blocked his path, the arcane symbols on the bones giving them life where there was none. The back of the mammoth hadn’t been covered with symbols yet and was therefore as motionless as before.
-”He got away!” Flynnt called from above, once again stating the obvious.

Henry ran with everything he had, which wasn’t much thanks to his smoking to be honest. But he did his best regardless as the bony monster followed him, the symbols glowing red in the dark room, except for that spotlight of course.
-”I got this!” Flynnt called and hurled a javelin just past Henry’s face at the extinct animal.
The javelin struck true and lodged itself into the bony mass of one leg, however it didn’t slow it down or anything.
Henry was closing in on what he was aiming for and made a final zigzag between display cases to slow his pursuer down. The sound of glass and wood shattering told him it was somewhat working and he threw himself towards the fire extinguisher at the entrance of the hall to stand his ground.
After fidgeting a bit with the lever and the instructions he unleashed a torrent of cold foam at the approaching menace. At first it didn’t seem to have any effect but as it got closer it slowed down and stopped just an inch from Henry’s shinbone with the foremost tusk.
-”Quick thinking Hal!” Flynnt called as he ran over. “Of course a mammoth could be defeated by cold!”
Henry let out a sigh of relief, he had survived yet another encounter with the unexpected in Spring Valley. And just at that moment of relief the lifeless fossil crumbled to the floor and the tusk smashed into his shins with a crack.
Flynnt came over as Henry cried out in pain. It didn’t look too bad but was enough to earn him a ride to the hospital. They eventually found a phone, not being in abundance in museums, for backup but the necromancer was still at large. On the other hand, their adventure was over for the day. Luckily, Flynnt offered to do the paperwork while Henry recovered from his injuries, and to be honest, that was probably the biggest win today.
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Boy that Henry is certainly an action survivor! Makes him a good protagonist in a place as surprisingly perilous day-to-day as Spring Valley. Poor Necromancer didn't get to see their creation in action.
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Summath Island Press II

Greyspire Bussiness Section

Stahlmann Steel Works will share a $1m bonus after it announced it expects profits to almost double this year.
About 1,700 employees at the industry will split the payout "in recognition of their contribution".
The Greyspire-based company said on Tuesday it expects to report an annual pre-tax profit of at least $20m, which is up from last year's $12m.

Over the past 12 months, Stahlmann shares have risen by nearly 150% as the firm continues to bounce back from a difficult period when sales faltered.
The firm currently makes 75% of its revenues overseas, and has benefited from the weak dollar since the war.
Stahlmann founded its factory and headquarters in the Ferrarum area of Greyspire  in 1972.
It represents one of many successful companies founded in the city and even has its own staff pub.

Summath Island Press
J. Thurman

U.F.O. Sightings in Spring Valley?
Several reports on an unidentified flying object (U.F.O. for short) was called in to the police this Wednesday by several people. The police was on the case but could not conclude whether the objects was in fact from outer space or simple one of many abnormalities and paradoxes spawning from the distortion zone known as the Shifting Alley.

Eye-witness reports that it was purple and golden and came down towards the city in a speedy maneuver that seemed reckless and foolish. Exactly what the purpose of it was is still unknown.
Conspiracy theorists suggests that it was merely a way for game company Charas Project inc. to advertise their coming sequel to Juno’s Odyssey.
We have contacted director of the gaming studio without response.

Summath Island press
K. Abrams

Commotion when Neon City Hub International Television Broadcast Station Opened

Celebrities and local politicians was on sight for the opening of the latest TV station in Neon City Hub, always at the front of development. The project started one year ago to ensure that the daily news could be reached by all people on Summath Island and to enable the shows to be broadcasted to the rest of the country.

The audience was shocked however as the Mayor was bombed by eggs as he was cutting the ribbon to the building. The police department of Neon City revealed that the perpetrators were a group of troublemakers from one of the neighbouring cities and was detained at the site. No further comment has been given.

Regardless, the new TV Station, being the tallest building in the city, lights as a beacon to everyone in Neon city, famous for its many skyscrapers and advertisement. And hopefully it will serve as a lighthouse for the less developed neighbouring cities.

Summath Island press
J. Chian

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Here's another long one. Getting close to the end now.

The Mall Mystery

-”Welcome to Greyspire inspector.” Greeted the local inspector, a tall woman with a ponytail.
It wasn’t unheard of but Greyspire Ciry rarely contacted the Spring Valley Police Department about investigations. But it seemed like Henry Lambright had earned himself quite the reputation, or so he thought at least. The honest truth was that the acting captain at the precinct was fed up with Henry’s way of doing his job that he hoped a trip to a bigger city would do him well.
-”Glad to be here.” He returned with a smirk and then remembered his manners and offered his hand. “Lambright, Henry.”
-”Ann Dillinger, I’m the inspector on the case.” She replied with a friendly smile and shook the offered hand with surprising strength. Although that wasn’t really all that surprising of the people of Greyspire: nearly all of them worked in the factories or the quarry.
-”I’d say it’s time for lunch but you’re in charge so where you’ll go, I guess I’ll follow.” Henry said and looked at the empty streets.
-”We’ll have time for lunch later, for now we better get going before the rush hour of the first shift leaving the factories.” She said and motioned to the police car she brought.
Henry smiled and savoured the last drag of his cigarette before flicking it behind him.

