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Edited RM2K/3 RTP monsters.

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I have no idea if I am allowed posting in here since this board seems to be old but if I did this wrong then don't be mad at me. *tries to look cute* ... please? *realizes noone looks cute with a terrifying face like his* :D  (I hope I'm not bumping anything) (solved) I just wanted to share some of my edits of the RTP monsters from both rm2k and rm2k3. I tried to upload these to complete resources but I don't know when they will show up. If never then never mind here they are. :)
---RM2K---They are my very first edits.

---RM2K3---These first two are also old.

(The following are made with gimp (don't worry about the transparent color they work fine for me) nowadays I am practicing with this program and to be honest it's fun. I just used MSPaint before that's why the others look crappy.)

("headless horsemann" if you don't see the difference  :D)

Feel free to use them and leave some feedback (even if you don't like them). :)

Ha ha ha ha ha! I love that bottom 2003 styled Bearded Pirate! =D  The blue haired dark elf is a good one too! They should be standard to the RTP as those two do often get used as villains but nobody has matching graphics in a near RTP style.

Those are great edits, moved the thread though

Thank you! :) Also sorry for posting in the wrong thread.
Here are some more:

That dragon looks real cool!


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