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Read here BEFORE posting for a problem!


Now, my friendly charas people, there's a new Rule topic in town.
The rules has changed a bit from when the earlier thread was made, not much but a little bit.

Updated for Moose

Most actions listed here will be punished like so:

2.Second Warning
3.3-Day Ban
4.10-Day Ban
5.Permanent Ban

Off-topic = When you start speaking of something unrelated to the topic's own subject. Posting something a little different from the topic is fine, and if the discussion changes within the thread, okay. The only trouble starts when you post something like "I LIKE CATS" in a thread about game making.

Flaming is when you attack someone in a way that offends them, picking unnecessary fights by making fun of someone, for an example.
Flaming is spam because it's a stupid way to handle a situation. And mods as well as members should avoid flaming at all costs.

No Advertising
All kinds of advertising belongs in the Site Posting Thread. Advertising threads is considered spam and will therefore be locked.
You can also put in Advertising in your sig, which I highly recommend if you want everyone to see it. Ad threads are deleted and their owner PMed.

Topic kicks
A topic kick is when you post in an old topic. Generally, if you topic kick a few times, you are warned, but if you continue to kick after being warned, action will be taken.

Double posts and +
When someone posts multiple posts in a row he/she has broken this rule. If you forgot to say something in the reply you just posted you cannot post another one.
Double posting can be all right... If your thread is dying and you want to update it with new cool news so that everyone will notice it, I can allow you to double post. But in those cases only.

BMP images
This is something charas doesn't support. Why? Because compared to the usual ones: JPEG, PNG, Gif, it's is a huge image file and it wastes too much on charas bandwidth.
BMP is a bandwidth sucker, therefore we do not support it. Stick to the usual ones, PNG, Gif, JPEG.

Links to illegal downloads
This is NOT allowed. Why? Because these kinds of downloads can get charas into trouble. Feel free to talk about it, but whatever you do, NO LINKS to illegal downloads. RPGMaker downloads included.
What will I do if I see a link to illegal material downloading?
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Racism and pornographic material
This extremely forbidden. Keep these kind of things to yourself, Charas is a peaceful and for mostly an unperverted site.
If this is to be discussed it CANNOT be discussed anywhere in charas. Not even in PMs.
What will I do if I see something like this?
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Newbie Questions:

Q: Is posting an introducing thread in Test And Welcome compulsory?
A: No, of course not. It's entirely up to you if you want to introduce yourself.

Q: Am I allowed to post a link to my game downloads?
A: Yes. But please, keep it in the Games forum.

Q: Where is the Site Posting thread located?
A: It's one of the sticky topics in All of All. Scroll up in AoA and you'll easy find it.

Q: What does it take for someone to get banned?
A: Massive flaming, spamming, links to illegal material ect.

Q: If I break a rule, what will happen to me?
A: It depends on what rule you broke. But most likely we'll just give you a warning. No banning by just breaking one rule, no mather what rule it is.

Q: How do I get respected?
A: Be a nice guy, and stop complaining about you getting no attention.

Q: What is a bonk?
A: A bonk is a warning from a moderator. The difference between this and a PM is that a bonk is seen as soon as you do ANYTHING, and the sender isn't told - Bonks are mainly used in situations where a person may react even worse to a specific mod that they hate, or when a mod who is not a part of a certain forum wants to warn someone who posted on that board.

Q: Is there any way I can see what mods have done?
A: The log of moderator actions is right here.

Here is a new rule from Gemini....October 2010
Dont reply to bot threads. A warning will follow. Potentially a 2 day ban, if you are absolutely dense and keep breaking this rule.
Kindly send a link of the thread in question to an admin, global moderator, or post it in the appropriate thread in the SITE NEWS board

wOOt for rules!


--- Quote ---mostly an unperverted site.
--- End quote ---


This will do nicely. Now, all we need is to get people to read the rules more often...


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