-”So let me get this straight, someone is breaking into this mall and stealing items from the stores?” Henry asked, with his mouth half full of the typical food stall pizza slices you could expect from a mall.
-”That’s the gist of it. What makes it strange is that it’s never cash. Even if it’s easier to acquire the cash from an old safe they target specific items, mostly electronic devices such as walkmans, vacuum cleaners and the like.” Dillinger replied while sipping her lemonade.
-”I see” Henry began while scribbling down some notes on his notepad while smearing tomato sauce all over it from his sticky hands.
A commotion burst out nearby, immediately calling Henry to attention. But he noticed his new colleague didn’t even bat an eye at it. The commotion at hand was a group of teenagers of mixed gender hurling insults at each other. Frankly, no one seemed surprised by the behaviour. Henry had interfered in Spring Valley a few times when the gangs of Greyspire went there to make a mess, but at least then people frowned at the behaviour. Here it seemed to be too normal.
-”Just some kids, no biggie.” Dillinger told him as she noticed how distracted he was.
-”Sorry, just not used to it all. Malls this big, just a huge concrete block filled with stores and stalls.” He shrugged and continued.
-“And it’s kinda weird to only see teenagers around, it’s like this place was made for them rather than the grown ups.”
-”You aren’t entirely wrong, most of the businesses were promoted by the mayor to stop juvenile crime rates.” She started and nodded at his pizza and held up her cup.
-“Cheap food, cheap entertainment, comic stores rather than book stores. Well you get it.”
Henry did indeed get it, back in Spring Valley most kids hung out at the Arcade. There rarely was any problem there though since the owner, Badger, made sure everyone was on their best behaviour.
And just as that thought passed through his head the power went out. At least now people reacted, although some a bit too much like sissies based on the laughter from the teenagers.
-”A big deal?” He asked sarcastically, Dillinger nodded in response, although it was too dark to see.

-”They are getting bolder.” Dillinger told Henry as she returned from the security office.
The power was back on, since the mall barely had any windows it had been near pitch black for around half an hour until the technicians could get the power back on. Of course another burglary had taken place.
-”What was stolen this time?” Henry asked and rose from the neatly placed mall bench.
Dillinger grabbed a notepad of her own and flipped through the pages.
-”It seems cables and hardware equipment from the second floor store and then some newly released console games from the store down here.” She closed her pad and gave the expression like that was the most random thing ever.
-”What about food?” Henry blurted out.
-”As in eating more or if the perpetrators took any food?” She asked back while looking around.
-”The latter, although both work really.” Dillinger didn’t take his joke and called one of the kids over by name and sent him running.
-”We’ll know soon enough, sent Dex to ask.” She said and sat down on the bench prompting him to do the same.
-”The kids aren’t bad.” She continued. “They just get involved in things they shouldn’t. But count on them putting the blame on one of the other gangs.” She looked at her wrist and leaned back.
-”The attacks have mostly been during the night, right?” Henry inquired earning him a nod.
-”And most of the time it seems to be targeted items, seemingly unrelated?” Another nod.
-”And this all started some weeks backs?” Another nod.
-”Then I have a hypothesis about this… Care to make a bet?” He turned towards her with a mischievous grin.
-”Alright smallville, what are we betting on?” Dillinger replied with a snort.
-”I’ll do the paperwork for the case if I’m wrong.” He spread his hands in a nonchalant way. “If I’m right you’ll ask your captain to send some of Greyspire’s famous donuts to my boss with a thank you-note directed to me.”
-”I’m in. If you know who’s doing this and help us put a stop to it I’ll make sure you get your donuts.” She said and looked both amused and insulted that a small town cop like him thought he could solve a case that had vexed them for so long.

-”What does that mean?” Dillinger asked as Henry’s eyes shone after Dex returned with the details from the restaurants and food stalls.
-”Check your pocket.” Henry said and leaned back, instinctively pulling his package of cigarettes from his pocket, then realized it probably wasn’t allowed in here despite the size.
Dillinger put her hand in her pocket and took out the small note from Henry’s notepad that he had written on earlier during the bet. She looked at it and gave him a questioning look.
-”How does this prove anything?” She asked annoyed.
-”Most owners weren’t sure, that Italian place is clearly just trying to get some money from the insurance company. But, the people who were certain had three main items missing. Hot dogs, peanut butter and marshmallows.” He gestured with his hands like the game show hosts on TV did to indicate it was all over.
-”Let me get this straight.” Dillinger started, looking at the note and taking in what he just said. “I am to believe that Goblims are stealing from the mall?” She looked amused. “Also, isn’t it spelled with a N?”
-”No, that’s an entirely different thing.” He said and waved the remark away. “Some month back the new mayor made sure we had a contingency plan for Goblim attacks, at first we thought it was crazy but then they started showing up..” He said offended at the ridicule.
-”And that’s around the same time the burglary started…” Dillinger started, realizing her error in dismissing the answer.
-”To make it clearer, everytime they do show up, marshmallows and hot dogs are always missing.” Henry finished, earning him a far more favourable expression from Dillinger.
-”Say that you are correct, this hypothesis of yours. How do we prove it? And how do we stop it?
-”Yeah, they only have one eye. If we offer them a large supply of monocles they are bound to take ‘em. A lot of them have poor seeing after all, poor inbred fools.”
-”Wouldn’t it make more sense to use contact lenses then? Like, different colours and such?” Dillinger suggested, nearly making Henry fall of the bench, it was a brilliant idea after all. And contact lenses were far cheaper than monocles these days.
-”Let’s do that.”

