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I'm working on a small survival "horror" rpg thing. Horror in quotation cause my goal is not to make something scary but going for item scarcity, management, and puzzle solving from survival horrors. I'm still just building the core system so it's still pretty early in development.

So far I got, inventory, stash, and item use working:

Combat is still a work in progress:

Maybe an npc, not sure if I'm going to use him yet:

Today I built item pick ups and made some art for mummified corpses:

Looks like you've included all the elements I think is important in a horror type game.
The lack of limited ammo/item space and such is my main problem with the latest Resident Evils.

I assume he bleeds more the less hp that remains?

Yeah, you only bleed when your health is in fatal. Wanted to too hammer home that you should probably heal. It's also just kinda fun to bleed all over the place.

Had an idea for the game over screen so drew it up a bit quick:

Lookin' daaaaamn good. Interested to see what you choose to do with the battles as it looks somewhat traditional rpg-ish  with that screen transition, which I wasn't expecting.

Looking properly epic and ooky, Red! Spot on!


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