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Title: FAQ
Post by: Alex on February 04, 2003, 01:27:38 AM
Here i'll post answers to common questions.
Please read here before asking.
I'll upgrade this post whenever something useful will be said.

Q: It seems that with the chara maker when you put items on your character they show up on the wrong layer. What I mean is that when you have made a character and you go to the items part you click on the item you want to add and the sword ect will be on his back in one of the veiws

A: When you click on your wanted item, should happen that it is viewable in the back row too (the 3 upper images).
This is not a bug, but you rerquire to know how to use those Items.
What you'll need to do for using them, and also for creating special effects if needed, is working with this:
"1- Item on top or back (by row)"
This will be 1, 2 or 3 to refer the corresponding layer.
There you'll see 4 checkboxes: if you check the first one (and hit change), you'll see the magic ;)

Q: Ok, iīve make me a charakter with your charamaker, but i canīt import this in my rpg maker. What can i do?

A: I report here step-by-step what to do:
1) create you chara
2) save you chara
3) at this point you'll have a 72x128 PNG image
4) place this image into your game's "charaset" directory
5) now you can view and choose you chara as usual in RPGM

A little upgrade, sent to me by GPI:
That's a wrong way to use resources (you can get really troubles, like broken Map-Tree-Errors -> Your Project is lost! Some also say, that create GameDisk will not work).
Always import resources in with "the RAW Material Editor".
And when the background don't flash, click in the background

Q: Sometimes the saved image is a BMP file. Shouldn't that be PNG?

A: This is a browser problem, Charas outputs only PNG images.
Some browsers sometimes converts images in BMP format, so i cannot do anything for this. You simply have to convert that BMP to PNG manually

Q: The 8 charaset saver generate resource in BMP instead of PNG and the choosable bgcolor doesn't work (it's white evenif i choose green RTP). What's wrong?

A: Read here to know the answer ( ;)

Q: Nothing works! My generated resource has a php extension, or i am unable to view it at all. What can I do?

A: Read here (
At the end, you'll find a post by me explaining the problem.
It's a TOO WELL KNOWN BUG of Internet Explorer....
There is also the link for a petition about this.
The best thing you can do, if nothing works, is using another browser: recommended choice is Mozilla FireFox (
Another way is to use the "gzip" link near "save image": that will produce a gzipped file you can open with winzip that will have your resources inside. You just have to add a .png extension to the zipped file.

A: (Added by Gary) The image saves as .PHP file. What should I do?

Q: Just rename it to .BMP or .PNG. It's most likely a .PNG file, but to be sure save as both.
If this will not work, use the gzip option described in the previous answer.