-”I still can’t believe you were right.” Dillinger said and shook her head at the green, knee height goblims stuck in their trap.
Some teenagers passing by the mall threw a beer bottle at the goblims which made the entire gang laugh heartily. Henry couldn’t really get used to that kind of behaviour but he was proud enough of their success.
-”I think we can share the protocol we have for these kind of things with you as long as your captain asks.”
-”Captain Berger can be difficult at times but I’ll do my best to convince him.” Dillinger looked troubled for a moment.
-”I don’t suppose goblims can be responsible for missing kids right?” She asked carefully and in a hushed voice.
-”No, they are not as far as I know. Although people in Spring Valley tend to spread that rumour. That is something else.” He said troubled, thinking back on all those parents filing missing person reports.
-”I see… That is the department’s number one priority at the moment, especially since Stahlmann’s son went missing.”
-”The factory owner? I can see how that would influence the force to take more action.”
-”Yeah, that’s partly why we asked your precinct for assistance with this matter.” She looked at the green creatures in the net with an intense look.
“I just hope it doesn’t have anything to do with the latest urban myth about some guy in a hoodie prowling the streets at night.” She said and shook her head and greeting the officers pulling over to take the goblims away.
-”Do you know who it is?” Henry asked curiously, reports like that had started in Spring Valley as well.
-”I’m afraid not, although the name used on the streets is the Hoodlum, the kids stay away. But we have no reports on crime connected to him yet.”
Henry was in deep troubled thought for a moment, thinking about some of his earlier cases and what this all could mean. Goblims, Hoodies, Arcane powers, Dogs and cats.
-”Want me to follow you to the bus station?” Dillinger inquired as he seemed lost, he hadn’t taken a drag of his cigarette for a long time.
-”No, I’m good. Just remember, donuts to captain Bieler and a thank you-note.” He said and grinned while shaking her hand in goodbye.
-”You have my word.”
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Another long one

Streets of Frustration

The sun was coming down, the stars dimmed by the electric light of the city. The sound of dogs barking were growing less frequent and the last workers were coming home to their families.

Greyspire City started off as a small sleepy industrial town that grew when the war came. Now nearly everyone worked in its factories, even people from Spring Valley and Neon City Hub. Thomas Jensen was just one of many teenagers living in Greyspire, craving the love of an absent father who rather spent time at the pub than with his son. But he had his friends, people who would back him up no matter what.

Jones, their boss, had called a meeting and Thomas was going, he knew his parents didn’t want him to be out late so he snuck out. Why should he follow the rules of those two? It wasn’t like they were model citizens or anything. And yet they tried to set all those rules about how he should live his life, he wasn’t having any of that. Most of the times he just lied about it but other times he would tell it to their faces. He felt that it was good to have friends around to give support. Parents never understood.

He listened at the door, the sound of the television from downstair told him the coast was clear, his parents had probably downed their first drinks for the evening, and they never cared about him after that. He went over to the window and slid it open, crawling out to reach the tree beside his house. He could spot some of his friends already just outside his fence, some his age some older, like Jones.

-”****ing finally.” Terry said as Thomas came walking. His mohawk an example to all of them.
-”Didn’t want to trigger no alarms.” Thomas said giving Terry and his boys his best grin.
-”Dude, it’s past eight, we rule these streets now.” Ian said and punched Thomas on the shoulder. They always did that, punching, sweeping the leg or slapping each other in the face. That’s was normal to Thomas..
-”Let’s get going already, Jones gonna be pissed if we arrive last” Terry said, already with his back turned against Thomas.
-”Yeah, don’t want him to make us hold the cans he’s shooting.” Ian added to Thomas and gave a short sprint and slapped the top of Terry’s mohawk.
Thomas laughed, caught up with them and they walked together in a group of four towards the elementary school.
-”So how was your date last night Thomas?” Ian asked, grabbing his shoulder in a friendly way.
-”Well…” Thomas began and felt himself blushing. “Didn’t work out as expected. Probably not asking her out again.”
He watched the three friends grin but they were quick to give him some condolences.
-”Maybe you’ll meet someone feisty at the game this Sunday.” Terry told Thomas, but Thomas knew that the only people coming home with dates from the games were the players. Sure, Thomas and his friends were part of a gang, but no one liked the rich kids. Spoiled brats who flaunted their wealth as often as Ian flaunted his junk.
-”Don’t rush it man, you keep hanging with us and something good will show up, you dig?” Ian said taking a sip of a beer and offering it to Thomas.
-”You’re right, who needs chicks right?” Thomas said, and tried to put on a brave face.
They kept walking the remainder of the streets doing small talk, the kind of small talk that friends would take their time to listen to unlike parents.

