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How to use variables on Party?


I want to create a battle system that allows the monster to join your party after you defeat it. However in order to do this I need to switch the current party members with the monster, but I don't know how to use variables in order to do this, I only know how to select a party member by the name, but I don't want to choose a character in specific but the slot.
Please, I don't want to give up on this project, can someone help me? :bend:
Edit: I am using RPG Maker 2003

Okay so firstly you need to learn how to use an in battle party swap if this is what I think it is you're coding, my friend. Basically you want to make a system where the player can capture monsters after defeating them in battle a bit like Final Fantasy Tactics yeah? This can be done with variables but it's gonna take a few pages and a fair deal of out of battle systems.

1st: Party Swap System: You might have seen these in a few RPG maker 2003 games before. In our more recent chain games have a few lovely and easy to copy paste and swap models. Personally I recommend Spring Valley as it's system is to date the best we've made what with having info boxes, swap out AND smart re-organization. Truly my favorite.

Now if any of that confused you well this may require you to learn some pages, and pages, of code. Decide now if this system is worth it. I mean once you learn this it's fairly easy to build what you're talking about but it took me years to get it right and still to this day it can be one of the more tricky systems.

Thank you for the reply.
I am working on a Pokemon like project, my objective is to let players catch Monsters and switch them with their current party mebers.
Do I have use a system in specific or is there a variable that lets me remove a character from a slot and add another by name or ID?
And can I use the system you mentioned in my current project?
If there are any Party system tutorials online, can you share them here?
Thank you once again. :)

If you are using the Steam version of 2003 then the "Change party member" event command has the choice "Variable" at the bottom. This makes it so that you add/remove a party member based on their numeric id in the "Actors" tab.

So the first hero on the list is 1 (0001). Meaning that if you set your designated variable to the value of 1. Then the command will add character 1. If you set the variable to 34, then the 34th hero will be added.

However, this is merely based on the heroes/actors, not the specific slot in the party. In order to achieve that you need 4 other variables to keep track of which party members are currently in the team. So if you have 1 starting character then that will set Slot 1 by default to 1. Then when the next character is added you check if VAR Slot 2 is 0, if it is set it to the value of the newly added member. etc. This way you can deduce, with the values of those variables which hero is in what slot.
Likewise you can do this in your party system when you choose your characters.

But it will still take some workaround. But basically when you remove slot 3 you load the same value of the VAR Slot 3 which should be the value of a hero and then you can use that reference in the CHange party members command. And then another variable will track the value of the newly caught monsters and then add it in. However, this will also take some work since removing a character will make the others "pile in" and mess up the slot thing to begin with.


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