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A Forgotten Legend:
RPG Maker 2k/3 Utilities and Other Useful Programs and Patches

As a reminder, links to the actual programs are against forum rules and should NOT be posted

Howdy, y'all.  Here is a nice little topic to help you find direction in the right patches and extra little programs to help you in your game making adventure!  If you have some that I missed, let me know about it.


RM2k Specific

RM2k General Utility:
--Oops, this site has a download to RM2k.  Will put link up when uploaded somewhere else!--

Checks for RTP dependencies, makes your game able to be played on computers without the RTP, Edits RM2k fonts easily, security plug-in, and glyph, icon, and splash screen hacking.  By Rast and Anomy

RM2k3 Specific
Nothing Here yet!

Great for Both!

Zorn's RM2k Tool:

Has a great set of name generators incase you just can't think of anything.  Works for game names, and pretty much any kind of name you would need in the database.  Also has a few tutorials in it, but they're meh.


With this nifty program you can use to change a whole bunch of different things you wouldn't normally be able to change such as the game's icon, logo screens and glyphs!


Pretty similar to RMRecker in that allows to to change different parts of the game that you normally can't edit.  This one goes a little farther than RMRecker and allows you to edit much more.

Character Maker 1999:

A fairly well known character maker, its a bit outdated.  But hey, if you want to try and use it, good luck.

Window & Scene Wizard:

Although mostly advertised as an RMXP program, it actually has an RM2k/3 option.  Very useful if you are working on a custom battle system or menu system.

My Window:

This one is similar to the one above, but it is specifically for Rm2k/3

Dan's RMXP Tool:

Another program advertised for RMXP, it is useful for RM2k/3 projects as well.  Similar to the Zorn RM2k tool it generates names for items and games titles, but has some other features as well.


Basically a program to rip animations from other games.


A program that scans your project for missing files.


This is a nifty little program that allows you to upload a few different chipsets into it and then take different tiles from each and put it into one chipset.  Pretty convient actually.


Just calculates some algorithms for you.  Perfect if you are doing something with custom systems.

RM2k and RM2k3 Utility

A 5 utility program, two are for allowing your game to run without the RTP, one to protect your game, one that replaces the fonts and one that will change the icons, logos and gylphs.


A graphic editing program that is widely used for editing and making sprites.

Softy Font Maker:

An interesting utility that allows you to make your own fonts.

Face Maker:

Make a different stlye of faces than the RTP.

Font Fix:

Useful if you are having font problems in RPG Maker.

--Oops, this site has a download to RM2k.  Will put link up when uploaded somewhere else!--

Interesting tool that randomly generates game names and automatically takes out ones that don't make sense.  Look at the ReadMe for instructions.


Useful for converting images to 256 colors and getting rid of your Invalid Color Depth errors.

RMEvent Factory:

Batch tool to create RM2k/3 events and allows you to recreate them by reproducing a template and replace values.

RPG Maker 2009 Ultimate

Acts like a sort of plug-in that changes different features about the maker.  You still need to have RM2k/3 or RM2k Value! in order to use it.  More information here:

BFXR Sound Effect Program

This is an online sound effect generator.  Just move some slides and change the filters and you can easily create custom sound effects for your game!



Screenshot Extension (Of Ineluki Patch):

Uses the Ineluki Key Patch, it makes a screenshot of the game and saves it to the picture folder.  By Miroku

RM2k Message Box Patch:

Allows to to crearly see where the message box in-game ends. NOT compatible with RM2k Value! By PheonixX_2

Save/Load Script:

An interesting patch that allows you to create your own save and load menu for your game.  However, it is only supported by RM2k v1.05 for sure.

Enter Hero Name Fix:

Its in Italian, so you'll get all error messages in Italian.  But, the Enter Hero Name is working correctly.  Uh... yeah.

Default Glyphs for RM2k:

MP3 Patch:

Allows you to use MP3's in RM2k

CharExpand Patch

Allows you to use bigger charsets in RM2k.  (Similar to how XP handles them)  There are some restrictions though that can be found in the download.


Powermode Patch:

Replaces the exe file in your project.  Adds mouse functionality, fixed rotation of images, full keyboard support and more.

Goliath Program Patch:
Cannot Link because it is a download of the program itself

For bigger coding windows, higher possible stat values, negative attributes and more.  Recommended 1280x960 resolution or higher.  Made by Aten.  Google it.

Play Edit + EXP Modifier Patch:

Edits the EXP system in RM2K3 to any number between 2000 and -2000. Also allows you to edit your game while you are testplaying it.  Avoid changing the database because changes will not show up.  If you are using the Goliath patch, you already have the this patch.

BetterAEP Patch:

Skips the title screen to allow you create your own by Cherry.

Force Harmony:

Lets RPG Maker 2003 v1.05 or high use the harmony.dll file the same way the older versions did.  Also allows you to use patches like the Ineluki's Key patch v1.2

No Auto-Battle Patch:*

Gets rid of the window where players can use Auto Battle. Needs Hyper Patcher 2 in order to be installed.

RM2k/3 Patches:

Disharmony Audio Patch:

Fixes and Updates certain parts of music player.

Ineluki's Key Patch:

Allows the use of all keys as well as the mouse in games. Warning, this is NOT compatible with RM2k3 versions above 1.04 OR RM2k Value! unless used with Cherry's Forced Harmony patch.

Hyper Patcher 1:

Many different functions as it edits parts of the title screen, game menu, and other things.  Only supported by RM2k v1.07 and RM2k3 v.104 and v1.08.  (Most features are only available for RM2k v1.07).  The Patch is only in German, so refer to Cherry's Website on how to use it.

Hyper Patcher 2:

This is similar to Hyper Patcher 1.  However, there are some Cherry Patches that you need to use this in order to install the patch.  Those will be marked with an *. This Patch is also only in German, so refer to Cherry's Website on how to use it.

PicPointer Patch:

Lets you use pointers at picture IDs. Detailed instructions inside.

Pics In Battle Patch*:

Lets you use pictures in battle.  Only available for RM2k v1.07 and RM2k3 v1.08

Unlock Pics Patch:

Allows you to perform picture operations when a message box is displayed.


This little bugger may be the greatest patch to come to Rm2k3.  This patch actually allows plug-ins for the maker allowing endless possibilities to those with knowledge in C++.  If you aren't familiar, there a quite a few plug-ins around.

I am playing on downloading all of these and uploading them somewhere else, but for the time being, here some links.  If you happen to notice I linked to a site that has RPG Maker let me know (or tell a Mod, that works too I guess).  Happy Game Making!

A Forgotten Legend:
Update Log

May 22, 2011
Update links to My Window and Infranview, and removed links of Rm2k General Utility and GameNameGame due to RM2k links.

Damn, I haven't checked out Cherry's site in a while, that PicPointer patch is awesome. Would've been a godsend when I was still trying to make my cbs.


A Forgotten Legend:
That's the goal.

Yeah, I was on the site and started using the Better AEP patch and its pretty amazing.  The 2009 Ultimate thing is interesting too.

Damn, some of these are pretty nifty!


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