-”Listen up dudes.” Jones began, Thomas stood at the back but could see him standing at the top of the climbing pyramid. “Y’know we’re the coolest punks in this town.” The crowd of twenty odd people cheered in reply. These were his brothers in arm, tennagers of different ages, some rougher than others. Mohawks, piercings and tattoos were the rage right now and Thomas was aiming for the latter.
-”So it’s time that we show the other gangs that we rule these streets.” He said and obscenely grabbed his crotch. The crowd roared once more. Thomas loved that, it was such a mature gesture.
-”Now, we know that Leo and Brad and some of the other losers are holed up talking smack about us.” Thomas watched as Jones flung his arm against the mall with one finger pointing, giving the wing. At the same time, beer and other alcohol was passed around the crowd.
-”So what do you think about getting our gear on and smashing some kneecaps?” Thomas roared with the rest of them as Jones asked his final question. Thomas let himself get pulled in by the crowd, feeding of their energy and giving it back.
No one would disrespect them, they would make sure of that. There had been armed fights previously but this was serious.
-”****ing get your **** up front and we’ll get going, they’ll go crying like pussies to their mommas.” Everyone started to push by Thomas to get their hands on the baseball bats and iron bars. Thomas smiled, today would be a good night.

-”I think they are up ahead.” Ian whispered as he scrambled back to the boys waiting.
Thomas and many others were ready to storm the place right away but Jones had sent someone ahead to scout it.
-”Alright, let’s beat them up and grab their stuff. We know they collect most of the money from Spring Valley’s pansies after all.” Terry replied close to Thomas and spun his crowbar around like a rad samurai.
As the signal was given, they all scrambled to their feet, following Jones the last paces before the building. As a collective unit they moved, some practicing swings at nearby trash cans to mark their coming, other woofing or howling to add to the mood. Thomas kept up, having a nailed board himself, he wasn’t as crazy as the rest of them but wished that he was.
He didn’t see the door being kicked in but heard the sound of the metal giving way to his strong brothers in arm. In front he could see Jones flanked by two of their biggest. He motioned to them to spread out in the room, closing of the exits, the warehouse lit up by a burning barrel and several people hanging around on mattresses and sofas stored around it.
Thomas followed Ian and Terry like always, watching as Jones approached the other gang who were hiding away like cowards.
There was an exchange of words, too muffled for Thomas to hear but he imaged that Jones said something real sassy and cool to Leo who cried like a baby.
Leo and his gang weren’t as punky as Jones’, but they put up a good fight and had harassed some of their younger members outside school some weeks back. Leo, their leader pulled his fingers through his hair and gave some signal.
He could feel the tension and see it on Terry and Ian both, their breaths stinking of cheap vodka. He wished he had taken some himself, these seconds before a fight were always nerve wrenching.

Thomas could hear the exchange of words between Jones and Leo heating up, Leo’s gang spreading out in a circle themselves and arming themselves with what they had stashed around there. It was almost time, his legs started shaking, the adrenaline coursing through his body. He saw Terry literally having to be held back by Ian after and insult about his mother.
Then all of a sudden there was a yell and the commotion started. No more holding back.

Thomas rushed towards the camp with Ian and Terry to face the deadbeats who dared oppose Jones. Terry’s crowbar slammed into the side of their first opponent, Ian followed up with a haymaker punch to the jaw, the sound of metal hitting bone before the sound of the body hitting concrete floor.
Thomas aimed his own weapon against a second opponent as she attacked Ian from the side, the nailed board slashed across her back, tearing into her skin enough to draw blood. She stumbled but got up and whipped a chain at his face before he could regain his balance; it felt like the cold metal encased his head and he stumbled backwards and hit the floor.
The shouts and clangs remained for a moment as the light faded, then that blurred into nothingness as well.

Thomas awoke with a start, a scream like he had never heard before woke him up. He saw Ian clutching his arm, it was disjointed at the elbow and hanging limp. His head hurt tremendously and the sight made him want to vomit. But he held it in and tried to get to his feet but stumbled back down.
As he looked up he saw Leo standing amongst his gang, the light must’ve been playing tricks because they all looked so pale, and there was something off about them. Thomas couldn’t believe his eyes; Jones was down on his knees in front of Leo, his beefy arms held back by one of Leo’s goons. His hearing wasn’t quite right but he heard something about darkness, about power and sacrifice.
Jones tensed up and fell to the floor as he was released, it was like electricity was shooting through his body by the way he spasmed. Then he rose suddenly, only that it looked like he was a puppet pulled on strings.
His head was aching and he couldn’t hold back his vomit as he saw Jones swaying back and forth, like he was wrestling for control of his own body.
Thomas was suddenly shocked by Ian screaming close to him again, reminding him of the pickle they were in. But just as he reached out to help Ian a thrown sofa crashed into his friend and knocked him back. He looked up to see Leo walking towards him, his face was blank and pale. Like a monster from a movie.

