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Title: News Update 2022 - Heart of Gold complete
Post by: Prpl_Mage on January 20, 2022, 09:43:48 PM
Another year we survived lockdown and continued to indulge in our hobbies, it's been a few quiet years now but at least we finished another chain game (that's 5 now I think these last 12 years).

Partners in crime was once again Moosetroop11, Momeka, Fisherson and myself.
And this time the project is called:


The Charas Community brings you another chain game, over two years in the making! Charas proudly presents A Heart of Gold, a gun toting cowboy filled rpg!
Jimmy is a young lad with grand dreams as he left home on a journey to become a successful miner. But not all is right in the land, lately cowboys who perish in the harsh desert returns to a state of unlife. The dead seems to be drawn to people who wield the power of magic. Jimmy and his new friends journey west to find a way to protect their magic wielding companion.


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You can also check out our other community projects throughout the years over at and

I hope you all have a good time and that you find some outlet for your creativity like so many others out there!