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One of my friends found a copy of RPGMaker on the PS1 at a dump and gave it to me as an early christmas present :p

I never even knew it existed! I know it's probably going to be pretty limited and a bit rubbish but it's nice just to own.

Has anyone played it before? I need to hook up a ps2 and then I'll report back.

I remember my cousin having it, he was the one who introduced me to this entire thing with 2k3 on a usb stick 14 years ago. Can't remember much of it though, but kinda remember it being like Dragon Quest?

I recall it existing, but I know nothing else about it. Do keep us posted; I'd love to hear how good a job it does at being more than a novelty.

I've played one of the SNES and the PS2 version, but doing everything with the controller was too annoying xD
Have fun !

Nice find! I once was recommended that one once back when we had a Game Crazy store the dude recommended the old RPG maker on PS1. Alas, add that to rarest games in the Deep South I got two for the PS2 but never knew there was one on the SNES o.O


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