His legs wouldn't carry him as tried to crawl back, the eyes of everyone else in the room turned towards him, and he realized, even if their backs were facing him.
-”You have a choice weakling.” Leo said as he hunched down in front of him, a wide grin on his cold face.
Thomas tried to say something but couldn’t, Leo reached out and grabbed his collar, pulling him closer. He had a terrible grin on his face, like this was the most hilarious thing in the world. He let go of the collar and grabbed his arm, his grip like a gorilla.
-”You losers came here for a fight, I have to thank you for that. I didn’t know I had this in me. But now you need to choose, do you want to be strong? Or do you want to end up like your weak friend?” Leo said, his voice strange as he motioned towards the wall behind Thomas.
-”Don’t bother, he was always weak.” Another person said behind Leo, it was Terry, his mohawk slumped and leaving a trail of hair behind him as it fell from his pale face.Thomas couldn’t believe that his friend would say that, or that he too would become this thing. But then, even Jones seemed to be on their side.
-”Luckily that doesn’t matter much to my master.” Leo continued, the grin still engraved on his face. “As long as you are willing to give everything you are, you could have power.”
Thomas gasped for air as Leo’s grip tightened and he lifted him onto his feet with a single arm.
-”Submit Thomas.” Terry said behind Leo, an arm weirdly indicated the direction of Ian. Thomas gulped as he turned his head and saw Ian’s body limp like a rag draped across the dumpster at the wall, sofa crashed beside it.
-”I don’t care which you choose to be honest but make your choice ‘cuz I got **** to do.” Leo said, still grinning with his hair falling off his skull.
Thomas nodded, and felt everything he was cease to be.
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I need to take some time and catch back up on these. I'm a couple of stories behind.
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Getting close to the end, I hope everyone is enjoying the summer.
Gonna compile this into a pdf or something later. Also check out the stories on our itch page to see more sprites from Momeka.
Also, feel free to drop a comment about the game there.

On the interwebs

Best Burgers

Dear reader, I’ve found the most amazing burger joint in Greyspire City! I promise! This place has burgers to die for! The sweet buns, the amazingly fresh and crispy lettuce and tomatoes. Man, even the dressing is spicy and smooth at the same time. The waitress suggested fries and onion rings, done and done. Just delicious.
They even had a vego special, but the waitress let me in on the secret that they actually never stock the ingredients, they just have it on the menu.

I never expected this industry town to offer such fine dishes. Although people seemed a bit worried about something. Apparently something called the Shifting Alley, that lies between this town and that of Spring Valley is starting to spawn things in town as well. They say it’s probably Spring Valley’s fault, since they are the ones who’ve had problems with this before.
But hey, don’t let that stop you, get here and eat some burgers man!

The Neon City Hoax

The news are lying to us! Remember when the government and the news told us about a Gryphe attacking Neon City Hub? Well I have proof that it was all fake and just an attempt by the mayor and the CEO of Private Security Corps!!

No one really saw the creature and the pictures we do have look like they’ve been manipulated. An expert on avians contacted me earlier and told me that the so called gryphe on the main page was nothing but an Anas Plathy.
The city and Private Security Corps signed a deal just hours after the alleged attack, this is obviously a set up to enforce a totalitarian rule under the mayor.
The mayor knew the president of the company from before, they both went to Neo Zokrates High as this yearbook will prove.

It is clear that the news article was faked! There was no Gryphe in Neon City Hub! That weird stuff only happens in Spring Valley. We all know how simple and lame the people of Spring Valley are, the mayor is trying to do the same to us. This is what all those teenagers in the other cities figured out! That we are all slaves to the system! All our free-thinking and creative peers! The government is kidnapping us, men in black vans and sunglasses! Mark my word! We will be next unless we rise up and expose the oppression of the state!

Moosetrooper 10
Ever wanted to be a moose on a rampage? Ever wanted to perform brutal overkill attacks and watch gore splash from the heads of your opponents? Of course you do! And we have just the game for you!

From the creators of Moosetroop 6, 7 and 8 comes Moosetroop 10, the latest installment in a long tradition of games. The creators remedied the utter failure that was Moosetroop 9 and went back to the roots that made the series the success it is. The old composer James B, who pushed the video game music to where it is today, is likewise back and delivers yet another kickass soundtrack like never before.

The player is once again put in the hooved boots of Sgt. Moose, the trooper we all love and know. As the game starts you are introduced to all the mechanics from the previous games, the tactical espionage action and the frontal charging full out shooting.
Familiar characters from earlier games like General Momeka, Captain Fishson, Dr.Donut and  Private Purple all return and give their usual banter. But just as you finish the tutorial level you realize that something bigger is going on and the developers drop a bomb bigger than the bloodlust of Sgt. Moose.

What is that secret you ask? You’ll just have to play and see, but rumours say that an eleventh game is in the making, and for someone who finished the tenth game I wonder how the story will play out. Without spoiling too much, let’s just see it’s gonna be one hell of a day for whoever crosses Moose’s path.

What are you waiting for? Get your moose on!

What the hell is going on in the Shifting Alley?!

[00:13] == mode/#weirdstuff [+ns] by
[00:13] == mode/#weirdstuff [+ct-s] by services.
[00:14] == SumIsServ [ChanServ@services.] has joined #weirdstuff
[00:14] == mode/#weirdstuff [+o ChanServ] by services.
[00:14] == loading_please_wait.
[00:15] == loading_please_wait.
[00:16] == loading_please_wait.
[00:17] == loading_please_wait.
[00:18] == chat entered_welcome.

