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Title: Request forum rules.
Post by: GhostClown on February 14, 2005, 08:47:52 PM
Guide lines for requests.

Okay so people are getting annoyed that their requests are being ignored, so I am writing up some guidelines. A lot of these are kind of "unwritten rules", but no one knows the unwritten rules, so I have to write them down.

1) The more you request, the less likely you are to get someone to accept your request. If you need 4 battle characters made, request the one you need the most first. A smaller request is easier to handle then a big one.

2) Try to use proper spelling and punctuation. You do not need to be perfect, but at least try. Put in a little effort! "Hello, can someone make a character for me?" is much better then "Can sm1 make char 4 me". Saying "please" and "thank you" would not hurt either.

3) If you are going to request something obscure, then include a picture or a link to one. If your request is Billy Bob's brother from Legend of Billy Bob 2, and you want him with a basketball instead of a sword, that is fine. But please PLEASE give us a link to a picture. No one wants to search a bunch of websites to find an obscure character. Do this part of the work yourself.

4) Do not bump your request a whole bunch of times. Just do not do it, okay? If it falls off of page one then you can bump it back. Do NOT bump it after a few hours, or even after a day. If anyone wants to help, they can see it. But if no one has any interest in over a week, you may simply be out of luck.

5) You are probably better off not using any of the following smileys

unless they actually have some use. If you want a character with a gun, then I guess you could put a smiley to show what the gun should not look like. Otherwise... just do not use them!

6) People are more willing to do requests for people they like, or at least know. Get to know the people here. Introduce yourself at the Welcome Forum. Visit the All of All forum. Even better, offer to do some requests yourself. If you are bad at battle characters but can do systems, or make midi files, or WHATEVER, then people will know you are here to help out and they will be more willing to help you too.

7) Please do not make a bunch of requests at once either. I know some people are trying to get around rule #1 by posting a bunch of threads, each with a small request. While I thank you for reading the rules this is cluttering up the forum pretty badly. Please limit yourself to making one or two requests at a time.

8) Labeling a request "easy" is not a good way to get it done any faster. Just make the request and let the artists decide if it is easy or not, okay?

9) Be nice to everyone, always. There are no good reasons to be mean in this forum. Ever.

10) About double-posting. Here are a few times when it is okay to double post:
* when bumping your own topic as is covered in rule 4 above
* when attaching graphics. Since you can only attach one per post if you need to attach more you can post as many times as you need to to get them all attached.
Other then those two circumstances, do not double post (or triple, or anything higher) under any circumstances.

11) NEW! Do not request RPGMaker XP resources at all. This includes requests to convert to RPGXP. Charas does not support RPGXP. Any of these types of requests will be locked immediately and will not be done under any circumstances.

Now time for the cold hard truth. Even if you do all that, there is a chance that your request will not be done. There are simply more people making requests then spriters doing them. It takes maybe 1 minute to make a request but can take hours to finish even one battle character. The good news is that if you are polite, make reasonable requests, provide pictures when they are needed, and are patient, then you will probably get what you need. But if you want results NOW you will probably be frusterated and get nothing.

Please stop whining. The spriters are not ignoring you because they hate you. If you are having trouble getting a request done then check this list to see if there is anything you can do can do to help out.

Newbs and requests.

Ok, If you are a newb, Meaning you just joined the Charas project community. DO NOT Post your first post in The request forum. Alot of people tend to do this. They post a request and then no one ever sees them. Again. So if you do happen to post your first post in the request forum. I will lock it, untill you become part of this community. And I'm not talking about going to forum gaming and what not and spamming up the place to get your post count up. I'm talking about getting to know people, help people. If you have any problems with this, I'm sure It would be ok for you to PM a reasonable PM to me, or an Admin.

For other users too.
Just because they can't post in here with one post, and because they're newbs. Does Not mean you can be rude to them, Respect them just like any other member.

Searching complete resources first.
It's very important if you search the complete resources before requesting in this forum, Many times, the exact thing that your are looking for can be found there. If you have trouble finding a character set in the Complete resource section, You still must not ask for it here, Please make sure that what you are looking for is not there. If you still have not found it, you may request it here.

There are also the very important Request guidelines. Ihad to make this seperate because this is very important, So DO NOT go against any of these rules.

Request board note.

Hi and welcome in this requests section.

Only one important thing: when you ask for something here, everyone can help in satisfying your request.
Charas is an open project, and this section was created to give new&cool ideas to spriters.

Just remember that Charas is a community tool, so the whole community is the target of this requests section

So don't expect that EVERTHING you'll ask here will be done soon only by us (as "official" members): everyone's invited in contributing, everyone that can "satisfy requests".
If you (spriter) can help, please simply post the new resource as answer to the relative question.

Thank you all, have fun!!!

All of these are also in the request forum, please review and read them carefully, Have any questions and or comments, please send a PM to me or any other staff. Thanks.

- GhostClown