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Charas Resource Pack


So resource packs seem to be all the rage these days for upcoming/hobby game developers. Since we made a bunch of custom art for the last chain game I figured we could compile it to an easy to use resource pack to share on the charas itchio page.

If we make future community games with custom art we can update the resource pack with those as well.

Anyone against the idea or anyone who made stuff for the chain game that doesn't want their stuff included?

Sounds like a good idea.

I would prefer if the Fishface and Dragon monsters were removed, they're from another project of mine. And the battle animations I added is compiled of old NES games mostly, so avoid that one.
Maybe remove owl merchant? Feels a bit iconic of the chain games.

No problems for me about that :)
That's a good idea actually, I loved the look of it tbh.

I like the idea and don't mind what you share : )


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