<AndRAD87> Hey dudes what’s up with SA lately? I saw the cops put up blockades on main street.
<AndRAD87> Sure I get that there’s like lots of weird crap showing up but what the hell man?
<St3ve> w8 a sec
<St3ve> Ya its closed
<AndRAD87> Now where am I supposed to find rad gear?
<St3ve> Get a job m8
<IxionLuv>**** this is all the mayor’s fault, that hag sure is ruining this town. She’s only doing this to cover her own *** right?
<IxionLuv> First the goblims and now this? Stupid mayors
<St3ve> LOL
<Nancy> Dad says safety reasons.
<IxionLuv> LOL
<AndRAD87> What’s next? Moving the town?
<IxionLuv> The mayor should deal with that **** before it gets out of hand.
<St3ve> Maybe thats y she angered the goblims
<Nancy> It’s not right to steal the forest from them, they are living feeling beings as well.
<AndRAD87> Give it a rest
<IxionLuv> STFU
<AndRAD87> No u
<IxionLuv> LOL
<IxionLuv> Meant her
<AndRAD87> Oh
<St3ve> Sumthin is up
<IxionLuv> ???
<St3ve> NVM
<St3ve> Just sum cops doin a hit
<Nancy> But don’t you live in the nice part?
<IxionLuv> LOL
<St3ve> Sure
<St3ve> Probably just skipped taxes
<AndRAD87> Or some perv?
<IxionLuv> LOL no
<IxionLuv> Thats ur mom
<AndRAD87> I hate you
<AndRAD87> **** now you made my dad get all upset with me

[00:39] == chat left_goodbye.
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Up to date! Love the internet chat especially :p And how this fleshes out the world in general, greyspire in particular. Lovely stuff.
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Firstly love that UFO sighting being The Jewel XD Makes,me wonder if the crew were lost or what. Then again could be the same model but different people. I mean cause it's not Charas Inc. pulling a publicity stunt to promote Juno's Iliad: the Search for More Money...Those guys are too cheap for that.

The monacle thing made me really go "Dang shoulda made that Red or Booya's ultimate equip! D'oh!" #The shout out to the marshmallow however was pure subterfuge! Did like how you used the War to tie in why everything is so urban industrial. Very clever that.

Leo's cameo in Streets, lol excellent pun, was just scary and awesome. It's funny how he can do that eh? Be cool no matter if he's evil or anti-heroic?

Everything in that last collection is beautiful. Lol LuvIxion is the best screen name ever.
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The Hoodlum

-”Seriously Hal, take a look.” Officer Flynnt pleaded to the detective as said detective was looking through the office fridge in the break room.
-”Right now I’m focusing on this food thing, so I’ll get back to you in like, later.” Henry replied without removing his head from inside the fridge.
-”What if I said it’s from Dillinger?” Flynnt tried.
-”Who’s that again?”
-”Hal, seriously? The detective from Greyspire.” Henry could sense that Flynnt was close to giving up, which sounded pretty good. However, this last piece of information was something he didn’t want to miss up on.
-”Fine, you win. Let’s see the report.” Henry closed the door with some bakery tugged under one arm, heading for the single over-used microwave oven in the break room.
Flynnt was like a worn out recording, but proved useful with his diligence.
-”She sent you this, apparently she has a lead on that Hoodlum person.” He had a fax in his hand and some sort of case file with him.
-”Flynnt! Now you ruined this for me.” Henry complained.
-”What are you talking about?”
-”Read the rest for me if you’re already in the mood to spoil the contents.”
-”You know what? Just this once.” He always said that.
-”Lay it on me.” Henry leaned back against the counter with his first batch of bakery warmed up, unfortunately he forgot to remove the plastic bag surrounding it before heating.
-”Greyspire’s Police force is occupied with solving the kidnapping of Stahlmann’s son. So they aren’t interested in looking into other matters.” Flynnt started but wrinkled his nose as Henry started eating his heated food despise the melted plastic stuck to it.
-”I’m only hearing things I already know Flynnt, what did Dillinger contact me for?”
-”She had a theory that the suspect, the Hoodlum is behind the kidnapping of Stahlmann’s son and some of the other missing teenagers from Greyspire-”
-”Hey, what are you guys doing?”
-”Oh hey Izzie. You want some?” Henry called to his other colleague who popped her head into the break room.
-”Ain’t those for Dan since his cat died of cancer?” She inquired.
-”Focus on the case please. I’m trying to help you.”
-”What’s the case? Mm, this is yummy.”
-”It’s about all those disappearing kids.”
-”No, it’s about the Hoodlum. Just pay attention Hal!”
-”You said they were connected!”
-”No, I said that was Dillinger’s theory, or rather hypothesis.”
-”Ooh, Dillinger again eh Hal? Watcha two got going?”
-”Elizabeth please, not now.”
-”Sorry, Flynnt, go on.”
-”Where was I? Right, she looked into some leads and they lead here to Spring Valley. However, Captain Berger didn’t want to follow up on it. Chasing weird tales from crazy people when the city’s future depends on the finding of Stahlmann’s son is a bit too desperate.”
-”Sorry, crazy people?” Izzie asked while adding some bakery of her own to the microwave.
-”Wild guess, the loony bin right?” Henry directed at Flynnt who nodded in confirmation.
-”Seems she found some interesting stories about the Hoodlum in the asylum. Which brings us here, she wants you to present this to our captain so our precinct can open an investigation. God knows why, but she seems to be under the impression that you are the best and brightest.” Flynnt finished and handed over the case file to Henry with all the specifics.
-”That’s so sweet! If Hal is the best and brightest then Spring Valley is doomed, but at least he’ll keep Dillinger safe.” Izzie joked and gave Henry a playful shove.
-”Sorry, how many cases have you cleared this week Izzie?” Henry replied sourly while shifting through the papers.
-”Ouch, low blow there Hal.”
-”Doesn’t matter, we can’t run this by the captain.”
-”So I spent all this time for nothing? What is it now? Wrong font on the file?”
-”This is prosecutor Owen’s address.” At that, a silence spread across the break room, until the microwave oven popped.

