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Title: My Laptop is no more
Post by: Fisherson on October 08, 2018, 07:29:58 PM
Whelp I got no laptop now boys and ghouls. It stopped charging then ultimately became unresponsive. It was a sad time but not unexpected as my OS memory was running out from some weird *** file adding more and more data to itself and not letting me access it. Deleting two games,porn and documents did not even dent it, no pun intended, so I knew it was time to it to the shop or Chuck it. Sadly it looks like the shop won't be able to help this one so we're left with abandoning.

"Fish, why not just go buy a new one so you can play all those games you've been waiting to transfer from console to PC?"

Siiiiiighh...If only it was that easy, invisible Inquisitor, but alas I am in dire financial straits due to water bills, repair bills and my blasted 5,000$ in dental work... So I may not be look8ng into a new laptop until two or three YEARS. =/ Now might be able to sell a former rental property and get some cash to at least look at a laptop but ugh it's why I'm having to pay so much on water considering it's pipe is what broke  without me knowing.

"...Hate to be a duck but you did take Purps advice and just patch Juno's Odyssey DX right?"

Sadly no but I think the last complete DX or the one before it was backed up. Have to look but no my 2003 took the biggest hit. List a future Chain Game, one of the last 2003 ones I was planning to start and hopefully finish, an experiment in ship building/playing in A'chia Galaxy as your own character.  so know I'm crying over that one too. So much potential. MY ****ing EPIC AUTO REVIVE BATTLE SYSTEM FOR DENTVERSE OIHHH SOOO ANGRY!!

**Deep breaths**

I'm very upset right now even though this has been days so give me sec. Ahem. A Charas Year 1 RPG that wasn't too much of a loss as well as Platnium Eddition Wrath of Gaia that had extra scenes and was getting a better dark maze...oh my heart....

Finally my Charas Grande Adventure Game....Im sobbing over this because it was around 70% done and a beautiful mess. What was complete of Jack's Candy Rush but it was buggy as hell anyway.

I think that's all. I just want you all to take a moment and pause to remember these projects that may never be.

"Imma send you pay pal money! Where's your go fund me?!"

I appreciate any desire to help finiacialu but I was raised German and so I have a fatal streak of financial pride. I cannot accept money from freind s except forarcivres rendered and my gigalo days are over for any except she who holds my collar. ^_^; I'll be okay...


But for now you at Charas of you want to help? Please keep making games. Regular Projects, Chain Games and even experimental systems like the ones I lost.

Thank you my freinds and may you be blessed.
Title: Re: My Laptop is no more
Post by: Archem on October 08, 2018, 08:04:22 PM
If only you something something this could all have been avoided. I, too, am experiencing computer problems at the moment. Three different computers have all come down with mysterious-yet-different issues at the same time, and I'm working through them slowly during the roughly two hours a day I have to myself and hoping it's just bad drivers or something cheap to replace. Very odd happenstance that THREE computers all decided to shit the bed at the same time.

And yours too, I suppose. Typing this up on a partially-functional PC, about to start swapping out parts to see if it's faulty hardware. God, I hope so, because I'm running out of ideas, and the part I suspect is causing trouble is still under warranty.
Title: Re: My Laptop is no more
Post by: Donut on October 09, 2018, 11:17:37 AM
Aww sad times!

I know too well how bad this is, and I hope you can fix everything soon! Courage *hugs*
Title: Re: My Laptop is no more
Post by: Archem on October 09, 2018, 06:00:18 PM
Thanks bud.
Title: Re: My Laptop is no more
Post by: Momeka on October 10, 2018, 03:28:20 PM
I didn't read your whole thing, but I'm gonna assume your laptop is broken. If you want to recover your stuff and as long as the harddrive isn't fried you can always remove it and put it in another laptop or buy one of those case things and put it in a computer.
Title: Re: My Laptop is no more
Post by: Prpl_Mage on October 10, 2018, 07:05:35 PM
Sorry to hear that, hope things work out or that you manage to recover some of those projects at least.

I'm unfortunately a bit too far away to offer the old laptop I have laying around, although it will most likely give soon also.
Title: Re: My Laptop is no more
Post by: Apex on October 12, 2018, 12:37:30 PM
Focus on other hobbies for the next few years until you can afford a new one!
Learn an instrument, another language, a martial art, or new recipes! Pick up sewing.