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A Forgotten Legend:


After a tramtic event, the hero wakes in a mysterious world.  In this world, creatures known as fearmongers terrorize towns and villages, feeding off the fears of others.  The first village you find speaks of a fearmonger in a cave just north of town that feeds off the fear of pain.  Do you go in?  The fierce Amaya is the first person to join your party.  Wise beyond her years, she knows that she can't make it through the cave by herself.

So, I posted a couple other screens in the screenshot thread, but I got a little more than halfway through this first dungeon and I thought I'd share.  As far as the rest of the game goes, I'll leave this little bit of information for now and update periodically.  This has been a lot of fun so far, so hopefully I get pretty far in this.  I also ripped all the interior tiles myself, so once I think I get mostly everything I'll post the chipset in the complete resources.

*Custom Menu System

*Key assigned items to help solve puzzle elements

*Four main party members to control

*Seven major bosses to defeat

Chipsets credit originally Secret of Mana (with heavy edits), with rips by Blue Cup and myself
Charsets are heavy edits of a base I created from Digimon World Dawn human spites
Facesets are just some fire emblem edits

Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaang this looks mighty impressive, AFL! O.O Kinda got a classic style to the menus and plenty of interesting looking screens. I'm not crazy about the tittle name, but I love the graphics! The story isn't too bad either.

kick *** 2
i like it all so

Sweeet. I take it you'll be doing the music too? That'll be the highlight for me.

A Forgotten Legend:
So, I managed to complete the overworld sprite for the first boss, as well as the battle music.  So the first dungeon is pretty much complete!  Just going to tweak a few things here and there but I should be ready to move on soon.  I'm trying to get as much as I can done before classes start and I have absolutely no time to work on it. haha  I also managed to write the music for the title screen.  The switch from VST instruments to midi instruments is proving a little bit of a challenge when trying to get the orchestration to sound good, but I'm slowly re-figuring it out.

Thanks for the comments.  Hopefully its not going to suck too bad haha

Uses a soundfont, but its close to the midi performance.[/spoiler]


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