-”That’s out of the question Hal!” Flynnt yelled at Henry, sitting in the patrol car on the street outside the residence of the Owens.
-”I kinda agree with Flynnt here. I reckon doing this gonna wreck our careers if your flirt is wrong about this whole business.” Izzie added from the backseat.
-”Hell it might even if she’s right.”
-”But guys, we have pictures! This is the house, here is the Hoodlum caught on photo entering. More photos and testimonies about this exact same person, the clothes and everything.” Henry argued, which in itself was pointless because he already had his mind set on doing this regardless.
-”But we need to contact the captain about it, we can’t just storm the house, sorry, mansion of one of the top prosecutors of Summath Island!” Izzie complained while pointing at the very impressive building on the other side of the street.
Spring Valley had started of as a typical rural town and only recently seen urbanization. But estates like these existed some way outside the town proper closer to the forest.
-”We need some proof or catching him in action, if he is notified he can prepare beforehand. We lose all evidence. No one is home, it’s dark in every window, this is our chance. Just look at this, there are plenty of places to hold prisoners or do crazy serial killer stuff!”
-”This is a mistake Hal, we don’t even know if Owen really is this Hoodlum person.”
-”Oh wait guys, I couldn’t hear you over the sound of unmistakable crime happening inside the premises of prosecutor Owen’s house. What a crazy random happenstance!” Henry was fed up with the naysayers and got out of the car reaching for his pack of cigarettes.
-”Please don’t do this Hal.” The other two got out of the car as well.
-”You don’t get it, just think of all the kids disappearing lately. They can’t all have gotten lost in the Shifting Alley. We need to investigate this. And I’m doing it, no more sitting around wasting time finding errors in my logic.” He crossed the street to the wall surrounding the house.
-”I’m coming with you Hal.” Izzie said and followed, a determined look upon her face.
-”You guys are getting yourselves into trouble, I’m taking the car back to precinct.” Flynnt said but stopped at the hood.
-”I’m doing this for you, if he sees the car he might get suspicious. Don’t go in there with your badges flying, he knows he has the law on his side.” He added then shook his head and took the driver’s seat.
-”The cab is on you.” Henry said as they watched Flynnt drive away.

-”What’s up with rich people and having ugly trash  presented as art?” Henry asked as the pair sneaked around in the dark.
The inside of the house was spacious, you could fill the entire office of the police station in this weird living room or ballroom or whatever it was supposed to be.
-”I actually think that’s just an apple on a book, you know, things you put on a counter?” Izzie aimed her flashlight his way.
-”If I were a crazy kidnapper then where would I keep my victims?” Henry mumbled.
-”Same place where you keep everything else? Seriously Hal, I’m not finding anything suspicious in this room either. Everything is clean and stylish, he even has a CD collection and his own personal computer here!” Hal thought Izzie looked ready to give up.
-”Wait, what about this photograph?” Hal asked as he got close to the obligatory upper class trophy wall.
As always, it was lined with trophies from different sports and school, also photographs of teams and famous people and lastly diplomas and certificate of prosecution, or whatever that is called. It’s a fancy paper framed in an expensive frame at least.
-”Damn, that might just be something. This picture is from before the Shifting Alley got all weird like?”
-”Looks like it, before that madman tried take over the world with his evil plan.”
-”I recognize some of these people, but they are much younger than I’m used to. What about those?”
-”I know some of them, I’ll fill you in later but it’s a long story.” Henry took some notes before moving on.
-”Hey, you missed this box of leather whips Hal.” Izzie called from the closet.
-”Nah, that’s normal. Leave it.” At that exact point, he bumped into the wall beside the doorpost and heard a clicking sound.
As an expert investigator he knocked at the wall and listened to the hollowness and lack thereof.
-”Got something else here.” He said and started feeling around for something unusual.
-”Whatcha got?” Izzie asked confused as she saw her colleague feeling and pressing himself against the doorpost.
-”There got to be something inside this wall, I swear there was some mechanism inside it.”
-”What about this switch?” She flipped the obvious switch and a humming noise of a mechanism rumbled through the floor as the wall slid open.
Henry peered around into the revealed darkness and shone his flashlight into it, there was a staircase leading down into the abyss below.
-”Damn, I guess we’re about to find where all those kids have been kept.”
-”Are you sure about this Hal? There is a phone here, this is enough to warrant a search right?” Izzie looked nervous and held her gun in hand before the looming darkness.
-”We need something more, this is all circumstantial, we need some definite proof.” He replied with a sigh, gathering his own courage.
-”I got your back.”
-”Then let’s see what we find down there.”

