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By Prpl_Mage posted: December 23, 2015, 04:50:58 PM
News Update December 2015

Merry Christmas and happy holidays to everyone!

First of all I just want to congratulate Momeka for winning the Resource Spriting Contest with the following pieces

The unique style will also become the foundation of the next chain game (we gotta complete the current one first).
You can see the other entries in the following thread:


We also have some new interesting projects made by the members of the site that I want to highlight.

Infectionfiles' DYSTOPIAN ZOMBIES!

This game is a RPGMVX project in which the player choose one of four classes and sets out into a post apocalyptic world filled with the restless undead.

The game features and ABS where you use limited ammo and the like to slay the hordes of zombies.

There is a download link in the thread so check this out!


Sated's Engalia, The Wager

This is a RPGM2k3 project using a lot of the original RTP, but don't be frightened or put off by it. Why was so much RTP used? Because the creator, Sated, made the game in about 2 weeks. The game features the original battle system we are all comfortable with but allows you to choose your character among a roaster.

There are also plenty of creative puzzles that you can learn a lot from

The game is finished so go ahead and grab it and give it a go!


Donut's Tower

This is a very creative project with a lot of work put into it. It might not seem like it on first sight but it's actually made in rpgm2k3 using a lot of neat coding. It's a dungeon crawl like game in homage to all those old games that some of us used to play. It is still in development but I figured I should give it some attention.

The finished game will most likely use some of the cherry plugins to add more features than are already in it.

Check out the development thread here:

By Prpl_Mage posted: November 25, 2014, 06:20:10 PM
News Update November 2014

Hey lads and lasses,

Let's sum up some of the latest happenings on the forum!

Our good fellow Felix(The Judge) finished his amazing project Home, it's a fan sequel to the game OFF by MortisGhost and I just love the style it has.


The 2013-2014 Charas Chain game
was completed thanks to the hard work of DragonBlaze, Momeka, Moosetroop, myself and Fisherson
Check it out!
Or check out the process with all the ups and downs!


The Charas Game Club
Thanks to the inspiration of Momeka we all regained our creativity to create games for this neat contest!

Also a spooky Halloween edition

Dota2 RPG
Prpl_Mage(that's me), released his overworked Crappy game contest project. With a mix of perfectionism and sillyness this game is sure to appeal to someone.


Beginning of the End
Rahl's project of a survival horror gathering game is looking sweet and there's some great ideas in there. Be sure to check it out!


Fisherson's Crazy forum RP
Remember the old days when the RP forum was crowded with all those RPs that made no sense and each post just made the whole thread look more crazy? Yeah it's back, be sure to join!

Screenshot Central

An animated GIF from Momeka's spooky game

Just look at this amazing palace that Meiscool made for his project

A picture of a custom menu system from AFL's Seven

Check out the thread if you are interested in more screenshots from projects.

By Alex posted: February 05, 2014, 09:59:28 AM
New Server - on Charas' Grandchild!

So, here we are.

Some of you probably followed the "impossible reports" we received from our previous hosting.
If you're interested in that part, details are here

They really pissed me off, so let's sum up a bit of things.

1) GoDaddy may be good for domain management, but definitively confirms to be the WORST COMPANY EVER about hosting.
So, after 6 years there, we're leaving

2) this is the interesting and nice part. Where are we now?
Someone may remember my main task is now on an Online Designer called the RealTimeDesigner (
I mentioned this in past because it's really thanks to Charas that now I do that.
Charas is old, but the concept was still the same: generating images online.

From my point of view, I can really call Charas the "Grandpa" of the RealTimeDesigner.
Now... For the RTD I have a big set of dedicated virtualization servers. As I had free space in one of those, I made a virtual server fully dedicated to Charas, and moved everything in there.
This means that, literally, Grandpa and Granchild are now living together in the same home.

Don't know about you, but this looks just RIGHT to me. It's just so nice!
And with this i hereby confirm that, no matter is we will reach ZERO hits, this place will survive. It's memory, history, headaches, joy, training.... everything together.
Not a single one of the "old" RPGMaker communities is still alive. We are, more than 10 years. An ETERNITY, thinking at the Internet.

So, GoodBye GoDaddy, you don't deserve a community of this quality.
And everyone, welcome in Grandchild RealTimeDesigner's home!!!

By Archem posted: February 02, 2014, 01:34:40 PM
Complete Resources Temporarily Down

Due to unusual reports from our host, Complete Resources is temporarily down. See the following link for more details.


By Meiscool posted: March 25, 2013, 03:11:54 PM

Not much has been going on here at charas, and that is saddening. However, big changes may be seen in the future!
Long time member DragonBlaze has returned (que fanfare) and is talking about what changes can/should be made to charas to expand it and improve it. View the topic here: With enough support, this place may thrive again, so I highly recommend you at least read through this and post your opinion.

New contests may be coming soon. If you have any ideas or opinions of what you'd like to see, post them here. At the moment, I would like to make this contest something having to do with the forum itself (IE, make something to improve the forum, and then a set of judges will comment on it and rank you). This might be ranged from making a tutorial to making something for the charas generator to creating a RP to making a successful forum game to posting a topic for your own game/art/etc. Be creative and helpful at the same time.

Ephiam has completed his most recent RPGM2003 game, and it can be seen here: . Thus far, good reviews have been seen for the game. If you enjoy playing retro styled games, give this a look.

This wouldn't be an update by myself if I didn't do a shameless plug of my own work. Godsent creation is going well, and you can view progress here: Need something to interest you? Watch this (with captions on):
Godsent Example 2

Have anything you want added here? Let me know.


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