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Alright. I noticed that there were absolutely no rules placed in here. So with permission from Sai'kar I'm posting the ones that we deem worthy of being posted. Others may be added as needed so please don't make me have to do it.

Rule 1 - No Nudity Art - This may be the creative arts section but the rules of no nudity still stands as we have youth here that are not to be subjected to it. So no nude art.

Rule 2 - No Drug Related Art - I know this may not be that big a problem here but no art should be posted with referance to drugs in them. I'm not talking about cigarettes and such like that. Major ones are the ones to be left out.

Moosetroop: Bot policy

Just a note in case there's any more bots in the future: there's nothing more annoying than seeing people talking about a post that isn't there. Thus, once a bot is banned, I'll delete the posts it has made where no-one has replied to it but keep the ones which people have made a fuss over. This might change if we start getting significantly more bots per year than we do now.

Those are the rules set forth for this forum. Please abide by them and be creative. =)

Man don't forget about racist theme pcitures.
I use to get a lot of those on my site.
Shouldn't be a prob here though.

I was only posting some that are a problem now. If that comes into effect it'll be put up. I talked to Sai about the same subject when I made these rules.


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