-”Damn it’s cold down here.”
The two officers moved slowly through what appeared to be an old wine cellar, embedded into the crust of the earth. The only light shining their uncertain path forward was that of their flashlights, held close to their raised firearms for whatever threat might appear.
-”Is that a voice? I thought no one was home.”
-”No one was home, you saw how dark the place was, we searched half the house without encountering anyone.”
-”Then who is talking and to whom?”
-”There’s only one way to find out.”
The pair moved towards the end of a corridor, the chill from the walls were palpable but they could see light seeping out from a large oaken door at the end.
Henry took the lead and moved slowly towards the door, hearing the voices more clearly and gently shoving it to get more, although it was still hard to hear.
-”The master is not please -.”
-”But - done every - you’ve asked.”
-”Power - price - souls.”
-”Dark - to light - awesome.”
-”Glimm - Faz- Spire.”
-”Can’t hear **** Hal.” Izzie mumbled behind him, it was true. It was all gibberish mostly. But a keen deduction, the kind you earn from being a detective for a long time, concluded that the two people inside were up to no good. And some sort of fanaticism was involved.
-”Sacrifice - now”
-”That’s sounds bad, what’s happening in there?”
-”Could be our guy, let’s not wait around.” Henry replied while steadying his hand, preparing for what would come next.
He put his hand on the door, looking back at izzie who gave the sign that she was ready, then he took a deep breath and pushed the door open with the kind of creaking that only came from old age.
The light from the room flooded out as Henry and Izzie entered it with weapons drawn aimed towards two figures standing in the middle. The two figures turned around, clearly astonished at the events, one of the holding a dagger and both dressed in some sort of hooded attire.
-”Freeze right there!” Henry exclaimed with his gun aimed at the person with the dagger, at that moment he noticed that there was a third person nearby, tied to some sort of altar in the room.
-”James Owen, you have the right to remain silent, but put the gun down right now!”
-”It seems you have me at a disadvantage, officer..?” Henry noticed that Owen seemed to have collected himself from the initial surprise.
-”None of your damn business, but it seems my hunch was right.”
-”Then what now?” Owen moved to cover the person behind him.
-”Drop the weapon Owen, not gonna tell you again.” Henry threatened and cocked his gun dramatically.
-”What the **** is this place? You dirtbags are sick.” Izzie added, with her own gun aimed at the other person, an older man clad in something more robelike.
-”Nothing is happening here, just private business of course. This is my home after all.” Owen said coldly, although it would be expected to be sarcastic in some way. He dropped the dagger at the floor.
-”Step away from that boy!” Henry commanded again, moving closer, steadily.
Owen relented and gave some space, the person tied up was a teenage boy. Not one that Henry recognized but he would bet it was the missing Stahlmann’s son. At least he hoped so.
-”So I guess you were the Hoodlum after all. I can’t understand why someone like you would do this.” Henry said while moving towards the boy with the gun aimed at the two men.
-”I have no idea what sort of ransom you are trying to extort from Stahlmann with this kidnapping but that ship has sailed.”
-”Ransom? Oh, right. That would make sense.” Owen said calmly.
-”What? You didn’t kidnap him for ransom?” Izzie asked, getting a bit jumpy as they came closer to the suspects.
-”I guess you know far less than I expected. But that only works in my favour. Kidnapping is only a minor part of a much larger scheme.” Owen said, relaxing his shoulders.
-”Like I give a ****, you are coming back to the station with me, we’ll sort out what this mess is about there.” Henry said while pulling a short knife to cut the ropes holding the boy.
-”That’s going to be an issue, I’m afraid.” Owen said plainly and pulled another dagger from behind his back and rushed the occupied detective.
Two gunshots echoed through the chamber.
The smoke from Izzie’s barrel cleared and Owen fell to the floor a feet from where Henry was freeing the boy.
Izzie was panting, the gun aimed at the body of the prosecutor, too late did she remember the other suspect and turned back only to see another dagger thrown at her from the other man.
The dagger struck her in the shoulder and she dropped her gun.
-”A life for a life, only fair yes?” The robed man said, his face hidden from view but a beard was visible in the hood.
-”Keep your hands where I can see them!” Henry shouted, leaving the boy to step between Izzie and the man. The robed man obeyed and held up both hands.
-”You took a most useful man from me, the lord will not be pleased with this. But it matters not, all life will return on the day of reckoning.
-”Are you okay Izzie?” Henry asked without looking back.
-”**** hurts like hell but I’m not gonna die like this.” She called back, she was slumped on the floor.
-”Turn around and get down on your knees!”
-”I’m not asking.”
-”I will shoot if you continue to resist.”
-”Yes, but how many bullets do you have detective?”
As if that had been a signal all along the door behind them opened and some thirty figures in hoodies entered the chamber, and at the far end of the room another door opened and did the same.
They all looked pale, their eyes empty and their outfits the same. Henry realized that The Hoodlum was not a single person. The Hoodlum was an entire pack of people which were now filling the chamber like a tidal wave.
He kept his gun calmly aimed at the robed man, Izzie and the boy behind gave cries as the hooded figures surrounded the scene in a nearly ritual way.
Many thoughts crossed Henry’s mind, but the finality of the situation quickly reached him, and likewise the other two behind him.
-”You are not the one we seek, neither was this boy. This was not your tale after all detective. Now, drop your weapon. Gehoorsaam.”

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Dun dun dunnn!
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Note to self: Finish reading these and start posting them on the itchio page again.
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Well, gonna compile them into a pdf with some extra stories and authentic formating is the idea. It's just that I still don't have access to my computer because of renovations so still on hold.
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I wasn't in my fast mood. But Momeka did the honours and uploaded the pdf on the itch page as well.

Updated some of the stories and fixed some errors in them. Also added some more stories that I didn't post here and included some sprites to go with each story.